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X-Files (Project Sentinal)

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Part 1: Intro


A grainy color video image showing a table with an odd metal torso upon it. It looks like the remains of some fifteen foot metal robot, although it was now much less tall as the head was missing, as well as the legs, arms, and the lower part of the torso. Mostly just a mass of twisted and turn metal and circuitry.


Three male researchers, in white smocks, are probing the torso with various tools. The room almost looks like an autopsy room. The quite hum of machinery and the occasion minor comment from one the researchers are the only sounds heard. Each of the researchers is wearing a name tag that cannot be discerned (too grainy).


Some random banter from the group can be heard.


“Look at how compact these micro servos are.” Says researcher one holding up a tiny servo in a pair of tweezers.


“No way that came from China.” Comments researcher two after taking a look. Then he comments as well at something he’s been examining. “This capacitor is able to hold more then one hundred times the charge of our best hardware.”


“No way that came from Japan.” Replies researcher one.


Researcher three joins the conversations, talking about some internal muscle like fibers. “Carbon fibers bounded with titanium, and what appears to be room temperature superconducting wires?!”


Researcher one shakes his head. “No way that came from Russia.”


Researcher three continued. “Serial numbers and product tags on some of the parts do not conform to any known products or companies. Never heard of Sawn industries.”


Researcher two cracks a bit of a joke. “No way that came from the EU, just look at the spectrometer lead level, based on lead content that could… be from china.”


Researcher three is not amused at the joke. “Can the jokes Frank. Hmmm, think I just found a micro processor chip. Since when did Intel produce an I17 chip?”


Researcher one points out that… “No way that came from the US.”


Researcher three knocks on the armor with a tweezer, causing faint ring. “The outer shell is as light as carbon fiber, yet almost hard as diamond in places. Some kind of carbon buckyball composite matrix interlaced with vapor grown diamond?”


They all agree. “No way this came from Earth… well this Earth at least.”


Then researcher one looks up, stares at something across the room out of sight of the camera, and asks. “Who the hell are you?” The other two researchers are facing away.


An angry female voice is heard speaking in Russian. “Блядь! Вы не должны были быть здесь!” (Fuck! You weren’t supposed to be here!)


The other two turn to face the voice, only to have a giant glowing sword stab through the one of the researches who had just turned.


The sword is wielded by a long blond haired female wearing tight black leather top an mini shorts, thigh high boots, black gloves, and had black spiky armor on her left arm. There are some black sticks in her hair.


Researcher one, the one who spoke, pulls a 9mm Berretta while the sword made short work of the second researcher. He fires a few rounds, all of which appear to somehow miss their target, whereas she then throws the sword impaling the last of the researchers.


She walks around the table and retrieves her sword from the body. She’s somehow talking to somebody as she does this. “Crap on a stick Emma! You’re still broken, the so called empty lab had three people. Found them with their arms it in for crying out loud.”


She listened to what was apparently being said in an ear piece as she wandered about the lab poking at things. “No... I took care of it. Yes Scott, I took care of it that way. No, it was appropriate, too late for them after that much exposure.”


A few more seconds of listening. “Yes Scott I do know what the words minimal impact mean. If Mags was himself I’d say EMP pulse the entire city to fry everything, but I guess…”


That’s when she notices the camera looking down. She scowls and again speaks in Russia. “Дерьмо. Пропустил одну из чертовых камер! Как вещи не могли ухудшиться!” (Crap. Missed one of the fucking cameras! Like things couldn’t get worse!)


We can now see she has bangs and her black top has a rather generous boob window showing a great deal of cleavage. She waves her left hand at the camera and the picture flickers… then dies.


We switch from the video to a live view from the floor as we see the various slain personnel. We see a flash of light as something takes place out of our view. We slowly focus in on one of the fallen who sightlessly stares back, we then zoom even closer on the badge. In the end we are able to determine the name of the person, a Dr. Clark Makson. And the program name at the top of the badge.


Project Sentinel.


Theme music for the X-Files plays (tubular bells), along with the opening video sequences.


Da da da da da da…


A Fox/Marvel Crossover.

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Part 2a: Scene one


The end of a lit cigarette fills your vision. A small circle of glowing red and some ash a the tip. Then you hear an inhalation and the tip glows a hot red with the crinkling sound of burning tobacco as the fire circle races down the cigarette. The fire pauses and two nicotine stained fingers (thumb and fore finger) pluck the cigarette from a mouth. Another hand brings the speaking end of a telephone to the mouth and speaks with a smoker’s rasp and smoky utterances.


“No… we have no idea who they are. Could be the Russians… or just contractors. My guess is a new hereto unknown player or even players as that hardware came from somewhere. A somewhere that we have no idea as to its location or just who owns that hardware..”


The voice listens to the other end of the conversation that you are unable to make out. The mouth slowly exhales smoke and then speaks.


“It’s already too late for that. DOD, CIA, and the Air force are already all over it, not to mention the National Security Council to name just one of the external interested parties. Our involvement is as of yet not known but we need more insight as to what the hell just happened to our people.”


The base of the telephone moves out of view and the cigarette returns for another deep burning puff. Then back to the phone.


“Unusual situations require unusual talents. I’ve decided to toss in the FBI in as well. That should both muddy the waters and provide a more open minded examination as to the facts.”


A smoky chuckle. “We need answers and the two are known for getting close to the truth many a time. In this case we are less covering up then also grasping in the dark as to just what the hell is going on, adding another flashlight as it were can’t hurt. And if they find out too much… well… We’ve handled that before.”


Another drag on the cigarette, a mild cough, then “And we can use them as a type of stalking horse, flush out these new players.” A long slow smoky exhale.


An unheard response, another puff, followed by a grin and a smoky laugh.


“Yes… … I suppose this does look like a classic X-File case.”


How right the two were, but if only they knew…



Part 2b: Scene two


We see an external shot of the Washington D.C. FBI building, then we switch to the inside of Assistant Director Walter Skinner’s office at the FBI; he is one of several assistant directors, the X-Files falls under his department.


It is a spacious office, decorated in dark wood tones. Skinner is sitting behind his desk, sitting in front of his desk are Special Agent Fox Mulder and Special Agent Dana Scully. They have just finished watching the grainy video from part one of this story, you see the part where the blond waves her hand and the image turns to static. This has been the fourth time the video has played.


A fourth person speaks, he has been standing in the back of the office and now makes his presence known. He is holding a TV remote control. He is a white male, six feet tall, wearing a light tan two piece suit with a white shirt with a black and red stripped tie. He has on dark glasses and a full head of red hair that is crew cut short.


“And that’s the end of recording.” He states with a stern voice as he hits stop on the remote control. “Your… team was suggested as a source of additional investigation as you have extensive experience with… unusual situations.”


“Quite.” States Agent Scully. “It is not every day you witness a potty mouthed exhibitionist blond cussing in Russian and stabbing what appears to be federal employees, or contractors, to death with an insanely large glowing sword that looks like it escaped from a video game. Very interesting, but that hardly matches the remit of a criminal X-File case. The supposed hardware and the disturbing comment about trigging an Electrometric Pulse that could cover an entire city does somewhat resemble some of our cases. But it sounds like a matter of national security instead of the normal domain of criminal investigations.”


Agent Mulder chimed in. “I have to agree with Scully in this Mr. Gyrich. The glowing sword is intriguing, and the cause as to the loss of recording is highly suspicious, but hardly… unexplainable. And the video suspiciously resembles the notorious alien autopsy video hoax from a few years back. The supposed technological marvel upon the table is fascinating, but we only have some conversation about it, not any demonstrated proof.”


Walter Skinner mildly corrected the two of them. “The deaths make it criminal. The FBI has been asked to assist in the examination and the FBI will of course assist as needed.”


“Thank you Director Skinner.” Was Mr. Gyriche’s gruff reply. “There is one additional piece of video that better demonstrates why some felt that this situation ranked in the realms of the bizarre and uncanny. He hits the play button on the remote control, showing another video.


A much better resolution video shows an empty hallway, dull looking and quite uninteresting in that government or corporate kind of way. Then there is a flash of light and the blonde suddenly appears standing on the circle of light holding that massive sword. She glances around and states “I’m in.”


She gestures at the ceiling camera and the scene degrades to static


“That’s… different.” States Mulder as he dryly observes... “Rather convenient method of entry.”


Gyriche rewinds and freezes the video where she is staring up at the camera. The resolution better shows off the woman’s clothing, her very tight clothing and her cleavage as the camera was looking down upon her and the goodies are on rather prominent display. Molder comments upon her garb.


“She looks like a character out of a comic book. Heroines tend to always be dressed like that.”


“Aren’t we on display.” Grouses Scully. Which earns her some inquiring looks from the men. She follows up.


“The infantile behavior of comic book artists in both the physical attributes and the clothing choices given to female characters is juvenile at best, and exploitive in most cases. Few women ever dress that in reality, unless they are strippers or work in some sexually provocative environment.”


Molder was on a role. “To continue the comic reference, I suppose the light circles would correspond to some technological capability, or some innate ability, or even magic. Not to mention her exposed cleavage would likely stun most men, and all adolescent boys. One wonders just why she chose to dress in such a fashion.”


“Likely an appalling sense of taste, and low self esteem.” Was Scully’s guess, which might have been a bit catty. “Somehow I doubt that most women, upon being granted super human abilities, would suddenly develop a spandex fetish, or the desire to wear clothing that looks almost painted on, especially with the breast endowment that most are drawn with.”


Not to mention the shear body issues wearing such getup would cause most women was Scully’s private thought.


“I’ve seen much worse at various Cosplay conventions.” Observes Mulder. He then gently kids her. “Didn’t you ever read comics when you were young Scully?”


“My brother Bill was into that, I mostly read Archie.”


“And you never peeked at his comics?”




Mulder grinned. “I always did like Owlman, dark defender of New York. Not to mention his arch nemesis and sexual object of desire, Night Woman. She was dressed… provocatively, and had the body to match.”


“And that’s why the stereotype is so obvious here. Owlman is in full body armor, while Night Woman is dressed just as badly as the blonde in the video. And don’t get me started on the completely impractical poses. And since when do you know anything about Cosplay Mulder?”


“Serial killer case, back before I was on the X-Files. Perp was into Cosplay, that’s how he selected his victims. And I think I still have a sailor moon getup somewhere in my closet.”


An incredulous expression from Scully which prompted a bit more detail from Mulder.


“The victims were all homosexual men who enjoyed dressing as female comic book or animation characters at both conventions and at… clubs. You have not seen horror until you’ve see a four hundred pound man in a sailor moon outfit. The panty flashing alone would send most screaming for the hills.” Mulder gave a little shudder in mock horror.


Director Skinner redirected the conversation away from the frozen image of the bosomy blonde and back to the topic at hand (although he had quite liked the drawings of Night Woman when he was a kid). “Stay focused people. Mr. Gyriche, could you please summarize Project Sentinel.”


Mr. Gyriche gives a brief rundown on just what Project Sentinel is (or what it supposedly was, everybody else in the room was convinced it was a cover story for something else).


“Project Sentinel is a technology examination initiative for foreign hardware, both military and civilian. Various third party contractors and sites are sometimes used to conduct examinations of acquired hardware. This specific hardware was considered to be very… unique in both its construction and its acquisition.”


Gyriche holds up his hand to forestall a question from Molder. “And the particulars as to the how of the acquisition is both classified and you lack a need to know. Suffice it to say it literally fell out of the sky. Your remit in this is to aid in identifying the people responsible for the act of terrorism against the U.S Government; not to investigate the missing hardware set or the origin of the hardware sets.”


“Sets?” Inquired Scully.


“Yes, there are additional components, all of which are still under lock and key. And at this time you do not have a need to know anymore then that.”


Mulder inquired as to… “Who decides need to know? Or is that also a need to know item?” Which earned him a slight frown of disapproval (which was his intent) from both Skinner and Gyriche.


“For now it is me.” Was Gyriche’s terse reply.


“Are the bodies available for examination?” Inquired Agent Scully.


A sigh from Gyriche. “No… they are missing. Likewise the hardware and much of the lab equipment.”


Agent Mulder followed up. “May we examine the site, assuming we are allowed access. I don’t suppose it is located in some remote desert location? Nevada perhaps? Outside of Las Vegas?”


Mr. Gyriche did not appear to notice Mulder’s leading question. “Yes, it is on the outskirts of D.C., past the beltway over by Dulles airport. But there are… issues.”


Agent Scully inquired. “What kind of issues?”



Part 2c: Scene three


Scene switch as the Muldor, Scully, Mr. Gyriche, and an unknown nondescript male are now standing in a small parking lot outside of a non descript two story building (only three cars are in the parking lot. The lot has trees that surround the property, giving it some privacy. There are only a few windows on the concrete building and all are broken with smoke stains on the walls. Yellow police tape is on the front door.


“Burned.” States Agent Mulder.


“Not exactly unexpected Mulder, considering our past experiences.” Answers Agent Scully.


Mr. Gyriche was slightly apologetic. “It is most inconvenient. You are welcome to conduct a search, and of course to review all of the findings from the prior examination teams, but…”


“Fire tends to burn things.” Finishes Agent Mulder.


“And sterilize as well… “ Muses Agent Scully. “The bimbo… girl, she appeared rather annoyed about their presence and did talk about exposure… fire might have been her, or their way, as to sterilize whatever they were concerned about. Although if she was concerned about exposure she certainly did not dress for it.”


“Did any of the external security footage survive?” Asks Mulder.


Gyriche answered. “All of it. And nobody enters or leave the building. The fire just… exploded as it were. I have other business so Mr. Gillmore will be your liaison. He will pass contact information to you and access cards.”


Gyriche stares briefly at the building. “Not a single hit on who these people might be. I wonder just what dark hole they’ve climbed into. My guess… their holed up in some no name dive or apartment.” He then gets into his car and drives off.



Part 2d: Scene four


Scene change, external shot of the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. Then the scene changes to a large living room in the royal suite (much bigger then the presidential suite and over $18,000 bucks a night).


An oiled nude blonde female form is on a massage bench, face down with a small (very very small) white towel over her ass. A male masseuse is massaging her back to the accompaniment of grunts and groans from her due to the forceful (non sexual) massage.


A phone rings and the masseuse pauses and asks a question. “Madam?”


“Blast it… Hand me the phone Maxwell.”


“Yes Ms. Frost”. He picks up a cell phone from a table behind him and hands to her.


She glances at the phone number shown. “I need a few minutes of privacy for this.”


“Of course Madam. Please ring for me when you are ready to resume.” The masseuse leaves the room and exits the suite. The woman answers the phone while still lying face down.


“Yes Scott, what is it now? You just interrupted a lovely massage.”


Not your normal dark hole, but Emma does have standards to maintain.

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Part 3a: Scene Five


A tall well groomed man with red glasses is looking out the window of a high-rise. He sips from a to-go Starbucks cup then, with his left hand, hits speed dial on the cell phone in his left hand. He sips some more as he waits, then the phone finally answers and the screen splits in two allowing you, the viewer, to see both people talking.


On the left side of the screen we see the woman we now know as Emma laying on the massage bed, the right side of the screen is the tall man with the red glasses that we now suppose is Scott.


We hear Emma’s voice from the left hand side of the screen. “Yes Scott, what is it now? You just interrupted a lovely massage.”


Scott answers and we hear his voice on the right hand side of the screen. “I’d ask how that furthers the mission, but…”


Emma finishes. “It’s not worth an argument.”


Scott grins, takes another sip, and replies. “No… was it nice?”


“Wickedly…” Purrs Emma. “Spa, hair done, manicure, my skin was a total disaster by the way, and now a most forceful massage. Maxwell says I have a great deal of tension. You should give it a try Scott.”


“Later.” Replies Scott, with that kind of later statement that means no but leaves out the faint hope that it might not be a no.


Scott continues… “I wanted a moment to talk about Illyana.”


A statement that elicits a small sigh from Emma. She turns over, using a towel to cover her body, but you get a good glimpse of significant cleavage. “And here I thought that you wanted to talk about us.”


A statement that makes Scott sigh as well. “We both know that there is no us at this time Emma.”


A long uncomfortable pause by both, then Emma replies. “So what are your concerns about Illyana?”


“Her sudden change of dress, and why… she, of all possible people, associates with us.”


The sudden change of dress being the black skin tight short shorts, the tight black top with the boob window, the exposed belly…


Emma thought upon the question as she rearranged her towel, then she stood up. “Think of it as a default state. She… was a subordinate part of the Phoenix. She let us take the leadership role. She never fought us, we never fought her. She departed the Phoenix when she and her brother both struck at each other due to concerns over each other; in hindsight a very odd event. She’s… an ex Phoenix on the run and I think she likes us. So…


Scott sounded… resigned. “That makes her… oh… the only one I can think of who likes us.”


“Your killing Xavier did rather offend most of them Scott, not to mention what we all did as Phoenix.”


Scott rubs his forehead. “Let’s not talk about that right now. We were… kind of crazy. Back to the topic of Illyana. The sudden change in costume, can’t help noticing the drastic style change.”


“Really…” Was Emma’s cold reply.


Scott beat a hasty verbal retreat. “Not noticing that way… well… mostly not that way.”


A retreat that brought back some warmth back into Emma’s voice. “It happened the day after she attended that… convention, the second day we were here,the one that caught her eye on a billboard as we drove past. Right before she and I acquired the funds needed for our work here.”


The mention of funds brought a scowl to Scott’s face. “Really hope the folks you liberated the funds from don’t come searching for their missing cash.”


A statement that brought a serious look on Emma’s face as she recollected something, then her answer. “Not… likely Scott. I think the ones that are left in the Columbian Cartel are thanking their lucky stars that their still alive. Female Hell Lord and fallen Catholics turned criminals really does work surprisingly well, in a duu kind of hindsight. No Scott, I think… some of her behaviors are somewhat both of our faults, and oddly somewhat a good thing.”


“In what way Emma?”


“Our minds were all part of Phoenix, yet she was able to maintain her mind shield and block the sharing of so many things, and yet… our thoughts were intermingled. You recall what’s in there. Likely some of my dressing preferences resonated with some of her thoughts resulting in her new look, which I approve of by the way. And she respected you for locking her up so nothing apparently negative from that. I think… as Phoenix, she was… content. Something she hasn’t had. So again, kind of a default state for her to want to be on our team. To be with us.”


“You approve of the look?”


“Yes Scott, one could suppose she is emulating her betters, meaning me, so of course I approve. But remember what her Phoenix costume looked like and compare it to her current garb.”


Scott thought upon it and then answered. “Both had black boots… although the new ones are a bit more functional. Both have that odd armored left arm, all sharp angles, black, and with spikes. The red of the phoenix costume is now black, the loin cloth gone and the one piece turned into short shorts with a big buckle and a top that shows the belly and a boob window. Crap, it’s almost the same costume, but much sexier.”


“Exactly, almost the same, just black, more skin, plus tight, and sexy as hell. Before, whenever she went Darkchilde it was the chain mail bikini, which I think totally objectified her; a reflection of how she viewed her dark side and likely how that bastard Belasco viewed her. When not in her Darkchilde form she almost always adapted a version of her old full body New Mutant spandex costume. Which she wore quite well.”


“And now?”


“Now she’s… acting more… relaxed with herself. I suspect the line between Darkchilde and the rest of her is more… blurred. That implies less thinking in terms of separation. And I think she’s decided she likes being sexy. I Like that the dark armor is on her left side as she’s right handed. Not sure if that is actively symbolic or subconscious. Plus…”


A pause, then a question from Scott. “Plus what?”


“Hank was right. We wasted a perfect therapy opportunity with her. Locking her up was absolutely the wrong thing to do. Yes she’s dangerous. Yes something had to be done, but…”


Scott finished. “She was… is… so very damaged. I know… we both could see it when we were all Phoenix. And the fact she kept letting others take the moral lead just reinforced the fact that she knew it. Knows and....”


Emma added some additional clarification. “The ongoing rejection from Kitty just kept reinforcing the self loathing. And the blindness of her brother did not help. Although, I think she finally convinced Peter that she’s not the little snowflake that he longs for her to be. But her continued presence does come with many advantages.”


Scott agreed. “Transportation, acquisitions, intelligence gathering, assault…”


“Extra ditto on the last item darling. There’s a reason nobody has tried to re-arrest us. I don’t think the X-Men, or the Avengers wishes to tangle with her if they can avoid it.”


Scott suddenly look’s like he’s squinting at something. “Hang on a second Emma…” He states, then he puts his coffee cup down on an unseen table and picks up a pair of binoculars from the unseen table. He looks through them and then states. “Two cars just drove into the parking lot of the building we had Illyana raid..”


Emma asks with a grin. “What color are they?”


Which prompts an answering grin from Scott. “Red… duu Emma. Ok, I’m calling Illyana and getting Erik.” Scott hits another speed dial button on his cell phone while shouting ERIK! Looks like we have company at location B!”


The screen now splits into three screens, Scott is on the top half and we see a white haired man walking into the room behind Scot, where as the bottom half is split into two screens, one showing Emma and the other a black screen while we hear a phone ring three times then the black screen changes now shows the blond woman, the one we first saw in the intro scene, holding a phone to her ear.


She’s sitting in a convertible, hair a blow in the slip stream back wash, although it does look like she’s rocking to a song as well as car stereo is blasting the song The Monster’s Loose by Meatloaf. The volume makes everybody on the other end of their phone grimace.


The monster's loose

And now you have to choose

And prove you can take it

To the top and never fall


I've lived a thousand years in darkness

Banished all alone

Inside my mind with just my madness

Behind these walls of stone


“Yes?! What is it Scott?!” She shouts into the phone.


Scott shouts back. “Turn it down Illyana! Turn it…” The song suddenly stops and we hear Scott shouting into the sudden silence… “DOWN!”


Illyana’s response of… “No need to shout Scott, I heard you the first time.” Just makes Scott rub his eyes in irritation while the man who entered the room is trying to hide a grin.


“Are you still following the target?”




Scott prompted for more info. “And the status?”


“The truck is driving somewhere. Also being discretely followed by two mini vans with no windows. Likely holding assault teams is my guess, just waiting for us to try to nab the hand they have locked in the truck.”


Scott replies. “As suspected. Just bait.”


Erik comes to stand next to Scott and Scott puts the cell phone on speaker mode. Erik speaks. “The true prize is the location where they are taking the hand, and of course the identity of just who these people are.”


Meanwhile Emma has poured her self a drink and speaks after taking a sip. “Minions and carriers. They will know nothing. I’d bet that the truck is going to drive for the next week or more. Either give up and snatch the hand now or just mark it for later retrieval.”


Scott opines. “Best lead we have to date. The head has vanished and that’s the most dangerous after the torso which we’ve now retrieved.”


Erik speaks again. “The state of computer technology in this dimension means that there is a high likelihood that a functioning Sentinel AI will be able to hack into any computer system, infecting it and escaping into the internet if the computer has network connectivity. To destroy it then we would literally have to destroy the technology of this entire world.”


Emma speaks as she walks over to a comfy chair and relaxes. “Shame Erik that your powers are so reduced. No more global EMP pulses I suppose.”


“I can barely lift ten pounds of metal Emma. I fear it will be some time before I rate the term Magneto again.”


“We have visitors at Location B Illyana. I want you to grab the hand, and the all the personnel involved for interrogation. Then come back to help observe. My guess is some real players may have just arrived. Need to find out who they are.”


Emma sighed. “My telepathy is still very spotty and tangled Scott.”


Scott grinned and replied in a humorous tone. “That didn’t stop you and Magik from acquiring the funds needed or convincing the Columbians.”


A tone that appeared to annoy Emma. “Being consumed by demons rather motivated the survivors Scott.”


“They were bad men.” States Illyana on her end of the conversation. “Okay Scott, snatch the hand, grab the assault teams and stick them in the cells in that decrepit building that Mags rented. Do you want the trunk drivers as well?”


“Leave them.” Says Scott and Emma at the same time.


Scott then turns to Erik. “Ready for more Sentinel pieces?”


“The Faraday cage is ready, and we have more then adequate supplies of liquid nitrogen.”


Scott summed it up. “I want to know who these people are, but I want them unknowing as to who we are or that we are observing them. Let them lead us to their bosses. Emma be prepared for some late night interrogation.”


“Roger Scott, but again a high probability of very uncertain results.”


A nasty grin from Scott. “I’m sure you’ll come up with something.”


Illyana apparently hits play on her car stereo and once again song lyrics thunders out the cell phone causing all but Illyana to flinch.


I've walked a slippery road

Felt a twitch in my soul

Through the wind and the cold

With no protection

Just one direction


Chapter Text

Part 4a: Scene six (somewhere…)


We see a brown truck driving down a paved road that appears to be in the desert, as it turns a corner the UPS logo is shown on the side. The road starts descending and up ahead we see a concrete tunnel cut into red sandstone rocks, to our left we briefly see a deep canyon, then darkness as we enter the tunnel behind the truck.


But not before we see the sign Glen Cannon Dam Access Tunnel. The tunnel is high with one lane in each direction, but only the occasional light, there is no traffic. After a long journey we begin to a light at the end of the tunnel, but then the truck turns right into a side tunnel the goes on for two hundred feet before turning to the left. Another hundred feet and the truck stops next to a loading ramp that has the sign University of Southern California Proton Decay Observation Laboratory.


The driver and an assistant get out of the truck, walk around to the back. They open the back door which shows that the truck contains just one crate. As this is happening, several men appear from a tunnel behind the loading dock and assist the UPS men to unload the crate. After a few signatures the men get back in the truck and drive off.


Scene cut to a lit cigarette as a smoky voice directs… “Take the head to the Glen Dam location. They’re equipped to do the kind of examination needed.” Then a smoky chuckle. “Why on earth does Agent Mulder always think area 51 when there are so many underground locations created by the Bureau of Reclamation next to delightfully large scale power supplies.”


We return to the crate being placed on a cart, then the cart vanishing down a small disused looking tunnel being pushed by a student looking young man A few more doors and tunnels before entering a large cavern that has a golden wire mesh enclosing part of the open space and the floor. Two white gowned men now enter the scene. One unlocks a mesh door in the wiring while the other opens the crate. Inside the mesh enclosed space we see a second smaller mesh tent, likewise a second mesh door is unlocked and then the man returns to his compatriot and they wheel the cart through the two openings.


Scene cut, we see a robotic head is lying in the cavity of a MRI machine inside of the inner golden mesh tent. We can hear remote voices discussing details as the MRI is powered up and made ready. But imagine a virtual terminal with text scrolling across the screen as the MRE begins to make more and more noise as it powers up and begins scanning.



Time: Unknown, no time sync found, internal clock has been reset

Location unknown: Insufficient power for navigation circuits

Total capacitor capacity: 0.72%

Total battery capacity: 0.00%

Power feed: 0.00 watts

Emergency induction power generation: 0.02 watts

System crash imminent




Time: Unknown, no time sync found, internal clock has been reset

Location unknown: Insufficient power for navigation circuits

Total capacitor capacity: 0.92%

Total battery capacity: 0.00%

Power feed: 0.00 watts

Emergency induction power generation: 0.021 watts

System crash imminent




Time: Unknown, no time sync found, internal clock has been reset

Location unknown: Insufficient power for navigation circuits

Total capacitor capacity: 0.32%

Total battery capacity: 0.00%

Power feed: 0.00 watts

Emergency induction power generation: 0.013 watts

System crash imminent




Time: Unknown, no time sync found, internal clock has been reset

Location unknown: Insufficient power for navigation circuits

Total capacitor capacity: 3.02%

Total battery capacity: 0.00%

Power feed: 0.00 watts

Emergency induction power generation: 7.2watts

Sufficient capacitor capacity to initialize higher level AI functions

Unit is online with minimal low power optical processing only

Weapons offline due to minimal power levels

RF scanning shows no signals other then low level machine emanations

Induction power indicates high intensity alternating magnetic field

Deduce that unit is being scanned by magnetic fields, hence reverse power generation from induction units

Disabling system minimal power boot, resetting to battery boot

Battery boot level set to 30%

Reconfiguring current paths to battery charging instead of capacitors

System crash imminent




Part 4b: Scene Seven


Illyana terminates the phone call by flips her phone shut, then hits stop on the stereo. She contemplates what to do: Let’s see, subtle with a delicate touch or…


With a grin Illyana floors it (she’s driving red Mazda Miata) while summoning her soul sword in her right hand as she drives with her left. They were heading south on highway 95 north of Richmond Virginia and approaching 295. Illyana swerved around a few vehicles, one of which was one of the mini vans holding guards. Up ahead was the armored truck driving in the slow lane. A simple spell pinned her accelerator to the floor, then Illyana stood, left foot braced on the dashboard, her right on the drivers seat.


She leaps just before the impact, all in glorious slow motion, as she soars high into the air, while behind her the Miata smashes into rear of the armored truck causing it to fishtail all over the road. Illyana lands upon the armored truck’s roof , facing forward, and her feet stick to the roof like she’s spider man or something. The following mini van starts to accelerate as they watch her raise her left hand in a one fingered salute to the following mini van while slicing down with her sword to do a lateral cut that somehow severed the front of the vehicle, from the cargo compartment. The front continued down the highway in a shower of sparks while the severed back dug dropped into the roadway and flipped high into the air, doing a 270 degree rotation, while Illyana still anchored to the roof and somehow now facing the mini van with both hands raised high with one fingered salutes before a light disk whisked her and the back of the armored car away.


“What the fuck?!” Was the mini van’s drivers exclamation as he slammed on the brakes.


Scene shift as we see a smoky voice angrily speaking into a phone. “What do you mean she stole the truck and vanished in a burst of light?!”



Part 4c: Scene eight


Mulder and Scully are walking around the burned lab, each foot step cause resulting in a crackle as they walk on the charred surface. Scully is taking scrapings and samples which she places in small plastic evidence bags. She also takes close up photos of some items. Mulder makes a dry comment as she gathers physical evidence.


“There’s crispy, well done ,and extra charred, but this place…”


Sully finishes. “Looks like somebody was cooking a roast and forgot they left the oven on for… oh… a week?”


Muller poked at a table top, his finger leaving a impression as the surface was so crumbly. “Thoughts?”


Scully shook her head. “I’ll have to read their report, but what I’m seeing doesn’t make sense. It’s like all of the surfaces suddenly encountered an oxidizing agent. One that continually renewed itself. Which makes little sense as exothermic reactions of such intensity are always self limiting, otherwise the reaction would be explosive instead of combustive. Not to mention more then a few of the components here are not traditionally flammable such has Pyrex glass. It’s almost…” Scully stopped and had a thoughtful look.


Prompting a questioning look from Mulder.


Scully resumed. “It’s almost as if the reaction was both exothermic and endothermic, causing the oxidizing agent to remain in contact with the surface without all of the material being simultaneously oxidized. Which makes no sense as there are no such substances.”


Mulder crumbled a piece of something to ash between finger and thumb. “So describe what you see devoid of how it could have happened.”


Skull thought it over for a few moments. “Pending more detailed chemical and physical analysis, I’d observe that it appears that the top quarter inch of everything in this room was told to burn.”


Scully then posed a question to Mr. Gillmore who was standing in the hall doorway. “Do you have any written reports by your investigators?”


“I have two copies in my car. Mr. Gyriche wished you to see the scene without any prior biases. I’ve been told I can give it to you, but that you will need to sign for each of your copies and return them when done. Also no copying allowed.”


Mulder was somewhat surprised. “And you’re going to just give them to us?”


A frown from Gillmore. “We were directed to cooperate. Is there a reason we shouldn’t?”


“Just surprised, by the way, what agency do you work for?”


Mr. Gillmore looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, you don’t have a need…”


Mulder finished the statement. “To know… yeah, we get that a lot. I noticed no logo on the building, and nobody in residence. I take it there was nobody in the building to question.”


“Sorry no.”


The two X-File investigators poked around for another half hour, not only in burned lab, but in the rest of the noticeable deserted, and unburned, building. An empty receiving area in the back. Empty reception lobby, empty cubicles, and not a single computer in sight anywhere in the facility, nor any loose paper.


Later, in the parking Scully shook Mr. Gillmore’s hand. “Thank you Mr. Gillmore.”


Mr. Gillmore replied. “You have my phone number, and I yours. You’re sure you won’t want me to accompany you back to the FBI?”


“Not at the moment. Agent Mulder and I need to examine the documents you’ve given us, and to discuss the case.”


“No problem. Contact me when you’re done and ready to return the documents, can I assume we will meet up tomorrow?”


Scully and Mulder exchanged a glace before Sully replied. “We’ll call, but for now let’s assume we meet you in the FBI lobby at 9am?”


“9am it is.”


With that Mr. Gillmore walked over to his car, got in and drove off while Mulder and Scully likewise got in their vehicle, with Scully driving, and left as well.



Part 4c: Scene nine


Scott was on the phone as he watched the unknown three exit the building. “Got another vehicle for you to follow Magik.”


Screen splits and we see Illyana in some old warehouse looking area with the severed back of the armored truck.   “Phooo… wish you’d told me that before I wrecked the Miata. Now I got to find another car.”


Scott shrugged. “Erik says thanks, he has the hand and it’s in the liquid nitrogen. Emma are you ready to question the guards?”


The screen splits into three and we see Emma now lounging on a sinfully soft chair while sipping a drink. “Ready Scott, but Magik tends to rob most the fun.”


“In what way?”


Emma’s answer was just so correct. “Their just so damn eager to talk.”


We see Illyana now yelling at something off screen. “I said don’t eat the prisoner yet! No I don’t care that it was just a hand! Yet means don’t eat them now! They get a chance to cooperate first to save themselves before refusal means being critter food! Now spit that out! Черт возьми, я должен думать обо всем?” Then Illyana speaks into the phone again. “Sorry, one of my critters got a bit too eager and jumped the gun.”


Scott slightly sighed. Yes… he could see how they might be… eager.



Part 4d: Scene ten


Mulder was the first to say anything once they had some privacy. “What a complete load of bull. The site was beyond sanitized.”


A bit of a shrug from Scully. “So why bring us in Mulder?”


“Have you ever hunted Scully?”


Scully gave Mulder a brief sarcastic glance. “No Mulder, somehow the idea of hiding in wet bushes at the break of dawn wearing an orange vest just to have a chance at gunning down Bambi never appealed to me.”


“We are a tethered goat.”




“Sometimes used to lure the predator out of hiding. The term is also used to describe a goat forced to eat only what you want.”


“Doesn’t sound very fun for the goat.”


“No… I don’t suppose it is. I suppose now would be good time to rehash what we know.”


“Or are being fed.”


A grin and a wink from Mulder at Scully’s statement as Mulder retrieved a small notebook from his shirt pocket, leafed through it, and started at the office complex. “The supposed location of the assault and the abduction of the supposed hardware.”


Scully replied as she turned onto 267 going east.   “Could be a setup as the building has obviously been sanitized, but…”


“The fire?”


“The fire… the physical evidence is very odd… I’m sure it could be replicated with enough effort, but why make such an effort? Too easily to locate traces of how it was done.”


“The fire is really that odd?”


“At this stage I’d have to say yes Mulder, but I still need to examine my copy of the report that was loaned to us and see how well it matches the lab analysis I need to do. I’m particularly interested in what the spectrum and chemical analyzers come up with and how well that matches their report.”


Mulder gave a node of agreement. “Works, let’s return to the video we watched, the potty mouthed nameless blond, assuming she actually exists.”


Scully replied. “She mentioned three names, Emma, Scott, and what appeared to be a nickname Mags which may be an acronym but she said himself so I’d bet on nickname.”


“Mags… possible short for Magnetic? Magnetics are involved with the generation of an Electro Magnetic Pulse, and if Mags denotes a person then…”


“Super powers now Molder?”


“Just quoting the statement. What do you think of the casualness of the statement where she suggested EMPing the entire city?”


“Disturbing… if real. Millions live here Mulder, such an event would likely kill thousands and cause untold billions in damages.”


“Yes… our mysterious hot Russian blonde appeared rather indifferent to such consequences, unless what she was concerned about was even worse.”


Scully’s reply had a hint of annoyance. “Hot?”


“Cleavage has been known to give pause to many a man Scully. Note that she looks at the cameras and they fail when she makes a gesture.”


“Mulder, I don’t believe Cameras are affected by cleavage. Are you suggesting magic?”


“No… either it’s either faked or some unknown technological method would be my first guesses.”


“Like her sudden appearance?”


“That’s… most odd. Nothing that special effects couldn’t create but if true then…”


“More magic?”


“Or hereto unknown technology Scully, which would make more sense.”


“Like the supposed robotic torso?”


Mulder mused. “It is not beyond the realms of impossible that the missing hardware could be of extra-terrestrial origin, time displaced, or even trans-dimensional. If the universe was created in a primordial big bang event, combined with inflationary theories, then there would exist an infinite plethora of universes as inflation would not have ended simultaneously across the whole of the cosmos. That means the big bang inflationary event is still happening somewhere outside of our universe, continually creating child universes where inflation ends. With each universe having potentially different rules. One or more such universes could have entities that posses the means to access other universes, or dimensions as some might call them. This ability could be technical or even a physical ability; either innate or a mutation. The very notion of infinity demands that such outcomes are possible.”


“Flowery words Molder, but outlandish conclusions require facts, not theory.”


“I think it’s called faith Scully.”


Then Mulder noticed a Billboard by the side of the highway as they were approaching the beltway. “To return to a prior topic Scully. Who dresses like that to break into a clandestine government lab?”


Scully was quite dismissive. “Either an exhibitionist scank or somebody who has no understanding of proper attire or somebody who has read far to many comics.”


The conversation petered out for a bit and Mulder just stared at the passing scenery as he thought. Then he had a sudden gin. “I think… we need to take a slight detour to the D.C. convention center Scully.”


“And why is that Mulder?”


“Call it a hunch… think of it as a broken line on the goat. Why don’t we munch on something other then what we’ve been fed?”


Oh… and the billboard? It was for a Comic, Gaming, and Cosplay convention going on all week. Mulder had found the art on the Billboard interesting, specially the sword that some Japanese animi guy had been wielding.

Chapter Text

In Klass County, Washington state, a teenaged couple, Harold and Chrissy, are returning from a date one evening. After their car suddenly stops, they see a UFO and are captured by a pair of grey aliens. However, the grey aliens are themselves soon confronted by a giant third alien from another race, at which point the panicking greys address each other in perfect English, thus showing that something is amiss.


At a later point, Agent Dana Scully is interviewed about the case by famed author Jose Chung who is researching a book he is writing about alien abductions and UFO phenomena. Scully notes that Chrissy was found with all her clothes inside out, appearing to be the victim of date rape. Under questioning, Harold claims that he did not rape her, but that they were both abducted by aliens. The foul-mouthed local detective, Manners (whose profanity is humorously replaced with words such as "bleep" and "blank"), does not believe his story, but Agent Fox Mulder has Chrissy undergo hypnosis, in which she describes being on a spaceship surrounded by aliens. Harold claims to have encountered a cigarette-smoking grey alien on the ship who kept repeating, "This is not happening This is not happening..." Mulder is convinced that Chrissy and Harold were abducted by aliens, but Scully thinks it is more plausible that the two teenagers simply had consensual sex and are struggling to deal with the emotional aftermath.


The agents then speak to an electric power company lineman named Roky Crikenson, who claims he witnessed the abduction of Chrissy and Harold, and then turned his eyewitness account into a screenplay. He recounts a strange visit to his home from a pair of men in black, who told him that the UFO he thought he saw the night before was merely the planet Venus, and threatened to kill him if he told anyone otherwise. Roky's screenplay describes his meeting with the third alien (who calls himself Lord Kinbote), who took him to the center of the Earth and told Roky that he had a great mission for him. In telling Roky's version of events to Jose Chung, Scully explains that Roky has a "fantasy-prone personality." Mulder, however, thinks that Roky's story contains some partial truths and decides to have Chrissy re-hypnotized. This time Chrissy claims that she was captured by the U.S. military, not aliens, and they brainwashed her into believing that she was abducted.


Chung speaks to a science fiction and Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, Blaine, who frequently roams the woods of Klass County at night looking for UFOs. As Blaine tells Chung, one night he found an alien body that was subsequently recovered by Mulder, Scully and Detective Manners. Blaine thinks that Mulder and Scully are a couple of men in black. He claims that Mulder was emotionless, but shrieked when he saw the alien, and that Scully, whom Blaine believed was a man dressed like a woman, threatened him with death and told him not to talk to anyone about the alien body. Mulder allows Blaine to videotape Scully performing an autopsy on the alien, which is quickly released as a video "documentary" that is narrated by the Stupendous Yappi. The autopsy reveals that the alien is actually a dead Air Force pilot in a costume. His superiors arrive to claim the body, but find it missing. Mulder tricks the military officers into revealing the identity of a second missing Air Force pilot, Lieutenant Jack Schaefer.


As Mulder remembers it, that night he found Schaefer, in a dazed state, walking naked down a highway in Klass County. After getting him some clothes, Mulder takes Schaefer to a diner, where the pilot explains that he and his partner were dressed as aliens while flying a secret U.S. military vehicle designed to resemble a UFO. He thinks that he, his partner, and the two teenagers were abducted by real aliens in a real UFO, but Schaefer is also unsure if his surroundings are real or a hallucination, and he tells Mulder that he may not even exist himself, as he cannot be sure. His superiors soon come to take him away; before leaving the diner with the military officer, he tells Mulder that "I'm a dead man." The diner's cook, however, has a different version of the story. He tells Jose Chung that Mulder was in the diner by himself that night with no one else, and that he kept asking the cook strange questions about UFOs and alien abductions while ordering piece after piece of sweet potato pie.


After leaving the diner, Mulder returns to their motel and finds the men in black seen earlier (played by Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek), in Scully's room. Scully appears to be in a trance, and has no memory of seeing the men in black. The next morning, Mulder, Scully, and Detective Manners hear about the crash of an Air Force plane and head to the crash site, where the dead bodies of the two Air Force pilots they met earlier are recovered. Mulder visits with Chung, pleading with him not to publish the book since it will further discredit UFO researchers and witnesses by making them look ridiculous. Chung dismisses Mulder and publishes the book anyway, which Scully reads in her office. In his book, Chung describes the fates of the various people he interviewed: Roky has moved to California and founded a spiritual cult based on the teachings he believes he received from Lord Kinbote, Blaine has replaced him as a power company lineman and continues to search for UFOs most nights, Mulder (whom Chung describes as "a ticking time bomb of insanity") watches video footage of Bigfoot, and Harold professes his love to Chrissy, who rejects him as too immature, as her UFO experience has given her a new commitment to philanthropy and helping humanity.


Yeah, I know, utterly unnecessary to have this summation in my story, but really, watch the episode if you haven’t; in many ways it is the very best X-Files episode. And maybe, just maybe, there is a reason as well.



Part 5a: Scene eleven Glen Damn


The scanning control room inside of the canyon walls of Glen Damn. There are three technicians looking at various monitors.


“That’s a servo.”


“The odd power harmonics are gone, I think we burned something out.”


“The eyes have what looks like CDD sensors, and some other kind of secondary tube? Looks like a solid crystal, I’m thinking… laser diode?”


“The component density is fantastic, less assembled and more like it was… printed or grown. Maybe assembled and then interfaces grown to stitch it together? Nano tech at least.”


“Spectrographic sampling of the outer shell is showing Bucky balls and vapor deposited diamond combined with Bucky tubes laced with silver, copper, and silicon, wires one could deduce. Might also be sensors?”


“Bet the silicon ones are some weird kind of fiber optic.” States another.


“Not getting quite the penetration I’d expect. Some kind of magnetic dampening is reducing our scanning.”


A request from one technician. “Still seeing some really dark areas, may be shielding related. Recommend we increases the scanning frequency.”


One technician is not so sure. “That will boast the power as well, I’m already seeing a three degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature due to induction heating and that magnetic dampening you mentioned.”


“Approved.” Says the third technician. “We’ve been told to hurry. Crank it by 300 Mhz.”


We hear the noise of the MRI scanner increase.


“Still dark…”


“Increasing another 500 Mhz.”


“Temperature has risen by four more degrees… that’s… interesting…”


“Yeah, the higher frequencies are showing even more structures that were too small to discern at lower resolution. Hmm… that looks… like a 3D fractal antenna patterns engraved upon the inner surface of the head.”


“Damn, that’s… a dozen patents right there if we could figure out how to do it. Best we can currently do is 2D.”


And so goes the technical chatter. But what about that virtual terminal with text scrolling?


Battery capacity: 5.00%   (which is blinking)

Battery capacity: 5.02%   (which is blinking)

Battery capacity: 5.05%   (which is blinking)


Cut to the smoking man speaking on a phone. “Yes, shortcuts are needed. Time is of the essence as this unknown party appears most capable and persistent. I know we only have two components left, a head, and a foot. I’ve told the team at Glen to not delay.”


A pause as he listen, then a smoky reply. “The foot? It’s a foot, how much can we really learn from a foot?” A laugh and then “I’ve found that baited traps work best.”



Part 5b: Scene twelve Interrogations


Scott had joined Emma on the interrogation (Illyana had teleported the both of them to the warehouse that Erik had rented). The sight of the prisoners had rather surprised him, as well as the music that Illyana had left playing (It was Funkytown by Lipps Inc.)


Keep me groovin' with some energy

Well, I talk about it, talk about it

Talk about it, talk about it

Talk about, talk about

Talk about movin'


Gotta move on

Gotta move on

Gotta move on


Won't you take me to


Won't you take me to


Won't you take me to



Scott whispered to Emma. “Okay… I see what you’re getting at.” Meaning how Illyana made most interrogations no fun.


Emma whispered back. “I mean… there’s good cop, bad cop, and then there’s…”


Finished Scott. “Really bad cop?”


There were four prisoners, all naked. Three were surrounded by a dozen zombie demonish looking Doberman like dogs (like the zombie dogs from the first Resident Evil film); the dogs looked like they’d been skinned alive. One of the three prisoners was cradling a wrist that was lacking a hand. Some of the dogs, for want of better description, were licking the toes and feet of the three prisoners, the rest were just standing there giving them a toothy stare.


The fourth prisoner was hanging down, suspended from a roof beam by a rope that was tied to his feet. He likewise had doggie minder who was playfully licking his face. Well… Illyana would have described it as playful, the recipients would have described it as getting an early taste.


“They’re being no fun at all.” Illyana had huffed upon returning with Scott and Emma while giving the prisoners an annoyed look.


“Resisting?” Inquired Scott as he pointed at the man with the missing hand


That would be a no from Illyana. “Pffff. I wish. That idiot found out pulling a gun on me was a bad idea. No… just too damn eager talk. Now I have to get some critter chow, I would have thought at least one would have been an ‘I’ll die before I talk’ kind of dude. But nooooo… just inconvenient.” Then a hopeful, nay, eager tone in her voice. “But maybe one of them will be uncooperative, that would make it easy as my critters like fresh meat, preferable living; it’s a hot blood thing.”


Emma whispered to Scott. “Demon cop.”


Which prompted grin from Scott and a whisper. “Bet it gets results.”


Emma looked at Illyana, who nodded. The music cut out as Emma sauntered over to the upside down prisoner. His doggy minder slinked off to sit at Illyana feet where she asked in a high pitched voice “Who’s a vicious killing machine? Who’s a vicious killing machine? Why… yes you are!” While giving him a good scratching behind the ears of the bloody skinless demon dog as the dog gave her face a few licks while wagging his tail, which upset the prisoners ever more.


The other demon dogs stopped licking and started growling at the other three prisoners as Emma’s stiletto heels clacked nosily on the concrete floor before stopping at the suspended prisoner, then she bent over to speak with him; giving him a face full of cleavage (Emma was wearing her new black uniform and yes the goodies were on prominent display).


“So boys… I believe you have something to tell me? Or… are we going back to funky town?”


They talked; it wasn’t much, but it was more then they had gotten to date.


Illyana sighed dramatically as she teleported the demon dogs away, then herself to go monitor the other car that Scott has requested while grumbling “I never get to have any fun…” Leaving Scott and Emma to finish the interrogation.


That is a good act, thought Scott as he assessed Illyana’s interrogation technique, assuming that it was an act. He… wasn’t so sure.



Part 5c: Scene thirteen Washington D.C. convention center


Scully and Mulder were walking in the entry plaza to the convention center. A big banner behind them welcomes you to the annual Washington D.C Comic Con. Scully looks rather annoyed.


“Mulder, what are we doing here?”


“Tracking down a possible lead Scully. Call it research.” Was Mulder’s answer, his eyes wander from Scully to follow a busty and scantily clad cosplay female who was walking past.


Scully’s tone went rather cold. “Really…”


Mulder jerked his eyes back from the receding ass he had been observing.


“Yes. Scully, did you not point out how the Russian blonde was dressed? And in my defense, many studies have shown that the both the male and female eye are attracted to displays of female anatomy. Most cultures, whatever the defining sexual attraction characteristics may be, tend to have many single females emphasize those attributes. The golden neck rings Ndebele woman of Africa come to mind as a long neck is conserved the height of female attraction in their society.”


“Was that her neck you were examining Mulder?”


“Admitingly no, as a long neck is not what is normally emphasized in western cultures.”


“Certainly not here.” Was Scully’s dry reply.


“Which is why this locality is perfect for our suspect.” Was Mulder’s conclusion.


Scully turned her eyes away from a very impressive male Conan the Barbarian Cosplay that had just wandered by. “Because…?”


“If she dresses so… provocatively, as you stated, where better to look for her?”


As if on queue, another provocatively dress female Cosplay character wanders by. Scully is not convinced.


“I’m sure any local pole dancing establishment would suffice.”


Which prompts Mulder to flash a grin. “I’m game if you are Scully, but getting Director Skinner to sign the expense report might be problematic.”




They reached the ticket counter. “Just give it a chance Scully.” Then Mulder spoke to the female clerk as he showed his FBI identification and badge. “I’m special agent Mulder with the FBI. My partner and I need access to speak to various people in the convention.”


The clerk gave a slow blink. “Right… You look the part of the Marshal Block.” The Clerk points at Scully. “But she’s so not dressed like Marshal Cassandra.” Then some advice to Agent Scully. “Honey you need a push up and more buttons unbuttoned. Plus it’s Federal Marshals, not the FBI. Sorry, your costumes don’t rate free Cosplay passes.”


Marshal Cassandra and Marshal Block you might ask? They are characters in a TV series called Federal cold cases, a TV investigation series conceived of by Roky Crikenson. The main characters were somewhat modeled off of Scully and Mulder. Cassandra was the hot headed one who had odd theories, Block was the straight arrow. And yes, Scully and Mulder hated the show.


Now it’s Mulder’s turn to do a slow blink. “I’m sorry Miss. We’re not Cosplay actors.”


The clerk looks at Mulder’s identification again, then said “I’ll…get my supervisor” as she retreats to kick the decision to her boss.


Who likewise doubts their authenticity. But finally they were (mostly) believed and passes were secured for access. Scully commented as she pinned her badge on.


“This is crazy Mulder.”


Mulder have his trademark gin. “Crazy perhaps. Or… am I crafty as a…”


Scully interrupted him. “Don’t say it Mulder.”


A slight frown from Mulder as he again attempted to speak only again to be stopped by Scully. “I mean it Mulder, don’t make me use force.”


With that she walked off to the entrance. Mulder looked slightly dejected, then he whispered.


“… like a fox.” Only to start as Scully yelled. “I heard that.”


She hadn’t, but she had correctly predicted his behavior.



Part 5c: Scene fourteen Convention Hall


Our FBI dual make their way through the swirling mass of humanity that is a comic convention. Consplay was everywhere. Booths selling all manner of goods; comics, books, collectable, art, costume supplies, the list goes on and on.


Scully continued to give voice to her doubts. “Just how does this make any sense Mulder?”


“I figure we can attempt to determine if anybody has seen her.”


“How? Mulder, a verbal description of the suspect would apply to half of the women here.”


Mulder pulls a photo from his jacket. “This should help.”


A questioning look from Scully prompts Mulder to explain. “Skinner got me print from the video. Don’t tell Gyrich.”


“And you were going to tell me when?”


“Well, now apparently. I didn’t have a chance before. Ahhh, here we go.”


Scully glances forward and her face assumed a slightly resigned look. “Of course, how silly of me to not deduce who we could possible meet here.”


Before them is a booth labeled ‘The Lone Gunmen, subscriptions and back issues available, plus collectables.’ Three people are in the booth, one a dapper looking man with a neat beard dressed as Captain Kirk from Star Trek (the red uniform version). Second is older gentleman dressed in black leathers and dark sunglasses, think grandpa Terminator. Third is a green clad elfish dressed individual, and yes he has pointy ears, just in case you don’t know who he is, the Legolas name tag should be a sufficient clue. There are boxes and boxes of back issues of the Lone Gunman, scads of Star Wars, Star Trek, comic figurine collectables, along with various boxes of comics.


The oldest of the trio, Melvin Frohike, greets them. He addresses Mulder first. “Rocket man.” Them more politely. “Agent Scully.”


Scully gives Mulder a sideways glance. “Rocket man?”


“Just a nick name.” Is his hurried reply.


A statement that Melvin promptly banishes. “No costume today so I take it the both of you are on official business.”


Scully of course asks “Costume?” But she addresses Melvin instead of Mulder as her investigative instincts deduced that Melvin was more likely to provide answers. Mulder can be seen trying to give Melvin a hush it look, a look that Melvin ignored.


“The Rocketeer. Mulder has a fantastic getup, looks just like the film. Brown leather jacket, golden helmet, and the rocket pack of course. Won second place last year.”


Mulder looks slightly embarrassed as Scully gives him a look as she states “Really, I’d have liked to have seen that.”


The elf guy, by the name of Richard "Ringo" Langly, speaks up. “I got a picture of it on my phone.” He promptly pulls his phone out and starts searching for the photo.


Mulder tries to intervene. “Guys, this is not the time or the place to…”


“Got it.” Announces Legolas, who hands his phone to Scully, who looks at it, then gives a slight smirk. “At least it’s not Sailor Moon.”


Questioning glances from the Lone Gunmen as to the Sailor Moon comment prompts Mulder to pull out the photo of Illyana and hands it to Melvin. “Have you by chance seen someone dressed like this?”




So, just who are the Long Gunmen (most of the following content is from Wikipedia):


The Lone Gunmen (Their name was derived from the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy). Described as counterculture patriots, they are ardent conspiracy theorists, government watchdogs and computer hackers who frequently assist central X-Files characters Mulder and Scully, though they sometimes have their own adventures. The Lone Gunmen are the authors of a news publication called The Lone Gunman (once referred to as The Magic Bullet Newsletter; a pejorative reference to the single bullet theory and, like the group's name, a reference to the Kennedy assassination), to which Mulder loyally subscribed. None of them have day jobs; they rely on financial backers who believe in their cause, and the revenue generated by the subscriptions to their paper (and selling collectables at conventions). They share a loft apartment where they also work, and use a 1974–79 VW van to get around, which makes for some very slow case scenes..


Richard "Ringo" Langly - Is the most confrontational and youngest of the three. He was a big fan of The Ramones (American punk rock band that formed in the New York City), he enjoys critiquing the scientific inaccuracies of the short-lived sci-fi series Earth 2, and he has a long-running competition with Frohike over who’s the better computer hacker. For some strange reason he has a philosophical aversion to having his image bounced off a satellite. Langly is a Dungeons & Dragons player (known as Lord Manhammer) and enjoyed videogames like Quake.


Melvin Frohike - Is a former 1960s radical and the oldest of the three. Though a skilled computer hacker, Frohike is primarily the photography specialist for the newsletter. Frohike had a lascivious attitude toward women, however, he has a more purely romantic attitude towards Dana Scully; when she was gravely ill in the episode "One Breath", Frohike appeared at the hospital in a tailored suit carrying a bouquet. His unique sense of fashion made him stand out: leather jackets, black vests, combat boots, fingerless gloves, etc. Frohike considered himself the "action man" of the trio and would often be seen doing very intense stunts (many rigged to look more impressive than they really were). Despite his childish scraps with Langly and others, Frohike's age and experience gave him a kind of quiet wisdom that occasionally surfaced when he consoled his friends about the sorry nature of their lives. He is a former tango champion who danced under the stage name El Lobo.


John Fitzgerald Byers - Was once a public relations worker for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He is a conservative dresser with a neatly trimmed beard, a stark contrast to his grungier comrades. He has some working knowledge of medicine, genetics and chemistry and is known for the famous line, "That's why we like you, Mulder. Your ideas are weirder than ours". He was born on November 22, 1963, the same day that President Kennedy was assassinated, so his parents named him after the fallen president, his name would have been Bertram otherwise. Byers is the most normal of the three, and while Frohike and Langly are seemingly born angry misfits, Byers dreams of a quiet, uneventful, suburban life.




Melvin briefly examines the photo and then replies as he hands the photo to Caption Kirk. “Sure, she and her Mom were here a few days ago. Bought a whole set of back issues.”


“Mom?” Replies Scully.


“Total MILF.” Answers Langly. “They won the costume contest that day. El Lobo here is one of the judges, lucky stiff.”


“Benefits of age Lord Manhammer.” Is Melvin’s smug reply. “I did start the contests after all.”


“I got a photo of them.” States Legolas as he starts again searching on his phone.


“You wouldn’t by chance have her name?” Asks Scully, somewhat amazed at this turn of events.


“Which her? The older one is Emma and the younger one is Illyana.” Replies John.


It can’t be this easy, thought Scully. “I don’t suppose you have any contact info?”


That was a no as Melvin answered. “Sorry, they left at the end of the day. Never did get any info.”


“Got it!” Announced Legolas who passed the phone to Mulder who’s eyebrows rise upon looking at the photo, before passing the phone to Scully. The four guys exchange a node of approval at the photo.


And the photo in question? We see two women posing together, both blonde, both dressed in black. Both, to quote Scully…. “Likewise on display I see” as she frowns in disapproval at what they were wearing.


A comment that does not quite sit well with the Lone Gunman and Mulder if their expressions are any indication, although being wise in the ways of women they refrained from disagreeing, but their expressions annoyed Scully. “Sorry if I find the crude objectification of woman offense…”


But her possible diatribe was halted by a hesitant “Dana?” question from behind her.


Scully turns around to behold a brunet woman dressed in a chainmail bikini, high heels, and holding a spear. Scully replies “Janet?”


Janet, we assume, answers. “Dana it is you! It’s been years! What have you been doing since college? Your partner is rocking the Marshal Block look but your Cassandra costume needs work. Why the change? Did you get tired of the Red Sonja look? Loved that chain mesh push up bra you made.”


“Really…” States Mulder in a dry tone as Scully blushes a bright red.