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The Return of Old Friends

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In a Hawaiian town local jail, a cloaked figure was going inside the jail.

"Can I help you with something?" The Chief asked the ominous stranger.

"I would like to see Manu Tuiama and Pamela Waeawe." The cloaked figure replied.

"Come with me." The Chief told the figure before walking off with the mysterious stranger.

The figure nodded while looking around the various cells before meeting Manu and Snookie.

"This stinks!" Manu complained. "I can't believe we lost thanks to our old friends."

"It could be worse..." Snookie shrugged.

"Oh, and how's that?" Manu retorted. "We end up in jail."

"Good point..." Snookie admitted.

"Hey, Waeawe, Tuiama, you got a visitor!" The Chief told the inmates once he came to their cell.

"Who is it?" Snookie asked.

"I don't know," The Chief shrugged. "It's someone in a cloak."

Manu and Snookie looked to each other before going into a private room to talk with their visitor.

"Okay, who are you?" Manu demanded.

"And what do you want?" Snookie added.

"Let's just say that I'm a new friend who's interested in the two of you." The figure replied before he revealed himself as he took off his hood.

"You're that Dr. X guy!" Manu gasped with Snookie.

"But of course..." Dr. X replied. "Wouldn't you guys like to have a special sweet and cold dish called revenge?"

"What's in it for us?" Snookie asked.

"Let's just say you will beat the others and will overpower them." Dr. X replied.

"Our powers?" Manu asked. "What do you mean?"

"I will give you powers that will be able to help you carry out your revenge." Dr. X replied.

Manu and Snookie looked at each other and nodded at the leader of Black Eden.

"We're in." Manu gave in.

"Just sign right here." Dr. X told them as he brought out a contract.

Manu and Snookie then signed the contract.

"Excellent, now follow me." Dr. X replied as he then made a mortal.

Manu and Snookie then followed him into the way to his home of the Black Eden. What they didn't know was that the police chief was now unconscious.

Meanwhile, Justin was walking to the park and was now holding his head as he had a bad dream last night. Cindy and Maxwell were in the park together, playing cards together until they turned over and saw Justin who looked as though he was in pain. The Eds, Mike, June, Dee Dee, Jo, Trent, Duncan, and Abby played soccer and Ed kicked the ball too hard.

"Justin, watch out!" Eddy called out.

Justin turned around and his eyes turned red as molten lava and melted the soccer ball. Everyone saw the ball and then looked over to Justin.

"Oh, uh, hey, guys..." Justin smiled weakly.

"Cindy, did you see that?!" Maxwell asked.

"The melted soccer ball?" Cindy asked. "No, me neither."

"Wow, Justin, you're more jumpy than when Jo sees someone in her room." Eddy commented.

Justin just groaned and sighed. "Sorry, guys, I got a lot on my mind right now."

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Mike offered.

"I'm not sure if you guys would understand." Justin turned away dramatically from them.

"Hey, you're our friend," Mike reminded him. "Whatever the problem is, we can help you with it."

"It's about... Hanahuna Bay..." Justin sighed.

"What about it, Pretty Boy?" Jo asked. "Because you know I was there with that Tiki Wiki or whatever."

"Wiki Tiki." Double D corrected.

"I said WHATEVER!" Jo glared.

"It's just about Manu and Snookie," Justin said. "Justine and I were best friends with them and they turned their backs on us."

"Oh, yeah, I remember them," Cindy replied. "They were such jerks, and I thought that they were nice, and I actually-"

"I keep having dreams about them." Justin cut her off to get straight to the point.

"What kind of dreams?" Maxwell asked. "I sometimes have dreams about my mother."

"What was she like?" Cindy asked him.

"I don't remember..." Maxwell shrugged.

"Like bad ones," Justin explained. "Like, that they're working with Dr. X, and I couldn't stop them... They killed the Boys, Justine, and Jayna right in front of me. Am I really that weak? Will I save them if this is for real?"

"It's just a dream, dude," Jo reminded him. "It's not like it's really going to happen."

"I dunno..." Justin sighed. "Maybe I need a doctor..."'

"Do you need me to check out your dream realm?" Cindy offered since she was a dream-bender and all.

"I don't know, I mean, even Justine has been having the same dreams too." Justin said.

"That makes sense since you guys are twins after all." Cindy nodded.

"Yes, Cindy is right," Double D agreed. "Twins share a lot of the same traits other than features, such as sickness and pain."

"Justine isn't exactly feeling well like you are either." Jo added.

"I still think you might need a bit of magical help," Cindy replied. "Drell and I are on good terms now since he helped me stand up for myself against Lee Kanker that time she stole my lunch and demanded I fight back."

"For now." Mike told her.

"Yes," Cindy gulped nervously. "Unless he changes his mind again."

"I guess he might be able to help..." Justin shrugged.

"I'm just trying to help too," Cindy said before she bit into her chicken sandwich. "Oh, Maxwell, this sandwich is giving me an orgy in my mouth!"

"Well, then it's settled," Mike decided. "We're going to see Drell, and we need to bring Justine too... Um, where is she?"

"At the soccer field," Justin informed. "She wanted to be alone."

"I know just how to cheer her up." Eddy grinned.

"No, Eddy." Everyone else glared.

"You guys are no fun." Eddy glared back.

"I can cheer her up too." Duncan offered.

Eddy and Duncan laughed until they were grabbed by Jo who growled at them.

"Don't hurt us, please!" Eddy begged. "It was just a joke!"

"This is no time for jokes, you jerks," Jo glared. "Justin and Justine are having a rough time."

"But we were just trying to cheer them up." Duncan replied.'

"What he said." Eddy quickly added.

"Well, it's not working, you idiots!" Jo sneered. "I'm going to get Justine, and not you two!"

"It's probably for the best, Jo," Cindy replied. "My mother says when she's in a mood, no one makes it better than seeing my daddy."

Jo nodded to her and soon went to the soccer field as Justine was sitting next to a net while staring at the ground as her mind was elsewhere as she was thinking about Manu and Snookie like Justin was.

"They're in jail," Justine anxiously told herself. "There's no possibly way that they could break out... But why is Dr. X in my dream?"

"Babe?" Jo asked.

Justine looked up. "Oh! Hi, Jo... I kinda wanna be alone right now."

"Listen, I know what's going on," Jo told her. "Justin told us everything, and we are going to help you."

"I'm not sure if you can..." Justine sighed.

"We're going to Drell's so he can take a look at you guys." Jo said.

"I don't know, Jo-" Justine tried.

"I'm sorry about this, Babe." Jo interrupted as she then touched Justine's forehead which made the shy beauty's eyes feel droopy and she then fell asleep, falling into the jockette's arms.

Everyone waited and Jo soon came back.

"Don't ask, let's just go." Jo told the others.

They all soon went into the Supernatural Realm to meet a certain warlock.