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Callen hadn't really been wanting a murder or a kidnapping or anything of the sort - it's just well, he was just bored. Bored out of his skull. He'd taken to practical jokes to try to trip Sam's SEAL training up somehow, with a bit of help from Deek's and boy did he never think he'd have to say that ever. Kensi had been going for the junk food with a real sense of loss of dignity while Nate had been hiding since Kensi had hurled said junk food at him for telling her to ease it up a bit now. Kensi quite rightly decided to do it after the comment about how she might put on a pound or two and wouldn't that have been bad?

Hetty had actually been off the charts which was more than unusual for the team who'd been waiting for her to appear at any given moment. There weren't things she didn't know about already and here she was - missing right now. The only two people who looked like they hadn't gone crazy within the past two to four months of constant and incessant paperwork - and Sam would've liked to known their secret to the peaceful keeping partnership because within the first 2 weeks he'd been ready to throw G out of the roof window with hardly any regrets, although it could have been the fact that Eric's enthusiasm for doing anything that ignored actual human conversation that paperwork was done happily - had been the Wonder Twins up in Ops.

Thankfully towards the end of the last month Hetty decided to make herself known to the general public again spilling everyone's coffee's in the process having shocked them. She wouldn't say where'd she been as per usual. The paperwork had begun to even out a little as well and the OSP team thanked anyone they could find that someone was looking out for them.

However it was also around the time that Eric started to get twitchy. Very twitchy. Actually if they all thought about it then they'd notice that every Christmas or July he was twitchy more than he ever happened to be; He'd always check over his shoulder if he was out with the team or ask Nell to run yet another scan to certify her laptop wasn't bugged. He'd ask Sam or Deeks if they could help him practice sparring and the weirdest part was that whenever he spoke to 'his folks', he'd never look happy about it. Like he was keeping something horrifying from them. Mind you this was NCIS strictly undercover style so maybe it was that...


"Mr Callen, Mr Hanna. A word in your ears if you please?" Callen and Sam had been working a case for the past two months now both suspecting a suspect was a man involved in heavy gang duties and dealing - dealing what they didn't know and weren't over-keen to find out - The only reason it was even in their jurisdiction was because a Petty Officer.

Hetty watched on as the pair made their way over bickering to and fro neither missing a beat after each sentence to start on the next. What she had to say next would annoy the pair no end but knew it had to be done. Both came to a standstill in front of her and her desk which she was currently sitting at.

"I'm afraid that the DA would like the local police to handle this one. Before you start Mr Hanna, it looks as if they have caught the man in question because he was hanging around their station at the time. Let this one go. That's all" Both men grumbled as they found their way back to their seats. Hetty regarded her two oldest agents with a smile and a roll of her eyes.

The agent had just been about to make a fresh batch of tea when the shrieking whistle came through for the group to make it up to the main sector - they had another case already. Brilliant.

Strolling into OPS had made Callen feel much calmer than he had in a while, what with his case lost just now and paperwork for what felt like half a year and all - hopefully this case would actually get solved and by them! Nell stayed by her station as the rest filed in with Eric doing his usual spin round and giving out information on the case so she could operate the board.

"Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the incredible talents of Danny Devirro, 32 and married. Has no kids but an excellent job working as? What, no guesses?"

"If you don't mind Mr Beale, we are in a hurry"

"Sure. He's obviously one for NCIS seeing as his wife of only just recent weeks - Linda Foster-Jane is a shrink for PTSD sufferers although before she married - she actually used to have Danny on her books seeing as he served in Afghanistan"

"Now that is twisted form of fate, don't cha think?" Deeks absentmindedly mentioned

Callen had just been about to press Eric for the details when Eric's own personal phone rang. Hetty looked on in distaste but allowing him to have the option of whether to answer or not while the rest just stared on. The man never had his phone on at work as far as they could see and this was just weird especially when the technician operative tried to carry on filling them in trying to block out the noise. After five or so minutes of constant ringing, it looked like the caller gave in but much to the surprise of the room - except Eric who rolled his eyes then looked ashen faced - the caller instead left a message for him.

A voice Eric hadn't heard for a long while.

"Hey Eric, didn't I tell ya to answer this phone so long as you shall live? I swear if I come back and see your head stuck on a spike or something, I'll bring you back just to kill you myself. And lemme tell you, that one is no picnic. We need your help. I need your help. We're working on this case - I'll fill you in on the details myself since I'm guessing the reason you didn't pick up is because you're with those fancy ass agent people and I have no patience to tolerate stupid right now. Either way we happen to be working on this case and it's got a bit of activity only problem is guess where it's sending us? That's right. L.A. I don't know if we'll be working together on this one as a co-team or not but I need you to be on our side. You're still one of us. Make sure you have your ID. I'll get Tosh to ring when we land. Even if I won't like 'em, they're still your friends at least. We'll keep em safe Eric, I promise"

Eric regretted not picking up the moment that that man's voice filtered out from speakerphone and all of a sudden a crash of voices came onto him at once; voices that looped one over the over not giving someone else a chance to speak. Hand gestures everywhere, there were shapes of some sort but people he now couldn't make out. The last thing Eric saw was the face of a now extremely concerned Nate.

Eric fainted.