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My Moon My Man

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There were rarely more stressful nights than full moons, if you are part of a wolf pack. If same wolf pack wants you to stay away, indoors, were it’s safe? Well, that’s even worse.


It’s maybe the tenth or so full moon that Stiles is spending confined to his home while all of his friends let their fur down. No matter how often this happens now, he just can’t get used to it. He’s not much better off than any average wolf these days. Full moons were stressful to a point where he expects to get a heart attack before his dad ever could. And then the Sheriff would surely get a heart attack because the man can’t hold up a healthy diet on his own.

Or, you know, Stiles has gotten the heat attack because a werewolf ate his dad, which is likely because his shifts seem to constantly coincide with these nights since he knows about the supernatural mayhem in town.


So what does a teenage boy do, on a school night, when he is overcome by anxiety, jealousy and a lot of boredom?

He watches all of those “bad” Crime Shows that his dad usually criticizes, obviously.

He’s sitting on his bed, mouthing at the end of one of the strings of his cardigan, when it happens. The whole room is cloaked into darkness to fit the tense mood of the scene. This killer is actually pretty smart. Like, he’s even kidnapped one of the investigators. Now he’s about to trick the guy’s partner and attack him from behind (which is really too much innuendo if you think about it) and just when he’s making his move Stiles’ window flies open and a big shadow-y figure barrels onto his floor. Needless to say, Stiles jumps about a foot into the air and knocks his Laptop to the ground.

“Oh my god!”

The person was staring at him with glowing blue eyes, which these days could be anyone, but they had that intense look to them so Stiles knew exactly who to yell at.

“Derek Hale, if I broke my Computer, you are going to pay for it!”

Wow. He kind of sounds like Jackson used to. Derek probably has a very good reason to stumble into his home like that. Ever since he became Scott’s co-alpha he’s been really thoughtful only to involve Stiles if it was necessary, which… Stiles hates. And it totally doesn’t have anything to do with his ‘recent’ recovery from demonic-fox possession. That was, at least, three months or so ago.

“What happened? Did somebody get hurt? If-“

“No, Stiles. Everyone’s fine.”

That didn’t explain anything though. It didn’t explain Derek’s sudden arrival, it didn’t explain Derek advancing, and it certainly didn’t justify his possibly broken Laptop.

“You totally had me fooled there for a second, buddy. What with the glowing eyes and the Ninja moves… well, not Ninja- I wouldn’t have noticed a Ninja.”

Stiles glared and then went fishing for his Computer on the dark floor.

“Why are you here, Derek? I thought you were the president of ‘keep-Stiles-at-home-on-any-kind-of-moon-but-especially-the-full-moon’ club.”

Ha! Got it!

The Laptop seemed fine, but the site with the episode had inconveniently closed. With a sigh Stiles got back into his old position on the bed and let his fingers hover across the keyboard, wondering if he should put the episode back on.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. You always complain to Scott the next day.”

Stiles looked up from the screen to roll his eyes at the overly-concerned idiot-wolf, but he stuttered to a halt instead. Derek was sitting on his bed. Maybe only 8 inches away from touching him. Usually this distance between them meant impending bodily harm.

“I-I’m not complaining. It’s just very boring. As you could see I was taking care of that, before you busted into my room and cut off the video.”

“Video?” The way Derek furrowed his eyebrows, in that distinct way that said ‘Stiles-is-doing-something-that-I-don’t-want-to-know-about’ made the teenager jump to explanations.

“Not like-like porn. Obviously. I don’t do that on full moons, because any of you guys could interrupt me for some kind of wolf-emergency! I, uh… I watch crime shows. My dad hates them, so I figured when he’s out on a shift-“

“Which show?”

Stiles focused back on his Laptop, which was showing the site where he got all of his movies and stuff. He couldn’t even remember what he was watching a few minutes ago. Something in New York…

“Uh… CSI?”

Annnnd Derek was moving even closer, sitting down beside him.

“I’ll join you.”

Oh god. What had he gotten himself into?

“Su-sure. Make yourself at home.”


Derek grinned as the episode started, watching the screen with a fascination in his eyes that Stiles rarely saw there before.

The wolf caught him staring.

“I haven’t seen these since College. Laura majored in Forensic Sciences, so it would always annoy her how unrealistic these shows are.” He explained with a smile that was sad, but open. Stiles smiled back the same way. He knew the feeling. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a Disney Movie, after his mother passed away.

But he couldn’t concentrate on the crime investigation at all after Derek joined him. The presence of the werewolf, touching his side from shoulders to feet, was way too distracting.