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Playing with Fire

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House Stark
Ned- Gryffindor (formerly)
Catelyn- Beuxbatons (formerly)
Robb- Gryffindor- 6th year
Sansa- Slytherin- 5th year
Arya- Slytherin- 4th year
Bran- Ravenclaw- 3rd year
Rickon- Hufflepuff- 1st year
Lyanna- Gryffindor (formerly)

House Tyrell
Olenna- Slytherin (formerly)
Mace- Hufflepuff (formerly)
Willas- Ravenclaw (formerly)
Garlan- Durmstrang- 7th year
Loras- Beuxbatons- 6th year
Margaery- Beuxbatons- 6th year

House Lannister
Tywin- Slytherin (formerly)
Cersei- Slytherin (formerly)
Tyrion- Ravenclaw (formerly)
Jaime- Gryffindor (formerly)
Joffrey- Slytherin- 6th year
Myrcella- Ravenclaw- 4th year
Tommen- Hufflepuff- 1st year
Joanna- Ravenclaw- 6th year

House Baratheon
Robert- Gryffindor (formerly)
Stannis- Gryffindor (formerly)
Renly- Hufflepuff- 7th year
Gendry- Gryffindor- 5th year

House Martell
Doran Martell- Hufflepuff (formerly)
Oberyn- Slytherin (formerly)
Arianne- Slytherin- 7th year
Quentin- Hufflepuff- 6th year
Trystane- Ravenclaw- 5th year
Elia- Ravenclaw (formerly)

House Targaryen
Aerys- Durmstrang (formerly)
Rhaegar- Durmstrang (formerly)
Viserys- Durmstrang- 7th year
Daenerys- Beuxbatons- 6th year
Jon- Hufflepuff- 6th year

Others Characters
Jeyne Poole- Hufflepuff- 5th year
Jeyne Westerling- Ravenclaw- 6th year
Roslin Frey- Gryffindor- 5th year
Theon- Gryffindor- 7th year
Robert Arryn- Hufflepuff- 3rd year
Harry Hardying- Gryffindor- 5th year
Jon Arryn- Hufflepuff (formerly)
Lysa Arryn- Ravenclaw (formerly)
Ramsay Bolton- Slytherin- 7th year
Ygritte- Slytherin- 6th year
Edric Dayne- Gryffindor- 5th year
Edric Storm- Gryffindor- 6th year
Garrett Flowers- Hufflepuff- 7th year
Samwell Tarly- Ravenclaw- 6th year
Dickon Tarly- Gryffindor- 5th year
Smalljon Umber- Gryffindor- 6th year
Eddard Karstark- Hufflepuff- 5th year
Daryn Hornwood- Hufflepuff- 7th year
Dacey Mormont- Hufflepuff- 7th year
Lyanna Mormont- Gryffindor- 1st year
Brienne of Tarth- Gryffindor (formerly)


The Prefects
Robb Stark- Gryffindor House
Arianne Martell- Slytherin House
Myrcella Lannister- Ravenclaw House
Renly Baratheon- Hufflepuff House

Quidditch Captains
Robb- Gryffindor
Joffrey- Slytherin
Jon- Hufflepuff
Trystane- Ravenclaw

Professors and Headmasters
Olenna Tyrell- Headmistress at Hogwarts
Tywin Lannister- Defense Against the Dark Arts- Deputy Headmaster- Head of Slytherin House
Tyrion Lannister- Magical Creatures
Elia Martell- Transfiguration- Head of Ravenclaw House
Ned Stark - History of Magic- Head of Gryffindor House
Jaime Lannister- Co-Flying
Brienne of Tarth- Co-Flying
Robert Baratheon- Alchemy
Jon Arryn- Charms- Head of Hufflepuff House
Oberyn Martell- Potions
Lyanna Stark-Targaryen - Headmistress of Beuxbatons
Rhaegar Targaryen- Headmaster of Durmstrang
Balon Greyjoy- Arithmacy
Willas Tyrell- Astronomy
Doran Martell- Herbology
Melisandre- Divination
Lysa Arryn- Muggle Studies
Stannis Baratheon- Study of Ancient Ruins