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Life On The Murder Scene

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The two men, both dressed all in black dragged the third man between them. The third man, with a shaved head and tattoos was dumped unceremoniously on the floor at the feet of a young woman. The woman, thin, medium height, with shoulder length raven hair and bright, green eyes, dressed in a tight purple corset, a black lace dress, fishnet stockings and knee high black boots, nodded to the two men.

“Thank you boys, well done.”
“Will you be needing anything else Miss Iero?”

Lily Iero uncrossed her legs and stood, slowly walking over to the man on his knees on the floor. The man looked up in fear at the woman and swallowed harshly, trying to avoid eye contact with her. Lily slapped him hard across the face and smiled at the two goons.

“No, you can leave. I’ve got it from here.”
“Yes Miss Iero, we will go and tell Master Way that you’ll be with him shortly.”

The two thugs bowed and then left Lily alone with her prisoner. Lily sat back down and beckoned the tattooed man forward and her crawled to her feet.

“Now I assume you know why you’re here, Mike.”
“I just…I need more time Lily, please! It’s a lot of money to get together in such a short amount of time and I don’t have it right now.”

Lily laughed and lifted Mike’s head with her heeled foot so he was looking her in the eye.

“So, you’re telling me, that you have the money to buy yourself a new car, but you don’t have the money to pay back your dealer? Tsk tsk Mike, tsk tsk.”
“How did you know about the car? Are you having me fucking followed, Iero? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Mike was on his feet and in Lily’s space but she was unphased and stayed sitting calmly as he towered over her.

“You forget who runs this town, I know everything that happens here, Mike.”

Overcome with burning rage, Mike backhands Lily across the face, her head snapping to the side. Lily stands and wipes the blood trickling from her lip with the back of her hand and silently pulls her knife from the sheath hidden in her boot.

“Aren’t you lucky that I really like Mustangs?”

Mike clutches at his throat as Lily slashes it and he falls to his knees, trying to speak but only gurgling sounds coming out.


The last thing slipping from his slips before he dies, falling to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Lily wipes her blade clean on the now dead mans shirt before tucking it back into it’s sheath, she steps over his body and leaves the room, heading back up the basement stairs to the cleaners room.

“Alex, are you here?”
“Yeah Lily, I’m here, what’s up?”

The young brunette rounds the corner and looks at his boss, noting her swollen lip and the blood dripping down her arm.

“Need me to clean up downstairs?”

Lily smiles and gently strokes Alex’s cheek with the back of her hand.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you babes.”

She kisses him on the cheek and then leaves, making her way upstairs to the bedroom she shares with her partner.

“Darling, I have good news, and I have bad news, which do you want first?”

Mikey Way put down the book he was reading and pushed his glasses back up his nose, running a hand through his bleached blonde hair. He takes in his girlfriend’s swollen lip, and the blood dripping down her arm. Lily bit her lip as she drank in the sight of her boyfriend with his sculptured jawline, toned arms and body, showed off from his lack of a shirt, and his sweatpants sitting low on his hips.

“May as well start with the good, babe.”

“Okay, good news, we own a Mustang now.”

Mikey raised a contemplative eyebrow.

“And the bad news?”

“I killed Mike Pedicone.”

Lily unzipperd the corset and removed then gripped the bottom of her dress and removed it, frowning when she noticed the blood spattered on the top half of it. She’d have to throw the dress out and beg Hayley to make her a new one.

“How much did he owe us?”

“About 15 grand I think. Why?”

Mikey grabbed his laptop off of the floor beside their bed and opened it up, typing, then making a few clicks. He looked up at Lily with a shrug, closed his laptop and put it back down on the floor.

“It’s fine, we’ll get at least twice that, probably more when we sell the car anyway.”

Lily crossed her arms over her chest and looked sternly, well as stern as someone can look standing in just black satin undergarments, at her boyfriend.

“Excuse me? Who said anything about selling the car? I’ve always wanted a Mustang.”

Mikey laughed at Lily and rolled his eyes when she pouted at it and crawled onto the bed, straddling his lap and kissing him softly on the lips.

“Babe, you don’t need a Mustang. You have a Camaro, and Aston Martin AND an Impala.”

Mikey kissed her back, trailing his lips down her neck to nibble at the top of the tattoo on her collarbone.

“I didn’t say I ‘needed’ anything, I said I ‘wanted’ something.”

“No Lily, you’re not keeping the Mustang. It needs to be sold so we don’t automatically get blamed for Pedicone’s death. The last thing we need is your brother breathing down our necks.”

Lily made a disgusted noise in her throat and climbed off of Mikey, bending over to remove the knife from around her calf.

“He’d need a chair to breathe down your neck.”

She muttered quietly and mostly to herself and removed her bra and underwear, stepping towards the bathroom and tossing her hair over her shoulder to look at Mikey.

“You just gonna sit there and stare at me or are you coming to shower with me?”

“Depends, are you gonna listen to me and sell the car?”

Lily smiled and turned around to show Mikey what she knew he wanted to see. Mikey drank in his girlfriends naked form appreciatively and sat his glasses on the bedside table.

“Convince me?”

She asked him softly and turned back around to turn the shower on, giggling when Mikey followed her in, shedding his pants and closing the bathroom door.


The young black haired man with the porcelain white skin raised his pistol, pointing it at the short, tattooed, green-eyed brunette from his hiding place across the room and shot. He giggled when the water hit his boyfriend right between the eyes, causing him to jolt in his seat and smirk, casting his eyes on his giggling boyfriend.

“Oh you are so dead!”

Frank Iero stood up from his desk and strode across the room, grabbing his giggling boyfriend around the waist with heavily tattooed arms and tackling him onto the plush leather couch. He pried the water pistol from Gerard’s hands and proceeded to tickle the younger while he shrieked and giggled.

“Frankie…stopit! You win!”

“Yeah? Are you my prize?”

Gerard tilted his head up until Frank got the hint and kissed him, nibbling on his bottom lip until he opened his mouth. Frank licked into his mouth and explored it with his tongue, smirking into the kiss at the little shudder Gerard makes under him. Frank’s hands are up and under Gerard’s shirt when there’s a knock on the door and he sighs, removing his boyfriend from his lap and setting him on the couch next to him.

“Come in.”

The curly hair of Frank’s right hand man, Ray Toro, comes into the room followed closely by the rest of his tall, muscular form, and his intense brown eyes and he smiles at Gerard and Frank.

“Sorry to interrupt boss, got something I need to talk to you about. Hey Gee, you alright?”

Gerard pouts at Frank and petulantly crosses his arms over his chest.

“You said no work tonight, Frankie. It’s meant to be date night!”

Frank sighs and runs a hand through his hair while Ray watches on and tries to hide his laugh with a cough. Frank pulls Gee up from the couch and kisses him on the cheek, tucking a strand of dark hair behind the younger mans ear.

“I know what I said, love, and it is date night. I just have to deal with this first. Why don’t you go and set the movie up in our room and get the popcorn ready, I’ll be there soon.”

“You better be. See you later, Ray.”

Ray ruffles Gerard’s hair when he walks past and then sits down at Frank’s desk, waiting for his boss to take a seat. Frank straightens his tie and smooths his shirt and sits back down at his desk and gesturing for Ray to start talking.

“Something’s happened to Pedicone. He left about 2 hours ago but was meant to check in when he got home and he hasn’t yet.”

“And this is an issue that needed my attention in the middle of date night because?”

Frank asked angrily, slamming his fist down on his desk a little harder than he meant to. It wasn’t Ray’s fault that he was on edge. Frank tried extremely hard to keep his real job hidden from Gerard, telling the younger that he was just a businessman and ran it from home. He didn’t want to drag Gerard into being part of a gang, especially one who’s members kept being murdered by their rivals.

“Mike had a load of coke in his car, was meant to be delivering it to the dealers tomorrow.”

“Fuck, how much of it did he have?”

Ray licked his lips and swallowed harshly and Frank knew that it was a lot.

“About 10 grands worth…Frank, I…I’m sorry. I was meant to do it but Christa has a scan tomorrow and I wanted to be there with her because I missed the last one. It’s my fault and I’ll do everything I can to make sure it’s recovered, or to get you the money.”

Frank held a hand up to silence his partner.

“Ray, relax, don’t worry about it okay? Pedicone is fucking stupid, he’s probably just gone home and gotten laid and fallen asleep and forgotten to check in. We’ll deal with it in the morning. Go home, get some sleep. Send Christa my love, tell her Gee and I miss her.”

“Thanks Frank, I will. I’m sorry, and I’m sorry I interrupted date night, tell Gee I said sorry.”

Frank laughed, standing up and walking around his desk to clap Ray on the shoulder, shaking his hand as he stood up and followed Frank to the door.

“Gee will get over it, now go, go home. We’ll sort this in the morning.”

Ray offers a sympathetic smile but leaves as he’s told, Frank waiting until he’s around the corner before letting the smile leave his face. Fuck, 10 grands worth of coke basically flushed down the drain. Pedicone was stupid, but not that stupid. He couldn’t let himself dwell on it, Gerard was upstairs waiting for him and the last thing he needed was his boyfriend being moody for the next week when he needed to chase up 10 grands worth of coke to replace what’d been lost. When Frank got upstairs he couldn’t help but smile, Gee was curled up in their bed with a bowl of popcorn in his lap, and a mug of what Frank assumed was hot chocolate on his bedside table.

“What movie are we watching Gee?”

“Blade Runner, I made you tea by the way. Everything okay with work?”

Frank undid his tie and removed his work shirt and pants, slipping on his sweatpants and crawling into bed with Gerard. He kisses the top of Gerard’s head and put his arm around him, encouraging Gee to lean against him. Gerard leaned up to kiss Frank’s neck, tracing the scorpion tattoo he had there with his tongue.

“It will be, don’t trouble your pretty head about it baby. Let’s just watch the movie yeah?”

Gerard leant up further to place a gentle kiss on Frank’s lips and smiled at the older man.

“Love you, Frankie.”

“Love you too, GeeBear.”


Freshly clean and sated after her shower with Mikey, Lily headed down to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea before heading to bed.

“I was just looking for you boss, you gotta come see this!”

Lily and Mikey’s second-in-command, Evan, comes into the kitchen with a huge grin on his face. Evan is medium height and build with long, curly brown hair, a scraggly beard and pretty hazel eyes. He didn’t even flinch at the sight of his boss in the tight, short, low cut satin negligee. Lily lets Evan take her by the hand and out to the garage behind the house, pouting but allowing it when he covers her eyes before taking her inside.

“Ta da!”

Evan takes his hands away and Lily eyes him sceptically.

“It’s Pedicone’s Mustang……I knew it was here. Why did I have to come and see it?”

“The car isn’t the best part.”

Evan smiled and gestured towards the boot of the car where the key was still sitting in the lock. Lily almost fainted in happiness when she opened the boot and saw the little rectangular packages and held her hand out to Evan for the pocket knife she knew he had in his pocket.

“Is this what I think it is?”

Evan stood behind Lily with hands either side of her hips where she was bent over, hands resting on the open boot of the car.

“Why don’t you find out boss?”

He breathed into her ear and Lily stuck the knife into the top package and dug out a small amount of the product. Licking it off of the edge of the blade, her eyes shutting in ecstasy and a small sigh slipping through her lips. Lily turned back around, very aware of Evan’s hard-on pushing into the crease of her hip and tucked the knife back into the pocket of his jeans and kissed him softly.

“Get the stuff into the kitchen and then send Cameron and Sam to dump the car somewhere where The Patience will find it. You did good babe, proud of you.”

Lily kissed Evan on the cheek and then ducked out from between his arms, purposely swaying her hips a little as she headed back inside and back up to the bedroom.

“Guess what darling?”

Mikey didn’t answer, just held up his hand to signal for Lily to shush as he held his phone up to his ear.

              Yeah Gee, I miss you too……I know, I’m just super busy with work. How’s art school going?”

Lily didn’t stick around to hear the rest of Mikey’s phone call with his little brother as it meant she could call her brother. Lily knew that Frank kept the truth from his boyfriend about what he did for a living, just as she knew Mikey kept the same secret from his little brother. She headed down to her office and sat in the high backed leather chair, picking up the phone and dialling Frank’s number, putting her feet up on the desk.

Lily: Hey Frankie

Frank: What do you want, Lily?

He practically growled down the phone at her and Lily just giggled, imaging the frustrated face her brother would have on at her giggle.

That’s hardly the way to greet your little sister now is it?

Not in the mood for your games, Lil. What can I do for you?

Oh there’s nothing you can do for me, I just wanted to thank you for your little gift.

Gift? What the hell…

A beat, and Lily continued to smirk.

…you’ve got my missing product, don’t you?

That’s what you get for giving it to someone who owes me money! I was just going to sell the car to make the money back considering he can’t pay it back. Guess I have another way now don’t I?

Lily laughed as Frank breathed heavily down the phone and she could picture the look on his face as he tried to decide how he could reason with her to get his drugs back.

It’s good product too, my boys will be in for a treat once I give them their cut of the score.

Lily…let’s work something out. I’m sure I can do something for you that’d be worth what Mike owed you?

But Frankie, you already have.

Mikey stuck his head in the open office door and lent against it with crossed arms, raising a questioning eyebrow at her.

You should be going Frankie, your pretty little boyfriend will be wondering who you’re making deals with this late at night. Bye now.

Frank cursed at her as she hung up on him and Lily winked at Mikey and took his hand, pulling him back down to the bedroom.

“Good phone call with Gee? My big brother treating him right?”

“He’s fine. What was that all about? I assume you were talking to Frank?”

Mikey let Lily straddle his lap as she pushed him down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Cameron and Sam are taking the Mustang back to Belleville and dumping it. Pedicone had 10 grands worth of my brother’s coke in the boot of the car so we’re gonna sell that instead. Happy?”

He frowned, putting his hands on Lily’s hips to keep her still.

“So you were on the phone to gloat to your brother that you had his stuff? For fucks sake Lily. I said we were dumping the car so we didn’t raise suspicion and now you’ve gone and told him you did it!”

“Where’s the downside? I have 10 grands worth of his product now! He doesn’t have anything to breathe down our necks about. He was practically begging me to give it back to him. This is a good thing, darling. Trust me.”

“I do trust you babe, I just worry. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

Mikey hugged Lily tight and she smiled, softly kissing Mikey’s head where he’d buried it in her neck.

“You’re not gonna lose me Mikey, I promise. C’mon, we should get some sleep. We’ve got a lot of product to deliver tomorrow.”

Lily climbed out of Mikey’s lap to turn the bedroom light off and crawled into bed, pulling him to lie with her, her head on his chest and Mikey’s arms locked tightly around her waist.