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In My Veins

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The start of new week; the start of another week together.

Pending some huge disaster hitting National City (which happened way more often than either of them liked) they had a little more flexibility when it came to Monday mornings, for the Danvers name was royalty within the Department of Extranormal Operations and Maggie’s actions during the Daxamite invasion had not only gained her official commendation from the NCPD but, also, had earned her something of an untouchable status at work. If there were no active crimes, nobody really cared if she turned up one or two hours late – they knew she was good for it and knew that it was the least she deserved for defending the precinct and saving the lives of numerous officers and civilians that day. Hard work paid off, not just to the value of a decent pay rise (that was going directly to helping make their special day even more special) but also, and even more valuably, to extra snuggle time with her fiancée in the mornings.

Or sex. This morning, it was most definitely sex.

Sometimes, she couldn’t help it, she just wanted Alex so bad. Actually, it was more than sometimes and much closer to all the damn time but she had incredible self-control and could manage to supress the desires that popped up at the most inconvenient of moments – just the other day it had been at the store, when the sight of Alex’s ass in tight jeans as she leaned heavily on the handle of the shopping cart had made her knees very weak, her mouth dry and words sparse. At work it was always easier to repress those feelings – dead bodies were thankfully the biggest turn-off, but on more mundane days, especially days in which she had nothing to do but be a go-between between the NCPD and the DEO, taking files and/or evidence over to a building that very few had an all-access pass to (Alex, ever the romantic, had given her said pass for their two month anniversary, meaning she could come and go as she pleased without being subjected to a full body search every time) it was harder, and she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t considered closets they could sneak off to – the irony of two lesbians hiding in a closet for a quickie was not lost on her.

‘I love you,’ Maggie whispered, cradling her girl in her arms, as Alex came down from a high that their neighbours most likely heard. ‘I love you so, so much.’

‘I know you do,’ Alex replied with a cocky grin that was as cute as it was irresistible. Her confidence had always been sexy. When they first met, when Alex first kissed her, Maggie had pulled away from both the kiss and from her because she thought, naively, that Alex was way too fragile for this, that one wrong move on her own part could both scare Alex away and off the idea of dating whatsoever. She had been so naïve. Alex had always been so sure when it came to this relationship: she had initiated their first kiss, after all, and was one who was ready to take things further first – both in bed and with their future. It was reassuring, and it was hot as hell. ‘What do you want to do tonight? That is, if the city behaves itself?’

‘Hmm,’ Maggie pondered, finding it hard to think as Alex started to nuzzle at her neck. ‘I don’t mind?’

‘Pick something. Please. Whatever you choose, it’ll be my treat.’

Maggie giggled, shifting a little as her fiancée’s nibbles grew a little too intense. ‘Hey. Hickeys stay below the neck. You know that.’ She wasn’t sure she’d ever live down that day, a few months ago, when the perp she was interviewing had spotted the bruise on her neck and proceeded to call her Detective Hickey – thankfully, the Glock they’d found in some dumpster with his fingerprints all over it had been more than enough to shut him up.

‘Fine,’ Alex pouted, content to simply stay in Maggie’s hold rather than head further south. ‘Now c’mon. Tell me. What do you want to do tonight?’

There was one thing she’d not done in a while. ‘Bowling?’

Alex bit down on her lip. ‘You’re on.’

/ / /

They cuddled for a little bit longer before they decided to face the day. They had a good routine worked out by now, in which whoever jumped in the shower first would make breakfast. However, sometimes they completely disregarded it – or, in this case, Alex chose to disregard it, opting to join Maggie unannounced in the small cubicle.

Such a distraction. She had been particularly distracting this past week – they were both as bad as each other and, somehow miraculously, their respective stamina levels were still high. Engaged life was pretty damn sweet and domesticity was absolute bliss.

There were, however, weird moments of living together, Maggie discovered as Alex emerged, ready for the day in jeans and a familiar looking top. Maggie put down the paper she’d been skimming and frowned at her.


‘That’s my top.’

‘Um, no it’s--,’ Alex glanced down and the realisation hit her. ‘Oh, it is, isn’t it? I thought it felt a little snug.’ It might be snug but it fitted perfectly, accentuating her figure. ‘Should I change?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, you look great in it.’ Wonderful, actually. ‘I just knew this was going to happen eventually.’

‘What, that I’d steal this top?’

‘That you’d steal my clothes, period.’ They had an incredibly similar fashion sense and since Maggie moved in, admittedly, it was hard to distinguish between the two amalgamated wardrobes.

‘Hey,’ Alex said defensively. ‘You steal my clothes all the time.’

‘But when I do it, it’s cute because, as you love to point out, you're tol and I’m smol. Plus, I only do it at home, not when I leave the house.’ Alex’s hoodies were heaven, as were the football and soccer jerseys that Alex weirdly owned but never wore.

Alex narrowed her eyes as she wagged a finger. ‘Isn’t that my belt?’

Maggie didn’t even need to look to see the item in question. ‘No comment.’

‘You little hy--.’

‘See? Always with the attacks on my height,’ Maggie grinned.

‘I paid two hundred bucks for that belt! And you’re gonna ruin it with the clippy part of your badge.’

Clippy part. Maggie laughed. ‘Who pays two hundred bucks for a belt?’

‘It’s designer.’

‘Wow, okay,’ Maggie said before shrugging. ‘If you want your belt back, take it off me.’

Alex rose to the teasing challenge and came closer, slipping her fingers in the waistband of Maggie’s jeans to get a good grip on the belt. ‘Fine.’

They maintained eye contact and serious expressions that were both very close to breaking. ‘You want to take off more than just my belt, don’t you?’

Alex broke easily, with a small sigh. ‘So much more.’

‘You really want me this week, don’t you?’

Alex nodded. ‘I mean don’t get me wrong, I always want you but I think it’s all this wedding stuff. It’s just, I don’t know, making me feel closer to you, I guess?’

‘Only you can get turned on by wedding planning.’

‘Hey, you got turned on at Wholefoods for some reason.’

Blood rushed to Maggie’s cheeks. ‘You noticed? Was it that noticeable?’ It had been a busy aisle, Wholefoods was always so damn busy and yet, there she was, getting turned on in the bread aisle.

‘Your pupils dilated so you were either aroused or had taken something when you went to find your weird bagels,’ Alex smirked as she added, ‘That, and I know you can’t resist my ass.’

‘I knew you were standing like that on purpose.’ Tease, such an unrelenting tease.

‘And? What are you going to do about it?’

‘I…am…gonna triple toast my bagel and then make you kiss me after I eat it.’

‘Ugh gross,’ Alex grimaced. ‘I’m marrying such a sadist.’

‘Still a couple of months to back out.’

‘Never,’ Alex smiled, her hands on Maggie’s waist pulling her close. ‘You’re my forever.’

‘My, you’re such a catch…Alex Danvers, the poet.’

‘Don’t you just know it?’ It took a second to click but when it did, Alex beamed, so proud of herself. ‘I swear that wasn’t intentional.’

Of course it wasn’t – Alex was a terrible poet and, fearful of her attempting more verse, Maggie knew one definite way of keeping her quiet. ‘Just shut up and kiss me, okay?’