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[“And now they’re back. All because a few teenagers, who never even considered the consequences, decided to reignite a supernatural force they barely understand: The Nemeton.” Dr. Valak]


[“This kind of power is like a magnet. It attracts the supernatural, like a BEACON.” Dr. Deaton]




If someone asked Liam about the supernatural world, he would probably say that nothing surprised him anymore. After the Anuk-Ite was defeated, they thought the pack would have a little bit of piece, in which they had, at least from the hunters. They were moving slower now that Gerard was dead. The McCall pack still had to fight against some of them occasionally, but the pack was more united now. More than that, they had allies. Things were not easy, but at least they could handle them better than before. But when it came to supernatural, every creature was different from one another. Not every mystical creature was friendly or had any conscience at all, so the pack still had to protect Beacon Hills from the supernatural threats.


Half of the pack was gone to college, so most of the responsibility laid on Liam and Theo’s backs. Nolan was improving his weapon skills and Alec was a great help, but they still panicked, and no one could blame them. Parrish helped whenever he could, and it was awesome having a hellhound to help them, but he still had his duties as a deputy.


Liam wasn’t sure when the Strigoi (according do Deaton) came to Beacon Hills. Maybe two weeks ago. It started when they found a dead body in the Beacon Hills Preserve, blood completely drained. The victim didn’t have violence or claw marks, the only evidence Melissa had found was fangs marks on the boy’s shoulder. “A freaking vampire?”, Theo had snorted back then, after the autopsy. They never heard of any vampires in the supernatural world, and the idea sounded ridiculous to Liam’s ears.


The victims kept coming the same way. No violence, only fang marks. Not necessarily on the neck, but in places where the veins were more exposed. The victims already totaled ten when Derek finally spotted the creature in the woods. They were taking turns on the Beacon Hills Preserve, walking around the place, in an attempt to spot the killer. Derek growled and ran towards the creature, trying to attack it, but as soon as it saw the werewolf, it vanished, leaving the man astonished.


Derek told Deaton it had blue eyes, red hair over its body and sharp fangs and ears. It vanished as soon as the werewolf arrived. “It didn’t vanish. It went invisible”, the vet had told them at the animal clinic. Slipping his fingers through the bestiary, the whole pack watched as Deaton had closed his eyes heavily and explained the creature was called Strigoi, or Strigoi Mort, the troubled spirits of the dead rising from the grave. Strigois had the same abilities of werewolves, but they could also go invisible and could turn into any animal. It feeds of human blood, particularly of the young ones. Peter mocked the whole situation, saying that vampires finally appeared. Deaton denied, saying Strigoi were different from vampires. They had immunity to sunlight and could also do spell casting like some witches.


Strigois were similar to werewolves, according to Deaton, but killing the creature was harder than usual, since they were dead that rose from the grave, and killing a dead creature wasn't exactly usual. Theo had to snort at that, again. The vet had explained the way to kill a Strigoi was removing its heart from the body and decapitating his head, burning them and burying the ashes at a crossroad. By the time Deaton finished explaining, Nolan was nauseated, and Alec looked like he had seen a ghost. None of them liked the way they should kill the creature because it sounded like a carnage, but it was the only way and at least they had Peter, who was more than willing to do that. The pack wondered if they should call Scott and the others, but decided it was better to let him be. Last time Liam texted his Alpha, he was studying for tests week, so he thought it was better to just try to take the responsibility this time.


It was hard to fight a creature that could go invisible, but the Strigoi kept taking victims and the beta was close from losing his mind. Nolan came up with a dangerous and completely insane plan that none of them seemed ok with but Peter, of course. The human said the only way to attract the creature’s attention was having a bait. According to Deaton, the Strigoi liked young blood, and the only young humans in the pack were Mason and him. He didn’t know if the other boy was willing to be the bait, but the blonde was ready to do it. Nolan didn’t know exactly when he started having this urge to save his friends like he did right know, but deep down they all knew it was the only way. It was risky, and it had too many holes, because none of them were sure if the creature was going to show up. What if they were too late? What happened if Nolan was bitten? As soon as the Strigoi showed up, then what? What if it went invisible again? They were able to fight the Anuk-Ite, but at least it couldn’t go invisible.


They were ready to drop the idea when Mason agreed with the plan, saying it was the only way. The pack were never known for their amazing planning skills and most of the time they had to improvise and now wasn’t different. Liam hated the plan, Theo was ready to protest, Chris Argent said that was too much, even for him. Derek shook his head and Alec told them they were crazy, but then Corey caressed his boyfriend’s hand, saying he agreed with that, because he trusted him.


Deaton came in then, two jars of Mountain-Ash in hands. He said he wasn’t sure, but maybe the creature was sensitive to the powder, since it was a shapeshifter. That seemed to make the rest of the pack relax and in the end, they all agreed to go with Nolan’s ridiculous idea.


They had split in two teams, one going with Nolan and the other with Mason. Peter, Parrish, Alec and Chris Argent went with the first human while Theo, Liam, Derek and Corey went with Mason. The supernatural beings followed the humans in the distance, the jar with mountain ash with them. They had an agreement to warn the other group as soon as the Strigoi appeared, so they could come to help.


Liam thought it was a good plan, even if it was risky and he was afraid. He wanted to stay that way to be honest, because he knew fear made him stronger. They hid their scent, so the creature wouldn’t notice their presence, trying move as quietly as possible.


Mason didn’t look afraid. His heartbeats were steady, and he paced calmly. He tried to act as if he was taking a walk in the woods. At 1AM, but who cared, anyway?


They all heard a noise coming from the right, and Liam resisted the urge to run towards his friend to protect him. Theo grabbed his hand, trying to transfer a bit of calmness to the beta, knowing that somehow, he was the only one who could do that. He didn’t know why, or when, but they’ve been doing this a lot lately. He found out his touches calmed Liam so whenever he thought the beta was close from losing his mind, he touched him, trying to soothe his unsteady heartbeats and erratic breathing. It worked most of the time.


But, Theo thought the scene in front of him was just too much.


The creature came too fast, like a lightning hitting the ground, quietly and subtly, throwing Mason to the ground. The hands – that looked more like three sharp and long claws – were in each side of the human’s sides, preventing him from escaping. The body looked like the Beast of Gévaudan, but less hairy and less robust. It had a kind of thorn all over its back and a long tail. The red hair fluttered in the cold wind that blew, while its blue eyes glowed in the dark. Mason stood still, almost like a corpse, breathing decreasing to a minimum as the creature’s face got closer to his own. The Strigoi’s tongue touched Mason’s cheek, the human millimetrically moved to the side, closing his eyes tightly, involuntarily closing his hands into fists.


Liam growled and ran towards the creature, opening the jar on his hands and making sure to spread all over its body. The Strigoi’s focused on Liam, eyes glowing as the werewolf quickly finished the circle that trapped them. The creature held his claws in the air, as if searching for something, a small growl rising from its throat as it realized what the werewolf just did.  Liam growled and ran towards the Strigoi, trying to hit the beast, who adverted his firsts. The beta managed to claw at the thick skin then, making it wince in pain. The eyes glowed dangerously as its claws embedded on Liam’s neck, the sharpness of them drawing blood from his skin.


“Liam!” Theo screamed, running towards the barrier.


“Theo! Stop!” Derek asked, putting a hand on his arm. “If you go, we’ll break the Montain-Ash barrier! It will be in vain!”


The chimera looked at the werewolf, desperate, while watching as the beta struggled to break free from the creature’s grip.


With wide eyes, the chimera saw as it murmured something and then bit on Liam’s shoulder, making him scream in pain.


That seemed too much for Theo, who released from Derek grip.


“So, you suggest me to watch as this motherfucker kills Liam? No, thank you Derek. You can surround the area with Corey to prevent it from escaping but I can’t just stand here and watch.”


He ran towards the barrier, which welcomed him and for a moment, Theo felt silly for forgetting he was a chimera and they were usually immunes to Mountain-Ash. Derek watched as the barrier stood perfectly intact, and Theo howled, claws nailing at the creature’s neck, who released the werewolf and growled at the newly opened wound.


“Are you ok?” Theo asked, watching the beta with the corner of his eyes. Mason was instantly by his side, taking a look at the wound.


The chimera didn’t have much time to watch the beta though, the Strigoi was still trying to hit him. The creature was faster and stronger, and managed to hit him on the stomach, opening a deep bruise, blood pouring from the cut, making him hiss. Theo closed his eyes as the sharp claws closed on his neck, and he was somehow trapped.


He absently minded watched as the other group arrived, but the grip was too strong, and he saw the Strigoi’s face coming closer to his body. It was going to bite him.


“The only way is to remove its heart and burn it.”


Theo felt desperation take over his body, so he growled and nailed his claws on the creatures’ chest, where he thought it would be its heart. The skin was thick, so he had to put a lot of effort so his claws could dig into it. Theo was feeling so much pain and he was starting to get dizzy from the tightness on his neck. He was having a hard time breathing, but he heard as his hands penetrated the skin, sliding through its muscles and flesh and breaking its ribcage. Theo felt the softness of the heart beating against his digits. One of the claws nailed his back and he hissed in pain, opening his eyes as gunshots caught his attention. The Montain-Ash barrier was broken and now Chris Argent and Nolan were shooting the creature. They wall knew it was useless, but at least it was a distraction. His blurry vision watched as Derek, Alec and Parrish approached too, the later on fire, somehow drawing the Strigoi’s attention. Claws of the two werewolves and the hellhound dug onto the skin, but the creature seemed focused on hurting Theo. The chimera knew he should take its heart, otherwise everything would be useless, but the Strigoi was doing an amazing job slicing him, and now he felt like it was draining his strength.


“Theo…” The chimera heard Liam’s whisper. “Please… Don’t… Die…”


At the same time, he heard as Mason pleaded him not to say anything. It looked like Liam was badly hurt. Theo himself was badly hurt, but he just couldn’t die and let the beta here, not after all they’ve been through.


His eyes glowed yellow and he screamed, begging for his body to move. He managed to get hold of the Strigoi’s heart again, but it was hard to take out from its chest. The creature was not hurting him anymore, since the others were distracting it, but Theo didn’t know if it was a witchcraft, or maybe because he was bleeding so much, but his body seemed to be betraying him now and everything hurt so bad. But Liam was there, pleading him not to die.


He closed his eyes and pushed the heart once again. He felt Parrish’s hand on his arm and the deputy was on fire, but the flames didn’t burn him. Instead, it gave him strength. He didn’t know if the hellhound took a bit of his pain, or he helped on the task of pushing he heart from the creature’s chest, but it happened so fast he felt dizzy. The heart was on his hand then a lot of blood spilling from the wound. The guttural scream of the Strigoi probably could be heard from miles, and the creature released Theo after that, blindly trying to hit everyone around it.


“Peter!” Derek called.


“You don’t even have to ask!” His uncle rolled his eyes and growled his eyes, howling and facing the creature. The werewolf’s claws hit its neck deeply, blood pouring like a waterfall. Peter hit the place once again, decapitating the creature, who fell on the ground.


They all stood still for a while, watching it, breathing heavily.


“Liam, are you ok?” Theo asked, as soon as the creature released him.


The young werewolf had his head on Mason’s lap, eyes unfocused and lips trembling.


“I think so…” He whispered. “You were so brave, Theodore.”


The chimera smiled. Liam always called Theo Theodore when he was teasing him, but now the beta looked proud, despite his injuries.


“Let me take your pain, Theo…” Liam asked, stretching his hand.


The older boy shook his head. “Are you crazy, dumbass? You are seriously hurt, that stupid creature bit you, and you don’t look good at all! Let’s take you to Deaton!”


“You’re the one to talk.” Derek said, rolling his eyes. “You look like a walking corpse.”


Alec agreed. “Straight from The Walking Dead.”


Half of the pack went to Deaton with Theo and Liam, while Chris Argent, along with Peter and Parrish went to burn and bury the Strigoi, hoping there wasn’t another one out there.




After one week, Liam knew something wasn’t right. He wasn’t feeling sick, but he couldn’t eat either. Everything he ate, he would end up throwing up, even his favorite food. He felt so hungry, and yet his body kept rejecting everything he tried to eat.


He was starting to get weak. He felt tired all the time, his reflexes were slow, his hearing was not the same anymore, even his sense of smell.


Worse, he felt the need to hunt, more than before. It wasn't like the ones he used to get when he was first bitten. He didn’t feel the adrenaline nor the wolf-urges, he just felt like he needed to surrend to his instincts. But Liam knew that would be a mistake. He was never wise when his inner-wolf took control of his mind, especially now that he was… Food deprived. He was weak, but at the same time he felt angry and he felt frustrated, because he was hungry, and he wanted to satiate that hunger, but no food seemed to be able to do that.


He had skipped school that day. His head was hurting – something he didn’t feel since he became a werewolf – and he didn’t feel like facing anyone in the moment. In fact, he didn’t feel like seeing anyone for a long time, because his thoughts seemed to be a mess since that day they defeated the Strigoi. He couldn’t focus on anything, he just had that primal instinct of hunt inside of him that was preventing him from doing anything else. Gladly, no one seemed to notice that. At least he thought so.


The doorbell rang, and he groaned in frustration. He didn’t want to answer, but the person didn’t seem like it was going to give up. He or she kept ringing the doorbell nonstop, making rage boil inside the werewolf. The beta’s senses were off, so he couldn’t smell nor hear the heartbeats, it made him frustrated even more.


Liam opened the door and stared at Theo, who looked at the smaller boy with concerned eyes.


“What’s with that face?” Liam asked.


“I know something’s wrong with you, you don’t need to pretend around me.” The chimera said, stepping inside the house as the beta closed the door behind him.


“What makes you think something’s wrong with me?” He asked, wondering if he should say anything or not.


Theo and Liam had grown closer after the war. They’ve saved each other’s lives a bunch of times, and the beta felt comfortable around the older boy. He had lived with him for a while, until he gathered enough money to rent an apartment near his house. The beta often hung around his apartment, and the chimera still had his room on the Dunbar household.


But Liam wasn’t sure if he should say something, especially because he didn’t know if there was anything wrong at all. But the look on Theo’s eyes had nothing but concern towards him. It made him somehow warm inside. Safe.


“You’ve been acting weird. You’re quiet, and your sense of smell is odd. You didn’t hear me coming. If you did, you’ve told me to come in, like you always do, Liam. Also, you skipped school today. What would you do that if there wasn’t anything wrong with you?”


The werewolf bit his lip and wondered how was it possible for a person to be able to read him so easily like Theo. Of course, Mason also knew him very well, but even his friend didn’t seem to notice the change on his behavior. Liam couldn’t say it was due to the supernatural thing, because Theo had noticed little things on him. Things the beta was trying so hard to hide and he was doing an amazing job ruining it.


“I… I’ve been feeling weird since the fight with the Strigoi.” Liam said, carefully, as he closed the door to his room. “Before it bit me, it said something I didn’t understand, in a strange language.”


Theo nodded. “Like… A spell, or something?”


“Maybe…? I don’t know, its voice was too low, even with my hearing it was hard to listen.” Liam said, looking at nowhere like he was going through that moment all over again, before meeting Theo’s eyes. “And since that day, my senses are off. More than that… I can’t eat anything without throwing up.”


Theo looked confused. “So, you feel sick? Like you’ve been poisoned?”


The beta shook his head, biting his lip.


“After it bit me, I got into a trance, like a nightmare… Not exactly a nightmare, because it was confusing, and I don’t remember exactly the images. I came back when you touched its heart.” Liam explained, fidgeting with his hands. “But even after the dizziness was gone, it seems like my werewolf senses are odd. I’m tired all the time. I… I don’t feel sick, like you do when you have the flu, but I can’t eat anything without throwin’ up! It’s driving me crazy.”


Theo was silent for a while, lost in thoughts.


“Also…” Liam continued, drawing the chimera’s attention. “Since the fight, I feel this need to… Hunt. It’s different from the full-moon… I don’t have the urge to hurt, to attack someone, but something inside me just keeps screaming to me to go and hunt, like I’m…”


“Bloodthirsty.” Theo completed, voice affected.


“What?” Liam asked, eyes wide.


Theo was trembling and even Liam could see that. He tried to regain his composure, taking a deep breath.


“We need to go to Deaton, and ask for more information, I’m not sure of what I’m saying Liam. It’s just a cue, but… Buy the way you’re explaining, it seems like the Strigoi is making you crave for blood. That’s why you can’t eat anything. Strigois feed of blood and its body will reject anything else.” Theo said, voice faltering.


Liam’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly forgot how do breathe.


“That can’t be true!” He almost yelled.


“I told you I’m not sure-”


“It makes sense!” Liam admitted, eyes watering. “This need to hunt… It’s probably my wolf… Or my body asking for food!” He said, desperate, biting his lips as a tear rolled down his face.


“Liam….” Theo kneeled in front of the beta, who was sitting on his bed, taking the beta’s hands with his own. “We’re not sure, and even if it’s the case, we’ll figure something out ok? You’re a werewolf, there’s no way you can turn into a Strigoi. It must be a spell, or a poison, or something. Let’s go to Deaton and see what we can do about it ok?”


The werewolf sobbed and nodded, as the chimera’s soft lips touched his fingers, kissing it affably while taking him to his truck and driving to the animal clinic.


During the ride, Theo kept his hand on the werewolf’s thigh, trying to calm him.


Fuck, he thought, gripping the steering wheel tightly. That situation couldn’t be worse. He needed to call Scott and explain the whole situation. The alpha was going to freak out when he found out what they’ve been going while he was away. Of course, they’ve been doing what they’re supposed to do: keep people alive, but now Liam was in danger. Not only that, but the rational part of Theo’s brain was screaming at him that the werewolf was now a threat to everyone.


The chimera knew Liam would rather die than hurt anyone, but Theo knew their will didn’t depend on them alone. There was the wolf, and now there was the fucking Strigoi. Whatever the thing had done to Liam, it was making him crave for blood, and that was dangerous. To Liam and as much as it hurt Theo to admit, to everyone.


Theo just hoped Deaton had a solution for that problem, a miracle, a potion, a witchcraft, anything. Theo couldn’t stand the thought of Liam killing anyone, or having to live with the burden of blood-feeding for the rest of his life. They both knew it wasn’t the beta’s fault, but the human part of him would always remind him of the horrible thing he was doing. Theo knew Liam wouldn’t stand the guilt. And the chimera also didn’t want Liam to have this weight on his back. It wasn’t fair. He was trying to protect everyone, for God’s sake! It would be just fine if it had happened to Theo instead. He knew he had done horrible things on his past, and despite regretting them and trying to be a better person, that would be only one more thing to add on his list of horrible things he had done. It was a burden he would gladly accept if it meant Liam would be free from it.


When they explained the situation to the vetenarian, he had the looks of a person who had just lost a loved one. It didn’t help one bit on their desperation, because Deaton always had a poker face.


“You are not turning into a Strigoi, Liam.” Deaton explained, pacing around his office. “But its bite contained a spelled poison, which is somehow confusing your wolf. The poison penetrated your body through the bite, just like a werewolf’s bite, and now your wolf thinks it has the same urges as the Strigoi. So that’s why your body rejects food, that’s why your senses are odd. Your inner-wolf is odd, Liam.”


Liam had tears on his eyes again, making something inside Theo hurt.


“Is there anything we can do, Deaton?” The chimera asked.


The man took a deep breath.


“Yes, fortunately there is. But it will take some time, and given the situation, we don’t have it.”


Theo almost grunted in frustration.


“I need to prepare an antidote for the poison, but it’s very very complex, even for a Druid like me.” Deaton said. “It requires the mortal remains of the Strigoi. It would be better if we had the whole heart, but I’m afraid you had burned it to kill the creature, right?”


Both nodded.


“It will be harder to do an antidote without the whole heart, so I kindly ask you time. But… Theo, Liam, listen carefully. I am indeed with a difficult task ahead, but you two, have the hardest one until the antidote is ready: keep Liam under control.” Deaton looked affected.


They both stared at the man.


“I am sorry, but there’s nothing else I can do to help you.” Deaton said, mournfully. “Liam, you’ve been able to go through these days without feeding, but eventually, your wolf will try to take in, and the only thing it will think is: “I have to feed” and “I have to hunt”. And it will be worse than the full-moon, because when the moment the hunger becomes uncontrollable, the wolf will take over your humanity and it won’t care about who’s in front of you, it will make you drink all the blood of the victim’s body.”


“Stop it, Deaton!” Theo asked, hands shaking so much he broke the arm of the chair he was sitting on.


“It’s ok, Theo… He’s only saying the truth. I am a threat in the moment, let’s face the reality. I can’t be around anyone right now.” Liam said, voice trembling.


The chimera stood up and posted a hand on the beta’s shoulder.


“I think it is a wide decision, Liam. Until I have the antidote, you better stay secluded.” Deaton said. “But in the end, I got to say, things will be fine. I will do my best to finish this antidote as soon as possible.” The vet smiled kindly at them both, before exiting the room.


Liam glanced at Theo, who was watching the beta.


“Hey, things are going to be ok.” Theo said, more to himself than to the werewolf in front of him.


Theo had been afraid on his life, but never like this before. Not when Liam was terrified and trembling.


The older teenager knew he needed to be strong for both, because the beta was on verge of collapsing, but deep down he knew he himself needed some kind of support. Liam was the first person Theo ever cared on his life. The one who made the chimera want to be a better person. He was the one who offered him a place to call home, even after all the bad things Theo had done to him and the people he loved. Even so, Liam forgot them all and smiled at him beautifully every time they met, always being next to him on the memorable moments of his life. Theo wished he could switch places with the younger teenager, because Liam didn’t deserve that. He wasn’t a murderer, and Theo didn’t want his eyes to glow the blue of a werewolf who took the life of an innocent person. Liam wouldn’t forgive himself, and the chimera wouldn’t forgive himself if he allowed that to happen.


“How can you be so sure, Theo?” Liam asked, tears now rolling down eyes. “I… What if I lose control? You know my self-control is horrible. Deaton said if I let the wolf take-over, things will be bad. And- And I’m so hungry!” The beta sobbed at the last sentence, head falling forward.


Theo was sure he heard his own heart break into million pieces.


“Hey.” Theo posted a hand on the werewolf’s wet cheek. “Things will be fine, ok? Because I will be by your side. I won’t let you do anything stupid, even if I have to enchain you to prevent you from doing it. We are going through this, just like we did a million other times before, because we’re in this together and I’m not leaving you.”


Liam rose his eyes to Theo’s, glowing with fresh tears. Theo saw so much pain on the blue irises, but deep down, he saw a glimpse of hope. That glow of hopefulness on Liam’s eyes reminded him that maybe hope was all they had in the moment. Even when they had nothing else, the hope was still there, to remind them they still had everything. Theo didn’t know if it was his words, the caress on Liam’s hands or maybe Liam was just the optimistic type, but his eyes sparked differently now, with the trace of hope inside of them. It reminded Theo that despite the pain that was screaming at them how dangerous the situation was, how real it was, it reminded him that chances were real too. That somehow gave him a new wave of bravery he was forgetting he had. The kind of bravery Scott always talked about and he used to mock before he was sent to hell, but now Theo thought he could understand. It meant care, it meant love. The chimera touched Liam’s wet cheek and their eyes met. Theo felt Liam’s breath caress his skin as he leaned in and kissed him, lips touching shyly and hesitant. Liam released a surprised but content sigh against Theo’s mouth, and wrapped his hands around the taller boy’s neck, half-opening his lips and touching the tip of Theo’s tongue, the warm touch of muscles sending shivers all over the older boy’s body. He caressed Liam’s neck, scratching the soft place with his short nails, humming contently as Liam kissed him deeper now, dictating the rhythm of that delicious dance. The beta slid his hands and stopped on the chimera’s waist, caressing the place through the fabric of his shirt, making Theo moan as the younger teenager sucked on his lower lip, biting on the soft skin, the chimera’s hands that were previously resting on his neck scratching the place, making the beta hiss as the burn on his skin sent shocks of pleasure all over his body. Theo slowed down the rhythm of their kiss, lazily moving their tongues one last time, before pecking the younger boy on the lips and breathing his delicious scent then, hugging him tightly. Liam returned the contact, burying his face on the curve of Theo’s neck.


The werewolf suddenly scented a different smell. Something that made his urges of hunting come back at full strength. The smell of blood, fresh and young blood, and Theo’s neck was so close, exposed and full of bulging veins, like an invitation for Liam to taste him.


The beta pushed Theo away then, like the contact had just burned him. The chimera backed off a bit, looking at the younger teenager with confused eyes.


“Please… Stay away Theo.” Liam pleaded. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


The older boy looked confused for a moment, but seemed to understand what just happened.


“Liam, don’t worry, ok? It’s normal. You’re hungry. As creepy as it can be, this is just a consequence of the poisoning, so stop blaming yourself.” Theo asked. “Let’s go. You’re going to stay at my place for now. I’ll talk with Derek and see if he has a place further away. We’ll take turns if we need to.”


“Theo, I-” The beta started, sounding unsure. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea. To take turns.”


The chimera watched as the werewolf adverted his eyes from him.


“I know this situation may be dangerous for you. And for everyone, but… I feel like you can keep me under control better than the others, because you’re my anchor.”


Theo smiled at the beta, caressing his hands, feeling a new wave of warmth invade him despite the situation. It was the first time Liam verbalized about him being his anchor, and even if the older boy had an idea, listening from the beta’s lips was totally different.


“We don’t have to take turns if you don’t want to.” He assured. “But it’s better if we go to a place far from the city, just in case, you know. Staying away the smell of blood of so many different people might help.”


Liam nodded as they exited the animal clinic, looking at his feet.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be next to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s at my place or at Derek’s safe house, we’ll always have each other’s back.” Theo smiled at Liam, and the beta somehow felt safer.