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the incomplete

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Rhett was a manipulator in the best worst way.

How had Rhett gotten Link to do some of the most ridiculous experiments on GMM? Let Link count the ways.

…Or actually, no, let him not, because that would, quite literally, take an entire day.

But let the record still stand.

No matter what it was (well, save for anything life-threatening, but Rhett would never endanger either of their lives anyways, so…), with the work of a smile and some quickly-spoken words, Link was putty in Rhett’s hands.

Link may have been prone to retching at the sight/smell of several select foods, and may have been scared shitless by spiders and snakes, and a bit prone to fainting, but he wasn’t weak.

Anyone would have a weak constitution when it came to Rhett McLaughlin. Rhett and his big pretty eyes and his coiffed hair and his stupidly perfect bearded smile and that damn baritone voice…

All that pretty wrapped up in a giant of a man.

Yeah, Link dared anyone to try and resist that.

Like himself.

After a particularly long filming of GMM that’d felt even more drawn out because of the palpable tension between him and Rhett, Rhett had crowded Link up against the wall and started making out with him. Link reciprocated eagerly. It was just another one of Rhett’s ideas. One that Rhett was telling explaining to him with the slow, sultry movement of his lips and the pleasant scratchy almost-burn of his beard against Link’s chin and cheeks.

Link thought it was a great idea.

Especially when Rhett’s tongue found its way into his mouth and tangled with his. Yeah, nice touch.

Rhett’s hands made their way down Link’s sides and stopped to rest at Link’s waist. His fingers dug into Link’s belt, tugging at it, and his mouth was moving against Link’s, not quite kissing anymore but not fully stopped, now murmuring praises and “I want” and “c’mon, let me see more” and “it’s gonna be so good” and Link is finding himself ready to just let this man take him right there up against the wall of their studio, because yes, he wants this, but more importantly, Rhett wants this, and who is he to deny fucking Rhett McLaughlin what he wants –

Somehow, something lights up in the back of his mind and says, “A sensible person” and Link finds it in himself to actually (reluctantly), gently but firmly, push Rhett back.

It was like they’d both been shocked.
Rhett especially. He, like Link, looked thoroughly debauched. A bit disoriented. But mostly confused and disappointed. Link felt a little pang in his chest. He quickly spoke before Rhett could jump to anything drastic.

“Man, you sure move fast,” Link said, breathless. “I mean, you ain’t even bought me dinner yet.”

Rhett stared at him. “You kiddin’ me right now?”

“No, I’m not –”

“Are you – is this not good?” Finding himself again, Rhett slowly moved back into Link’s space. “I thought…you were into this.” He tilted his head and started leaning down. “I thought you were really into this.”

“I was – I am,” Link said, pushing Rhett back again. At Rhett’s incredulous expression, he held up a hand. “No, hear me out, man. I am so into this.” Link laid his Southern accent on thick, trying to lighten the mood. “I am so into you it is not even funny, honey.”

Rhett snorted a little and shook his head. “So what’s the problem?”

Link looked him in the eyes and said, “I don’t put out on the first date. I’m not joking!” He added, when Rhett started to snicker. “I’m not gonna let you think that you can just stand there and sweet talk me into sleeping with you.”

“So what,” Rhett said, turning his own accent on full force, “you want me to wine and dine you proper?”

Link bit his lip and nodded.

“Call me old-fashioned,” he said softly. “You can kiss me, but that’s about all you’re gettin’ from me until then.”