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Iri wa nan neoui Paradise

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"Thanks, Seokjin," Namjoon sighed into the phone. "I've just been so busy with work-"

"Joon, please don't blame yourself. It's not your fault, and it's only been a few days. I just wanted to let you know before he makes himself sick. If it was my brother I'd want you to tell me." 

Namjoon nodded before realizing his friend couldn't see him.

"I really appreciate it, thanks again. I'll talk to him."

He heard the key turning in the lock downstairs.

"Sounds like he's home, so I'm gonna let you go."

They exchanged quick goodbyes and he hung up the phone, taking a moment to think about what would be the best approach. 

"Daddy? Are you home?"

Namjoon smiled at the sweet voice and made his way downstairs, catching sight of Jimin still in the entryway getting rid of his shoes and heavy coat. 

"How was school baby?"

Jimin stretched up on his tippy toes to plant a sweet peck on the corner of Namjoon's mouth, smiling sweetly.

"It was good. Missed you, as always. I'm mentoring a new kid in dance class to help him catch up with the choreo for the spring showcase."

The petite blonde tossed his bag in an armchair and reached down to pull off his turtleneck, leaving himself in a plain charcoal gray t-shirt. 

Namjoon's eyes widened slightly as they landed on Jimin's throat, or more specifically the band of soft, midnight blue leather wrapped around it. He stepped closer, hands going immediately to Jimin's slim waist as he bent to nuzzle his nose against the spot under his ear, filling his lungs with the pretty omega's smell.

"You wore your collar to school?"

Jimin hummed softly, hands holding loosely to the front of Namjoon's shirt and head lolling slightly to the side, letting the alpha bathe him in his scent. 

"It was cold, so it was easy to keep it covered. I... I've just missed you lately."

 Namjoon felt a twinge of guilt. He'd been working such long hours recently, hadn't been there to comfort Jimin, to make him feel loved and cherished like he'd grown used to since they'd left home.

"I'm sorry baby," he murmered, nipping gently at Jimin's ear and smiling at the soft gasp that slipped out from the smaller boy. He stepped back and kissed his forehead.

"Come on, sit and relax. I'll make beef bulgogi."


An hour later they sat at the dining table with their food, Namjoon almost done with his own while Jimin pushed his around the plate with his chopsticks. 

"Does it not taste good?" 

Jimin jumped, almost dropping his chopsticks before offering a sheepish smile.

"No, it tastes amazing, Daddy. Thank you."

Namjoon quirked a brow.

"Then why haven't you been eating?"

Jimin glanced back down at the food.

"I had a big lunch at school."

"Is that so?"

Jimin looked at him, seeming a bit confused and Namjoon sighed, setting down his chopsticks and rubbing the bridge of his nose before looking back to Jimin.

"Seokjin called today."

The way Jimin's face paled suggested he knew exactly what Namjoon was getting at.

"He told me you haven't been eating at school for almost a week now. Is that true?" 

Jimin set down his own chopsticks and slumped slightly in his seat, refusing to meet Namjoon's questioning gaze.

"Talk to me, Jimin."

"There's nothing to talk about," he pouted, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "I wasn't hungry."


Jimin flinched at Namjoon's stern tone.

"What's going on Jimin? You know this isn't healthy. You're an omega. You know how important it is that you eat and keep up your strength, especially with your heat less than a month away. So what is it Jimin?" Namjoon's voice softened. "Please talk to me?"

Jimin huffed and glared at the ceiling for a long moment before replying.

"I just... want to lose a few pounds."

Namjoon stared at him in disbelief.

"You what? Why?"

Rather than answering, Jimin stood to walk away from the table, letting out an irritated noise when Namjoon got up to block him.

"Let me by Joon, I'm tired!"

Namjoon blinked, then stepped closer, cocking his head slightly.

"What did you just call me?"

Jimin seemed to realize his mistake, eyes going wide as he instantly dropped his attitude.

"I-I mean, Daddy," he stammered, "I want to go to my room, please."

Namjoon smirked, unamused.

"So first you lie to me. Then you catch an attitude. And now I'm 'Joon'?"

Jimin swallowed hard and Namjoon chuckled dryly before fixing him with a softer smile.

"It's okay, Jiminie. I'm not mad."

Jimin blinked.

"Y-you aren't?"

Namjoon stepped forward again and pulled the smaller boy against him, cradling his head against his chest.

"Of course not baby," he murmerred, petting his hair. "It's not your fault. I've been working so much lately that I've neglected you and let you forget the rules, let my authority slip." 

He kissed the top of Jimin's head.

"That's why you wore the collar to school today isn't it? To remind yourself, because I haven't been lately?"

Jimin was quiet, but Namjoon felt the way his arms tightened the tiniest bit around his waist, the almost imperceptible nod.

Namjoon smiled, kissing his head once more before slapping him lightly on the butt. Jimin jumped and glanced up at him, startled, and Namjoon caught his lips with his own, kissing him sweetly and pulling back quickly.

"Go to my room and change. I have to put away the food and dishes but I'll be there soon."

Jimin bit his lip as he nodded, whispering a quiet "yes Daddy" before hurrying up the stairs.


He was kneeling on the bed when Namjoon finally walked in, wearing nothing but one of Namjoon's work shirts and his pretty blue collar. The white button-down swallowed him whole, the hem stopping halfway down his thighs and the long sleeves almost covering his small hands completely. The top four buttons were undone, letting it hang open to expose sharp collarbones and soft skin.

Namjoon stepped over to the bed as his eyes drank him in, not saying a single word until he had one knee on the mattress. He caught Jimin's chin between his thumb and index finger, gripping firmly but gently and tilting his face up to brush their lips ever-so-lightly together, revelling in the way Jimin tried to close the gap and kiss him properly. 

"So beautiful, baby" he murmered against his lips, and Jimin's breath stuttered on a quiet whine. "Are you going to be a good boy for Daddy?"

Jimin nodded dazedly, the scent of his arousal filling the room.

"Use your words, Jiminie."

"I'll be good Daddy, I promise."

Namjoon hummed thoughtfully. 

"Are you sure? Because you weren't a very good boy earlier, now were you?"

Jimin froze, worrying his lip between his teeth before shaking his head slightly with a whispered "no sir."

"Mm. No, you weren't," Namjoon drawled, stroking his thumb along the meek omega's jaw before letting him go. "What were you being, Jiminie?"

There was a moment of silence, Jimin just fiddling with his sweaterpaws and staring at the mattress.

"I... I was being bad."

Namjoon nodded, then sat beside him on the mattress. 

"You were. And what happens when you're bad?"

Jimin glanced at him then, just for a second, before flushing and averting his gaze.

"You have to discipline me."

"I do." Namjoon stared at him for a long moment before smiling. "But considering the circumstances, Daddy is going to be nice."

Jimin's gaze shot up, his eyes questioning, and Namjoon smiled wider.

"I'm going to let you choose your own punishment."

Jimin blinked, then gnawed at his lip again, considering.

"Well?" Namjoon prompted. "What will it be?"

The blush on the omegas cheeks burned impossibly darker and he averted his eyes, mumbling something under his breath.

"Speak up, baby."

"I... I want... I want you to spank me."

A wave of arousal washed through Namjoon and he barely held back a deep groan. He placed a hand at the nape of Jimin's neck and pulled him forwards, throwing him off balance as he crashed their lips together again. He kissed him harsher and deeper than before, shoving his tongue inside to taste Jimin's mouth, biting at his soft, plush lips and sucking at the tip of his tongue while the omega moaned and whined into his mouth, his intoxicating scent almost overwhelming.

Namjoon pulled back, tangling his hand in his hair and gripping tightly to keep Jimin from chasing his lips. He held him there, his forehead pressed to Jimin's, lips almost brushing as they breathed each other's air. Then he pressed one last quick kiss to the corner of Jimin's lips and tugged his hair one more time before situating himself on the bed with his feet on the floor and guiding Jimin over his lap. 

He settled him across his legs, Jimin's chest pressed against the mattress on the other side, his hips flush against Namjoon's thighs. Placing a hand on Jimin's calf, he slid his palm slowly up his leg, humming appreciatively at the feel of his soft, smooth skin.

"Such a gorgeous, beautiful boy. So perfect for me, so soft, and sweet..."

Jimin practically keened at the praise, and his breath hitched when the hand got to his thighs. He whimpered quietly as Namjoon took his sweet time inching up the hem of his shirt, his fingers brushing the sensitive skin between his legs. His fingers stopped just below Jimin's ass, stroking along his inner thigh, and he chuckled darkly as he felt the moisture there. 

"Already wet for me, baby? You really have missed Daddy, haven't you?"

Namjoon tugged the shirt up over the curve of Jimin's ass and bared him completely. He didn't hesitate to fill both hands with the soft, full mounds of flesh, kneading and massaging them as Jimin made small contented noises and started to relax. 

Smoothing his palms over Jimin's cheeks, Namjoon spread them slightly- just to watch them jiggle as he let them bounce back together. A groan made it's way out of his chest as he took a moment to soak in the vision of his sweet Jimin laid bare on his lap.

"What are you being punished for baby? Tell me."

Jimin whined, but a sharp slap to his thigh was enough to get him talking.

"I... I skipped meals."


"I l-lied to Daddy."


"And I caught an attitude, didn't call you Daddy."

Namjoon smiled, though Jimin couldn't see it with his face buried in the mattress.

"That's right baby. I think... fifteen. Five for each offense sounds fair, don't you think?"

Jimin breathed a quiet but audible "yes sir" and Namjoon's hand was striking down on his plush ass almost before the words were completely out.

"One," Namjoon counted, stroking the area to soothe it. "What do you say baby?"

"Thank you Daddy," Jimin whispered, and Namjoon's hand came down on his other cheek. 


"Thank you Daddy."


Namjoon started off without much force behind his strikes, but as he went on he varied his pace and the strength behind each smack. Jimin squirmed and whimpered in his lap and Namjoon could feel his small, hard cock pressing into his thighs as his gasps and whimpers turned to moans.

He delivered the last three smacks in quick succession, cupping Jimin's cheek and squeezing when his hand came down for the fifteenth time. Jimin let out a sound caught somewhere between a sob and a moan and pushed back against his touch.

Namjoon smirked and groped him roughly again.

"Does that feel good Jiminie? You like the burn? Was that what my baby boy needed?"

"Yes Daddy, thank you," was the reply, and Jimin was slipping from his lap and kneeling on the floor by his feet.

Namjoon eyed him curiously.

"What's this, love?"

"I want to thank you properly," Jimin stated, biting his lip and widening his eyes innocently.

He grinned triumphantly when Namjoon let out a low moan and nodded for him to continue. He grabbed the waistband of Namjoon's sweatpants and tugged them down, Namjoon lifting his hips to make it easy for him to get rid of the offending garment. 

Jimin wasted no time in wrapping his small fingers around Namjoon's thick base, leaning forward to press hot, open-mouthed kisses along every inch of the shaft before wrapping his plump lips around the head. He sucked lightly at the tip and Namjoon let out a low growl, his hand tangling in Jimin's silky hair and tugging sharply, urging him to continue.

Rather than complying, Jimin tucked his hands behind his back, holding his wrists and gazing pleadingly up at his alpha.

Namjoon groaned when he understood what Jimin was asking of him. His tongue slipped out to wet his lips and he moved his hand from Jimin's hair, stroking his cheek softly.

"You want me to fuck your pretty little mouth Jiminie?"

He ran his thumb along Jimin's soft bottom lip.

"Want to feel my cock deep in your throat? Hmm, baby? You want Daddy to make you choke on his dick?"

The muffled moan around his cock and the way Jimin's eyes fluttered shut was more than enough confirmation for the alpha, and he slipped his hand to the back of Jimin's head, guiding him down.

Namjoon was big, even for an alpha, so he let Jimin bob and adjust to the first few inches at his own slow pace, letting out encouraging sounds and praises as he took him gradually deeper. 

It was when he was brushing Jimin's tonsils that he took over, pressing him down farther rather than letting him bob back up. Jimin tried to pull back but Namjoon held him still, making him gag around him.

"Shh, shh, you can do it baby. I know you can. Just relax, breathe through your nose."

Jimin resisted a second longer, then did as he was told, forcing himself to relax and pull in shallow breathes.

Namjoon gave him a minute, then pushed Jimin down the last couple inches, groaning loudly as he settled deep in Jimin's throat.

"God baby, you feel so fucking good," he breathed, "so tight around Daddy's cock. You're such a good boy Jiminie."

Then he rocked his hips up from the mattress, forcing himself even deeper before pulling back and pushing forward again. He started slow but quickly built up his pace, fucking shallowly into the tight heat of Jimin's throat. He watched the tears leak out between his omega's closed eyes and tugged hard at his hair, making him open them and look at him with his beautiful watery eyes.

Far too soon, Namjoon felt himself hurdling towards his climax, so he slowed his thrusts gradually and pulled out carefully.

Jimin gasped for breath the second his mouth was clear, resting his cheek against Namjoon's thigh as he caught his breath. 

"Why did you stop?" he rasped, wiping at the tears on his cheeks.

Namjoon leaned down and pulled him into his lap, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him close. He kissed both of his cheeks and the tip of his nose, smiling when Jimin let out a giggle at the attention. 

"I don't want to come until I've fucked you senseless," he murmered simply, and Jimin's eyes barely had time to widen before he was on his back on the mattress with Namjoon looming over him.

The alpha tugged his own shirt off and tossed it away before making quick work of the buttons on Jimin's shirt, lifting him so he could pull it off completely.

Once they were both bare he settled between Jimin's legs, taking a moment to drink in the sight of his pretty omega underneath him as he trailed his fingers lightly over his sharp collarbones, down his chest and across his soft belly.

"Beautiful," he breathed.

Then he leaned down and kissed Jimin deeply, letting their tongues tangle together for the briefest moment before he pulled back, biting at Jimin's full bottom lip.

"How dare you?" he whispered, close enough that Jimin had no choice but to breathe his air, his hands steadily roaming along the omega's soft upper body. "How dare you think that this body is anything less than perfect?"

His mouth was at Jimin's throat before the younger had a chance to respond, and Jimin let out a low moan as Namjoon licked along the bottom edge of his jaw and bit down roughly at the curve of his neck.

Namjoon sucked hard, laving his tongue soothingly over the mark before biting down again, leaving Jimin whimpering and gasping under his assault as he bit and sucked mark after mark into his sensitive skin. 

When he was finally satisfied with the picture blooming on Jimin's throat he let his mouth drift lower, nipping and licking along his collarbones and following the path his fingers had taken. He ran his tongue over a pert nipple, rolling it between his tongue and teeth before kissing across Jimin's chest to deliver the same treatment to the other.

Namjoon's eyes stayed fixed on Jimin's face as he moved to tongue along his hipbone, watching as his eyes squeezed shut and his lips parted in a soundless gasp. 

He slid a hand between Jimin's legs, spreading the slick that had gathered there, then bit down on his thick thigh, tasting Jimin's sweetness on his tongue as he sucked a mark there, too.

Jimin tried to close his legs instinctively but Namjoon held them firmly open, mouthing along his thigh a moment longer before finally turning his attention to his omega's hard, weeping cock.

"Perfect," he murmered again, stoking his fingertips lightly against it, watching it twitch against them.

Jimin's cock was small and pretty, just like the rest of him, and it was a fact Namjoon loved more than anything. He wrapped his fingers snugly around him and felt a deep, almost primal sense of satisfaction when his large palm hid it completely from view. 

Suddenly Namjoon was leaning forward and engulfing him entirely with his mouth, sucking avidly and running his tongue around the base. Jimin let out a strangled gasp and his hands gripped tightly at Namjoon's hair. His hips thrusted forward on their own, the tip still falling short of Namjoon's throat. 

Namjoon let him keep bucking into his mouth, wanting to reward his omega for being so good, taking his punishment so well. He slipped a finger through the slick between Jimin's legs, wasting no time with teasing as he pressed it past Jimin's tight wet rim.

Jimin let out a loud sob when Namjoon found his prostate easily, his alpha pressing firmly and running small circles into the small bundle of nerves.

Namjoon groaned around his omega's cock as he watched Jimin's back arch from the mattress, overwhelming pleasure evident on his beautiful face.

Whimpers and "Daddy please"s slipped past Jimin's lips as his thrusts became more erratic, his thigh tensing under Namjoon's other hand.

Namjoon didn't let up. He hollowed his cheeks around Jimin's cock, sucking harder as he massaged his prostate.

Jimin came with a high-pitched whine, and just as his sweetness exploded on Namjoon's tongue, the alpha pushed in a second finger, immediately thrusting them inside him as Jimin writhed franticly beneath him, trying to get away from the overwhelmingly sensitivity.

"D-Daddy, Daddy please," he cried, trying to push Namjoon's head away as he kept licking and sucking along his spent cock. "Too much, it's too much, I can't take it-"

"You can and you will," Namjoon growled, then he was pulling his fingers out and flipping Jimin onto his belly.

Jimin tried to get his knees under him but Namjoon pressed him flat against the mattress by his hips, and Jimin almost screamed when his alpha spread him open and shoved his tongue past his rim.

Namjoon licked deep inside him, drowning himself in Jimin's sweetness, his mind clouded with the omega's heady scent. He pulled back and sucked at his rim, circling it with his tongue, then delved back in, moaning as Jimin clawed at the sheets, loving how the small boy's thighs trembled uncontrollably as his pleading gradually turned back to pleasured moans.

Namjoon pulled back finally, slipping the same two fingers back in place of his tongue, pumping a few times before he pushed in a third. He loosened his grip on Jimin's hips and the omega bucked against his fingers, trying to force them deeper.

"Tell Daddy what you want baby," Namjoon growled, thrusting twice directly into his abused prostate. "I want to hear you beg."

"Please," Jimin sobbed immediately, "Please fuck me Daddy, I can't take it anymore. I need your cock, I need it so bad, I-"

He broke off as Namjoon suddenly pulled his fingers out and rutted his hard cock against Jimin's ass, whimpering when the alpha groped his thick mounds roughly and grinded against him, his slick making the slide easy as Namjoon pushed back and forth between Jimin's full, round cheeks.

Finally, finally, Namjoon lined himself up and pushed in, bottoming out in one long, deep stroke and leaving Jimin sobbing into the mattress in relief and pleasure.

Namjoon held still until Jimin was squirming underneath him again, then pulled out and slammed back in, groaning deeply and wrenching a broken moan from the omega beneath him. 

Jimin's body went limp as Namjoon started fucking into him, slow but hard, making sure Jimin felt every inch of him buried inside him with each thrust. It was so good, so so good, but it wasn't enough for either of them, and soon enough Namjoon was backing up slightly, just enough to let Jimin get his knees underneath him and lift his lower body off of the mattress. 

Namjoon adjusted himself to the new angle and pushed back in, setting a brutal pace from the start as he pressed a hand between Jimin's shoulderblades, pinning his chest and head to the bed.

"This what you wanted baby?" he growled, thrusting unforgivingly into the omega's already abused prostate. "Wanted Daddy to mount you and show you who you belong to?" 

Jimin let out a desperate stream of "yes"s and rocked his hips back to meet each thrust, feeling a second orgasm gathering hot and tight in his gut.

"Want Daddy to breed you, Jiminie? Fill you so full of my come, put my pups in your belly? Hmm? Want to let everyone see what you do for Daddy when we're all alone?"

Jimin moaned thickly and went pliant under Namjoon's body, tilting his head and baring his neck in a sign of submission that had Namjoon almost forgetting himself completely and lunging forward to mark him permanently.

He let out a growl and pulled him up by his hair, still thrusting relentlessly and sucked another mark into Jimin's soft skin. He could feel his climax building quickly, so he slid a hand down to wrap around Jimin's hard cock, holding tight and pumping fast as his other hand settled around Jimin's throat. 

Namjoon heard the hitch in the omega's already labored breathing, taking it as a sign of consent and tightening his grip, just enough to make Jimin's breath catch in his throat. He held it for a few seconds then relaxed his grip long enough for Jimin to draw in a gulp of air before squeezing again as his thrusts grew desperate, keeping his hold longer this time, until he could feel the edge of his orgasm about to break.

He let go, and Jimin arched against him as he came with a desperate sob, his walls tightening and pulsing intensely around Namjoon's cock. The alpha managed a few more shallow thrusts before following his lead, his cum spilling deep inside his overly sensitive omega, making the latter writhe in his grip as each spurt hit right against his prostate.

After both of their bodies had calmed a little, Namjoon gripped Jimin's waist and pulled out carefully, reaching over to rummage in the bedside drawer when he whimpered pitifully. He found what he was looking for and spread Jimin slightly so he could press the cool glass plug past his entrance.

Jimin relaxed, leaning back against him and angling his head for a kiss that Namjoon was more than willing to give. 

Eventually Namjoon pulled away, climbing off of the bed and tossing a giggling and exhausted Jimin over his shoulder, swatting him playfully on the butt as he carried him to the bathroom. He ran a warm bath and settled the sleepy omega inside it, climbing in behind him and getting to work cleaning them both. 

Jimin remained quiet as Namjoon scrubbed his favorite shampoo into his scalp, and the alpha leaned forward to press a kiss to his shoulder.

"What's wrong baby?" 

Jimin played with the bubbles silently for a minute before sighing. 

"I just... I want to be yours."

Namjoon hummed.

"But you are."

"You know what I mean. I... I want to be yours officially. I know what you said before, about me being young, maybe finding someone else one day, but I don't want to. I don't care if our parents are married, and I don't care that I've never 'gotten the chance' to be with another alpha. I don't want another alpha. I don't even look at other alphas so I wouldn't find one anyway. I want you." 

He pauses for a breath, then says softer, barely above a whisper, "It's always been you."

Namjoon didn't speak for a long moment, thinking hard about Jimin's words. Then he settled his chin on his shoulder, wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his cheek.


Jimin turned to look at him.


Namjoon smiled softly.

"I want you too, Jimin. I've never wanted anybody else. I just... I wanted to give you a chance, to let you decide what you wanted. You're still young, but I won't belittle your decisions because of that. If you're sure... then, okay."

Jimin stared in disbelief, then nodded, a slow smile spreading across his beautiful face.

"I am. I'm sure. This is what I want."

Namjoon squeezed him tighter, nuzzling into his neck and breathing in his scent.

"Then this is what you'll get. But... I want to wait."

Jimin's face fell, and Namjoon smiled reassuringly.

"Not for long. Just until your birthday. I'd rather not mate you officially while I'm still your legal guardian. Okay?"

Jimin relaxed again, beaming.