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God, he feels so embarrassed. It’s practically impossible for Toshinori not to be flushing, the dark red creeping up from his chest all the way to his face slowly but surely. He’s standing in front of the one full-body mirror Aizawa and he have in their shared apartment, hanging off the back of the bedroom door to allow him to really look at himself. The former pro is shockingly naked, chest completely bare, the mangled flesh of his left side completely offset with what little he was wearing on a level that… well, a level he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with.

Covering his legs were a pair of black thigh highs, row upon row of delicate lace work lining the top, held in place by an equally as delicate garter belt. The pattern on both is floral in nature, slowly darkening the closer it got to his feet, before morphing into a solid black. The crowning piece was a pair of panties covering what he would call ‘the naughty bits’, cock concealed just barely by the ever-so-thin fabric. Still, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Honestly, he feels more exposed than he does naked. But still… it sends a thrill through him that he hasn’t felt before, something he’s only really felt in the rush of battle, except this time adrenaline was pumping through him for a much, much different reason. He just… feels so sexy for once. It’s a feeling he’s not familiar with, too disgusted, too revolted by his own body, yet just add a little lace and suddenly he feels as if he’s sex incarnate.

Midnight had been the one who’d bought it for him. Ever since she’d found out how ridiculously vanilla Aizawa and him had been so far in their relationship, she’d been determined to spice things up for them. Or at least, give Toshinori the confidence to spice things up himself. Aizawa seemed determined to take things slow, not pushing the older man beyond what he was comfortable with. He was always asking him if something was okay, if he was hurting, if he needed Aizawa to stop… Of course, Toshinori appreciated this incredibly, by at the same time, he just wanted Aizawa to just let go already. He wasn’t made of paper, he wasn’t going to break the second the other man got a little rough.

So, this? This was Midnight’s solution for him. Make him feel sexy AND finally show Aizawa that he was just ready for something more, even if it wasn’t the kinkiest thing on the planet. Lingerie was pretty vanilla as things went, but for Toshinori, it was a huge step in the right direction, a huge step in becoming more comfortable with his body as well as with his relationship with Aizawa.

Fuck, just thinking about Aizawa seeing him in this has blood rushing downwards, biting the inside of his cheek as fantasies float around his mind. He’s pretty sure whatever he thinks of won’t compare, but he can’t help but just imagine the hunger that’ll be in the other teacher’s eyes. Or at least, he hopes that there’ll be hunger. The former pro doesn’t really want to think about the worst-case scenario—that Aizawa looks at him with disgust. That gets pushed all the way to the back of his mind, put under lock and key.

With that, Toshinori quickly turns from the mirror, flopping onto their bed with a groan and grabbing one of Aizawa’s pillows, holding it to his chest tightly. It’s not the same as having Aizawa with him, but inhaling it has the same effect, head spinning and chest feeling tight. And well, other things were feeling a little tight too. Already he’s half hard in his panties, and with a little glance down towards his crotch, he can see that the tip of his cock poking out of the top.

God, it looks so fucking obscene. Looking at himself like this just makes his cock swell faster, sticking more and more out of the lingerie as the seconds tick by. He slides a hand down his stomach, brushing over scar tissue and lean muscle, before lightly letting fingers trail over his dick. That’s really all it takes to get him to full hardness, length completely out of the panties. Toshinori’s definitely not what you call average when it comes to the size department. It’s proportionate to his height, about 8 inches long fully erect, but it’s slim, thickness being pretty average. The head is an angry red, slowly fading to a medium pink as the color traveled down his length.

Delicately, he slowly wraps his fingers around the base, giving his cock a couple slow pulls as his mind travels back to think about Aizawa. His smile, his eyes, his hands traveling up Toshinori’s thighs… he imagines Aizawa gripping them tighter than he has before, enough to leave bruises in his wake. He’d be pressing them all day long the next day, reminding himself over and over of the things they’d done the night before. Aizawa would be kissing up and down his body, biting here and there where he knew Toshinori was the most sensitive, before moving up to press his lips to the former pro’s.

Just thinking about kissing Aizawa like this makes him bite his lip hard, squeezing his eyes shut as he begins stroking himself a bit faster, letting his thumb catch on the rim of his head with each slide down. They’d had one make out session in their time of dating that’d been ridiculously intense, Aizawa actually letting his control slip for once and bearing down on Toshinori as their lips mashed together. They’d been on the couch, Toshinori lying flat on his back with his legs sticking over the sides, while Aizawa had sat on his lap, legs on either side of his torso. He’d kept Toshinori pinned like that as lips dominated the former pro’s. His tongue had even slipped inside Toshinori’s mouth, mapping it out hungrily—and once he’d pulled away, a line of spit had connected their lips, both completely breathless as they stared at each other. Toshinori’s lips had been completely kissed red, matching Aizawa’s perfectly, and it looked like Aizawa had just been about to ask if Toshinori wanted to continue in the bedroom—but depressingly, before anything had gone any farther, Aizawa had gotten a phone call. He’d had to run off to meet up with Yamada over some bit of hero work or another, leaving Toshinori half hard and extremely frustrated.

Still, at least it made great masturbation material.

There’s pre-come beading at the top of his cock now, and he can’t help but let his thumb dip into it, spreading it over the pad before bringing it up to his mouth. He doesn’t taste anything like Aizawa does, but still, he can ignore it and imagine that it’s his. He’s only blown Aizawa a handful of times, but every time has left him achingly hard, enjoying it not only for the sensation of cock in his mouth, but how Aizawa looks. His face was always flushed a dark red, pupils blown, mouth open as he moans—and honestly, Toshinori would give anything to keep being able to see that. It’s just so debauched compared to the man’s usual tightly kept composure, and knowing that it’s because of him of all people makes a shiver go down his spine every time.

Thinking about being on his knees in this, sucking Aizawa off, seeing that expression… he grips the pillow in his arm tighter to his chest, still rubbing at his cock. He wonders if Aizawa’s expression would be more intense, more dominating at seeing Toshinori in the lingerie. If he’d grip his hair and thrust up in a way he hasn’t dared to do before, making Toshinori take it further—he groans into the pillow, shoulders trembling slightly as he takes another deep breath in of Aizawa’s scent.

He wonders if Aizawa would want to fuck him in this. If he’d just push aside the panties and prepare him in them, if he’d tell him what a good job he was doing, if he’d take his sweet time to make Toshinori squirm and shake. He’s always praised him in bed, showering him with compliments, but he can’t help but wonder if they’d take a dirtier turn than usual. A turn away from beautiful, gorgeous, lovely… What kind of things would Aizawa call him in the heat of the moment, if he didn’t hold himself back? What kind of praise would he give the older man?

Quickly he lets go of his cock to fumble for the bottle of lube they keep in the nightstand, almost dropping it in his haste. Sitting up a bit, he softly tucks Aizawa’s pillow behind him, wanting both hands for this. He’ll still be able to turn and bury his face in it once things get going, though it’s not going to be quite the same as clutching it to his body.

Carefully, chest still rising and falling quickly, he pours a generous amount of the lube onto his hand, making sure to get his fingers nice and slick. He doesn’t want to hurt himself, even if he is in a rush to do this. Fingering himself isn’t something he does often either; usually that’s saved for when Aizawa and he are doing things in bed, and then it’s always Aizawa doing it for him, sat in between Toshinori’s spread thighs.

It’s a little awkward, but he manages to get himself in a position where he can reach behind himself, laying on his side. He doesn’t take the panties off, slipping his hand underneath the waistband to slide his lube-covered hand in between his cheeks, letting a finger rest against his entrance for a moment. He always feels so… embarrassed doing this, the flush across his face feeling like it’s darkening by quite a few shades. Still, he pushes past it, slowly sinking a single finger in with a low groan.

Not the same as Aizawa’s fingers, no his are much too long, but it’s not difficult to imagine otherwise. He just has to keep his eyes shut, letting his head fall into Aizawa’s pillow, pushing the finger deeper until it’s all the way in. He doesn’t move it at first, just gnawing on his bottom lip, before slowly starting to shift them, just a little faster than he should. Aizawa no matter what was always gentle with this part, taking his sweet time to make sure Toshinori was ready for him—but honestly? He wishes the other man would go rougher, letting Toshinori feel the burn for once as he fingered him.

He slips another finger inside with that, knowing that it was entirely too early, but relishing in the slow sting. He’s been avoiding his prostate on purpose up to this point, just letting himself feel the pressure of something inside of him, but now he searches for it actively, thrusting the fingers back and forth. It doesn’t take long, doing a full body shudder as he hits it hard. Aizawa’s an expert at finding it immediately, and it doesn’t take much of an imagination to think of him abusing it while Toshinori is like this. Rubbing a single finger over it again and again until the blond is practically sobbing for him to do more, to slip another finger in, to do anything.

Already Toshinori feels loose enough to slip another finger inside, slowly sliding his middle finger in alongside the first. Would Aizawa suck his cock while he was doing this? Or would he leave Toshinori untouched and aching, watching as he shook and thrust up, smiling with sick satisfaction at his lover’s desperation? Either way, the fantasy was just as good, a soft whimper escaping from his lips.

Fuck, why was he even trying to be quiet? Aizawa wouldn’t be home for hours, stuck at school in a meeting—he could be as loud as he wanted, fuck himself as much as he wanted, fantasize about his lover as much as he wanted. He didn’t have to feel embarrassed for once and reign his voice in, just letting himself enjoy what he was doing and what he was wearing.

And then maybe, the next time it came to it, he’d be confident enough to wear this for the other teacher and find out which fantasy was true for himself.

“Shouta…” Aizawa’s name slips out of his lips in a low groan, Toshinori experimenting lightly with how it rolls off his tongue, accentuated it with a sharp thrust of his fingers into himself. “Fuck… fuck you’re so good to me please, please, please.”

He starts spreading his fingers, stretching himself out further as he jerks his hips back against them, free hand going to rub at his cock frantically. Toshinori’s mouth is wide open, moans leaving freely now, Aizawa’s name escaping every few seconds as he felt the pressure build low in his gut.

And then he hears the soft, unmistakable sound of someone clearing their throat. The affect it has is almost instantaneous, Toshinori freezing with his fingers still hilt deep, hand still squeezing his length. He doesn’t want to look, he doesn’t want to see who he knows is there, but the former pro still opens his eyes, turning his gaze slowly in the direction of the noise.

Aizawa is standing in the doorway. Watching him. It’s impossible to stop the sudden rush of dread that rises up in Toshinori’s throat, a potent mixture of I look like such a slut, oh my god what the fuck am I going to do and maybe, just maybe, the tiniest bit of pleasure from being caught like this.

His dick twitches at that. Alright, so maybe more than a tiny bit.

“I… was under the impression you had a meeting,” he finally chokes out, slowly pulling his fingers out and sitting up, half wishing he had something to hide the lingerie. He doesn’t exactly want to take Aizawa’s pillow and cover his crotch with that.

“It got out early.” Aizawa’s voice is dry, a certain hunger echoing in his words that Toshinori hasn’t heard before. It’s only then that the blond’s eyes flicker downwards, quickly taking in the clear bulge in the other teacher’s pants, before glancing upwards once more to meet Aizawa’s gaze, noting how the darker hair man licks his lips. “So, is this… something you do normally when I’m not home? I didn’t think I was missing out on so much working late.”

He’s walking forward now, steps deliberate and slow as he closes in on Toshinori.

“I—no. This was… this was the first time, actually.”

“Really now,” the dark-haired man licks his lips, quite obviously now staring at the blond’s cock that’s still bulging out of the panties obscenely, “I can’t believe you owned something like this. I can’t imagine innocent Toshinori walking into a lingerie shop and leaving with something like that.” He finally sits on the edge of the bed, feeling strangely larger than Toshinori at that moment.

“Well I’m… I’m not that innocent if I’m wearing it, am I?” He can’t help but retort, swallowing hard, “but… I didn’t. Midnight got it for me to… to start spicing things up between us.”

“You’ve been blabbing to Midnight about our sex life?”

“Only a little bit, I swear! Just that we… don’t really do much besides….”

“Besides what, Toshinori?”

“Besides vanilla stuff. Besides just having sex without any fuss involved, without any kink involved. About you being… afraid to hurt me or push me past my limits without even asking if that’s something I want.”

There’s silence then, Aizawa looking at him with a face that says you could’ve just told me what you wanted, before he lets out a deep sigh.

“I suppose I might not have been quite fair to you. I did… make assumptions based on what I thought of you, of your physical capabilities, and that wasn’t completely fair,” Aizawa admits softly, reaching out to cup Toshinori’s face, “sex is… something that requires communication, something neither of us thought to partake in. I’m sorry.”

The admission makes Toshinori blink in surprise, eyes widening just a fraction. It wasn’t often that his partner admitted a mistake, Toshinori able to count the amount of times it’d happen on two hands alone. His eyes widen even more as Aizawa suddenly leans forward, pressing his lips to Toshinori’s hard. Already he can feel the difference from all their other kisses, a certain hunger behind it that hasn’t been present before.

Or at least, hasn’t been unrestrained before.

His tongue slides into the blond’s, mapping out the interior of his mouth hungrily, a hand going to cup his crotch. It’s like he’s trying to take possession of Toshinori, mind, body, and soul. He’s so demanding, everywhere at once as he takes control of Toshinori’s mouth, marking it as his own over and over before he finally pulls away. Both of their faces are flushed, but Toshinori is more focused on how Aizawa’s eyes look, pupils blown wide with pleasure.

“You look so fucking good in these, you have no idea. I was standing there for five whole minutes just watching yourself touch yourself and—fuck Toshi, I’ve never been harder. You fingering yourself, moaning my name in a way that I’ve never heard before, looking so slutty. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if it was actually happening. I’m not going to lie, I pinched myself to make sure.”

Toshinori shivers as Aizawa whispers to him, feeling a tingle run up his spine that feels positively delicious. The dark-haired man is letting his hands move to rest on Toshinori’s sides, running them up and down the skin, before both go to squeeze slim thighs, fingers pressing into the skin hard, brushing across the thigh-highs softly. He starts sliding his mouth away from Toshinori’s to start kissing and nipping at his jaw, causing the blond to tilt his head back and let out little gasps with each little press of his teeth.

“I just,” another bite, this time to his neck, “want to,” he’s pressing him down into the bed now, pushing Toshinori onto his back as he slides onto the bed himself finally, moving his hands to wrap around his wrists and press them to either side, “to fucking ravish you.’

“Oh god, please.”

That’s all the encouragement Aizawa needs, pulling away from Toshinori for a moment to grab his legs, spreading them to either side hard before sliding in between them. He keeps going until their crotches grind together, Aizawa still fully dressed, Toshinori still in his panties, and holy fuck it feels good. Now that his hands are free he starts scrabbling at the bottom of the other teacher’s shirt, pulling at it desperately. He needs Aizawa naked and he needed it yesterday at this point.

Aizawa doesn’t seem to mind, quickly moving his hands to help Toshinori, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants go slack as the blond manages to pull his shirt up to expose his chest. Aizawa’s all pale abs and muscle as far as the eye can see, years upon years of hero work toning him well. Toshinori can’t stop himself from running fingers up and down them, letting himself explore the smooth skin, before Aizawa’s grabbing his hands again and pushing them to the side. The blond whines, disappointed that he seemingly isn’t allowed to touch (this time), but Aizawa just presses a quick kiss to his lips as a quick apology.

He knows what Aizawa wants—he wants to worship Toshinori. He doesn’t want this to be about him, he wants this to be about the former pro, about ‘ravishing’ him, and honestly, he can’t complain at the prospect. It’s what he was fantasizing about, after all.

At least the other man is taking the rest of his clothing off finally, pulling his pants off, leaving him in his boxers. They’re so strained, cock clearly outlined by the thin fabric, and just looking at it makes Toshinori swallow hard.

He can’t focus on it too long however—already Aizawa is sliding between his legs again, pulling his knees up to allow the dark-haired man a better angle to press their crotches together. The slide of the cotton against the lacey material of the panties feels different, but it’s a different he enjoys, pushing up against Aizawa’s lazy grinding.

“You should wear lace more often,” Aizawa pants out, sliding a hand up his leg to grab at Toshinori’s ass, “we could… go shopping together some time… get something for each of us… you’d look so good in red—you’d look so good in anything.”

He presses his lips to Toshinori’s once more, grinding their cocks together, both panting and moaning into each other’s mouths. Toshinori can feel how messy his face is becoming already, saliva wetting his lips, cheeks flushed red—but Aizawa isn’t much better, looking just as wrecked. God, it’s a fucking crime that they haven’t been able to let loose like this with each other before, and silently, he has to send a quick thank you to Midnight for providing them with this opportunity.

Aizawa breaks the kiss then, sliding down Toshinori’s body quickly, kneeling in between his spread legs and bending over. His face is level with his crotch and Aizawa doesn’t hesitate to lick a broad stripe up the exposed part of the blond’s length, wrapping his lips around the head and swirling his tongue around over and over. The sudden heat makes Toshinori moan, covering his mouth with one of his hands as the other goes to grip the sheets.

That Aizawa doesn’t like, reaching up to grab his elbow and jerk his hand away, shaking his head as he pulls off of Toshinori’s cock. “I want to hear you,” he pants, pupils blown, “you understand? No muffling your moans, no hiding like usual—alright? No holding back.”

The blond only weakly nods, biting his lip softly. The prospect of letting his voice come out unrestrained already feels embarrassing, body growing hot at just the thought. He’d try his best though, even if it’d make him feel like… well, feel like a slut.

With his nod, Aizawa begins licking at his cock again, pulling the panties down to allow himself to lick from base to tip, repeating this a couple times before he starts actually sucking Toshinori off. His mouth is so hot and wet and it feels so fucking good. He can’t stop his hips from jerking, pushing a little more into the dark-haired man’s mouth, Aizawa letting him sink another inch or two past his lips before he presses down on his hips, keeping him in place. He wants more, he wants to move further into that heat, but he can’t, Aizawa effectively keeping his body immobilized from the waist down.

“Shouta… Shouta please,” he whines, face darkening at how erotic he sounds, “more, please. I need more or I’m going to lose my mind—”

Aizawa pulls his mouth off again then, pressing soft kisses up and down his thigh, hushing him softly. “I know, I know. Just be patient, okay? Let me… let me enjoy this. Enjoy you.”

And then he’s sinking back down again and Toshinori wants to cry because his mouth is so soft, so warm—and when Aizawa starts bobbing his head, tears do start to burn at the corners of his eyes, because it’s so much and so fucking good. With each push down, Aizawa’s taking more and more of him, managing to get about 5 inches into his mouth and down his throat before he has to pull back up or risk choking. Its more than enough for Toshinori though, who’s letting out whimpers and moans with each suck, actually following Aizawa’s instructions of not keeping his voice contained.

By the time Aizawa’s had his fill, his lips are red, face just as flushed as Toshinori’s. He has to take a couple seconds to catch his breath, letting his head rest against the blond’s thighs, before slowly moving his hands to touch the lace that still wrapped his pelvis and legs. Aizawa’s mouth is open slightly in wonder as he lets fingers trail up and down Toshinori’s legs, breathing heavy as he lets them get closer and closer to his ass, letting a single digit go under the waistband.

“Do you want me to fuck you in these?”

Aizawa’s voice is quiet, reverent almost, looking up to meet Toshinori’s gaze. The jolt that runs through the larger of the two is almost instantaneous, nodding so fast he’s almost worried he’s given himself whiplash.

That’s all Aizawa needs, putting his hand forward for Toshinori to deposit the earlier bottle of lube. He quickly grabs it from next to him, pushing it into Aizawa’s fingers, nerves suddenly sparking through him. He lets his legs fall further apart for him, chest rising and falling quickly as Aizawa pours a copious amount onto his fingers, watching the liquid slowly trail down pale fingers.

His clean hand pushes the panties aside—just like in Toshinori’s fantasy—and he lets the other run over Toshinori’s hole softly, tracing the rim for a moment or two before immediately sinking two fingers in deep. Toshinori’s still loose from earlier, taking them in all the way without any resistance, and by the look on Aizawa’s face, he fucking loves it. The dark-haired man is kneading his bottom lip between his teeth, only able to stare at his fingers enveloped in the former pro’s tight heat, before he shakes his head suddenly, snapping himself out of his trance.

“You alright?” Aizawa whispers, not moving his hand just yet as he looks up to check on Toshinori, ever concerned for his lover, even with both of them so eager for him to fuck the former pro, “you looked loose enough to take two but if I was wrong—”

Toshinori quickly shakes his head, mouth open a little bit as he pants, “nonono, it’s—it’s really good. You… you can just put another one in now, I think. Your fingers are thicker than mine but I was… going pretty fast with my own earlier.” His ears tinge a little pink, unable to stop himself from looking away from Aizawa then—that is, until he feels the third finger push in and the darker haired man crook them up right into his prostate, rubbing it softly. It makes him gasp, quickly clenching fists into the sheets again as his eyes fly back to his partner, taking in the expression of pure reverence Aizawa has.

“God, yeah… I’ve never seen you finger yourself before and you were just… writhing against your hand Toshi.” Aizawa brushes a kiss along the lace on his legs, eyes fluttering shut for a moment, as if he’s trying to relive the memory, “half of me didn’t even want to let you know I was there, to just keep watching you fuck yourself, but the other half knew that if I didn’t do something, if I didn’t get to touch you when you were like this, I’d lose my mind.”

With that, he finally starts shifting his fingers, thrusting them in and out of Toshinori gently. The blond’s chest is rising and falling quickly as Aizawa finishes the last little bit of prep they’d need, just concentrating on the fact that this is all they need to do now before Aizawa can finally slide home and fuck him. Aizawa seems more than happy to drag it out though, thrusting fingers in and out at an achingly slow pace to start off with, letting his digits rub up against his lover’s prostate each time he presses back in. His other hand is petting the blond’s leg, feeling the lace over and over as he focuses on making Toshinori feel good throughout the process.

By the end of it, there’s a little pool of precum from Toshinori’s cock on his stomach, the entire length red and angry as he grinds back against Aizawa’s fingers, whimpering like mad for the other teacher. Little gasps of please Shouta, more Shouta, oh right there Shouta—all which earned him appreciative presses against his prostate, low groans coming from the back of his lover’s throat. Aizawa halfway through had taken to rubbing his own dick through his briefs, sacrificing touching Toshinori’s lingerie, rubbing his thumb over the head as he shoved the fingers deep. A flush was covering his chest and face, almost the same shade as his partner at this point, and it’s obvious that his resolve to make the blond wait a little bit longer is crumbling, want shining through clear as day. Toshinori is nice and loose now though; no resistance at all when Aizawa presses his fingers in and out, his body definitely ready for something more.

And while it’s not his fantasy of Aizawa fingering him with abandon, making him feel the sting and the stretch, it’s still amazing. All of this is progress, and honestly, no fantasy can fully be reality. Or at least, not this time round, because the blond is most definitely going to do his best from then on to actually ask Aizawa for what he wants—and hopefully in return, the dark-haired man would do the same (What kind of fantasies float around that head of his? What kind of thoughts has he had about Toshinori that he hasn’t voiced before? What kind of kinks has he been hiding from the blond?)

Without Toshinori having to ask, Aizawa pulls his fingers from his tight heat to finally take off the last bit of clothing that conceals the blond’s prize, pushing his briefs down and off his legs quickly before returning his attentions to his partner. Toshinori’s eyes drop to focus on the other man’s dick immediately, his body managing to feel even hotter as he takes in how much of a mess Aizawa himself has become. His dick is practically coated in precum, having been spread by the other man’s hand earlier, causing the skin to glisten in the soft light of their bedroom. It makes Toshinori swallow, gaze flickering up to lock with Aizawa’s once more, as he lets his thighs fall open just a little bit more for him.

When Aizawa doesn’t move forward to slide between them, still just watching Toshinori, he pushes them even further apart, biting his lip at how exposed his body feels. Even with his crotch still clad in lace, he feels barer than he ever has nude, something about the lingerie just… enhancing everything for him. His cock still looks ridiculous sticking out of the panties, but it’s in a way that feels sexy to Toshinori, a way that makes him feel good about how he looks at that very moment more than ever before. The way it’s made Aizawa reacts just shows it’s not just him either, that this isn’t just all in his head—and he can’t stop the appreciative hum from the back of his throat as his lover reaches out again, brushing fingers down the garters, the sides of the panties, before gripping his thighs and tugging him forward. He lifts keeps pushing at Toshinori’s legs until he’s practically folded in half, cock hovering over his face and ass presented to the hero.

It’s a position that leaves him completely at Aizawa’s mercy, the blond swallowing heavily as he watches the other man slick up his length with more of the lube. Without saying anything, he pushes the panties aside once more, pressing the head of his cock against Toshinori’s hole for a moment. He just lets him feel it catch and slide, catch and slide, repeating the motion over and over, still holding his legs in place. The blond is just about to grab him and flip them so he can sink down on his cock in frustration when Aizawa finally thrusts in, burying himself to the hilt in his lover’s tight heat.

Instantly, Toshinori is clenching up around him, not expecting the penetration after all of Aizawa’s teasing. He throws his head back against the pillows, chest rising and falling quickly as he takes quick, rapid breaths, glad that Aizawa doesn’t immediately start moving. His eyes are half closed, but he’s still able to watch as a dribble of precum slips out of the slit of his dick, slowly dripping down onto his chest and chin, rolling down his face. He can’t help but dart his tongue out and lick the little bit that manages to reach his lips, spreading it over his tongue. He lets his eyes shift to lock with Aizawa’s then, maintaining the connection between them while the darker haired man stares at him with a truly breathless look, lust burning in his eyes.

It’s then that Aizawa makes a little noise of frustration in the back of his throat, already thin patience snapping right in half. Toshinori feels him pull his hips back, dragging his cock out of the blond all the way until his rim catches on the head, before immediately slamming it back in with a loud groan. It makes the muscles in Toshinori’s chest convulse, a moan falling from his lips as his eyes flutter shut, allowing himself to get lost in the sensation of Aizawa’s thrusts.

Every thrust forward presses into his prostate, every drag back, gives the man the wonderful sensation of being fucked hard that he’s been craving for weeks now. Aizawa’s completely thrown the concept of treating Toshinori like glass out the window, gripping his legs so hard that the blond just knows that he’s going to have bruises in the morning, the thought alone making his dick twitch. He’s going to be pressing them all day tomorrow, subconsciously running his fingers over where the purple marks lay reverently, mind traveling to tonight’s events over and over even without him meaning to. God, and hopefully, if Aizawa catches him doing it… he can only wish for the man to get a smug look on his face just from the knowledge that he’s the one who’s done this to Toshinori.

But it’s been a night of fantasies come true, so honestly, he shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatch.

Suddenly, he feels Aizawa’s hand slip around his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking him off in time to his thrusts. Sweat is rolling down the other man’s face, red and panting, and a hand slides from Toshinori’s thigh down to grip his ass, spreading him slightly as he fucks into him. He can see his eyes flicker down to look at where his cock is disappearing into the blond, seemingly obsessed with how Toshinori is stretched around him, a thumb even shifting from where his hand is spreading him to rub around the rim for a moment or two.

“Fuck, you look so obscene,” he growls out, giving a particularly harsh thrust into Toshinori, eyes traveling to stare at cock, bobbing over his face, “the lingerie, come on your face, spread so fucking good around me—dream come true.” His hand shifts then to grasp the blond’s length, stroking it in time with his thrusts, seemingly intent on making the man come all over his own face.

A little whimper breaks from Toshinori’s throat at the praise, clenching up unintentionally around Aizawa and doing his best to push his dick further into his hand, unable to do much but jerk a little bit with their current position. He hates that he’s already so close, hates that they’re not going to make this last tonight—but he wouldn’t dare tell Aizawa to slow down at this point. The stimulation is just way too good for that, and he finally has to reach up to grab at his lover, squeezing his arms hard as Aizawa’s pace starts increasing, obviously close himself.

And then Toshinori suddenly can’t hold it back anymore and he’s coming, spurting over his chest and face, clenching hard around Aizawa. He shivers at the sensation of hot come spurting onto him, mouth falling open a bit and staying like that as he tries to regain his breath, body going limp against the mattress below them. The other teacher lets out a growl, quickly reaching down to start spreading the come over his face with a thumb, pressing some into his open mouth and spreading it over his lips. The darker haired man manages just a couple more thrusts before his hips stutter to a stop, and Toshinori can feel hot warmth spread inside him as Aizawa releases. His partner just gives a couple tinier thrusts into him, working out the last of his orgasm, before he’s pulling out and letting the panties fall back into place.

He falls next to Toshinori and quickly is pulling the taller against his chest, pressing kisses against his face as both of them recover from their orgasm, Toshinori quickly wrapping his arms around Aizawa’s middle and hugging him tightly. He can’t really manage to speak right then and there, but he has just enough energy to press a couple appreciative kisses to Aizawa’s bare chest, eyes fluttering shut.

And he doesn’t mean to, but he falls asleep like that, pressed as close as possible to his lover, drifting off just in time to catch a soft ‘I love you’ from Aizawa and another brush of lips against his head.