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Samantha Allan Park

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Chapter #1

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The bell had rung and finally the school day was over. Coincidentally, all my after school club groups decided to cancel their activities, so I was free to head straight home. Most normal everyday people would love being able to head straight home, but I would rather have had something to do at school. Heck, anything would be better than just heading back to an empty apartment with no one in it. Jay had to work again (when didn’t he?) so tonight was just another night alone.

Most high school kids would be excited for whatever exciting plans they had scheduled for that night with their friends, but again, this wasn’t the case for me. It’s weird actually, since I’m a participant in multiple school groups: NHS, student council, senate, mathletes, robotics, etc. pretty much any academic group the school has to offer. I’m also a dancer at a locally well-known dance studio, AND to top it off I’m also a member of a club soccer team. As you can see, it’s not like I was isolated from the world. Ironically I’m surrounded by people all the time, but none of them seem to want anything to do with me. Literally all the groups I just previously mentioned have cliques and groups of friends that get together every weekend, but not once have any of them ever asked me to join them. They talk to me in class sometimes, but then it’s just “see you later Sam” and then I never hear from them anymore.

This has pretty much been my life since 7th grade when my only friend and dependent was my older adopted brother Jay. Ever since I was 12 and he was 19 we were all the other had after what the foot clan had done to us, but I don’t want to get into that right now.

At this point I was standing outside my apartment complex. Luckily, I lived within relative walking distance of the school, so it didn’t take too long to get home. I punched in the code to get into the building and headed upstairs to the 12th floor. I unlocked the door to my apartment and walked inside, instantly throwing my back pack into the corner of the room. I had no homework since I was in all standard classes. I saw no point in suffocating myself with constant AP homework, so I studied for the tests on my own time and took easier classes to lessen the stress.

I walked back to my room and went over to my desk. I opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of glasses with a solid black square frame. On the bridge of the glasses was a small camera. Basically I had built a pair of glasses that would have the same abilities as an everyday Go Pro. I had nothing better to do, so why not just wander around New York alone? Like I said before, anything had to be better than just hanging around the apartment all night, again. If I was going to spend another night alone, why not go out alone rather than stay inside the entire time?

I packed up a small bag I could sling around my shoulder with the main necessities that I needed: my wallet with about 40 bucks and all important passes and cards, my cell phone, my keys, and some type of small weapon. In this case I had a small pocket knife. It’s New York, you never know what will happen. Once I got my belongings ready I made sure that the glasses were still functioning correctly. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and put on a fake smile. I then went back to my room and put a small plug head into a tiny port that slid open on the side of the glasses. I plugged the other side of the chord into my lap top and yup, the quick ten second video was playing with good clear quality. I then shut the lap top down, turned off all the lights, and locked the door as I headed out.

I sent Jay a quick text message stating that I was going out for a walk and for him to update me if anything changed. I headed down the hallway and into the elevator. I felt the phone vibrate and read a message that said “Please be careful, I know you’re tough but you’re still only 16. Stay in crowded areas and only travel around the parts of town that you’re familiar with. I’ll be home around 11:30. Love you!” I rolled my eyes and smiled. It was nice that Jay trusted me, though I’ll honestly admit that I totally abuse that trust. I literally walk everywhere to the point where every part of New York is familiar to me. Again, I’m home alone, A LOT. So I’ve also wandered around alone a lot.

It was about 4:00 when I left the building. I walked around some familiar streets outside, then headed down towards the mall. I wandered around some of the clothing stores; went into the arcade for a little while and topped all my high scores on the same twenty or so video games that I enjoyed; read tons of books, magazines, graphic novels, and whatever else I could get my hands on at the bookstore; and then headed to the food court for some dinner. It was close to 7 when I headed out of the mall. I wasn’t sure what else to do with the remaining time I had left, so I thought why not ride the rails for a while?

I entered the subway and saw that there was a train that within the next few hours would travel further out and then come back around to land at a stop not too far away from my home, so I got my pass out and boarded the train. I stood and grabbed a handle near the window. Even though we were underground I still enjoyed looking out the windows, it’s something I had always loved to do since I was a little kid. I was surprised at how much room there was knowing that it was still “early” on a Friday night. I looked out the window waiting for something to happen. I feel like I’m always that way now, just waiting for something to happen. Life was fun and exciting when I was younger, but now life was just lonely and boring. As bad as it is to say, I almost wished something crazy would happen one day. Over the years I had become somewhat of an adrenaline junky, sneaking around and looking for something I could hack into and investigate, places I could go that I probably shouldn’t know anything about, that kind of thing. Tonight however had been one of my more mellow nights. Some nights I would binge watch something on Netflix or go online and play some video games, tonight was another one of those more basic nights. I kept staring out the window at the walls, waiting for something to happen. But hey, what are the odds that anything exciting is living within those walls?

It was a little before 10 when I got off the train and headed back home, perfect timing to. If Jay had caught me then I’d be screwed. If he knew how late I wandered around alone then he’d be watching my back every second of every day. Once I got to my room I got my lap top back out and connected my glasses to it. I wanted to try some new Eulerian techniques I had learned about that would amplify the movements of whatever I recorded. Some of it was funny, like seeing people’s faces change color from blood flow. I played around with that for a while until I got to the footage of me riding the train. I was going to skip this part, but I couldn’t just watch half the video. Organized chronological me had to watch the video full way through at least once. I edited the film and looked for anything interesting. The technique I was using was supposed to amplify any small movements that the naked eye couldn’t see, but there shouldn’t have been anything interesting on a solid wall that was recorded for a few hours, at least that’s what I thought.

As I slowed down the footage, I noticed some small left and right movements. Something was moving side to side along the wall, and not only once, but multiple times. What was moving? I tried zooming in and realized that it was an incredibly small camera. What was that doing there? Was someone filming a movie in the subway? If so, why were they using such small spy cameras? I noticed these cameras all throughout the video I had captured that night. I kept re-watching the film as I looked for a pattern or for some clue as to what the cameras purposes were. Finally, there was a break in the wall that lead down a tunnel in the middle of the subway. Down that tunnel was more small movements, meaning that there were more cameras heading down that direction. Someone was trying to monitor something down in the subway, but what?

“Interesting…” Well, thanks to my adrenaline filled self and my curious mind, it looked like I had plans for tomorrow night.