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Remind Me of Who I Am

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Ochako felt different that morning. Her stomach twisted in knots and not even the promise of a sunny day or a modest breakfast could stir her from the uneasiness she was consumed by.
She poked at her eggs, her nose scrunching up as the savory yolk ran across the plate and soaked the edges of almost burnt toast. In her daze she had left the toast far too long in her toaster, and only the vague smell of smoke alerted her to her mistake.
Finding breakfast unappetizing she threw her uniform on in a sluggish manner, leaning heavily on her dresser as she stumbled about her room. Her phone buzzed, alerting her to a text. She swiped it off her bed, steadying herself before reading over the message she had received from Izuku.

Deku: Waiting outside for you!!!

Ochako swore, searching for the time and groaning when she saw she had wasted her morning in a zombie like state and had lost track of the time. She flew out of the house, a queasiness clawing at her insides as she took the stairs out of her apartment building two at a time to burst through the front entrance, a halo of emerald curls and a kind smile graciously greeting her.
Her heart fluttered, distracting her from whatever dark cloud had set upon her for the day.
Izuku had grown so handsome over the years, towering over his original five foot and five and a half inch height and nearly reaching six feet. He had become muscular and with the helping hand of puberty, had gained broader shoulders and a stronger jawline. His freckles burst across sun kissed skin, contrasting with his striking green eyes. She adored this man, and had since high school.
And just like the first time she had laid eyes on him, she felt a wave of comfort befall her at the sight of him.
“You alright, Uraraka?” Izuku’s soft voice stirred her from her stupor just long enough so that she could regain her composure.
“Ah, yeah. I'm just feeling a little weird today. I think i'm getting sick or something.” She shrugged off the feeling in her gut, giving the now concerned looking man a hug before side stepping him and starting on her way to school.
Izuku easily fell instep, brushing curls from his eyes. “Well, i hope you'll get over it soon. You smell a little weird.”
This surprised Ochako, and she made note of it. Back in highschool, when Izuku and Ochako were still in their second year, Izuku had abruptly presented during a gym class as an alpha. This surprised the class, everyone suspecting the then much smaller and frailer boy to be a beta at best.
Ochako knew otherwise. Days before he presented her friend had done a complete 180 in his personality, snapping at the wrong words said to him, so on edge and even territorial. He was distant and clearly irritable.
She was happy for him, proud even. If anyone deserved to claim the title of alpha, it was certainly Izuku Midoriya. Ochako knew whomever he marked and mated with would be well loved and pampered, royalty in his kind eyes. She had hoped and prayed she herself would emerge an omega and that finally, finally she would have a reason to profess her affections and be possibly met with his own.
Her fantasies were cut short when her family, after so many years of patiently waiting for her to present, had urged her to seek a doctor's impression of her second gender once she reached her third year. Ochako had felt deflated and disgusted when she saw her results. The doctors had labeled her a beta, for better or worse.
She shouldn't have been surprised, her parents were betas. Their parents were betas. Their parents parents were betas. She had been born into a set beta line, and there was nothing she could have done to change it.
She shoved her affections for Izuku somewhere deep and dark, knowing that even if they were to confess and have matching affections, there was always the chance Izuku would come home one day with an omega at his side and a break up on the mind.
She couldn't trust him to keep faithful to a beta.
But with being a beta came normality, a normal life in a normal field of work, a beta husband and beta children. A betas scent even, one that was far too muted for Izuku to be smelling, even if she was feeling the brunt of some crappy oncoming cold.
“It'll be fine.” she chirped, happy in the moment to have the alpha to herself.
Something, however, told her otherwise.

Yuuei College, a branch off of Yuuei High’s school system, was crowded as ever. All the students the brunette had grown up with mingled amongst themselves as they ambled to classes, plenty of them waving in greeting to the pair as she and Izuku took to class.
Her first period of that day, English, was quite a small class. With maybe fifteen students, it was hard not to be friendly to one another…. Yet Katsuki Bakugou expertly maneuvered this task. Ochako had barely stepped into the classroom when the ashen blond’s nostrils flared and his scathing eyes set on her less than ready form.
“Oi, Roundface.” he called from his seat near the back of the room, his chair scraping behind him as he stood. “You and Deku sure as fuck took your sweet time.”
She swallowed thickly. Ochako didn't want to start anything with the blond this early in the day.
“I wonder if the two of you did a little extracurricular work behind the school or somethin’.”
There was a smugness to his words, his lips twitching as he advanced slowly. Izuku brushed past him with a hard glare, taking the smaller girl by the hand and leading her to her vacant seat. Bakugou spun on his heels, looking unimpressed as others found their seats, a teacher slipping into the room.
“Then again, what the fuck am I saying? Not like an alpha would fool around with a beta like you.”
The words he spat were like venom, a dark flush of embarrassment hitting the young woman's cheeks. Bakugou had presented as an alpha not long after Izuku, his change completely predicted by the students and staff alike. He had fallen into countless ruts at school, female and male students falling for his persuasive charm over and over again. It was a wonder the alpha never came out his ruts with a bonded pair.
Still, he had always laid a thick gaze on Ochako. Nothing romantic, she knew, but something entirely cruel and sadistic. Her claim as a beta had fueled his taunting in third year and now two years later into college, he hadn't let up.
He needed someone to be his punching bag now that Izuku had been outed as an alpha, she supposed that would be her.
Beside her, Izuku gave her a kind look, a strong hand rubbing her shoulder. “Ignore him. You know he's just an ass.”
She nodded wordlessly, the flush still present and the heat even reaching her chest. The teacher ignored the outburst and went on to teach, Izuku dropping his hold and tugging his work booklet out to start the lesson.
Ochako did the same, the heat not subsiding and her embarrassment growing as she clicked her mechanical pencil and began to write. She must have looked red as a strawberry, all this because of a cruel snap of bakugous lips.
Her stomach flipped, and the queasiness from earlier returned, this time with a vengeance. Below her stomach she felt something as well, a tense coil of a pain that made her let out a hiss and bite her lower lip. Her hand shot to her abdomen, breathing slipping into a laboured and uneven pattern. Heat over took her, scorching and unrelenting in its wake and she couldn't hold back the groan that choked out of her. It hurt. What the hell?
The teacher turned to look, raising an eyebrow.
“Miss Uraraka? Are you alright?”

Tears welled in her eyes and she hunched over her desk, pressing her forehead to the blessedly cool top if her desk, rolling her head to face Izuku.
He had stiffened, one hand covering her mouth and nose, the other hand gripping the edge of his desk with white knuckles. His breathing was heavy and thick, eyes lidded and clouded.
Something was wrong with him too.
“Miss Uraraka?” the teacher made her way over, placing a hand to her shoulder- only to receive a thick sob from the young girl. “Miss Uraraka where are you suppresants? Did you take your medicine?”

Suppressants? Medicine? Ochako’s mind was a jumbled mess, so overwhelmed that she barely noticed when a firm arm was wrapped around her and she was guided from her seat.
Tenya, who had come to class astonishingly late, took the brunette into his arms. He shot both Izuku and Bakugou a warning look. Both alphas had risen at the beta’s sudden involvement, a feral fire in their eyes.
The navy haired man suddenly blessed his circumstance, wondering what might have been if he hadn't shown at the right time.
“I'm taking Uraraka to the infirmary, ma’am.” he said with finality, ushering the jello legged girl to the hall.
There was no argument, but a sudden whisper fell across the class, all eyes on the two alphas who gritted their teeth and took harsh heavy breaths.

Tenya led Ochako down the hall, trying to make sense of the smell that assaulted him as he made his way to the infirmary. He recognized the smell, a shared classmate of theirs, Kaminari Denki, having reeked of it once back in high school. The problem was, the overpowering sweet musk had been attributed to him presenting as an omega- which Ochako was not. He knew Ochako had presented as beta, like himself. So why was she a mess in his arms, openly sobbing and barely able to walk while emitting such a mouthwatering scent?
Tenya hoped it wasn't the answer he thought it was, concern leaving him and replacing with apprehension.
The nurse scurried into action when he arrived, taking the sweaty girl to a bed and setting a fan on her. The cool air helped Ochako some, but the stabbing pain in her abdomen refused to subside, increasing once the elderly healer placed an ice pack over her forehead.
“Do you know what represents she takes, Mister Iida?” the woman asked, opening a drawer to show a handful of suppressant tablets and patches.
Tenya rubbed at his temple, shaking his head. “No ma’am. Im not sure...Shes a beta.”
The healer quirked an eyebrow, shaking her head. “I don't know what gave you that idea, honey, but that young woman is certainly an omega. Can't you smell her? She hit her heat… poor girl shouldn't have come to school. I'll have half the alphas on campus trying to break down the door by lunchtime.”
Tenya hesitated, giving his friend an uncertain look as she rolled to her side and curled in on herself, moaning softly. “She told us she was a beta…”
“Well she lied, honey. Understandable. She must have been very careful to hide her heats if she was able to pull off the lie since puberty. Im impressed...this will have to do.”
The woman took an unopened bandaid like item from the drawer, closing it and making her way to Ochako and slipping a plastic liner off, applying the patch sticky side down to the girls chest.
It wasn't instant relief but it helped some, Ochako’s tears drying and the heat lessening slightly. She was able to finally speak, rubbing at her stomach and searching for Tenya’s eyes, looking lost and helpless.
“Tenya, what's happening to me?” she asked with a hoarse voice.
The beta reached for her, resting a comforting hand at her hip. The nurse watched on with a tense look, ready to smack his hand if it attempted to touch the girl further. “I.. I am not sure.” he offered her a soft expression before continuing. “But i can call your family if you would like me too.”
“No,” Ochako shook her head, rubbing at her sore stomach. “Please, no. Just… I want to see Izuku.”
Tenya felt a ripple of something dark pass through him. He ignored it, but shook his head. “He can't right now. There's a few things we need to clear up first.”
The nurse came to Ochako’s side with an empty syringe, rubbing a cleansing cloth over her forearm before pricking the brunette suddenly. She winced, but didn't fight as the elder woman drew blood.
“I'm going to have to check your blood work. There is a possibility something is wrong.”
“Like what?” Ochako felt a prickle of panic, watching at the nurse stepped back.
Her mouth was set in a firm line as she spoke. “Sweetheart, are you an omega?”
Ochako’s brows knitted together. “No… I'm a beta..”
“Well… Sweetheart,” she shot an uneasy look to Tenya, sighing. “just rest okay? You need it. I’m going to send Mister Iida back to class, but you'll be safe here.”
Tenya patted Ochako’s knee, stepping away. “I'll see you later, Uraraka.”
Puzzled, but unfit to argue, the young girl gave a small wave. Her friend left with a hardened look however, closing the door firmly behind him. Ochako stared at the ceiling above her, the ache in her lower abdomen still present and the heat lingering. She wondered what this meant, but decided against thinking too hard on it, closing her eyes and letting a deep sleep take her slowly.