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15 Nights of Heaven in Hell

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"(Y/N)! You know you can't enter that zone." I turn and face my friend after groaning in annoyance.
"15 actors have been taken in the space of 3 days. From England and America. I want to know why and I am going to look into it," I snap.
"Who?" My friend retorts not believing me.
"Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sebastian Stan. Would you like me to continue?" I ask. I see my friend pale as the truth sinks in.
"So celebrities have actually been going missing?"
"Yes and Sebastian was the last one to be taken from his home. He lived 15 minutes from here. I am going looking," my friend sighs but nods.
"Just take care. Please," My friend pleads. I nod in agreement before grabbing my snooping bag and walk out the back door and vaulting over the back fence. The cold air numbed my hands and face as I walked through people's properties trying to avoid the roads because the police would stop me to ask questions.
I tighten my scarf as I reach the fence to Sebastian's place. I quickly rub my hands together before jumping up and gripping the top of the iron fence. I swing my body over the top and land on my feet but roll forwards to take the vibration and stress of the landing. Once I'm back on my feet, I take off my back pack and grab out my note book.
"Okay, so Sebastian was seen walking inside his home by friends," I tell myself before grabbing the flashlight from my bag and turning it on as I walk around the property after placing my bag back on my back.
"The friends say they heard a smash from the kitchen. The kitchen?" I check my notes again and see that I did write kitchen. I walk through the dark house and find a smashed glass on the floor in the kitchen.
"The friends ran inside and Sebastian was gone. They were in the pool at the time," I note before placing my notebook in my pocket and walking out to the pool.
"Okay. Hear a smash and can't see a break in. 20 seconds to get out of the pool," I note before looking at my watch. As the second hand hits the twelve I sprint to the kitchen and check my watch again.
"30 seconds plus the 20. They couldn't have taken more than a minute to get in here," I say to myself and look around the dark room again.
"Maybe... What if Sebastian knew the person? Convinced Seb that he needed help or something and got him out of the kitchen. Knocked him out and went back to the kitchen and smashed the glass," I think out loud and feel proud of myself for actually coming up with something semi-plausible.
"If that were the case there would have to be something els... front door." I move through the house and see no obvious sign of a struggle and the front door of the house is wide open but there are police outside. I take a quick look at the front door at the base. I see marks that would suggest someone jammed their foot in the door to stop the door from being closed.
"Someone you don't want in your house perhaps?" I whisper to myself in thought. As I stand from my crouched position a cloth covers my face and someone yanks me backwards and into a wall.
"Ow," I complain as I open my eyes to be blinded by bright lights.
"At last. Ladies and gentleman, there are 16 rooms that you are all trapped within. There are three people that are able to move between rooms without being killed. If you want to be freed and without harm to you or your families and friends, you must leave your comfort zone in each and every room that you meet someone in. Should you refuse, one member of your friends or families will be killed in front of you. Enjoy," A crackly and distorted voice calls out. I risk a peek around the room and see nothing really out of the ordinary. Single bed. Brick walls. Concrete floor.
"The people that can move are in single beds. Your time to save lives begins now," The male voice says and a loud high pitched siren follows. Groaning I get up and look for a door and see a dark oak door at the end of the bed and a loud click sounds.
"What's the worst that could happen?"