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Alex, generally speaking, isn’t known for her self-control. For all she lectures Kara about impulsivity and recklessness, she’s one to talk.

When it comes to Maggie, her self-restraint is even worse. She has what Alex firmly believes is a superpower; an uncanny ability to unknowingly turn Alex on at the most inopportune moments. Her problem is that she has genuinely no idea how beautiful she is, and how easily a seemingly innocuous gesture sends a rush of heat pooling in Alex’s stomach.

Maggie’s hot, always—but Maggie in a tailored suit, with a split lip, wrestling a perp into handcuffs is a whole different animal.

It’s an agonizing thirty minutes of reports and procedure before they can leave the scene—thankfully there had been no reason for them to stick around for the rest of the gala, their suspect having been apprehended—and head back to the parking garage, and that’s about all the patience Alex has in her. As soon as they reach the car she has Maggie pressed up against the door, her excitement only building as Maggie parts her lips to allow access for Alex’s eager tongue. Her arms are wrapped around Alex’s neck and Alex is grasping her by the suit jacket, pulling her closer, as they make out in the middle of this gross parking garage that is somehow, right now, the sexiest place Alex can imagine.

Alex presses her thigh between Maggie’s legs and Maggie grinds slowly against it. Alex can never get enough of Maggie moving beneath her; the sway of her body is hypnotic.

Somehow they get the door open and tumble into the back seat of Alex’s car, and the moment they’re settled with the door locked behind them Alex is pushing the jacket off Maggie’s shoulders and unbuttoning her dress shirt; Maggie’s back arches off the seat beneath her as Alex, fully on top, closes her mouth around Maggie’s breast through her bra. She can feel the warmth of Alex’s mouth through the fabric, but it’s not nearly enough. She pulls up the bra, exposing her bare chest, and Alex’s mouth immediately returns to her.

“Fuck,” she whispers as Alex teases her nipples mercilessly. Maggie’s hips are bucking rhythmically up toward her, and Alex takes the opportunity to slide a hand down the front of her dress pants. She moves her mouth to Maggie’s neck, to run her tongue from throat to collarbone as she touches Maggie through her underwear.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispers into Maggie’s ear. “So, so beautiful.” Maggie whimpers under her touch, and through her underwear, Alex can feel how wet she is. That turns her on even more; more than anything, Alex loves knowing how into this Maggie is, and knowing how good she can—and is about to—make Maggie feel.

She slides her hand past the waistband of Maggie’s underwear and over her folds, eliciting from Maggie something between a moan and a gasp. Alex just feels her at first, wetting her fingers with Maggie’s arousal before rubbing slow circles against her clit. Maggie kisses her frantically, desperate to release some of the energy building up inside of her. Her kisses are messy, wet: intoxicating. Maggie is never as vulnerable with anyone as she is with Alex, and never as vulnerable with Alex as she is during sex. All of her restraint, her need to be completely in control of herself, it all vanishes in bed. With sex, she trusts Alex completely. She’s needier, borderline desperate; like without Alex touching her, fucking her, she might not survive.

Alex is always happy to oblige. She slides two fingers into Maggie and relishes in the way Maggie’s back arches again, in the sharp intake of breath, the shaky “Oh, yes” that spills from her lips. She draws her fingers back out and pushes them into Maggie again just to experience it a second time. And a third. Fifth. Eighth.

“Please,” Maggie begs—god, Alex loves it when she begs—and this time, when Alex slides her fingers inside of her, she curls them, hitting that sweet spot that makes Maggie cry out in pleasure. She fucks Maggie in the backseat of her car—still in that gorgeous suit—until Maggie comes around her fingers.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh god, oh god oh god oh—”

The heat between Alex’s legs is escalating to a steady throbbing. She draws her fingers out of Maggie and brings them to her mouth to savor the taste. Maggie watches, enraptured, as Alex sucks her arousal off her fingers.

“You taste amazing,” Alex says. Her voice is low. Husky.

Maggie sits upright so that Alex has to straddle her hips to maintain balance. The hem of her dress is bunched up at her hips and Maggie slides her hands up Alex’s thighs, around to squeeze the curve of her ass. She nuzzles her face in Alex’s cleavage and begins placing gentle kisses there.

Alex loves how gentle Maggie is with her, how intimate and loving their sex usually is. But right now, she needs less Gentle Caressing and more Being Screwed Out of This Dress. She reaches around to unzip her dress and pushes the garment off her shoulders and down to her waist. Maggie starts nibbling at her neck and Alex needs it to be More; rougher and messier and less controlled.

“You won’t break me, I promise,” she murmurs into Maggie’s hair. “You can be rough.” She guides Maggie’s hand between her legs, and Maggie seems to get the message. Her kisses at Alex’s throat are hotter now, more tongue and teeth—ooh, Alex hopes that one turns into a hickey—and the hand not kneading her ass rubs at her clit.

“That feels so good,” Alex coos. Her fingers are woven into Maggie’s hair, clutching Maggie to her neck where Maggie is sucking at her jugular. Maggie’s fingers are doing delightful things to Alex’s clit, and her legs are starting to twitch with every motion of Maggie’s fingers.

“More,” she rasps, and Maggie picks up speed. When Maggie abandons her clit to press her fingers past Alex’s folds, Alex gasps. Maggie is inside her to the knuckle, curling her fingers, steadily pumping in and out of her. Alex rides her fingers, increasing the speed of both hers and Maggie’s motions until they’re both sweating.

Maggie takes her by surprise; she adjusts their position so that Alex is leaning against the door, sitting almost upright with Maggie positioned between her legs. Maggie thrusts her hips toward Alex, the momentum driving her fingers deeper into her, right against her g spot. Alex calls out in ecstasy.

“Right there, baby, right there—oh my god, yeah, just like that, just like—fuck, babe, fuck, oh my god, oh my god that’s good—” She comes around Maggie’s fingers, with Maggie biting down on her earlobe.

“I swear, it’s like you invented sex,” she pants, finally, when she’s able to regain her breath and cognitive functioning.

“Yeah?” Maggie grins at her cheekily. Alex nods with a smile. She takes Maggie’s face in her hand and kisses her deeply. When she pulls away, she presses their foreheads together.

“Yeah. Also—don’t laugh—I think I’m, like…like really into what you can do with handcuffs. In a, um, non-professional capacity.”

“You think you can handle that, Danvers?” Maggie teases, and the challenging glint in her eye triggers a fresh wave of arousal between Alex’s legs.

God, I hope not, she thinks. She wants Maggie to do the filthiest things to her; to tease and play with and fuck her until she can’t take it anymore. She’s never felt the kind of wanting she does for Maggie, the need for Maggie to—quite frankly—raw her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Alex breathes, pulling Maggie into a steamy kiss.


Maggie loves teasing. Loves it. There’s little quite as satisfying as the whine that rises in Alex’s throat as Maggie oh-so-slowly makes her way toward wherever Alex wants her: breasts, neck, mouth, thighs. Alex gets wigglier the hornier she is, and right now, only moments after Maggie has clasped the handcuffs around her wrists to bind her to the headboard, Alex is fidgeting with anticipation.

This is the first they’ve experimented with bondage, and there’s something equal parts touching and erotic about Alex trusting her like this; Maggie knows she’s the first (and only) person Alex trusts this way.

And here she is, splayed out before Maggie completely naked, completely open to her. Maggie runs her fingertips down Alex’s stomach, taking note of the goosebumps that arise on the skin there. Alex’s eyes are wide, her pupils dilated. She wets her lips excitedly, and Maggie leans in to kiss her.

Alex’s tongue prods at Maggie’s lips, requesting entrance into her mouth. Maggie denies her, instead taking Alex’s lower lip between her teeth. She tugs at it with just enough pressure to make Alex murmur in appreciation, then releases it. She moves to Alex’s neck and bites down slowly, carefully, taking between her teeth the sensitive skin just below Alex’s ear. Alex inhales sharply.

“Good?” Maggie asks.

“Oh yeah,” Alex breathes, her voice thick.

Maggie alternates between biting and soothing the skin with open-mouthed kisses: across Alex’s neck, over her clavicle, down to her breasts. She locks eyes with Alex as she massages her erect nipples with her tongue, and soon Alex is biting her own lip and straining against the cuffs securing her to the headboard. Maggie can see all over her face how badly Alex wants to tangle her hands in Maggie’s hair, to pull her closer.

Maggie winks up at Alex at the same moment she flicks the tip of her tongue faintly, quickly over the tip of Alex’s nipple. Alex bites down on her lip, harder. The moan rises in her throat anyway.

Maggie makes her way down Alex’s torso and stomach, back up to her neck, down to her thighs, up to her chest, down to her thighs again. She runs her thumbs just to the sides of Alex’s entrance, nipping at one of her hip bones simultaneously. Alex is rolling her hips beneath her, desperate to have Maggie just a little closer, for Maggie to just touch her already.

Maggie positions Alex’s feet flat on the bed, situating them so that Alex’s legs are upright and Maggie has perfect access to her. She basks in the sight of Alex gazing at her longingly, expectantly, sweat starting to bead along her stomach. Maggie brings her mouth to hover above Alex’s folds: close enough for Alex to feel the warmth of her breath. She holds there—not touching her yet, but so, so close—until Alex starts to writhe and whimper.

“Maggie,” she whines, tugging at her restraints.

Maggie touches the tip of her tongue to the bud of Alex’s clit, and just as quickly pulls it away. Again: just enough to be a tease. She brings her tongue to Alex’s clit again, and again she pulls away. Then she takes the whole bud into her mouth, dragging an “Oh!” from between Alex’s lips.

“Come here,” Alex rasps abruptly, guiding Maggie back up to her body and into a kneeling position over Alex’s face. Maggie hovers a moment, just out of reach, smiling in response to the frustrated growl of protest Alex lets out at her inability to pull Maggie down to her mouth.

Maggie lowers herself, finally, and Alex’s tongue rushes up hungrily to meet her. Alex buries her tongue deep inside Maggie’s slit, and Maggie nearly loses her balance. Alex laps at her furiously, licking up every drop of wetness she can reach. Her pace is frantic, merciless. Maggie has to lean forward to grip the headboard over Alex’s head in order to keep her balance. Alex’s tongue feels so good inside her; in the ecstasy of Alex’s tongue right there, doing that, Maggie almost forgets she’s supposed to be the one topping.

She leans back, still holding onto the headboard with one hand, and with the other she stretches behind her to run her fingers through the patch of hair between Alex’s legs. The motion of Alex’s tongue falters as her breath catches; when Maggie’s fingers dip lower to brush over her clit, Alex can’t stifle the moan she releases into Maggie’s folds; Maggie shudders with delight at the vibrations it generates.

She slides off Alex’s face and settles back between her legs. Alex’s back arches off the bed as Maggie finally—finally—dips her tongue into her. Alex wraps her legs around Maggie’s neck, pulling her in deeper, ensuring that the teasing is done. Maggie slides her hands under Alex’s ass, raising her hips for a better angle.

Alex is beyond the point of words. She grinds against Maggie’s mouth, a steady stream of mmmmm’s and moans and high-pitched whines pouring from her mouth. Her thighs begin to twitch against Maggie’s ears, and Maggie knows she’s close.

She reaches around to rub Alex’s clit with her thumb and Alex’s hips buck up against her. Alex’s cries melt into a series of ooh, ooh, ooh’s that gradually rise in pitch. It isn’t long before her thighs clamp down against Maggie’s ears and she comes with a cry of “Fuck,” that brings a smile to Maggie’s face, still held firmly between Alex’s legs.

Maggie guides her through the orgasm until her body relaxes again, then extracts herself and moves back up to look Alex in the face. Alex is flushed; errant (sweaty) strands of hair cling to her face, and her wrists hang limp in the cuffs over her head.

Maggie leans in and Alex melts into the kiss, grumbling in disapproval when Maggie eventually pulls away.

“What’s the verdict?” Maggie asks, nodding at Alex’s bound wrists.

“Very possibly life-changing,” Alex grins, still working to regain her composure. “Wanna switch?”

Maggie considers it for a moment, brushing a stray hair from Alex’s face.

“Well, guess that depends,” she says suggestively. “What do you have in mind?”

Alex, it turns out, has a wonderfully filthy mouth.