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It was dark that was all he knew, and all he wanted to know at the moment. It was soft, that was all he could feel, he supposed it wasn't the worst place he could pick to hide immaturely like the child he was acting like. He vaguely noticed he smelled lightly of mold, but that still wasn't enough to distract him from his current predicament. Auron would be coming home at some point, and here he was crying in the closet on top of some dirty laundry. He smiled at his own misery, and then thought of what exactly drove him to this predicament. Auron.  

He didn't want the stoic man to find him in the fetal position, but really it was the only way he fit in the damn closet in the first place. Not that houseboats were known to have extremely large closets to begin with... All Tidus knew was that he did not want to see Auron, and he certainly didn't want Auron to find him in this position in the closet. He felt the boat rock slightly, either it was stormy outside or Auron had returned in a slightly foul temper from wherever he had been.  

"Tidus?" the old samurai's voice carried well, he never had to raise it to be heard. It was smooth and deep, so if you weren't paying attention it was like a soft bass. Tidus tried to tune out the old man, then thanked whatever gods there were in his life for the lock on the inside of the closet. He moved it into the locked position very slowly, hoping not to draw the man's attention any more than it seemed to be.  

"Tidus?" the second time his name rolled off Auron's tongue he felt himself shiver. Auron barely spoke under normal circumstances, but Tidus could vaguely read the slight changes. Right now he was curious, if Tidus was interpreting that tone right, although one had a better chance of learning that stupid move of his father's, the Mark III. He buried himself as far away from the closet door as he could manage. Which only gained him about an inch if he pressed really hard.  

He could hear the sound of Auron's boots growing closer to him, a soft knock then he heard the door creak open. He sharply inhaled as he heard his guardian enter and look about the room. (editor's note: Seeing as Auron has that huge collar I'm going to assume Tidus can hear his head turning.) He could feel Auron's eye, for he only had one good one, staring at the closet. He could almost feel the frustration rolling off the man.  

"Get out of the closet boy." Annoyed/irritated tone Tidus decided upon after a second. Tidus felt his mind blank as he could picture the expression Auron was wearing and his hand as he reached for the knob to the closet. He almost jumped when he heard the door rattle. He pulled himself tighter against the wall of the closet, he couldn't handle being this close to Auron right now. 

Not that it was Auron's fault, the man simply existed, it was not his fault Tidus had done what he had. The blonde boy started shivering and crying again, laughing bitterly at his situation for not the first time that day. He was almost sure Auron would take his katana and slice the lock in half. After a moment he heard him speak for the fourth time since he had returned to the houseboat.  

"Now." Tidus had no idea how Auron had suspected he could be in his room, but he knew. That made him shiver even more, Auron was looking for him and here he was hiding from that gaze. He would never admit he needed that amber eye focused on him, never. He would never admit how much he wanted to hear that voice with something vaguely close to care. The last thing on his list of nevers, was that he would (preferably) die before those lips had a chance to reject what Tidus could never bring himself to say. 

Tidus shook his head, uttering soft no's and holding his head between his hands pathetically. No he would not leave this dark shameful place, for he could never admit what was wrong that caused him to hide here. Tidus could still feel the samurai's irritation at being ignored, especially at the fact Tidus was not complying with his request. Had he used a different form of coercing he might have gotten the blonde teen out of there, but hell would freeze over before Auron would try something like that. 

The blonde heard the samurai leave and went back to brooding silently on his latest issue. Not only had Auron nearly caught him a few times, but it was getting much more complicated. He was suffering through his nights, or rather enjoying far too much if you counted his morning kickstand. Tidus groaned, this was not what he had signed up for when the stoic samurai had taken over his guardianship. The man said few words, and almost none had any tone besides boredom. Tidus still didn't understand why his mind had picked... him... for that.  

He still couldn't believe he was dreaming about Auron, the man he should have considered a father. No he was not even close to wanting to think that anymore... There was one constant dream, no it was a nightmare... He would tell Auron, everything, including why he was hiding in the closet. The samurai would look at him with that same uncaring look, and then leave. Taking every ounce of hope, and every dream with him. A stream of crimson following him out the door as he retreated to his other charge. 

No, the last thing Tidus needed right now was a confrontation with his stoic guardian.