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The Thorn in my Lung

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Shouto couldn’t blame him. Izuku was everything he was looking for not a damaged kid with daddy issues. Katsuki and Izuku were perfect for each other, the whole class could see it. The two childhood friends were like glue in the messed up and abusive way, there was no surprise when Katsuki and Izuku showed up hand in hand at school, everyone had bets set against the pair, rumor said that even the teachers could see. Everyone but Shouto.

“Shut up Deku!" Katsuki yelled this was normal for him, being loud to everyone even his boyfriend. Said boy was stunned out of his continuous mumbling about a petty crime on the news “I-I’m sorry Kacchan…” Izuku stuttered, Katsuki was standing over Izuku’s desk hand splayed on the current hero book “what are you all looking at!?” Katsuki suddenly yelled at the class who were staring at the boys. All the people caught staring went back to their previous doing. Aizawa Sensei stepped into the class to begin the day.

As they day drew on Shouto could feel the dark feeling of numbness consume him, Izuku was his friend and he was happy he fell in love but also jealous of the blond beauty who he fell for. Shouto never wanted these feelings in honesty he wanted to feel happiness for the pair.

Once the Bloodshot eyed teacher dismissed the class on the last period, students gathered their things to leave for their after school activities “Shouto Do you want to come and study with me?” Momo asked with her bag slung over her shoulder, both he and her were comfortable to talk on a first name basis “Momo-Chan! Can i come?” Requested the floating pair of clothes, Momo looked at Shouto then back to Toru “Sure.” Momo replied as Shouto stood from his chair “Oh! Momo-San can i come to?” Denki who was previously talking to Kirishima and Katsuki came rushing over to the blackette “you wouldn’t mind if i joined?” Jirou walked up to the small group “i-i’m ah” Momo was at a lost for words “it’s fine” Shouto said holding his hand up to the stammering girl “B-but! I’m so sorry Shouto-kun” Momo bowed in defeat, Shouto Gave a wry smile to the unlucky girl. The Mismatched boy exited the classroom with no plans for the afternoon maybe he could study in his own time. Taking a right turn he entered the deserted hallway, the soft clicking of his shoes against the polished floors and careful chatter was all that was heard.
Katsuki was happy, he finally got the boy he was crushing on forever and he was gorgeous in so many different lightings, soft glows from the classroom, bright light setting little splashes of shadows on his small rounded face. Katsuki was in love, and boy did he want to stay in love. it was only when Katsuki realised that Izuku had asked him a question did Katsuki snapped out of the lovestruck gaze “what?” Katsuki asked bitterness in his fake tone
“I asked if you want to get ice-cream.” Izuku giggled, the couple were outside in the park surrounded by dogs, Izuku like dogs but Katsuki against his personality he preferred cats “sure.” Katsuki said as Izuku dragged him off to where ice cream was being sold for $3 “two chocolate ice-creams” Izuku asked
“Cone or cup sir?” the man asked in response
“Cone” Izuku replied
“That will be 6 dollars” the man asked holding his hand out, izuku placing the exact change, during his Katsuki was gazing back at the dog park, a huskey was jumping around a whipit
“Kacchan?” Izuku asked snapping Katsuki back into reality. Snapping his head to the short male Katsuki wasn’t ready for the bright smile and giggle that dragged with the boy “here” Izuku said holding a cone out to Katsuki “ah. Thanks” Katsuki said taking the ice cream. The pair went and sat down at a secluded bench watching the dogs and wild owner's chase after the small to large animals “Kacchan let’s take a selfie!” Izuku said with excitement filling his tone, Izuku didn’t wait for Katsuki to complain when he pulled out his phone with a all might case, pulling up the camera app he held it up high between the pair “say hero!” Izuku said finger ready to press the camera when he snapped his head towards Katsuki and kissed his cheek, catching the Blond of guard to create a full blush “DEKU!” Katsuki yelled drawing out the letter u. Izuku jumped to his feet and made a run for it with the angered blond after him.

Shouto was in the middle of writing and equation in his math book, math wasn’t any problem he had Shouto was actually top of his class both physically in Hero study and in Academically in normal classes. Always getting the top scores, Aizawa Sensei never called the scores but the smallest dash of surprise would cross his face when he would be handing the tests out.

Shouto’s phone buzzed to life when a post from Izuku appeared. Swiping the password in he took a brief break on his homework to see what the boy was up to. Shouto wasn’t up for the image of Izuku and Katsuki kissing. He wasn’t ready for the utter embarrassment on his face or the smugness Izuku’s face held when it was taken. Shouto wasn’t ready for the complete Bitter pill of realization that he blond he loved was taken from him by a person he called a friend.

Shouto felt like he swallowed a dry pill, Shouto felt warmth flood his throat as he dropped his phone and made a break to the miny bathroom the students held in the dormitories. Unable to make time to lift the seat of the toilet up Shouto ended up spilling the bile in the porcelain sink, the Disgusting colour of velvet red was littered with folded yellow petals belonging to a Yellow carnation, along mixed with dark violet curved Petals from a Dark geranium.

More bile of blood and Flowers flooded the sink sloshing to the fingers that held Shouto over the stain red sink. Shouto kept thinking about Katsuki and how he was never able to have him in his life and how Katuski belonged to Izuku. Shouto hated himself for thinking he could ever be loved or ever feel love.

It took 5 minutes for Shouto to fall from his sickening frenzie and finally look away from the mess of blood and once beautiful flowers on his hands and on the sink. Looking at the mirror that was hung in front of the sink, Shouto could see the Blood dripping from his mouth running down his chin and either splashing into the sink or dripping down his shirt. Opening his mouth that created the mess Shouto could see the mix of flowers begin from the Dark violet Dark geranium, Yellow carnation ,Aconite ,Yellow tulip and Yellow Hyacinth. Each of the flowers appeared to be blooming from the back of his throat and blossoming in the cracks in his gums. A Beautiful display if not for the situation. Breathing became incredibly hard for him as he took breaths to stay alive, breathing in and trying to wheeze out carbon dioxide, Shouto made a grab for his stomach and held tightly. It was impossible to get Oxygen into his lungs. Feeling the thorns of the flowers crush around the breathing tool, puncturing his way of life.

White and black dots began to cover his vision, his body giving up as his heart beating at a faster pace to keep up with the unattainable air, falling to the floor bending over clutching his waist as he waited for the coldness of nothingness to come. Beginning to feel numb in his fingers and toes, Shouto thought of his mother and the way she used to make Soba when he was sick or kiss his head at night or patch up his Scratched up knees in the bathroom. Breathing was slowly coming back to him as tears flooded over him so much emotion making him feel numb and deserted inside