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We Deserve To Be Happy

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Jensen had cooked up a delicious meal for Nate and he. Nate had not hit him for a month now, he even made love to him four times this week. Jensen was happy for the first time in a long time. It was like the old Nate he fell in love with was back.

Nate would be back from work around 8.30pm, so he had already bathed and put their son, Hayden off to bed. He had his best suit on, he also wore a skinny black tie. The candles were lit when he heard the front door slam.

"Jensen!", Nate yelled.

Jensens heartbeat started to increase, he started to shake, 'something was wrong, Nate sounded pissed'. He saw his husband walk into the dining area and stopped suddenly, narrowing his eyes at the setup, as Jensen put on a shaky smile.

"What's all this for?", Nate gestured with his hands, sounding harsh, approaching the table slowly.

Jensen gulped, "Um...I thought id suprise's our 5th year wedding annivesary". His eyes shot down at the display of hickeys adorning Nates neck. His heart broke more. He was used to his husband coming home with hickeys. He had learnt not to say or ask anything about them because Nate used to react with violence.

Nate huffed a sarcastic laugh, throwing his briefcase to the side, "really Jensen...i dont fucken care that it's our 5th yeah anniversary". He shoves the dishes off the table, making it shatter loudly on the floor.

Jensen jumped frightened, "look...I'll put this all away....make your dinner ok?...not to worry". His hand shook as he picked up the plates on the table.

"I'm hungry now!", Nate slammed a fist on the table, "this is what you do all day...fixing up romantic shit...while I go and work for this sorry ass of a family!"

"Yeah I can see you been working...with all that shit on your neck", Jensen mumbled but unfortunately his husband heard everything.

"What did you just say?", Nate lowered his voice dangerously while he approached Jensen.

Jensen knew he shouldn't push it, but the hurt was overwhelming, so his mouth was faster, "I said yeah you work...and than come back home with some other whores hickeys on your neck....what Im not good enough for you?...some family guy....".

Before Jensen could finish, a fist landed square on his jaw, making his head snap to the side harshly as the dishes he held crashed onto the floor. "Dont you fucken talk to me like that you stupid ungrateful bitch!"

"Fuck you!", Jensen spat back.

He felt another jab land on his face making him collapse onto the floor, he screamed as he felt his jaw crack at the impact.

"You watch that bloody mouth", Nate spat out, grabbing Jensen by the hair, pulling him up against the wall and started landing solid punches to his ribs and torso.

"Nate please stop!", Jensen cried out in pain, trying to block his husband's punches unsuccesfully.

"I'll teach you how to respect me", Nate kneed him in the stomach and repeatedly hit him until he heard a tiny scream.

Jensens eyes were nearly closed shut, blood was running down his face, his body was in agony, he lifted his head, staring at their frightened son who was holding his teddy bear tightly, snot and tears running down his face, "Hayden", he wheezed.

"Go back to your fucken room you little pain in the ass", Nate roared, making Hayden pee, his pajamas getting wet.

Nate growled, moving towards his son, "oh you little piece of shit", but was halted by Jensens hand on his ankle. He snapped his head back at Jensen.

"Please Nate....please...ill clean it up...please...just dont", Jensen sobbed out, pleading, the words muffled as blood pooled in his mouth.

Nate aimed one hard last kick at Jensens ribs, "you better have all this shit cleaned up before I return...or there will be hell to pay...I'm going out". With that he walked out the door.

Jensen sat up slowly, wheezing heavily, pain ran throughout his body, he was soaked in blood, he tried to smile, beckoning his son to him, "baby come here".

Seeing his son sobbing and crying, having to witness the abuse his daddy carried out on his papa was not right. He knew he needed to get out of this toxic relationship before they both ended up dead. "Papa im scared".

"I know honey....can you be a strong boy for papa", Jensen breathed out slowly.

"Yeah", his baby nodded his head slowly, looking so innocent, so terrified.

"Good", he started to cough. "Now you still remember our house address right?"

"Uh huh papa...12 Cresent Avenue".

"Good baby I want you to do something very brave for me ok?", he groaned as pain spiked up his ribs.

"Ok papa".

"Ok I want you to dial 911...on the phone...tell them papa has been hurt by daddy...and ....and give them our home address...can you do that?", his speech was getting slurred and his vision was starting to blur.

"Ok papa", Hayden replied, running for the phone, and coming back to his papa.

Jensen heard his son talking, before he collapsed and blacked out on the floor.

911 CALL CENTRE.....

"911 what is your emergency?", Missouri answered.

"Hello", a voice of a little child sounded through the receiver, he seemed to be crying.

Missouri shot up, "Hello baby....what's wrong sweetheart?" She already started typing trying to get a fix on the location of the call.

"My name is Hayden...and my daddy hurt my papa", he cried.

Missouri's heart broke more, "ok Hayden...where are you staying?", she said in her softest voice.

"I'm staying at 12 Cresent Avenue...papa is hurt bad", he was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Ok....I'm gonna send someone now to check on papa ok?", she felt tears pool in her eyes as a small 'aha' answered back. "Ok stay on the line so we can talk ok?"

Missouri already sent for dispatch of ambulance and police. Meanwhile she talked to the little one trying to calm him.

Dean was driving the police car, he was solo tonight as his partner got the flu. The talkie sounded, "We have a domestic dispute gone wrong, address 12 Cresent Avenue, called in by a little child, says his papa is hurt by his dad, Ambulance on the way".

Dean picked up the talkie, "Number 12 squad car responding, Dean Winchester on the way", he pressed down on the speed.

He parked the car, walking over to the house, knocking on the door, upon no answer he entered, "Hello Boston Police Department", he called out. "Anyone here".

Just than a little boy, around the age of 3 or 4 came running at him, Dean crouched down and the little boy ran straight into his arms, the kid was trembling. "Hey hey now...what's your name?", he asked softly rubbing at the boys back.


"Ok Hayden...I'm officer Dean...where's your papa?", he asked.

The little boy sobbed into his shoulder, pointing at the dining area. Dean approached, the first thing he noticed was the shattered plates and broken candles. He than saw the motionless figure lying on the floor. He gently placed the boy down on his feet, kneeling at his level, "Hey I want you to go wait in the living room ok?...I'll check on papa ok?"

He really wanted to kick the ass of the husband that had frightened his own son and hurt his own partner. The little boy gave a tiny nod, "ok".

He watched the little boy walk out of the room, before he rushed to the figure on the floor. His chest was heaving slowly which meant he was still alive. He placed a hand underneath the victims head, the man stirred and opened his swollen eyes slightly, revealing beautiful bottle green eyes, "my son", he croaked.

"Hey...hey your son is ok alright", Dean could hear the ambulance arrive, "you're gonna be ok alright....what do I call you?"He tried to keep the conversation running.

"Jensen...I'm Jensen".

"Well Jensen...I'm Dean", he replied.

"Dean", Jensen softly wheezed.

Just than the medics rushed in, he was told to step aside. Something was drawing him to Jensen, he didn't know why but for now he needed to let the medics do their work. He made his way to the kid in the living room. The boy climbed into his arms as soon as he spotted him. All the while Dean decided to ask the boy a couple of questions unrelated to the violence to distract the kids thoughts of his papa.