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She's my wife and I love her

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“And what can I get you today?”

Lena smiles at the waiter and opens her mouth to place her order but Kara cuts in.

“My wife will have,” she turns to Lena, that adorable crinkle between her eyes. “What will you have?”

Lena shots Kara an affectionate smile before she addresses the waiter. “I’ll have the kale salad, thank you.”

It happens a lot, Kara referring to her as her wife. It’s not something that Lena is complaining about, it’s not something she’d ever complain about, but sometimes it is unnecessary.

Lena waits until the waiter has written down her order and has left before she turns to face Kara. Kara, who is grinning at her, mouth wide and eyes bright as she looks back at Lena.

Lena lets out a soft laugh and she knows the expression on her face is nothing short of adoration as she looks at Kara. “Are you ever going to stop doing that?”

“Nope,” Kara says, popping the “p”.

Lena shakes her head fondly at Kara, her wife is ridiculous.

“Don’t deny it, you like it.”

“I do not.” Of course she does. Her heart still flutters every time she hears Kara say it and she hopes it never stops. It’s been a month since they got married and she loves every time Kara refers to her as her wife.

“Yes you do.”

She also loves teasing Kara.

 “No I don’t.”

“Leeennnaa,” Kara whines as her bottom lip sticks out. “Don’t be mean. I know you like it too.”

“I don’t like it.”

Puppy eyes are added to the pout and that makes Lena break. As much fun as teasing Kara is, it’s too difficult when she looks like this.

“I love it.”

Lena can see it takes a moment for the words to align with their previous argument.

She doesn’t like when Kara refers to her as her wife, she loves it.

The pout is less intense but it’s still present as Kara grumbles. “You’re mean.”

“Sorry darling but you make it too easy.”

They’re interrupted as the waiter places their drinks on the table and by the time Lena has thanked him and turned back to Kara, she’s smiling at her again.

Lena reaches over and takes Kara’s hand that’s on the table once the waiter has left again. “I love nothing more than to hear you refer to me as your wife. It reminds me that I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

She loves that she can still make Kara blush like that too.

Kara’s smile is so soft in return that Lena’s breath catches in her throat.

“I love you,” Kara says softly.

Lena gives her hand a gentle squeeze. “I love you too.”


“…and that’s how my wife helped Supergirl save the city.”

Lena smiles as she hears the tail end of the story Kara is telling to a small group of people. It looks like CatCo has its new batch of summer interns.

“Darling, I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.”

Kara spins around and an excited grin instantly appears on her face. “Lena! Hi! What are you doing here? I thought we weren’t meeting until lunch.”

Lena steps forward and places a quick kiss to Kara’s cheek. “I have a meeting with James first. Then we’ll have lunch?”

Kara nods with a smile and then before Lena can react, Kara has taken her hand and pulls her the small distance to the wide-eyed group of interns watching them with great interest.

“Everyone,” Kara says, addressing the group. “I’d like you to meet my wife, Lena Luthor.”

There’s a murmuring of hello’s and smiles from the group, all who still look surprised by her sudden appearance. This won’t last long though. She’s a frequent visitor here and she’s sure the interns will be sick of hearing about her by the time their internship is over.

It’s adorable and incredibly endearing really how Kara manages to mention she has a wife in most of the conversations she has. She’s heard enough complaints from Alex, Maggie, Winn and James to know that that it happens both here and at the DEO.

Lena turns back to Kara. “I better go see James. I’ll stop by your desk at twelve for lunch?”

Kara leans over and presses a soft kiss to her lips. How is it that after all this time, her heart still flutters when Kara kisses her?

“Have fun,” Kara smiles.

Lena nods her head towards the interns still watching them. “You too.”


“Could you please pass this to my wife?”

Alex takes the wine glass from Kara’s hand and slides it across the table to Lena. “You do realise she has a name, right? Or have you forgotten it since you never call her by it anymore? It’s Lena, by the way.”

Kara rolls her eyes at her sister before she passes the rest of the drinks she’d just bought around the table.

“Just for that comment, next round is on you.”

Kara settles into the seat beside Lena and Lena instantly takes her hand. It’s true that Kara still refers to her as her wife whenever the situation allows for it (and sometimes when it doesn’t) but Lena doesn’t want it to stop so she comes to her wife’s defense.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten that you were exactly the same when you first got married. In fact, I heard you talking to Agent Vasquez the other day and you referred to Maggie as your wife so you shouldn’t be teasing Kara.”

Kara gives her a proud smile while James and Winn start laughing.

Maggie nudges Alex’s shoulder with her own, a grin on her face. “Awww that’s cute.”

Alex shots Maggie an embarrassed smile before she turns to glare at Lena.

Kara cuts off whatever Alex is about to say. “Don’t look at my wife like that.”

Alex huffs out a laugh. “Honestly? Her name is Lena.”

Kara leans into Lena’s side. “Yes it is and she’s my wife so I’m going to continue to call her that, no matter what you all say.”


Lena does it sometimes too because of course she does. Just the thought that Kara is her wife, that Kara agreed to marry her (well Kara was the one to propose but she still said “I do” on their wedding day) makes her giddy, and she’s going to remember and vocalize that as often as possible.

She doesn’t do is as often as Kara, and less in public spaces (she’ll refer to Kara often as her wife around their friends but not amongst strangers as Kara does).

Lena is pretty sure she hasn’t said Kara’s name to Jess, only referred to Kara as “my wife”, since they’d gotten married. Jess has started saying “your wife is here” through the intercom to let her know when Kara has arrived which never fails to put a smile on Kara’s or her face.

When Kara is free, she always attends events with Lena and Lena proudly shows her off to her colleagues and the ‘elite’ people of the city. She introduces Kara to everyone as her wife and loves the smile Kara always sends her in return.


Oh God, Lena feels terrible. She tries to move in her bed but her head is pounding and she lets out an involuntary groan instead.

Kara is in the room in an instant. She’s talking on the phone and Lena hears the end of the conversation.

“Sorry, I can’t come into work today. My wife is off sick so I’m going to stay home to take care of her.” Kara pauses. “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to stay home,” Lena says. Or more accurately croaks, her voice sounds awful.

“Of course I do. You’re my wife and I’m going to take care of you because clearly you’re in no state to look after yourself.”


“No buts.” Kara’s voice softens and she takes a seat on the edge of the bed. Kara brushes some of the hair back from her face before she gently cards her fingers through her hair. “Let me take care of you.”

She leans into the touch, already feeling marginally better just by having Kara close. “Ok.”


Kara: I can’t wait to see you, my beautiful wife.

Lena smiles at the message. God she misses Kara, she misses her so much.

Alex: Please come back soon, she’s driving us crazy.

Winn: Never. Leave. Again.

Maggie: Please let her visit.

Alex: Yes, listen to Maggie.

Lena laughs as she reads the texts from her friends. She’s been gone two days, has one more night at her conference, but clearly Kara is missing her just as much as she’s missing Kara.

She wonders what exactly Kara has been doing that prompted these messages.

Lena sends a message to Kara, one that she knows will solve all their problems including her own. She misses her wife and they said that they could handle three days apart but clearly they’d been lying to each other and themselves.

Come visit me? I miss you.


The moment Lena steps into their apartment, she can tell something is different.

Not wrong, but different.

There’s soft music playing and there’s weird noises coming from the kitchen. There’s a delicious smell coming from the kitchen too which is strange because she knows Kara can’t cook.

Lena gasps and her eyes go wide as she steps into the room.

“Lena!” Kara grins. “You’re home!”

Lena looks around the room, takes in the mess and food spread out across the kitchen.

She takes in the table set with cutlery and wine glasses and candles and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the middle.

She takes in her wife, standing in the middle of it all with a soft smile now on her face as she watches her.

Lena drops her bag by the door and makes her way over to Kara. “What’s going on?”

“I thought we could have a nice night in, just the two of us.”

Lena’s heart melts as Kara threads her fingers through hers. She looks around the room. “You didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”

“I did. Well, it wasn’t too much trouble. And actually Maggie did all the cooking.” Lena makes a mental note to thank Maggie later.  “You’re my wife and I wanted to do something special for you. You’ve been working so hard recently and you deserve a relaxing night off and I wanted to give that to you.”

Lena tilts her head up and presses a lingering kiss to Kara’s lips. “Thank you. I really do have the best wife ever.”

“I think you’ll find that I have the best wife ever.”

Lena huffs out a laugh. “Before we get into this argument again, I should remind you that Maggie made dinner and it smells delicious so we should eat it before it gets cold.”

“See? I have the best wife ever.”