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Take Me Out Of This Club

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Discreetly Discrete

Jackson couldn't believe his ears. "Are you sure? Mark, are you absolutely sure?"

Mark loosened his hold on the other and slid down his front. The thin fabric that separated Mark from him felt like nothing. He felt every inch of the omega slide deliciously slow down his body until his feet met the floor with a soft thud.

Nodding, Mark grasped his hand in his and hauled him to the door. After a peek out the door, Mark dragged him out to the back door and into the crisp summer night.

The omega realized he didn't know where he was going after that, so Jackson took control of the situation back in his hands. Lifting the omega into his arms again, he stalked into the parking lot. His forearm met with his ass and he felt slick already running out of it. Groaning, he picked up his pace to a half jog. "Hold on, baby. I'll make you feel better soon."

Jackson opened the passenger door of a slick black Toyota Scion FRS and gently placed the omega in the seat. Leaning in further, he pulled the seat belt to buckle him up. Mark leaned into him and ghosted his lips against his neck, before nipping lightly at it. "Hurry up," Mark whined.

"If you stop distracting me, the process wouldn't be taking so long," Jackson laughed at him.

"Okay. Okay."

Jackson smiled his brightest smile at the other. "You look good in my car," he winked before pecking Mark on the lips.

"Ugh. Shut up and hurry before I change my mind."

"Please don't," Jackson groaned. "I don't know how much more waiting I can do."

"Well then let's get a move on shall we, alpha?" Mark whispered.

With a curse, Jackson pulled away, closed the door and ran around the the driver's side. Sliding in, he pushed the key into the ignition and the beast revved to life.

"Aren't you gonna put that on?" Mark asked arching a perfectly etched eyebrow at the seatbelt.

Grinning, he looked over at the omega. "Nope, we're not far from where I'm taking you."

This time both Mark's eyebrows arched. "Oh."

Just as he was pulling out of the parking lot, Mark snaked a hand across the center console and squeezed his thigh. "Jackson?"

Humming in response, trying hard to focus on the road and not the beautiful omega in his passenger seat, Jackson briefly glanced at the half naked omega. The sight he was greeted with was the most erotic scene he had ever in his life laid eyes on.

Mark had pulled the top band of the shear fabric down and had a hand around his cock. The head swollen and red. "I don't know if I can handle waiting a little longer."

Switching hands to hold the wheel with his left hand, Jackson reached across the console and interlaced his hands with Mark's. Slowly, he guided their hands up and down the one hand shaft. Mark became a moaning mess in no time. Thrashing his head from side to side as shivers racked his frame.

"Baby, lay the seat back," he said pulling his hand away.

Whining at the lost of contact, Mark did as he was told then replaced his hand back on his shaft. Just as Jackson was reaching over again, Mark pulled back his hand from Jackson's thigh and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the boxers and yanked downwards before resuming his original position.

Smirking, Jackson reached over again, but this time he reached further below the omega and brushed his middle finger around the omega's rim, drawing circles around the tight muscle. "Baby, you're so wet for me. I can't wait to make you feel even better." By now his pants were suffocating his cock.

The omega moaned, "Please," and that was all Jackson needed, before he was pushing past his rim, pulling into the private parking lot of his penthouse. He pulled the car to a stop, not caring that it was in the middle of the lot and turned to the omega.

He unbuckled Mark and lifted him across the car and into his lap never taking his finger out of the omega. "You like that, baby boy? You want more?"

"Yes, p-pl-please."

He pulled his finger out and brought it to his lips. "Mm... baby, you taste so goddamn sweet. Can I eat you out?"

"Fuck, yes, please."

He opened the door and carried Mark to the back of the car. Laying him on the hood of the car, Jackson kissed Mark on the lips before traveling lower. Starting from his neck, he moved down tracing the other's collarbone with his tongue before moving to his breast. He brought a hand from Mark's thighs to his breast pinching and flicking at the nubs while his tongue worked in circles around his nipple.

Mark moaned at the sensations shooting through every part of his body. His mind screaming for more. His heat was driving him almost insane with the pain, but Jackson was slowly dousing out the flames and replacing them with pleasure with every touch.

With every touch of the alpha, the pleasure spiked higher, and just as he thought it couldn't get any higher, Jackson wrapped his lips around his cock and swallowed him whole.

"Fuck, alpha," he heard himself moan. "You're so good to me. I want more. I need more. Please, Jackson."

He heard the alpha growl and the vibrations of his throat against his cock almost made Mark cum right then and there. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," was only word he could utter coherently as more slick ran freely from him.

"Don't hold back, baby. Let go," Jackson said before swallowing Mark again.

"Alpha, I need more. I'm so close," Mark begged on the verge of cry from being overstimulated.

"Hush, baby. I know."

Soon, he felt Jackson's finger at his rim again circling and circling until a single finger pushed in and jabbed precisely at his prostate. Mark's orgasm slammed into him like an avalanche and before he could warn Jackson, he was cumming harder than he ever has down Jackson's throat. Spurt after spurt, he painted the walls of Jackson's mouth white, tears streaming down his face. "Alpha," he cried, trembling, looking down at his alpha.

His whole body tingled with a power that had him physically shaking, until it completely gave out. All the teasing, touching, and waiting had become too much, that he slipped into darkness.