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The Thorn in my Lung

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Shouto couldn’t blame him. Izuku was everything he was looking for not a damaged kid with daddy issues. Katsuki and Izuku were perfect for each other, the whole class could see it. The two childhood friends were like glue in the messed up and abusive way, there was no surprise when Katsuki and Izuku showed up hand in hand at school, everyone had bets set against the pair, rumor said that even the teachers could see. Everyone but Shouto.

“Shut up Deku!" Katsuki yelled this was normal for him, being loud to everyone even his boyfriend. Said boy was stunned out of his continuous mumbling about a petty crime on the news “I-I’m sorry Kacchan…” Izuku stuttered, Katsuki was standing over Izuku’s desk hand splayed on the current hero book “what are you all looking at!?” Katsuki suddenly yelled at the class who were staring at the boys. All the people caught staring went back to their previous doing. Aizawa Sensei stepped into the class to begin the day.

As they day drew on Shouto could feel the dark feeling of numbness consume him, Izuku was his friend and he was happy he fell in love but also jealous of the blond beauty who he fell for. Shouto never wanted these feelings in honesty he wanted to feel happiness for the pair.

Once the Bloodshot eyed teacher dismissed the class on the last period, students gathered their things to leave for their after school activities “Shouto Do you want to come and study with me?” Momo asked with her bag slung over her shoulder, both he and her were comfortable to talk on a first name basis “Momo-Chan! Can i come?” Requested the floating pair of clothes, Momo looked at Shouto then back to Toru “Sure.” Momo replied as Shouto stood from his chair “Oh! Momo-San can i come to?” Denki who was previously talking to Kirishima and Katsuki came rushing over to the blackette “you wouldn’t mind if i joined?” Jirou walked up to the small group “i-i’m ah” Momo was at a lost for words “it’s fine” Shouto said holding his hand up to the stammering girl “B-but! I’m so sorry Shouto-kun” Momo bowed in defeat, Shouto Gave a wry smile to the unlucky girl. The Mismatched boy exited the classroom with no plans for the afternoon maybe he could study in his own time. Taking a right turn he entered the deserted hallway, the soft clicking of his shoes against the polished floors and careful chatter was all that was heard.
Katsuki was happy, he finally got the boy he was crushing on forever and he was gorgeous in so many different lightings, soft glows from the classroom, bright light setting little splashes of shadows on his small rounded face. Katsuki was in love, and boy did he want to stay in love. it was only when Katsuki realised that Izuku had asked him a question did Katsuki snapped out of the lovestruck gaze “what?” Katsuki asked bitterness in his fake tone
“I asked if you want to get ice-cream.” Izuku giggled, the couple were outside in the park surrounded by dogs, Izuku like dogs but Katsuki against his personality he preferred cats “sure.” Katsuki said as Izuku dragged him off to where ice cream was being sold for $3 “two chocolate ice-creams” Izuku asked
“Cone or cup sir?” the man asked in response
“Cone” Izuku replied
“That will be 6 dollars” the man asked holding his hand out, izuku placing the exact change, during his Katsuki was gazing back at the dog park, a huskey was jumping around a whipit
“Kacchan?” Izuku asked snapping Katsuki back into reality. Snapping his head to the short male Katsuki wasn’t ready for the bright smile and giggle that dragged with the boy “here” Izuku said holding a cone out to Katsuki “ah. Thanks” Katsuki said taking the ice cream. The pair went and sat down at a secluded bench watching the dogs and wild owner's chase after the small to large animals “Kacchan let’s take a selfie!” Izuku said with excitement filling his tone, Izuku didn’t wait for Katsuki to complain when he pulled out his phone with a all might case, pulling up the camera app he held it up high between the pair “say hero!” Izuku said finger ready to press the camera when he snapped his head towards Katsuki and kissed his cheek, catching the Blond of guard to create a full blush “DEKU!” Katsuki yelled drawing out the letter u. Izuku jumped to his feet and made a run for it with the angered blond after him.

Shouto was in the middle of writing and equation in his math book, math wasn’t any problem he had Shouto was actually top of his class both physically in Hero study and in Academically in normal classes. Always getting the top scores, Aizawa Sensei never called the scores but the smallest dash of surprise would cross his face when he would be handing the tests out.

Shouto’s phone buzzed to life when a post from Izuku appeared. Swiping the password in he took a brief break on his homework to see what the boy was up to. Shouto wasn’t up for the image of Izuku and Katsuki kissing. He wasn’t ready for the utter embarrassment on his face or the smugness Izuku’s face held when it was taken. Shouto wasn’t ready for the complete Bitter pill of realization that he blond he loved was taken from him by a person he called a friend.

Shouto felt like he swallowed a dry pill, Shouto felt warmth flood his throat as he dropped his phone and made a break to the miny bathroom the students held in the dormitories. Unable to make time to lift the seat of the toilet up Shouto ended up spilling the bile in the porcelain sink, the Disgusting colour of velvet red was littered with folded yellow petals belonging to a Yellow carnation, along mixed with dark violet curved Petals from a Dark geranium.

More bile of blood and Flowers flooded the sink sloshing to the fingers that held Shouto over the stain red sink. Shouto kept thinking about Katsuki and how he was never able to have him in his life and how Katuski belonged to Izuku. Shouto hated himself for thinking he could ever be loved or ever feel love.

It took 5 minutes for Shouto to fall from his sickening frenzie and finally look away from the mess of blood and once beautiful flowers on his hands and on the sink. Looking at the mirror that was hung in front of the sink, Shouto could see the Blood dripping from his mouth running down his chin and either splashing into the sink or dripping down his shirt. Opening his mouth that created the mess Shouto could see the mix of flowers begin from the Dark violet Dark geranium, Yellow carnation ,Aconite ,Yellow tulip and Yellow Hyacinth. Each of the flowers appeared to be blooming from the back of his throat and blossoming in the cracks in his gums. A Beautiful display if not for the situation. Breathing became incredibly hard for him as he took breaths to stay alive, breathing in and trying to wheeze out carbon dioxide, Shouto made a grab for his stomach and held tightly. It was impossible to get Oxygen into his lungs. Feeling the thorns of the flowers crush around the breathing tool, puncturing his way of life.

White and black dots began to cover his vision, his body giving up as his heart beating at a faster pace to keep up with the unattainable air, falling to the floor bending over clutching his waist as he waited for the coldness of nothingness to come. Beginning to feel numb in his fingers and toes, Shouto thought of his mother and the way she used to make Soba when he was sick or kiss his head at night or patch up his Scratched up knees in the bathroom. Breathing was slowly coming back to him as tears flooded over him so much emotion making him feel numb and deserted inside

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The day was brought when a cloudless sky the light baby blue sky shined above the school. Katsuki was walking into the classroom, opening the sliding door a few glances flew in his direction, it was somehow more empty than usual. Approaching his boyfriend who was in a conversation with Uraraka an Lida, he wasn’t really paying attention.

It was when Aizawa Sensei began to mark role when Katsuki realized that it was the Half’n’half wasn’t there “Does anyone know where Todoroki-kun is?” Aizawa Sensei asked with the same monotone voice he uses on a daily basis. A few head shakes and ‘no’ drifted around the classroom, Katsuki wasn’t really interested in where he was it only meant that he could surpass him faster, Katsuki tuned out the slight worry of the class and continued the day without the missing student.

Eating lunch with Kirishima and Denki wasn’t bad it was until Sero joined when the gossip was spread. “Yo Kirishima-san,Denki-san and Bakugo-san! Mind if i sit?” The blackette asked
“Sure man!” Kirishima perked up with the new addition to the table
“So whats up?” Denki asked taking a bite out of his sandwich, the only reason Sero would join the table was to gossip or talk about girls, however was very rare thinking how Katsuki was in a relationship with another man
“Well it’s about Todoroki-kun” Sero said rubbing his Elastic elbows, he must of felt guilty about something
“Is he okay?” Kirishima asked with true concern burrowing his tone, Kirishima was always one to worry when it came to other people making him the perfect hero.
“Yeah. well i hope so” Sero replied “There were some… umm” Sero mumbled trying to find words to describe what he was think and what may have been wrong with Shouto “Oh god dammit spit it out you're worse than Deku!” Katsuki spoke up trying to hurry up the blackette. Katsuki was never patient

“Well you know how the bathroom walls are really thin?” Sero asked. Both Denki and Kirishima nodded “well i was think that maybe Todoroki-kun had an eating problem…” Sero said suddenly looking very interested at the table
“What does that mean?” Denki asked, food long forgotten
“I heard him….” Sero sait trailing of the last word, all three boys leaned in the hear what Sero had said “What?” Bakugou asked the slightest amount of concern littered his voice
“I heard Todoroki-Kun vomiting then crying really loudly…” Sero sounded really guilty, like he should have spoken up sooner but the anxiety of the class listing to the theory would have had a bad experience. “Oh my god” Both Kirishima and Denki sait in uniso. The boys never expected Shouto to be like that.

Suddenly Katuski stood up spooking the boys he left the cafeteria with nothing to say. Katsuki stormed off to the dorms to confront the idiot head first. Who was he to think it was okay to get slack like this with Bakugo fricking Katsuki!? After storming the third floor it wasn’t hard to find the door with the name of Todoroki Shouto engraved in the door. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary from outside the door. Banging his fist against the door “Oi Open up!” Katuski projected his voice so it could reach the room “If you don’t hurry up i’m coming in!” Katsuki stood banging his fist against the door “who do i look like to you?! OPEN UP!!” Katsuki stood for a few more seconds before deciding to blow the hinges of the door.

The door fell with a thud against the floor and the smell of vomit and a soft smell of a flower that katuki couldn’t put a name to with the overpowering smell of vomit filled Katsuki’s nostrils. Kirishima and Denki with Sero in toe finally caught up to the expulsive boy “what the hell candy cane?” Katsuki mumbled holding his hand to his nose to help cover the smell
“Oh my god. Nope. nope. Not today!” Denki said turning around and leaving it. The smell of vomit having caught him off guard and not willing to go into the room where the smell was more potent
“Todoroki?” Kirishima asked hand also to nose. Katsuki went to the human lump in the bed while Kirishima went to the bathroom. Sero was outside looking after Denki so more vomit wasn’t spilled
“Oh my god” Kirishima whispered as he entered the bathroom. On the floor clutching his stomach was an unconscious Shouto with a blood and Flowers surrounding him. The white sink was a vicious shade of red “Katsuki!” Kirishima yelled to the blond as he approached the boy on the floor
“What…?” Katuski stepped into the room with a rude remark on his tongue but dying down at the scene before him, quickly going to Kirishima’s side he looked at the almost dead looking boy “Oi Denki go get a teacher right now!” Katsuki yelled at boy outside, soon feet scrambling could be heard as He made a run for a Teacher.

Katsuki took a moment to check his surroundings at the red sink “why are there flowers?” Kirishima wondered out loud
“That's kinda not the problem” Katsuki barked, what was most important was that there was an unconscious boy with blood and flowers…. Why were there flowers?

The teachers finally reached the room and told the two boys to leave. Watching from the hallway more students came to see the commotion skipping on their class since it was canceled due to the incident “Kacchan!” Izuku went running to Katuski
“What happened?” Izuku asked his boyfriend looking at Shouto’s door
“I don't know Izuku, i wish i did” Katsuki said cradling Izuku’s head to his chest. The scene got worse when sounds of sirens and very angry footsteps could be heard, students looked at the big man with his red hair and red beard turned the corner. Of course Endeavor would be there where his most perfect creation almost died, it was cruel watching him storm into the room then proceed to yell at how stupid the school was and how lucky it was that Shouto and him were there.

all the teachers finally left so the the doctors could get to Shouto. When they were leaving with Shouto on a stretcher they could see the blood soaked clothes and the oxygen mask he wore. There was disgusted look on Endeavor’s face as he followed his son. Izuku was starting to shed tears as he watched the commotion, while Momo was bawling her eyes out and screaming at Endeavor at how bad of a parent he was,Denki and Jirou were holding her back so she wouldn't attack anybody. Present Mic stood in front of the doorway to Shouto’s room “Please turn to your room Shouto will be fine we will make sure of it!” soon students began to leave with All might Comforting Momo by rubbing circles on her back with a hot chocolate. She was his closest friend and although they had no filling for each other they still looked after each other.

Katsuki left the area and returned to his room, laying on his soft bed. It felt like needles, there was no way that anybody was getting anny sleep with what just happened. Rolling over Katsuki began to google

Vomiting flowers

hanahaki disease

hanahaki disease Origin

Katsuki finally realized why Shouto vomited flowers. He had been infected by the hanahaki disease which was a disease that illness is born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up beautiful flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

But who did this to Shouto?

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The cold depths of darkness filled Shouto's vision. His limbs felt heavy like the were each bound to a boulder, questions of where he is and why flooded his mind. Slowly cracking an eye open, Shouto was greeted with a rhythmic beeping noise and a white roof. It took moments to realize the pressure on the bridge of his nose and just hitting his cheek bone and ending under his chin ‘an oxygen mask?’ Shouto looked around his room for any life but was left without ‘this doesn't look like the medical bay. Am i in the hospital?” Shouto felt fine except for a squeeze around his lungs as he tried to take a deep breath.

The memories came crashing back towards him about the flowers and vomit, but why was he in the hospital? Did he pass out? Who found him? More questions filled his mind so much he was unable to see someone step into the room.

“Shouto?” a male voice spoke, competing with the beeping noise. Turning his head over to the male, he looked odd but familiar “hey Shouto you alright?” the Blackette spoke, his face looked like it was pinned and peeled onto his skin, the purple and beige color of his face and neck didn’t look healthy but also healthy…? The man in question stepped closer to the laying boy “i look different don’t i Shouto” the man chuckled to himself in his small world.
“It’s me Dabi” The man-Dabi Said holding his arms out. Of course he would remember him, he kidnapped Katsuki but was also his father's failed child. Dabi was his brother.

A choking sound tried to escape Shouto. What was wrong why couldn’t he form human words and not mumbling gibberish “Shouto wait please stop trying to talk!” a burning feeling filled Shouto up to feel like he was suffocating once again. Listing to what Dabi request from he stopped in hope the burning would stop, it only stopped to a minimum but still squeezed his lungs harder “look the flowers are in your lungs and they've crawled up the throat and damaged your voice box…” When explaining Dabi looked everywhere other than the boy. Did that mean the flowers forcefully made him mute? Will it ever heal? “Enji said he wanted you do have the surgery” Enji was His father's First Name but what about a surgery? What did Shouto have that was so bad that he needed surgery? Why was it so bad?

“Look we need to leave before they get here” Dabi said taking the oxygen mask of Shouto “i’ve got all the stuff you need” Shouto threw a confused Stare his way “can you walk?” Dabi asked removing wires that wouldn't set off an alarm, Shouto nodded. He made a motion to Dabi as if asking for a pen. Relieved Dabi gave Shouto and the boy scribbled down a question on the back of his hand ‘what do i have?’ the message spoke. Dabi read it out loud quietly “look i need to tell you when we leave, but we really gotta go!” Dabi removed all the wires, handing him a jacket and sweatpants telling him to be quick.

Shouto’s limbs felt heavy moving around and a slight wave of nausea would brush over him in moments. Once he was done Dabi had typed a message to an unknown user on his phone. The doors busted open with doctors and Endeavor. A portal appeared and Dabi grabbed at Shouto’s arm and dragging him into the unknown. The last noise he heard was the loud yell from Endeavor to get him.



The whole class was waiting silently murmuring about the halved boy, being thrown into the hospital none of them received word of the boy. Aizawa Sensei stepped into the classroom. The noise of his shoes against the floor could be heard outside the classroom. Dropping a pin would be too loud to describe the silence, a heavy weight was draped over the classroom as they watched the teacher, wanting him to answer his questions “i'm not meant to tell you this but considering how quiet you are i guess i must” Aizawa sighed, and instantly the weight disappeared in thin air like how it arrived “Todoroki kun is alright, he is alive and stable” Aizawa Sensei said rubbing his wrist. A massive air of relief cleared the classroom. The fellow classmate was okay and there wasn’t too much worry to hold “however!” Aizawa said holding his hand up to the class “he is no longer apart of U.A” Aizawa Sensei said with his monotone voice.
“WHAT!” Momo slammed her hands on the table standing up “what do you mean he is no longer apart of the school?!” the girl was furious and was ready to rip a head off. Agreement to her question filtered through the classroom
“will he come back?” one student asked
“What happened?” another asked. The questions asked towards the man at the front of the classroom. “It appears that Todoroki kun was visited by a villain then choose followed that villain
Into a portal sent for the pair of them” Aizawa Sensei voice never wavering from the statement his eyes wandered across the classroom. Disappointment flooded Katsuki’s face while Izuku’s held horror on what he was told, Momo was in tears and Jirou was comforting her once again. Sero’s face held guilt to it, Denki was surprised. The amount of different emotion was over flowing.

Aizawa Sensei began to mark role without calling the names out. Once he reached Shouto’s name he drew a line in the name and continued.

The rest of the day was unbearable with the way other classes danced around 1-A. How news spread about the Boy was unattainable, it was like the flu once one student caught word of it the next hurdands of them caught. Katsuki was rearing the end of his day of the rumor and was planning just to sit down and do absolutely nothing.

The last bell rang and the class left in silence, the steps of the class echoed the hallway and Katsuki was caught in his own thoughts ‘why of all people to join villain league Shouto? What would he gain from joining them? Who came and took him? Will i ever see him again?’ Katsuki’s thoughts were interrupted by Izuku holding his hand “Kacchan?” Izuku mumbled looking up at the blond, the boy in question gave a grunt to tell Izuku was listening to what he wanted to say “do you think Shouto will be okay?” Izuku asked tightening his hold on Katsuki’s hand
“ i don’t know” Katsuki said honestly he did hope Shouto was okay but also wanted to smash his head in for joining the people they thought were their enemy.

Later on the news was Endeavor standing while Microphones hung around him “Yes i confirm that Shouto in missing and should be considered dead.” He said standing tall beard alight with fire.
Shouto didn’t know what to feel but it sure was hate towards the man.

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“Stupid Villains!” Katsuki yelled once he bursted into his apartment, the snow white cat stepped to her human to see what the beast was up to. Walking into the kitchen to fill his stomach with food of some kind, the cat followed him yowling to also be fed “god you’re so fat!” Katsuki said to the cat. His parents had gotten a cat for Katsuki so he wouldn’t be lonely, it was a good idea otherwise he looked crazy talking to himself but not if it was cat. And heaven knows he did not need that theory when he was already loud and explosive.

Serving dinner to him and the cat he looked back on the eventful day. First waking up past his alarm was already bad. Finding out he was only on patrol for the day and no Villain league bullshit activity was going on, only to be attacked not once or twice but three times in a row! His costume was in tatters and his identity was so close to being exposed, then returning to HQ to end the day when he was begged, -actually begged - to stay an extra hour and do absolutely nothing.

Katsuki was more than pissed. He just wanted the cold depths of sleep consume him “a coma maybe nice” Katsuki mumbled. He was sick of the day and only wanted sleep, when Izuku and Katsuki were still in highschool where they were shadowing a pro, when they were called for an interview the media heard the stupid idiot Izuku call him Kacchan, what mostly sucked was that he can’t change it and it drives him up the wall. Katuki put his dish in the washer and turned it on, leaving to return to his room and call it finally a day.


Katsuki awoke to a alarm on his phone blaring in his ear “what the fuck?” Katsuki mumbled sitting up and looking at the device. ‘EMERGENCY VILLAIN LEAUGE SPOTTED ALL HEROS IN AREA COME IMMEDIATELY’ Katsuki was suddenly very awake, throwing his hero costume on and running out the door. Finally a thing he take his anger out on and not be given disapproving looks!

Katsuki arrived at the HQ where the alarm was bouncing from wall to wall spouting the sentence over and over again. He went to the large computer to see where the sighting was, turning back around he made a run for the area.

Everything was fine, Fighting some bad guys the usale, It woke Katsuki up and even if he tried to go back to sleep he wouldn’t. Today was gonna be a good day, at least that's what he had hoped. Almost slipping on water ‘how the hell’ Katsuki wondered they were nowhere near rain and no water was punctured, setting an explosion off in the direction of a villain when he noticed it was a single yellow flower petal floating in the midst of the action at oh-my-god-o’clock did he released it was not his day. The flower Petal gave a sense of nostalgia to the blond, the unbearable bright yellow on the water in front of his foot. It looked like it was drowning, the tip of the Petal was slightly dyed red due to unknown cause. It was stupid here looking at a flower petal in the midst of a fight.

Very delicately more petals floated to the ground it was almost like rain but each looked different coming in mostly violet and yellow colours. The display was beautiful to his eyes.

The world felt like it had stopped completely and only Katsuki could move. The one name Katsuki wanted the most and Hated to hear was yelled from the street as the red flames licked the buildings, the way the hood had be been knocked off the head he hadn't seen in years. The elegant flowers we falling from the back of his coat as he launched himself in slow motion in the air, and when he made eye contact with the ash blond reality speed back up leaving ice in his wake. Katsuki was completely at a loss.

Noise in the background screaming his name to look out for the villain knocking him to the side,blinking in amazement the adrenaline disappeared in an instant and his tired body consumed his consciousness.


The plan was to attack to city then infiltrate the Hero HQ. Nowhere in the plan did it state that they were attacking the same HQ that his ex Classmates owned.

Shouto was able to get most the files before the AI told that he was in the building. Flying out the door.

Shouto was very careful in avoiding most heros and exit the building until his Hanamaki began to act up. Almost falling over and cracking his head open, Shouto let out a small fit of coughs to set the blossomed flowers free. This drew unwanted attention to the sky, along with the unwanted glances.

Izuku was the first to see him as he finished his fit of coughs, he only blasted a small spout of ice to the blackette to get his attention away, doing this sprouted Kirishima’s attention to Izuku and the latter point up to Shouto.

Momo tried to attack him also noticing the attack sending the exploding Russian dolls to him, sending a blast of flames he disappeared behind a building to hid from their stares also contacting Dabi to tell him he had the files. Ringing up the number he memorised he then dialed. “Shouto! Do you have the files?” Dabi asked, he quickly remembered Shouto’s vocal situation “oh shit right!” Dabi cursed a shaking noise was rattled through the phone like he was picking something up”Okay Shouto shake the Phone once yes and don't of no” Shouto did what he was told and shook the phone.
“Okay good the portal will be in the same place i'll contact Kurogiri right away!” Dabi hung up on the younger brother.

Shouto was set into another fit of Abusive coughs against his throat. It ripped it raw and burned trying to swallow saliva, this was normal for the bi coloured boy. Whenever he would see Katsuki on the news he would vomit until he collapsed, hearing anyone talk about the blond would send him into an abusive set of coughs.

Exiting the alleyway he made a run for the rendezvous point 3 blocks away from the attack. He ran as at a set jog but still fast to not let him be compromised by some villain

“SHOUTO!” a male voice yelled at him, and on instinct the boy being yelled at stopped and looked at the voice, it was a really big mistake. Shouto made eye contact with a short boy running towards him. Panicking Shouto began to sprint away from the boy. Sending shards of ice towards the boy in hopes of slowing him down, the task had failed and Izuku was gaining fast on him.

Taking a sharp turn into the maze of alleyways he hoped to lose the blackette, being that Izuku didn’t use One For All. running left and right the fight was getting smaller and smaller and the opposing footsteps got more quiet. Taking his time walking out of the maze he entered a few buildings in front of the rendezvous point.

Jogging to Dabi he quickly signed a ‘sorry’
“Shouto! You’re okay! c’mon Deku and the other heroes are coming” Dabi rushed ushering Shouto into the portal.

Entering the dimly lit pub people were in tatters and were exhausted “you better have gotten those files!” one of the bigger Villains pointed a finger to Shouto, it was people like him that Shouto disliked the most, signing he responded ‘Yea i did don’t get so upset’ the man just looked at Shouto like he was crazy, this sparked a slight amount of his anxiety. Dabi walked up and put a hand on his shoulder “he said he did” Dabi had pushed it out of his way to teach and learn sign language for Shouto when the smaller joined.

Handing over the small USB with most of the information about the heroes to the man “we were also able to kidnap one!” Dabi said taking his arm of Shouto’s shoulder and crossed his arms “You might remember him from the last time he's visited” Dabi held a sinister smile to the others in the room

“And we're gonna make sure he stays forever.”

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Katsuki woke up from his dreamless sleep to be in a dark cellar of some sort, It was cold and his arms and legs weren't bound to anything. The situation was very odd since he was just outside fighting a bunch of villains. The memory of Shouto quickly came to a stop at the most important thing about that fight in his entire life.

He was alive and possibly well, but he wasn’t on the Hero side, instead he choose the villains over the friends he made at UA. Endeavor said that he had died and he found the boy's corpse a few months afterwards but in that moment he looked like he never gained a single scratch.

Katsuki could remember as he watched Yaoyorozu search day after day for Shouto and crying her eyes out on a daily basis, He remembered watching the face of utmost betrayal pass briefly on Tenya’s face when he passed the empty desk, the way how Sero always kept his head facing the ground anytime Shouto’s name was mentioned and the what Izuku had said days after finding about his Friends announcement to being dead, the way he didn’t look him in the eyes, shuffling his feet and mumbling about how sorry he was about it or the words of “I can’t Date you anymore” Katsuki remembered it all.

The door at the top of the stairs opened, making a crack of a soft yellow glow pass through the cellar “Oh you're awake. “A male voice said noticing Katsuki sitting up the man looked back out the door and told the unknown behind him that Katsuki was awake “God you owe me one” the man mumbled stepping down the stairs to Katsuki.

With the light given to him he could make out facial markings that he would see on the news, along with the face that had kidnapped him and asked him to join the Villains of course he violently declined “well hello sleeping beauty” The Skinned blackett said to Katsuki a mocking tone overflowing his voice.

He grabbed Katsuki by the arm and pulled him to his feet. Katsuki didn’t resist, he wanted to know where he was so when he did escape he could tell the others where the new base was
“C’mon i'm hungry and i bet you are to” The man -whose name he had forgotten- let go of Katsuki’s arm and made his way up the stairs into the bright unknown. He heard a one side brief argument, before deciding to go up the stairs.

A bright light temporarily blinded him from his eyes adjusting to the darkness, when his vision returned he was in a small house ‘Strange’ Katsuki thought looking around in what he presumed was the front entrance, there was nothing to spectacular in the room. Turning he walked further in the house,

Katsuki walked past a closed door, he wanted to look but the owner would probably rather not deal with Katsuki and honestly he was still tired. He continued the very small adventure passing a hallway that was detached to what the next room he estimated was the living room or kitchen judging by the smell of Bacon and Eggs filling the air.

Slowly stepping around the corner he saw the the blackette sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar minding his own time on his phone, Looking at who was at the stove back turned to Katsuki and the Man was none other than the candy cane himself, moving gracefully around the bacon
“Eyyyy told you he would come for bacon” The blackette said looking at Shouto in the Kitchen ‘When did he notice me?’ Katsuki thought to himself glaring at the man

Turning around to glance at Katuski, Blue and Brown orbs looked straight into his Scarlet red ones. Shouto immediately covered his mouth and turned away from the food to start coughing, The man quickly stood up and went to Shouto’s side patting his back saying reassuring messages to the curled over boy.

Katsuki didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know what to do with his hands,legs,head,fingers or toes. Standing there in total dumbstruck with nothing to say. Shouto stood up and walked past Katsuki to the detached hallway.

Katsuki looked back at the blackette thinking he would hurt Shouto or Himself, Holding his chin high trying to look intimidating to the other “Knock it off Princess you're not scary” The man said turning to the food. Deflating a little he moved slowly to the kitchen to see what was happening
“Okay so peper and salt are on the bench and so are the forks and knifes” The blackette placed the plate of Toast,Eggs and Crispy bacon it looked quite appetizing but he didn’t really trust it. “Look Arora if this is against your liking then just say something and you can have cereal” the blackette said to Katsuki ‘what is with the princess nicknames?’ Katsuki thought looking at the plate “it’s fine” Katsuki said sitting down and getting ready to eat.

He heard a sigh of relief pass the Blackettes lips “Thank god thought you were mute too” He chuckled to himself. ‘what did he mean by “mute too?”’ Katsuki gave a glare to the man “what?” he said to him.
“what?” the man replied not knowing what Katsuki was talking about
“What do you mean when you say ‘Mute too?’” Katsuki looked at the man with a raised eyebrow
“Oh! Yeah that makes sense.” The man said cutting his bacon and putting it on his toast “Well you see cinderella Shouto got the Hanamaki Disease and it crushed his voice box and he also said it hurts to talk or make noise, thus he is mute” The man began to dig into his food like he had told the story a million times

‘I knew it he had the flower thingy’ Katsuki thought,
“Wait how does he say something if he’s mute?” Katsuki asked was there any other way to talk?
Shouto Turned the corner and did a weird thing with his hands
“Eyyy speak of the devil and he himself will appear” The man Said as Shouto rolled his eyes. Shouto did the hand thing again directed to The blackette
“What was that?” Katsuki asked. Both boys looked at Katsuki, A chuckle Escaped The blackette while the Bicoloured haired boy gave a smile
“You see Snow-white, what Candycane did right there was sign Language and it's how deaf people talk to others.” The blackett said.

Katsuki felt like the biggest idiot on earth, of course he totally forgot about that, he felt like an ever bigger idiot when he saw the smile on Shouto’s face

“So Shouto where's your brekkie?” the man asked, Shouto waved his hand around from his mouth to his stomach
“What did he say?” Katsuki asked when the blackette was nodding
“Oh right, He said he ate earlier” the blackette supplied. Shouto leaned up against the stove and started playing around his phone
“As much as i loved being here but where the fuck am i?!” Katsuki said looking at Shouto. Said man looked up at the blond, he casted his over to the man then Back to Katsuki, then returning to his phone
“Hey im talking here” Katsuki wasn’t done with his question.

It was when Shouto shoved his phone in his face the note app open. Katsuki took it from Shouto to read the message “Home?” Katsuki whispered “What the hell is this supposed to mean?!” Shouto took the Phone back at responded ‘you are our prisoner and will be now living in our house’ The digital words spoke.

Katsuki looked at Shouto and The man “what The fuck” Shouto was back on his phone “Are you fucking serious?!” Katsuki yelled looking at the man then Shouto
“What were you expecting” The man had said.

He looked at Shouto “Hey Toga is coming over is that alright” He said, Shouto waved his hands around saying something in Sign. the blackette laughed at what he said “What did he say” Katsuki said as he was annoyed he was ignored “He asked if you and him had to leave” The man said
“Why?” Katsuki asked, he finished his breakfast moments before. Shouto began to sign a sentence
“What’s that mean?” Katsuki pointed to Shouto. The blackette became a dark shade of blush high on his checks across his nose. Shotuo put his Phone in front of Katsuki’s face ‘Because they always end up having sex, they're also loud.’

Katsuki chuckled upon reading the message
“Yes Shouto i would like you guys to be out of the house while Toga is here” The blackette Said rubbing his forearm.

There was a banging at the door and Shouto Nodded to Katsuki to follow him, the pair entered a dark room, decorated with dark furniture. “Is this your room?” Katsuki asked sitting on the bed while Shouto pulled out a bean bag and a note book. He nodded at Katsuki.

Katsuki was asking questions to the half red head and said boy responded on a notebook coughing a few times. The day drew on and the first moan was heard, Katsuki breaking into laughter and this biggest Smile on Shouto’s face - being the equivalent to laughing-

Chapter Text

Shouto felt genuinely happy for once, talking about the most random things. Dancing around the school and other heros. Katsuki was expensive with his hand when describing anything. Shouto would smile every now and then

The late morning turned to afternoon and Shouto prepared dinner for the pair since Dabi was yet to leave his room and sometimes Toga would skip out of the bedroom in an oversized t shirt,take something out of the pantry smile and Shouto and Katsuki then leave back into dark abyss of Dabi’s bedroom.

Shouto said that he would be sleeping in his room, both were okay with it. Shouto was a little skeptical with the day so far, yes he almost ‘threw up a lung’ in the morning but otherwise the Hanamaki did not react at all for the rest of the morning.

The pair padded back into Shouto’s ‘emo room’ what Katsuki called the room in which Shouto replied with ‘less angsty than you.’ Shouto began looking in his Closet for the futon he usually had in the closet. Dabi must have taken it out to wash it.

‘we might need to share the bed’ Shouto wrote down “oh fuck no” Katsuki said holding both hands up. Shouto felt slightly broken at that
“because it's awkward” Katsuki said rubbing his arm. Shouto felt even worse was he talking about how he doesn't want to share a bed with this ugly mute thing that was trying to it a person, maybe he was faithful to Izuku.
‘it would be for 1 night’ Shouto wrote out. Katsuki look uncomfortable “fine but one night” Katsuki held out a single digit, Shouto Nodded to Katsuki as a promise.

Shouto gave Katsuki some Pajamas to sleep in for the night, then both males resting their heads feverishly “You know this is weird as fuck right” Katsuki commented. Shouto nodded in agreement “so what’s with this mute bullcrap?” Katsuki whispered. Shouto felt the ghost pains of the thorns around his lungs or the way it was crushing his voice box, he felt the way the vines choked him.

Shaking his head he rolls over to avoid his question, he heard Katsuki grumble and Roll over himself.

A pregnant silence washed over the pair and Shouto was sure Katsuki was asleep, snoring and dreaming ‘probably about Izuku’ Shouto felt horrible all over again.

He could feel the unborn flower buds begin to bloom thinking due to him thinking about Izuku and Katsuki. Closing his eyes he choose to think of nothing, he slowly feel in the dark clammy hands of sleep.


Shouto woke up feeling as he was losing his breath, tightening of his lungs doubled and felt like they were being demolished, the way he could feel the thorns stab at his throat, but Shouto felt the familiar feeling of numbness consume his limbs. Shouto pushed against the chains of his weakness and bolted to the toilet to give up dinner for the day.

Soon digested food and bile turned to blood and petals mixed together in the porcelain set, nobody heard him, not Dabi, not Toga, not the crickets that were playing outside.

Shouto jumped at the feel of a warm hand on his back, looking up to see who it was he would admit he wouldn’t have seen Katsuki comforting him. The mess, the thing, the thing to betray all the people who had high expectations, and Shouto felt horrible for himself.

The session ended early in the morning, Shouto was disgusted by himself, when was Katsuki going to say the obvious to him, when was he going to leave and come back looking at Shouto like he was a thing. When was Katsuki going to stop looking at Shouto like he was a person?

“so what’s with this mute bullcrap?” Katsuki spoke. He could see Shouto tense up, Shaking his Bicolored locks mixing a small amount up then rolling over. Katsuki didn’t feel easy with Shouto’s reaction “i’m fucking sorry” Katsuki sarcastically grumbled.

The whole situation was awkward, he never shared a bed with another man, sure Izuku could have been an exception when they were dating but they weren't. He wasn’t in a relationship with Shouto and they both had a thick wall in between them.

Shouto would dance the conversation to a different topic when it came to anything about his Hanamaki or Izuku,Yaoyorozu or any of the other heroes. Katsuki was able to get the Blackettes name -Dabi-.

Katsuki could feel the tension in the air like it was suffocating him. Katsuki just wanted to see Shouto again but not like a prisoner



Katsuki woke up to the sound of vomit echoing through the hallway. It wasn’t his business to be snooping at who was awake and vomiting up a gut. Katsuki rolled over to be expecting red and white hair, or a human lump to beside him. The mattress was still warm from a body laying there.

Katsuki swung his legs over the side of the bed sitting up and leaving to the man in distress. Walking down the hallway the sounds of Bile being thrown up became more potent, walking into the toilet Katsuki didn’t know how to comport Shouto so he simply put his hand on the Bicoloured head.

A flinch from the boy, turning his head to look at Katsuki, he looked like he was begging for help. Katsuki didn’t know what to do so he continued rubbing the small circles on Shouto’s back.


Shouto’s vomiting session ended early morning “go take a shower idiot” Katsuki said helping Shouto stand and wobbly walking into the bathroom “ya gonna be okay?” Katsuki Asked at Shouto, in return the latter nodded closing the door between them.

Walking back to the toilet he could hear the water running from the shower, he took a quick glance at the toilet it was filled with blood,bile and flowers, flushing the toilet he let the remains down the drain never to be seen again.

Katsuki waited back pressed to the wall opposite to the bathroom waiting for Shouto, said boy opened the door looking down, he was wearing clothes that Katsuki got for him
“C’mon let's go back to sleep” Katsuki grabed Shouto’s wrist and took him back into the room.

Setting the taller male down on the bed he went back to his side laying down. It was cold but Katsuki was okay with the cold.

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke up to the soft warmth from the sun bouncing on his back, he could hear the rustling sound of leaves outside the open window. The body resting up on Katsuki’s chest was the perfect mixture of warmth and cool. Opening his eyes Katsuki saw the familiar shade of red and white.

The part in the hair was mixed up making the pure white appear to be pink. The hair was a flurry of a mess, the way the hands of the owner of the mop of a bird's nest rested peace fully on Katsuki’s chiseled chest covered in a thin layer of cloth.

Katsuki reached a hand placing it atop of the beautiful head, brushing a few stands away from the fragile face. The reddened scar circled around his eyebrow reaching his hairline and disappearing.

The resting beauty slowly resting his head in the Blond's hand, the monochroma eyes slowly began to peek out behind closed eyelids, gorgeous steel gray and turquoise eyes looked straight into Ruby red irises.

The silence between the pair wasn’t strained and flowed over the two males like resting waves. The silence was then filled with something like one of the pair wanted to say something the the Ash blond, The mismatched boy began to move away from the man blond, only for the strong gentle hands once caressing the taller face pulled said boy back onto his chest.

“How are you feeling” Katsuki asked playing with stands of red hair, Shouto once again leaned into the gentle touch. He nodded closing his eyes hiding and giving a small smile.

It felt genuine to the blond and he was slightly proud of himself that he could get a smile of the sort out of the emotionless boy.

Stomping around could be heard outside the door influencing an argument between a smooth male voice and an extremely feminine voice.
“Do you think they had sex?!” the feminine voice said excitedly at the door,
“Of course not! Otherwise i'm gonna have to murder that blond on the spot!” the male voice responded
“Sounds like you’ve got a little brother complex!” Katsuki visibly cringed at the voice,
“oHHHH Dabi likes insest!!”
“Oh my god Toga!” footsteps could be heard running around the hard wood floors. It went quiet all of a sudden and Katsuki could feel Shouto’s anxiety corrupting the ruined air.

A blond suddenly bursted through the door “HA” yelled the girl, the sudden noise to the startle Shouto to fall of the flat chest, loud thump came on impact. The girl standing atop of a wooden door came running to the bed then bouncing around on it.

Katsuki kept moving his legs so the wouldn’t get hit on the girls jumping supreme “SHOUTO!!!!” the girl yelled at the boy on the floor, said boy got up with his hair sticking up at random places
“We gotta go honey!” she said grabbing the boy she was talking to “we got a job to do! And it’s a lot of work!” she dragged the semi scared boy out of the room.

Silence filled the air once again leaving Katsuki in total confusion.


Time skip
Katsuki was left in the living room for what felt like 48 hours locked from any knives,doors or windows, he was able to prepare food but without complication. Dabi said he and Shouto and Toga would be back at the house “tomorrow” but it definitely was longer with how he had six dishes spread over two days.

Huffing a breath he closed his eyes and stared at the blankness of the back of his eyelids. Standing up he went and evaded the cupboard, hearing the door open then close along with a light creaking of the wood under the gentle steps.

Flooping harshly on the the couch, the familiar mop of red and white face planted on the black couch, the body sliding up to to be completely on the couch the figure rolled over looking at the roof.

Katsuki went and looked at the boy in some mental pain “Shouto?” Katsuki asked leaning over the back of the couch, the boy in question looked at Katsuki.

Grabbing his shirt and pulling towards the beautiful man, slamming his lips onto the blond. Katsuki was not expecting Shouto do anything of the sort. Tension in the sitting man was released when Katsuki replied with the same amount applied into the kiss, bringing his other fist up to Katsuki’s shirt he pulled him over the couch so he would fall atop of the taller male

“Shouto” Katsuki spoke voice husky, the bicolored male pulled him back down tilting his head. Katsuki placed his forearms next to their heads for support as he continued kissing Shouto.

Nipping at Shouto’s lower lip to open his mouth, the boy complied completely and allowed the Katsuki explore his mouth, flicking around his tongue. The male decided to compete in dominance.

Breaking apart for a quick breather. Shouto was heavily panting arousing Katsuki wanting the boy beneath him to be screaming and moaning. Katsuki began to pull up Shouto’s shirt, he complied bringing it over his head. Katsuki was impressed by the incredibly defined chest.

Shouto’s patience was push when Katsuki was done looking at Shouto he pulled Katsuki’s shirt up. Sitting up to pull his shirt over his head he could feel the stare on his stomach.

Looking down at lust filled eyes he fell back down and resumed his previous actions. Leaning on one forearm to feel Shouto’s chest, the male below used both of his calloused hands to grip his shoulders, waist, hips. Shouto’s sinful hands touched all over Katsuki before deciding on his neck.

Katsuki moved from his mouth to his throat. sucking and nibbling every now and then. A gasp passed Shouto’s Mouth as Katsuki’s mouth hit the area below Shouto’s adam’s apple, latching onto the sensitive area he could hear Shouto’s breath hitch next to his ear. Katsuki noticed the dull pain of Shouto clawing his back with blunt nails as Katsuki moved lower down his chest.

Circling around the nipple he could feel Shouto lift a clothed leg over Katsuki’s body holding him in place forcing both the boys erections to rub. Sucking on the sensitive nipple Katsuki heard to groan rake through his chest, moving his mouth over to the other attention deprived nipple grazing his teeth across his pec. Sucking on the now standing bud he released and looked at his handy work.

Purple hickeys were beginning to turn on his neck, the swollen lips , the hickeys trailing down his chest and the pink nipples, but Katsuki’s favorite was the lust look that corrupted his eyes, slamming his lips down on the male sending a groan between them.

A moan raked throughout Shouto’s body when he felt Katsuki grind down on his hard member sending Katsuki into overdrive to make Shouto make the sinful noise again. Moving his hand to rest on the hem of Shouto’s skinny jeans
“Shouto” Katsuki breathed out asking him if he could go any further, a viscous nod came from the elder.Katsuki moved his hand below the hem…

“SHOUTO!!!” the same feminine voice echoed throughout the house, Panic filled both the boys as they scrambled apart to put their respective shirts on
“Whatcha watching?” Toga asked leaning over the black couch looking at the Tv. Taking a glance at the tv away from the ground “uhh national geographic” Katsuki answered
“Sweet! What kind of animal” She asked completely obvious to the previous doings between the boys
“Umm how they mate” Katsuki replied a blush forming on his cheeks, he began rubbing his hands together
“Cool” Toga said drawing out the o “hey did you know elephants and horses have muscles in their penis?” Toga said entering the kitchen “also snakes have two penises” she said pouring a glass of pure white milk “oh! Did you know the kangaroo has 3 vaginas!” Toga said leaving the room saying more animal facts.

Shouto and Katsuki shared a blush filled glance, before Shouto leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Chapter Text

Katsuki laid on the shared bed looking at the white roof, no light was spared in the dark room. Katsuki noticed that there was small stars plastered on the roof creating a soft glow around the area of the star.

Katsuki’s head was racing with the memories of the last hour the way that Shouto pulled Katsuki above him and smashed him with kisses. It seemed nothing like the Shouto in highschool, the quiet monotone boy being flaunted by girls and boys, but his roots were rotten. An abusive father lying about anything and everything, mentally abusing his wife into pouring boiling water onto her son, not caring about the other children, but the boy never said anything. Never spoke up and told people to go away, never told people he was hurting, never told anybody that he was dying.

Katsuki looked over to the sleeping boy, bundled up in blankets his red and white hair poking up in different directions, soft breaths mixed with slight wizzing. As if on cue the sleeping boy rolled over, nose tucked under the blanket with his arms hidden. Katsuki took his time looking at him, the white and red mixed eyelashes, the vibrant white hair clashing with the black pillow the red hair as bright as an apple mixing at the white part, the scar that encircled his eye, the light bags under his eyes to signal Shouto not sleeping And the blue eye was looking at Katsuki. It slightly surprised Katsuki that Shouto was awake at this time of night hearing moments ago he was lightly snoring, The blue and gray eyes stared into the ruby hues.

The air was tension free and was comfortable for both parties “Shouto” Katsuki whispered looking at the man in question, the vibrant eyes darkened by the night gave a blink signaling that he was listing “will you ever be able to talk?” Katsuki’s voice was meant for himself but the question was for the mute male.

Said male’s shoulders tensed at the question and shock flooded his face, his lips opened, his eyes widened and he dug his face further under the blanket. Shaking his head in his answer gray and blue eyes looked down at the blanket between them, Katsuki raised his hand above the sheet and brushed away a few strands of red hair away from the blue eye, looking back up to Katsuki he opened his mouth to say anything but silence came out and all he could feel was tears sting at the back of his eyes.

Katsuki moved the male towards him and held him against his broad chest rubbing his head.


The sun was a grim reminder that he wasn’t dead and was in fact still alive, His throat felt broken and raw and his head felt heavy even against the pillow, the blankets felt cold but his body was burning. Shouto would wake up to an empty bed everyday and he would despise getting up and socializing, going outside and seeing at least one person from his High school the worst of his days involved fighting them. He felt empty seeing any of them or any life at all. An empty shell.

Shouto sat up ready to face the nightmare called life to leave his room, eat, work, work, work, home, eat, sleep and repeat Shouto hated it.

Swinging his legs over the bed he put pressure on the limbs to begin the day, walking out his door and into the corridor the faint smell of the city outside of the apartment/house could be smelt anywhere in the building, Shouto entered the kitchen pulling out a clean pan to make breakfast, sizzling bacon and buttering toast, hearing the hum from Dabi coming from the bench. This was Shouto’s everyday routine.
“We’ll be out!” Dabi yelled from the entrance pulling on his shoes with Shouto already leaving the door, Katsuki would be left alone in the empty house to do nothing. Katsuki awoke late and was served with cold food and the only piece of information that the other humans were leaving, leaving the Ash blond to nothing.

He had planned eight different ways to escape his captures only for them to return home when he was halfway out of a window, on most days he would be to lazy to leave and on rare days the dog next door seemed to bark at him whenever he had the thought to leave. The animal would always bark at him when the owners of his house and Katsuki’s captures would leave the door.

Exiting the door was his easiest escape route but was the most obvious he left, smashing a window would draw too much attention, climbing out of a window would trigger the dog into barking at him alerting the other neighbours. He was stumped, in every plan he had there was always a way for him to stay trapped.

Watching tv finally became boring and he gave up his eternal struggle “fuck it” he muttered under his breath getting up and packing up ‘important’ things from the kitchen and room he made a beeline for the door rushing his shoes on. Unlocking the door he was greeted by the dog barking and the bright light of the sun, taking the biggest sigh he closed the door behind him.

Stepping down the stairs was a lot more easier than the movies made it out to be, always having the person outside waiting for the the prisoner to be caught was one of the many possible cons on Katsuki’s fake list.

Opening the gate and making his way down the path, looking both behind and infront him he made a run up the path so he was far away from the building.

The streets were empty and littered with rubbish in every corner, graffiti littering beige walls. Katsuki would usually run past the local heroin users. Running into a more popular and safe place he began to look for anyway to find out where he was.

Tugging his hoodie up on his head he began looking for anything he could recognize, locating a statue he new where he was.

Making his way towards east towards his work place. Katsuki walked past a television shop with the news on the show catching his interest “The Hero Kacchan has still yet to be found and police officers and hero’s believe that the loud mouthed hero is dead. In a battle that stole hundreds of identities, Bystanders said that they saw him being picked up and get taken by a villain, search parties were dispatched minutes after the accident.” the lady spoke “if you have any information about the Hero please contact the hero Deku.” the lady fished being cut off to the news.

Chapter Text

When the two males entered the house it was a slight surprise to discover the blond had escaped, the house was was barely decked out in security making the escape to be easy.

Dabi proceeded to his room “you know the drill Shouto!” Dabi yelled from the hallway waving his finger around. Following the male into his own room he collected his small amount of clothes stuffing them in a black bag, Shouto then went to the kitchen cupboard moving crackers and a box of chips to a cut out hole filled with money. Grabbing every last note, Dabi came walking out with his own bag “you got the cash?” Dabi asked watching Shouto nod.

The former went to the cupboard under the sink to pull out a large red container sporting a nozzle “ alright let's go” Dabi and Shouto made their way out of the house pouring the contents of the red container, opening the door they left the building standing in the porch “care to do the honours?” Dabi asked looking at Shouto throwing the empty container into the house.

Shouto nodded looking back at the house “let's blow this bitch up” Dabi smiled as Shouto clicked his fingers and the Building was engulfed by vicious flames.

Walking up to his front door he pulled his key out from his neighbours mat using it to unlock his door.

Katsuki held his fist up upon finding out that the house was open, slowly opening the door, the first thing he saw was a hardened Kirishima holding a scared white cat, the three stared at each other “what the fuck shittyhair?!” Katsuki yelled startling the cat to jump out of Kirishima’s arms, said male came running towards Katsuki holding him in an imprisoning hug “Katsuki!!!” Kirishima yelled into the blond’s ear
“fucking hell shitty hair! Get off me mother fucker!” Katsuki began pushing the redhead’s face away from him, giving up immediately in the male’s arms.

A minute passed Kirishima let katsuki go stepping back a few steps with slow tears in his eyes “they thought you were dead” Kirishima mumbled out rubbing his eyes to wipe away the salty tears.

“does it look like anything can fucking kill me?” Katsuki said with a smirk on his face
“no” Kirishima said smiling at the male. Kirishima was filled with joy looking at the male, after going missing on the fight they sent search parties all over the area and when the 24 hours were deemed over Katsuki was announced dead.

The whole ex class refused to call the blonde dead and proceed to do both their jobs and find the blonde. Kirishima was tasked in looking after his cat and he was so happy he was. “okay I'm gonna go have a fuckin shower, you can tell the others i’m fucking back or what not” Katsuki said walking towards the bathroom “i’ll tell everybody!” Kirishima yelled watching Katsuki leave the room. The whole morning seemed like a dream, seeing Kirishima’s best friend after going missing for 2 months. He wore dark bags under his eyes and he smelled like charred wood, He missed the blond. The way he would yell at him at any given moment, the late night talks about potential love interest, talking about high school and how they thought they had it ruff then, early morning coffee’s and bitching about villains and really bad heros.

Kirishima was really happy he was back.


Kirishima was just finishing feeding the cat when Katsuki walked back into the room dressed in a tank top and sweatpants, Kirishima smiled thinking how comfortable he was already “so did you and Pikachu fuck?” Katsuki said pulling a energy drink out of the fridge, Kirishima bolted upwards “What!?” Kirishima said hitting his hand on the underside of the counter
“I said did you and the Pikachu fuck” Katsuki repeated with a sly smirk plastered on his face
“What no!” Kirishima said leaning over the bench, Katsuki shrugged “in case you haven’t noticed but you have been missing for 2 months, and it’s kinda hard to get it up when you're constantly reminded about it!” Kirishima said crossing his arms, Katsuki once again shrugged his shoulders.

“Anyway you never said where you went missing” Kirishima said concern filling his voice, Katsuki looked slightly down
“It was in one of the shady parts of town”Katsuki said rubbing his arm
“Do you remember who they were? Maybe we can catch them and turn them in” Kirishima said
“Well it was the creepy dude with his face pulled… you know him right?” Katsuki asked lifting his head, Kirishima nodded in response “well it also was To-” Katsuki was interrupted by the alarm that began it going on “what the fuck?” Katsuki said looking at the phone making the call
“Sorry Bakugou can we talk later?” Kirishima said walking to the door to pull his shoes on
“Whatever i’ll come” Katsuki said putting his shoes on also.

Katsuki did not expect the house in flames to be the place where he was kidnapped.
While Katsuki stood on the sidelines while Kirishima evacuated the civilians in the area, he watched people scurry to put the building out.

Why would Shouto and Dabi burn the place? Sure their fingerprints maybe all over the house but it always felt like it was lived in and well loved. Katsuki looked up to see Kirishima running towards him
“Hey sorry about that…” he said rubbing his head looking at the building, there was nothing he could really do but make sure people were okay
“It’s fine this is all probably work for the fuckin’ fire department” Katsuki said digging his hands deeper into his pockets. Kirishima hummed in response, the silence was comfortable watching the building as the sky slowly changed colour.

“Shouto” Katsuki spoke into the silence, Kirishima turned his head looking at Katsuki
“Pardon?” he said
“Shouto. He was also with the flame villain named Dabi” Katsuki spoke with his gaze on the building
“I thought he was dead…” Kirishima spoke looking down
“So did I but the night when the HQ got raided he was there” Katsuki glanced at Kirishima, the latter gripping his folded arms tighter “this was the place” Katsuki finished.

Kirishima looked at him “really?” he asked, in response he was given a nod “what was he like…?” Kirishima asked looking at his feet
“Quiet” Katsuki responded. Both males stood in silence as the building’s flames were finally put out.

“Kirishima!!” a golden blond yelled at the red head, causing said male to turn and look at him. He moved from leaning on the ambulance truck still left on stand by. Walking to the blond he hugged the shorter male, when they separated Denki spotted Katsuki.

After excusing himself from his Boyfriend to make a running start at Katsuki, wrapping his arms around the Ash blond’s neck, wet droplets were felt on his shoulder, Katsuki noted the others running and taking hugs at the blond. He simply complied and accepted the hugs, for he missed all of them so much including Mineta.

Chapter Text

“This is the second time you burned down a building all because you couldn’t contain a measly hero!” Tomura threw his hands in the air
“With all due respect it was apart of the plan.” Dabi waved his hand in the air comfortably sitting on the couch with Shouto leaning on the arm rest “we got the files, you invaded the hq, we found out the location of the homes. We just took home a souvenir and he just happened to escape.” Dabi placed his hand in his lap smiling smugly at Tomura “we also gave him a false sense of security around Shouto”
Tomura gave Dabi a bored look

“Well we're heading out later this week.” he crossed his arms moving his attention from Dabi to Shouto “you couldn’t have kept him for one more week?” He asked not amused. Shouto turned his attention to the floor and concealed a cough with his hand “It’s fine they won’t know what's comin’ ” Dabi said bringing Tomura’s attention back on him. Said male looked away from the pair,turning his attention to the group of criminals in the room. Sighing he sat down on the bar stool looking at the small bar filled with idiots, landing his head in his hands he grumbled incoherent words.
The day was ending and the villains were slowly filtering out of the building into the back alleys, each one were told to stay away from the main streets away from the public eye, to stay away from any of the Superhero Headquarters.

Shouto was still leaning against the couch picking at the dirt that gathered under his nail, “Shouto Let’s head out” Dabi announced at the door resulting in the young adult to look at him
“I need to do some errands, can you buy food?” Dabi asked pulling up an eyebrow ‘When did you ever start to run errands’ Shouto signed, moving from his position walking over to his Brother
“I don’t know when did you start being sassy” Dabi said waving at Kurogiri and a depressed Tomura

‘I don’t know when did you start having to lie to me saying you have errands to run but are going to have Sex with Toga’
“Touché” said Dabi handing Shouto money to buy food “Now remember what Tomura said to those knuckleheads?” Dabi asked stopping and looking Shouto in the eye the latter nodding in confirming with the Blackette “Hoodie up” Dabi said grabbing hold of Shouto’s Hood resting around his neck.

Smiling at the younger boy he said his farewell and began walking opposite of Shouto where he could see Toga waving at the Older male.
Shouto began walking away from the couple towards his usual takeout shop, they had no clue who he was from his Highschool years and his villain deeds. Walking down the street to the small dinner the night air nipped at his exposed skin, fiddling with his phone in his pocket. He continued his silent walk the feeling of violent stares on his back.
Katsuki had fallen back into work rather quickly from being kidnaped. Kirishima was constantly on his back about everything and anything constantly keeping an eye out for him, Denki would tell the redhead off when he was mothering Katsuki to much.
Katsuki hated the attention that was directed onto him the way how everybody felt inclined to look after him, so when he was giving a job he was ecstatic knowing he could be alone but of course it had to be ruined by the one and only Deku.

“Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk” Katsuki breathed from the roof top, it was only 1am and Katsuki felt like Murdering Izuku he kept blabbering about what he had missed in 2 months which wasn’t much unless it meant that he finally got the balls and talked to Uraraka, but Katsuki wasn’t paying much attention to Izuku or the Street they were watching.

Spies had said that there was a big scheme happening and that villains apart would be away from public streets and the public eye, hiding amongst the shadows and out of sight.
“Oh my fucking god Deku shut the fuck up!” Katsuki yelled at the blackette “you are talking too much and i am this close to throwing you off this roof!” Katsuki said gesturing to the edge of the room. Said male became really quiet looking at the street below them. Katsuki breathed out a sarcastic thank you looking on the opposite street to Izuku.

45 minutes passed and the silence had fallen comfortable between both parties until it was horribly ruined with Izuku’s voice “Kacchan look” Izuku whispered looking at Katsuki. The Ash blond walked over to where Izuku was pointing. In the direction of Izuku’s finger he could see further up the street was two men talking, one handing over money, from a view it looked like a drug deal. The obvious taller male pulled up the hood of the male with money and presumed drugs, then waving farewell. The hooded male stood for awhile then leavin, heading down the path across the building the 2 males were perched upon.

Katsuki swallowed a breath when he saw the face of the hooded male he had hopped that the hair was just a wannabe Shouto but the face was real, but of course is Katsuki noticed it then Izuku would. Shouto kept walking down the path without knowledge of the males “That’s….” Izuku Trailed watching the back of Shouto “That's Todoroki kun” Izuku said still shell shocked. The last time he had seen the male was 2 months ago and all he got was a glimpse of him.

Katsuki got up from his squatted position and began walking and to the side of the building
“What are you doing?!” Izuku whispered yelled
“ what does it look like, i'm following him” Katsuki spoke leaping onto the other neighbouring building. The gap between the buildings in the area were minuscule thus making it easy for a big enough leap. He followed Shouto leaping from building to building with the shorter male following him. He could hear Izuku muttering why Shouto was out in the open and where he was walking. Katsuki felt out of place walking along the top of the buildings following the mute man.

Shouto stopped outside of a dinner hidden near the entrance of the main plaza in the center of the city, he looked around, pulling out his phone he walked in.