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Bonding through the Bonding Pouch

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After two dome concerts in Japan, Jin just wanted to go home, curl up on his bed and sleep. Unfortunately, he had his two babies waiting for him at home. Don’t get him wrong, he loved them with his whole heart but sometimes, especially when he’s this tired, he just wanted to forget that he was responsible for the lives of two sugar gliders.

Upon entering their shared bedroom, Yoongi immediately flopped down on his bed and fell asleep. The sugar gliders, however, started crying out either because they were hungry or just looking forward to the attention they’ve been lacking for the past three days. Jin couldn’t help but coo at them, he couldn’t deny how vulnerable he was to the cuteness of his babies.

“How are my worldwide cuties doing? You must’ve missed daddy while I was away. Our dear Odengie even followed me to Japan!” Jin started talking as if they could actually understand him but a slight grumble from Yoongi had him lowering down his voice. “We have to be quiet Yoongichii’s really tired, we don’t want to disturb him right?” the sugar gliders, as if they could actually comprehend what he said, stopped crying and started to nibble at the glob of yogurt that Jin placed on his finger. It wasn’t long before Jin started drifting off to sleep while his pets continued as they were.

Although half-asleep, Jin heard a low conversation going on around him. “Hi babies, how have you been? Did you miss us? Look at what I got you while we were away!” Yoongi said using the baby voice he had specially reserved for Holly. Jin tried his best not to giggle at what was happening but he was even more surprised when he opened his eyes and saw Yoongi carrying Eomuk and Odeng inside a bonding pouch hanging from his neck.

“That look suits you well Yoongichii” Jin said with a smirk on his face. The startled Yoongi, who was caught red handed, froze mid-pet and looked at him with wide eyes.

“J-Jinnie Hyung! uhh I just wanted to give Eomukie and Odengie something from our trip” Yoongi stuttered out in response.

“So you got them a bonding pouch so I can carry them around?” Jin said in understanding.

“Well it’s not just for you. I wanted to be able to be bond with them more as well so I actually got two of them. I thought we could go walk them around the park together” He replied with a faint blush forming on his cheeks.

Jin’s heart fluttered at Yoongi’s statement however he tried his best to hide it. He knew he wasn’t supposed to feel this way and yet he did. “Well Yoongichii if you wanted to ask me out you could’ve just done so, you didn’t have to use my babies as an excuse” he proceeded to tease knowing well that Yoongi denying this would put his heart back into its proper place.

“I know how much they mean to you so I wanted them to be there when we first go out and to be honest I think I started falling for them as much as I did for you” Yoongi replied as he brought Eomuk close to his nose and cuddled into his fur.

“Wait are you seriously telling me you like me?? When did this happen? why didn’t you tell me?” Jin said loudly, startling Odengie who was on Yoongi’s shoulder back into the bonding pouch.

“You have to be more quiet, you’re frightening the kids. And if you want a definitive timeline of when I fell for you I don’t think I can give you that. All I can say is that I like you now and I really want to go out with you” Yoongi said with a tentative smile on his face. Although Jin still couldn’t believe it, he got up from his place on the rug and started petting Odengie who was still trying to get over the shock he experienced a few moments ago.

“If I say yes, will you become the other dad that my babies never had?” Jin said jokingly with a hint of uncertainty. They looked up at each other and shared a look a fondness and a smile grew wide on Yoongi’s face as he said, “It would be my pleasure”.