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His Brother, His Hat

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Yugo shot up from his sleeping position from a jolt of unremembered fear and
pain. He grabbed the edge of his hat,
pulling it over his face and curling into a ball. Adamai could feel his small brother’s
distress in a faint distant way as it rolled off Yugo in waves. He sat up slowly so as not disturb the distraught eliatrope
“Yugo?” he asked softly, “Are you okay?”
Jumping at his dragon brother’s voice, he looked at Adamai in fear and pain. And surprise.
And somehow, the surprise hurt Adamai more. Almost as if he had forgotten Adamai was in their shared room again. Yugo just shook his head and rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Don’t worry about it Adamai,” he sighed,
“It’s not important. See you in the
morning.” And he rolled over, facing
away from Adamai.
“See you in the morning, Yugo,” Adamai whispered to him, lying back down. But he couldn’t sleep.
When had he and Yugo grown so distant? Well, he knew the answer to that, but their bond, it was so weak. He had almost expected it to be close to what
it had been like before….but of course that had been a naïve thought. He should have known. Yugo was almost notorious for his ability to not forget. He was always kind to Adamai, and Adamai could tell that Yugo wanted to trust him….but he just couldn’t let go completely. He was hurt by Adamai, just as Adamai had been hurt by Yugo.
Adamai sat up in frustration, pressing against his temples angrily. It just wasn’t fair! They were brothers born of the same egg. They had both been so close to each other and now….now…now they were too afraid of being hurt by the other.
he heard Yugo’s groggy voice, “You okay, bro?”
And now he had woken up Yugo. He chuckled self-depreciatingly, “I didn’t mean to wake you up, sorry. I’ll sleep now. Night.”
As he lied down he heard Yugo snort sleepily, “If anyone should apologize, it should be me,” he yawned, “pretty sure you’re only awake ‘cuz of me anyway. Night….”
Adamai smiled to himself. Maybe their bond wasn’t too weak to give up on it yet.