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Adventures and Mishaps

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There was a land that was divided into many kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms had two different academies, one to study the magic arts, and the other of chivalry and the ways of the knights. Once a student graduated from either academy, they could work a position within the kingdom, or join the elite Emissary Force each nation has to settle disputes and promote peace to other kingdoms. If they join the Emissary Force, or EF, each knight would be paired with a mage in a partnership, to look after each other, work with and protect one another. The Kingdom of Karasuno was nestled in the lovely countryside, close to the sea. On the other side was the grand Miyagi forest with paths snaking through to travel to far off places. It was a peaceful place, ruled by a young queen, Shimizu Kiyoko. Today she stood in front of two groups of young men and women. On the left were Knights adorned with mysterious black armor and splashes of bold orange embellishments. On the right were mages adorned in a simple black robe, that when shifted in certain rays of light splashed swirls of orange jewels. She gazed at the new graduates in quiet solemnity, and then a small smile blossomed on her face, an attractive dusting of pink on her cheeks.
“I am so proud of all of you, and look forward to each contribution you will each bestow in our great nation of Karasuno.” She bowed her head slightly, more out of shyness than than reverence, “Good Luck,” she finished softly.
Cheers arose from both sides of new recruits, the knights stomping their shields into the ground, the mages erupting sparks into the sky from their staffs. A group of already established EF pairs stood to the side watching excitedly at the new crop of graduates.
“I wonder if any will join the EF,” said Suga, who was gripping his staff, his eyes bright and sparkling. Daichi, his Knight companion, shrugged. “I’m sure a few will, Karasuno is nice, but inevitably a few will get the itch to travel outside their own kingdom.” They were startled by the sound of sobbing, and turned to see Asahi and Ennoshita standing to the side as Tanaka and Nishinoya had their arms around each other, wailing, “Queen Shimizu!! OOoh by the gods she is so beautiful!”
“Our Light! Our song! She is everything! Our Goddess!”
Asahi looked nervous as he reached a hand out and placed it on Nishinoya’s cloaked back to comfort him. Ennoshita simply had his arms crossed, glaring at his own Knight. Daichi sighed, “Come on, you idiots, we’ve got to see if we’ve got any new recruits.” Immediately the sobbing ebbed and Ennoshita was pushing Tanaka from behind to follow Daichi and Suga toward headquarters, Asahi and Nishinoya trailing behind.
Headquarters were located in the courtyard of Karasuno castle. They were just nearing the door when they heard a booming voice from inside.
“What the hell is this?! You’ve got to be kidding me, he can’t be my knight!”
“I happen to be a great knight! And how can you be a mage, you look like an idiot!”
They all glanced to each other, and then to Daichi, their fearless leader. He winced and then gingerly opened the door. Inside were four new recruits, one mage and one knight growling in each other’s faces, the other two standing apart, a little perturbed by the ruckus. Daichi and the others turn to face their bosses, Ukai, head of knights, and Takeda, head of mages. Ukai, looking like he was about to pop a vein in his forehead, slammed his hand down onto the table, making everyone jump.
“Enough! He is a knight, your knight. And this guy, is your mage. You’re gonna work together. You don’t have to like each other, but you will find a way to work with each other. Got it?!” The startled recruits nodded vigorously. Ukai sighed, then turned to the others who just entered. “Alright, we’ve got two new teams. Over here is Tsukishima Kei, a knight, and Yamaguchi Tadashi, his mage.” Yamaguchi was the shorter one with fluffy brown hair, skin slightly speckled with acne. He smiled warmly at his new senpais and gave a bow. Tsukishima was an extremely tall, lanky knight, with glasses perched on his nose. He looked completely bored with everything going on, but he still managed a polite bow in greeting.
“And,” Ukai took in a breath, “This mage is Kageyama Tobio and his knight here is Hinata Shoyou.” Kageyama was rather tall as well, with a brooding aura and a scowl to match. They were all surprised he was the mage and the other...well. The knight next to him was very short for a knight, almost as small as Nishinoya. But he radiated excitement, his smile nearly as bright as his mop of orange hair. Both him and Kageyama gave their own bows of greeting.
Ukai went on to introduce the rest of the team to the recruits.
“Ok, so assignments. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, you both will stay here shadowing Daichi and Suga in guarding the Queen and her new attendant, get a feel for how things work in the castle and not disturbing the Queen in her duties.” Ukai gave an ugly glare over to wear Tanaka and Nishinoya were standing, jaws hanging open at being passed over for guard duty again. “Hinata and Kageyama, I’ll be sending you to Aoba Josai to deliver a message from Queen Shimizu regarding landlines between our nations. It’s an easy mission for your first time, just deliver it to King Yahaba and bring back his message in return. Pretty simple.” Both recruits nodded, though Kageyama bit his lip, turning his angry scowl into a bit of a worried one. Ukai paid it no mind though as he assigned the rest of the team their assignments. Asahi and Nishinoya were assigned to offer assistance to the shrine of Dateko, where the priests sent word that vagrants have been sneaking in at night and vandalizing the shrine. Ennoshita and Tanaka were assigned to the Forest of Miyagi to track down a Basan that’s been wreaking havoc in the outlying villages.
“Yeeesssss!!!!!” Tanaka cheered with his fists in the air, and Ennoshita caught him just in time before he whipped his shirt off.
“Don’t strip in front of the new recruits,” Ennoshita sighed as he continued gripping the hem of Tanaka’s shirt, as if it would fly off on its own.
“Ugh, no fair! I want to fight a Basan! We could totally take it!” Nishinoya complained. Asahi only scratched the back of his head in response, obviously relieved that they don’t have to fight it.
Hinata cocked his head at the ruckus. “Um, what’s a Basan?”
Tsukishima clicked his tongue in response. “You seriously never paid attention in our lessons, did you?”
“I did too, Stupidshima!”
Tsukishima leaned over to Hinata and gave him a sneer, “Ooooh? How would you have done had I not been there to help you study?”
Hinata opened his mouth, but then shut it and puffed his cheeks out when he realized the taller knight was totally right. Suga came over and laid a hand on Hinata’s shoulder.
“It’s fine, Hinata, Basan aren’t all that common anyways. They’re basically a fire breathing chicken.”
“OOOoooooh,” Hinata and Kageyama said in perfect unison, and then glared at each other.
“You didn’t know what it was either?” Hinata asked.
Kageyama just shrugged in response.
Takeda finally stepped forward in the middle of everyone, hands in the air. “Now now, everyone, Ukai-San has given out assignments, I think it’s time we get to our duties.”
Ukai nodded, “Yup, everyone dismissed!”