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Perfect Day

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The white powder was chopped quick by an expert hand with a credit card that some dumbass left in the motel room.  The perfect line was formed, and a rolled twenty dollar bill was pressed to the tabletop, quickly snorting the blow up a heavily used nostril.  Shoving the twenty back into his top, Dean sniffed hard a few times, rubbing his nose.  Damn shit always made his nose run.  Clearing his throat, Dean grabbed the dainty purse and threw it over his shoulder, stuffing the little baggie back into the bottom under his cigarettes.  Speaking of cigarettes...

Dean walked out of the motel room, pulling the pack of smokes and a cigarette out, cupping his hand in front of his face to block the flame from the breeze.  The night was sort of chilly, but Dean had no choice but to make that money.  Heels sounded heavily against the pavement as Dean drug from the cigarette roughly, dropping his hand to his side as he exhaled slowly.  Sometimes he forgot he was smoking a cigarette and held the smoke in like it was a joint.  Coughing, Dean looked back over his shoulder, sort of paranoid.  He made his way to the corner where he usually turned tricks.  Flicking his ash, he brought the smoke back to his crimson stained lips.  

Dean held the smoke in his mouth while he straightened out the snug leopard dress which rode up from walking.  His stockings stopped mid thigh and were connected to a garter belt beneath the dress, a black silk thong under that to tuck his cock and balls upward at least from flopping around in the open under his dress.  

Tonight was going to be a good night.  A good night.  Yep, he was going to make money, he was going to buy more blow because he was seriously low, and he was going to pay part of his debt.  Tonight was going to be the perfect day, no fuck ups!

Castiel was leaning up against a wall in a dark alley. His feet hurt and he was cold. Undercover work could be exciting and very rewarding, but then there were nights like this one where it was just long, boring and miserable. He decided he should walk around a little just for a change of scenery, maybe move to a new location. Pushing off the wall Castiel began to walk down the street. A couple of blocks later he stopped and watched the omega, Dean,  walk away from the motel and stop to adjust himself. He was obviously a hooker, but he looked rougher than most.  He was mildly curious, so he just watched him for a moment.

Dean snorted, dabbing his wrist at his nose a bit.  There wasn't much left in this life for Dean, and the first time he took a hit, it was over.  But, one needs to support bad habits, and getting a job in a local garage or diner wasn't going to support the habit, that was for damn sure.  He threw one of the tails of the black feather boa over his shoulder, wiping up under his eyes to ensure his mascara wasn't running down his face.  It was a slow damn night, but tonight was going to be perfect.  Only one client had passed through tonight, and usually by now the streets were full.  There were even a couple of Omegas missing that he was used to seeing out there.  Something felt off, and even in his heightened state of awareness he was able to tell.  That, or he was just paranoid as fuck from the coke.  Whichever it was, he jerked his cigarette from his mouth and exhaled, leaning up against the light post near him, hiking one of his legs in a bend.

Castiel decided to give it a chance after he watched Dean for some time. He strolled up to the omega and smiled.

"You ready for a date?" Castiel took that opportunity to look him over closer. Dean was actually rather beautiful in spite of how rough he appeared. It was obvious from the bright burn in his eyes he was on something. He looked like the world had really beaten him down. Castiel felt a pang of guilt knowing that he was going to have to arrest him for prostitution.  Sometimes he felt his heart was too big for his job.  But at the end of the day, the law was the law.

Dean smiled as Castiel walked up on him, and slowly exhaled the last drag of his cigarette.  He flicked it down to the ground, and sparks bounced in the darkness beyond the cast of light from the pole.  Dean pushed off from the pole and smirked, reaching out to place his hand on Castiel’s chest.  

"Mmm, that depends, What kinda date you date you want, sexy?  I'll let you know if I'm available." Dean bit his lower lip, and leaned in close, hovering his lips over Castiel’s with a wink.

The closer Dean got to the cop, the more Castiel was struck by the hooker's true beauty. Castiel had a job to do though. He plastered a charming grin across his lips, then replied,

"I want the full treatment. I can pay. and a little blow wouldn't hurt either if you know where we can get some." So many hookers did drugs, it was almost a given that this one did. Dean’s eyes were way too bright and glossy even in the lamp light in the dark.

Dean’s bright emerald eyes shifted down over Castiel's body to take in what he was about to get fucked by.  Such a delicious Alpha, it made him groan internally.  He was feeling absolutely nothing in his panties, but he didn't mind the thought of this one knotting in him.  

"Thirty bucks..." Dean shifted his eyes toward the motel, then grinned.  He slid his hand down to give a nice firm rub over Castiel's large cock.  "I got a guy... pretty good prices too. Thirty for an eightball..." He was sort of hanging against Castiel’s chest as he drug his hand up from his pants to push up over his shirt, rubbing over his chest in a casual caress.

Castiel was getting aroused in spite of himself. That never happened before while on the job. He pulled back from the caressing hand and nodded.

"Yeah, thirty, that sounds good, Let's go." Castiel took another step back to get some space between himself and the omega. This one smelled wonderful and was making it hard for Cas to keep it professional.

Dean smiled and turned to start walking toward the Motel.  He had a sway in his hips from walking in the stiletto boots.  Getting to the room, Dean leaned against the door, pulling the door key out of his bag to unlock it.  He finally walked in and Castiel entered behind him.  Once they were both in, Dean shut the door and locked it quickly,  making sure no one had followed them by peeping out the hole.  He was so drugged up for the night he forgot to ask for money up front.  

"Cash first, then I'll ride that cock so hard you'll forget how to breathe."  Dean dropped his bag on the table by the tv, smirking.  The bowa was pulled free from his chest and discarded to the side.

Castiel took a deep breath. His nose was filled with the scent of the omega and it was so distracting. He suppressed a desire to scent his neck, even if that was all he could think about. He stepped back and pulled some money out of a pocket.

"Uh, where's the coke? I wanna do some first." If Castiel could just get the hooker to get out the drugs then he could just arrest him for possession and be done with this. Getting out of this room and away from this omega was foremost on Castiel’s mind at the moment.

Dean smiled and walked over to the phone in the room, picking up the hand receiver, then dialed a number.  

"Hey... Thirty on ten?  Yeah, I'm ready to chill, friend of mine." That was code for wanting to buy an eightball on Tenth street, and he had a friend with him.  Dean nodded and hung up.  "He'll be here in five minutes.  In the meantime," Dean turned and walked back to the tv stand, grabbing his purse to retrieve the small baggie he had shoved into the bottom.  "I got some, but it'll cost ya five more bucks." He peered over his shoulder at Castiel.

Castiel finally saw an immediate out. With this small amount of coke, the hooker would be back on the street within 24 hours and Cas could get out of this room and away from the intoxicating aroma of Dean’s scent. He reached in his pocket and got out his badge.

"Sorry, but you're under arrest, sweetheart." He grabbed Dean and twirled him around and up against the wall. He grabbed his handcuffs and pulled Dean's hands behind him to cuff him. "Come with me."

Dean wasn't expecting this man to be a cop. It was almost like slow motion in a movie, being grabbed, spun around and shoved against the wall to be cuffed.  Dean grunted and closed his eyes.  

"Oh, well I guess you get a double whammy tonight, huh?" Dean nervously laughed, inferring his drug dealer coming.  Shit, shitshitshitshit. He was going to walk in and get busted and Dean was going to owe more. This was NOT turning out to be the perfect day. "C'mon man! Can't you be like that one cop, Rufus?  That asshole at least parties for a bit before he arrests us yaknow... little sucky sucky?" Oh he was hyped up on coke alright, and he was nervous as fuck, more worried about getting his ass whooped for getting his dealer busted than even getting arrested.

Cas cringed when he heard Rufus' name.  Rufus was the dirtiest cop on the force and it seemed like he had probably fucked this omega in exchange for not arresting him. He pulled Dean by his arm to leave the room.

"Come on." Castiel opened the door, holding Dean's arm firmly and walked him out of the room and down the street to his car. He didn't need a dealer bust, too much paperwork. Possession was fine for him. It was also bothering him that deep in his heart, he didn't want to get the omega in more trouble by busting his dealer. The dealer would most likely just beat this one to a pulp, So Castiel figured tonight was the hooker’s lucky night.  

Dean groaned, stumbling over his own heels as he was tugged to walk out of the room.  There went all his fucking money for the night.  Tonight was supposed to be a good day, the perfect day.  But of course, Dean was off his rocker on cocaine, so how would his judgment be able to predict if the day would be good or not.  Luckily for Dean, the dealer was running late.  There was a whistle that could be heard as Castiel walked him to the car.  

Dean was silent on the way to the precinct, but he was antsy.  His legs were restless, and he opened and closed them frequently, his head tipped over on his shoulder.  This action produced more of his scent to fill the stuffy cab of the car, which started to make Castiel feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Mannn, What made you wanna be a cop, anyways? I think you would be awesome at like, porn.  You know they do that shit now, Alphas make big bucks in porn, I'm just sayin..." And then Dean's mouth forgot how to stay closed.

Castiel was growing more agitated by the moment the longer Dean was in the car with him. He just wished the omega would shut the fuck up. Dean’s scent was making Castiel extremely antsy. He wanted more than anything to pull the car over and tear the hooker's clothes off and knot him on the spot. He was happy it wasn't too far to the precinct. When Dean started telling him he'd make a good porn star, that was it; Castiel snapped.

"Keep your legs closed and shut the fuck up, would you please?"  Castiel was glaring at Dean through the rear view mirror.

Dean stopped rocking his legs for a moment being snapped at so abruptly. Everything around the car was sort of slow motion to him as he zoned in on Castiel. He was silent a moment, then he lifted both legs, pressing his heels into the holes of the cage.  

"It feels better keeping my legs open, it's what you were gunna pay for anyways, so let's pretendddd thattttt you are gunna fuck me.  I know you want to.  What would you do to me, big boy? Hm?" Dean grinned into the rearview mirror, licking his crimson lips.  His legs were spread wide enough there was no denying seeing his black panties and the garter straps, and his scent was wafting stronger toward Castiel's senses.  Dean didn't know why, but he felt drawn to the cop.  Other cops had arrested him, and he just sat there quietly, going through the motions of being arrested, but not this guy.  Oh, this cop was special.  "I'll even call you Daddy if that's what you like..." Dean chuckled, dropping his head back.

Castiel stopped the car.  He turned in his seat and glared directly at the omega.

"Listen. You smell wonderful to me, I admit it. In another world I'd fuck you senseless and maybe mate you on the spot. But you're a hooker. Not just a hooker, but you’re a druggie too. I'm a cop. Doesn't sound like a match made in heaven, now does it? So why don't you just shut the ever-loving fuck up!" Castiel was mad. Everything he had just said was absolutely true, he really would love to just take him home and fuck him all night, knot him and make babies for fuck's sake. Why did this one have to be a damn hooker anyway? Cas started the car back up and continued on to the station.

Dean narrowed his glistening green eyes at the angry cop. Even high, those words hurt him just a tad.  He wasn’t always a hooker, but this was his life now, and it was now perfectly clear how he was seen and how unworthy he was to find a happy life.  A hint of tears appeared at the bottom of his eyes, but he didn’t imply he was hurt in any other way than change of his tone.

"Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?" Dean dropped his legs, then leaned forward.  "I never was a Cinderella anyways, so why don't you just suck it the fuck up and fuck me if you want me so bad?  Fuck the fine print."  Dean leaned back, resuming the rocking of his legs.  "Besides, we can play cops ‘n robbers, you got real cuffs, and guns..."  Dean sucked air in through his teeth.  "Fuck, guns really do it for me..."  He started to chuckle in a full body chuckle, glaring right at Castiel.  His aim now, was to get the cop hard.  Try booking a hooker with a tent in your pants.

Castiel sighed. Lord he wished Dean would shut up. This omega had a mouth on him that wouldn't quit. He tried his best to ignore what Dean was saying. His cock was twitching now and he did NOT need to get a hard on. He thought about things he hated; carrots, exercising, movies about blood and gore.  

Nothing was really helping. It was that scent as much as Dean's mouth. Castiel’s hands were shaking on the wheel and he was sweating. Then he finally broke. He made a hard right turn and headed for his house. Dean leaned into the sharp turn, and slid across the leather bench seat.  

"Why are you a hooker anyway?" Castiel growled back to Dean.

Dean thought about the question as he righted himself and stared out the window.

"Doesn't matter." Well, now Dean shut up.  "Why are you a cop?" he retorted back in a smart assed tone.

Castiel was silent for a moment until he finally piped up,  

"I'm a cop because I wanted to help people, My older brother was murdered and we never really got over it. A very nice cop used to visit and helped me out a lot. I wanted to be like him. Now, Why are you a hooker?"

Dean snorted, shaking his head.  "Helping people like me is impossible."  Dean leaned his head back as he flashed back to getting that letter in the mail about his brother.  "Nothing to live for, so might as well live life in the fast lane." Dean shrugged.

Castiel felt a pang of pain from Dean's statement. Obviously something bad had happened to him. Castiel was rather curious now, and almost wondered if he'd ever know. They were getting near his house and Castiel was getting nervous. He wasn't sure just how far he could trust Dean. After all, he was an addict.  Castiel just prayed that he didn't come home to find everything he owned had been stolen one day soon. He pulled into his driveway and opened his car door to step out. He walked to the back door and opened it. He pulled Dean out roughly and turned him around to face the car, undoing the cuffs. Dean's scent wafted up into his nose due to the close proximity. Castiel thought surely there was no way the universe was so horrible of a place that his true mate turned out to be a hooker addicted to cocaine. Dean climbed out of the car with Castiel's aid.  

"This isn't the police station.  You lied to me."  Dean was starting to crash from that line about an hour ago.  "Is this a joke? Are...  oooh, i saw a show about this on tv, a documentary on serial killers!  Are you like, the new age Jack the Ripper?"  His smart ass mouth was the only way to keep his mind off his brother's death flooding his mind again.  Man he needed a bump right now.

Castiel grabbed Dean's arm and led him to his front door. Once he got the door unlocked, he  sighed and led Dean into the living room.

"This is my home, I decided not to arrest you, but if you would prefer to go to jail that can be easily arranged." Castiel then led Dean to the kitchen and told him to sit. Cas started a pot of coffee, he had a feeling he was in for a long night. While the coffee brewed he called into the precinct to let them he was taking the rest of the night off. Then he just looked at Dean and waited for the coffee to brew.

Dean sat quietly a moment, glancing around.  He stretched his arms out in front of him and sighed.  

"You left out the part about fucking a hooker."  Dean started to realize just how good Castiel smelled.  His eyes were a beautiful emerald under the kitchen lights.  He cleared his throat and fiddled with his fingers in his lap.  It was then that he saw Castiel's equally glistening rich sapphire eyes. He glanced away after a moment, closing his eyes, and then his slick began…

Castiel was watching Dean for any signs if withdrawal. He heard the coffee pot ding and turned to pour each of them a cup, but the distinctive odor of slick filled the room. Castiel’s cock hardened immediately and he turned toward Dean with a deep growl. Dean realized in that moment what was about to cum, and it was about to be a big knotty Alpha in his ass.  

Castiel walked over and pulled Dean to his feet and ran his nose along Dean's throat. Dean smelled so intoxicating, Castiel just had to have him now. Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel's neck, tipping his head to the side.  The slick dripped from his anus, drizzling down his inner thighs and hitting the floor in dripping splats as they stood.  A puddle has been left in the chair as well.

Castiel quickly pulled Dean to the bedroom and began to take Dean’s clothes off. Dean ached to feel Castiel inside of him... more than any other Alpha he ever fucked before.  There was just something about him that was so potent, so intoxicating, much more than any other.  

Castiel stripped Dean naked. He picked Dean up and laid him on the bed, then undressed himself just as quickly, tossing all of the clothes aside. Dean lay back on the bed as Castiel stripped and whined. Dean smelled so good, Castiel was dizzy. He climbed over Dean and kissed him, slipping his tongue into Dean's mouth while his hand wandered over Dean's chest and found a nipple. He flicked and squeezed it while he kissed Dean until they were both breathless.

Castiel broke the kiss and ran his nose down Dean's throat again, inhaling that wonderful scent deeper. His cock was huge and throbbing with need, he wanted to claim Dean, but knew that was crazy.  Dean kissed Castiel with a hungry need, desire, urge...

"Mnnhh, fuck me Alpha Daddy... cmon, let me feel that big cock.... knot in me..." Dean whispered against Castiel's ear in hot heavy breaths.  "I neeeed that Alpha cock so bad." He whined, glancing down to see how big his cock was.  It was huge, and it was going to fucking hurt but it would hurt so good, he just knew it.

Castiel wanted Dean more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. All he could think about was fucking Dean, being inside him, knotting him. He growled again and moved down. He spread Dean's legs far apart and pushed them up to see Dean's hole, slick running out of it onto the bed.

Dean moaned softly. His ass ached for Castiel, his tongue, his cock, his knot, any part of him.  His mind became such a euphoric state he felt like his cocaine kicked in for a second round.  Castiel lowered his head and swiped his tongue over Dean's hole to taste.  Dean tasted like sunshine and candy. He licked again and then it was all he could do.  Dean moaned with a mewl as Castiel licked his anus to taste his slick. It felt so incredible, the way Castiel seemingly worshiped his ass and his slick. His thighs trembled violently. Castiel ate Dean out for a good few minutes before he moved up, grabbed his cock and slammed into the omega.  He just about passed out when he rammed into Dean. He felt perfect. He was tight and wet and amazing.

"Mnnnhhh please fu-fuck me! Ah god!" Dean gasped out as Castiel slammed his cock into him, and sang out into the most beautiful moan, reaching above him to grip the headboard.  "YES! FUCK!"  

Castiel pulled Dean’s legs over his shoulders and pushed in deeper. He'd never felt this with any other omega he'd ever been with. He knew instinctively that this was his mate, but why, oh why did his mate have to be an addict? Shaking these thoughts out of his head, he concentrated on fucking Dean hard and fast, loving the whining and pleading his omega was doing, He wanted to make Dean scream.

Dean’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as Castiel began to pound into him, trying to catch his breath.  It burned, that thick, massive cock ramming inside him, but it also felt so good, it filled an emptiness he never knew he needed fulfilled!  Only when he was in heat had he ever felt this way before.  He was breaking a sweat with the rough animalistic sex that he was now part of.  Oh, it had turned into suuuuch a perfect day!  He was now, beginning to feel glad to spend it with this cop.  To think, he went from getting popped for possession which would have thrown a third strike against his record, to being fucked by... his mate?

"Mnnhhh Yeah! Knot in meee, please!" He whined out so seductively, so desperately, his thighs tightening around Castiel's shoulders.  Turned out, that mascara was going to run anyway... tears had built into his eyes from the initial jab of that delicious alpha cock, and now being in such a state of bliss, he couldn't contain his emotions.  Part of his whine was legit need, desire to stay like this forever.  His hands held tight to the bed as his ass worked the Alpha's cock like a fucking professional.  Well, he was a paid professional, after all.

Castiel was wild with need and desire. He grabbed Dean's wrists and trapped them above his head on the bed. He wanted full control over his omega.  Dean really was working him up, clenching and unclenching on his cock.

"My omega! Just for me! You feel so good on my cock... you want my knot? Gonna knot you so you'll never get away from me…”  Castiel could feel his knot beginning to swell. He banged it against Dean's hole, but he wasn't ready yet. He needed more. He growled and pounded Dean faster.

Dean gasped with every few thrusts into his tight ass– well, for Castiel it was tight.  Castiel grabbing his hands from holding the headboard, and taking control sent Dean onto a high he had never witnessed before.  This man was intoxicating no matter what he did, and there was no fight.  Dean clenched his fits, and sniffled through his nose as it began to drip a bit.  He was now coming down from his cocaine high, but he still felt the euphoria of being on top of the world.  Was it possible this man's cock was better than blow?

"I dooo, FUH-FUCK! All YOURS! Knot in me, baby! Lemme feel it!" Dean’s own cock was throbbing, and it was evident that even with his year long use of drugs, being fucked by his alpha had a good effect on his arousal.  Dean crossed his boot clad ankles behind Castiel's shoulders, and his calves helped work him into counter thrusts, even though he didn't really need them.  He didn't even know the cop's name!  And he was... his alpha?! Maybe his blow had been cut with something more hallucinogenic without him knowing and he was imagining things.  But the world was spinning around him, and he felt like they were the only two that existed.  Dean was surely to reap what he sowed, his life couldn't have changed to be this good in the blink of an eye and snap of some cuffs.

Castiel felt Dean's heeled boots dig into his back and it sent him over the edge. His knot was huge and he needed it in Dean, like NOW . Castiel let go of Dean's hands, leaned back and grabbed his hips. He held Dean in a death grip, tight enough to leave bruises, and thrust his hips wildly. He felt his knot push against the tight muscle ring, then slowly open Dean up... and he was in. His cock throbbed and twitched as he shot his thick cum multiple times into his omega. He came more than he ever had before. The intensity of it was mind blowing.

Dean wasn't even paying attention to his hands being released, but subconsciously they reached out to grab the bars of the headboard again as Castiel knotted into him. It took his breath away, and he saw flashes of black fading in and out as he took this Alpha's knot.  It was by far the biggest he had taken thus far.  Tears poured through his mascara and his lashes to trail down the sides of his face as Dean arched his back and screamed out in pleasure and pain.  His whole body was violently trembling around Castiel and the bars of the headboard. When he was able to finally breathe and the black started to fade away, Dean loosened his death grip around Castiel's shoulders and neck by his thighs, but his fists were seemingly holding on for dear life.  Oh yeah, the feeling of that hot cum filling him over and over sent chills straight down his spine through his cock and he came as well all over his own belly.

Castiel took a minute, but he finally caught his breath.  He paused a moment, amazed at the intensity of his orgasm. He pulled Dean over so that they were on their sides facing each other, and Dean wrapped his legs around Castiel's waist after they were dropped from his shoulders.

He looked into those deep emerald eyes and his heart gave a lurch. Dean's face was streaked with mascara and eye liner where he had cried. Castiel couldn't help himself, he leaned in and kissed Dean gently. He still couldn't believe that this mess in front of him was HIS omega. But like it or not, this was his true mate and he was going to do his best to make this work. The kiss caught Dean off guard.  When Castiel pulled back, Dean's face was a look of awe, confusion and he was glowing.  He wasn't sure if he was supposed to hug him or touch him or smack him, but he did know that he was his mate, no doubt about it.

"Are you alright?"  Castiel asked quietly.

"I'm fine..." Dean finally gave in and buried his face against Castiel's chest instinctively.  A moment passed, and then he lifted his head with a frown, "What the fuck is your name, anyway?"

Castiel laughed. He laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. For some reason Dean had the most amusing expression on his face while locked with confusion.

"My full name is Castiel Novak, but everyone calls me Cas. It's just easier. Uh, pleased to meet you?" Castiel touched Dean's face and said, "And you... are my true mate, it seems.  A cop and a hooker... quite the combination."

Dean laid his head down on Castiel's warm arm under his pillow, and took a deep breath.  

"Dean Winchester... But you can call me anytime you're feeling knotty..." Dean grinned, chuckling himself, but it faded as Castiel touched his face.  He searched into Castiel's eyes.  His high was gone, the only thing lingering was the buzz he had gotten from his intense orgasm.  "Yeah, they don't write the love stories like they used to, that's for sure." Dean seemed to blush but he quickly buried his freckled face once again instinctively into Castiel’s chest, then hesitatingly wrapped his arm around Castiel's torso under his arm so that he could hug close while they lay stuck together.  He was crashing fast.  

Castiel wouldn't get another response from the omega if he asked him anything, as Dean seemed to have fallen asleep rather quickly being in his arms.  Castiel watched Dean sleep. He knew that Dean was crashing. He knew how coke worked. He was going to have his hands full with this one for the next few days at least. But feeling Dean hold him around his torso, feeling his head against his chest made Castiel feel a terrific wave of protectiveness over take him. This was HIS mate and he wasn't letting Dean go anywhere. He was keeping this one. The night had been long, very productive and exciting, and Castiel was getting drowsy as well.  He figured he might as well get a little sleep as long as Dean was. He had a sneaky suspicion that he was going to be back in Dean's ass again very soon.

Seemed like today was the Perfect Day, afterall.