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Blue Light Keeps You From Falling Asleep, So Don't Use Electronic Devices Before Bed

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It was a sweltering summer evening, and the crappy old electric fan found itself not being of much use as there was a power outage, and as everyone knew, power outage in the middle of summer was the absolute worst (the author of this fan fiction has been there too, and it sucked). So, the Odd Jobs trio, being the Odd Jobs trio, had come up with an excellent (read: bizarre) idea to combat the heat. Soon there was faint and eerie blue light amidst the pitch-black darkness of the office, casting shadows upon the walls that trembled every now and then as the light flickered.

"This is a bad, no, a terrible idea." Shinpachi commented as light from the five blue andon lanterns placed about the room turned his face into a scary hue.

"We haven't even begun and you're already afraid?" Kagura grinned, the blue glow making her grin ten times creepier, "Well, good for you. The chills we get from telling scary stories cool us down, and it'll be even better if you can piss your pants."

"That's not the problem, dang it!" Shinpachi retorted, "Lighting candles inside can cause fire. Let's see if we can cool down then! Besides, looking at blue light in the dark isn't good for your eyes."

"Says the visually impaired." Gintoki quipped. If there was a prize for "Looking the Creepiest in Blue Andon Light", it should definitely be given to him, "No need to make excuses, we already know you're afraid. Look at you, all shivering knees and…"

"Gin-san, it's your knees that are shivering." Shinpachi said, seeing Gintoki now visibly terrified.

"Shinpachi-kun." said Kagura, who had become as scared as Gintoki was, "Be… be… be…"

"What is it?"

"Behind you…"

"Kagura-chan, are you telling me the ghost of the blue lantern has appeared? But we haven't even begun telling any stories yet! You two are definitely trying to scare me, now aren't you?" that said, he was forcibly turned around by the other two.

A pale, cadaverous horned figure draped in white clothes and ghostly black hair was grinning at Shinpachi, instantly stealing Gintoki's place as the one looking the creepiest in blue andon light.