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Clint Barton ruined my life - One shots

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“Good morning, beautiful,” Clint smiled and hunkered down. The kitten looked up at him, yawned and stretched. And after a moment it rose and yawned again. “You hungry?”

He lifted the small animal, placed it on his chest and walked to the kitchen with it. “Aww, don’t struggle, little one,” he chuckled when the kitten started to move.

The kitten meowed and touched Clint’s face with his paw. “Yeah, pretty, I get it. You’re so very, very hungry,” he said and placed the animal on the counter. Before he went to fetch it, he had prepared the milk for it and now he took the feeding bottle and touched the kitten’s mouth. The young cat had learned to drink from the bottle and so it started to suck immediately and tread on Clint’s hand.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby,” he praised the cat when he heard another chuckle behind him.

“Should I get jealous?” Bucky asked and came closer. He touched Clint’s waist and Clint turned his head and smiled.

“No,” he smiled. “You’ll always be my favorite.” The smile turned to a smirk and Bucky kissed his cheek.

“That’s good, because you’re my favorite, too.”