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Khybex put herself into stasis, giving her ship strict instruction to analyze her magic and find a way to reverse or prevent it. She slept for days, but it only felt like a minute to her. When she woke, she would adjust the settings, continuing with her tests and experiments, going to sleep only when her ship would need the time to analyze something. This process repeated for days, weeks, months- and each time she didn't notice the ship following her. It got to the point where she needed live vict- test subjects to experiment on, to figure out if the vaccine or cure she made worked. So she plotted a course to the nearest inhabited planet, landed, and introduced herself. 

She was Khybex, and of course she was a scientist working to fix a plague (it wasn't entirely a lie). The local nobility sent out word searching for volunteers willing to act as a test subject, and many came forward. At first, they both seemed promising; vaccine and cure alike. But then she noticed the strange fever so many of them had taken on. The sweat on their brow. She didn't know what this meant- were they sick? Their eyes glazed over, their hands shaking- were they sick? She went back to her spaceship lab in the dead of night, researching what difference could have caused the delayed reaction. It became obvious, then. 

They weren't insects. The curse, the plague- it had been designed for insects, because that was who she knew, who she had the most experience treating. These creatures were not.

Were they sick? Yes. They were. And she had caused it.