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The Windsworth Coven

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Spike broke in right after sunset. Picking the lock, he looked around rapidly for a ordinary costume. Something the Slayer would be fooled by. For a moment, Spike thought there was someone there, but shrugged and kept going. A realistic blonde wig caught his attention, as well as a good looking brown leather jacket. The outfit included a nice plastic sword to match. If Spike had read the label, the peroxide vamp would have gagged. For the person that represented the costume was a vampire Hunter. A hunter who had fallen in forbbiden love with one of the very creatures he killed. Enough to marry her.
When Spike put on the costume, he went to search for the Slayer, catch her unawares.

Ethan came out of his hiding place. When he heard someone break in, his heart sped up. Especially because it was a vampire. Ethan Rayne wasn’t a brave man, so he waited for the intruder to leave. Ethan didn't care if one of his costumes were taken, it provided one more victim to the spell. After getting over the fright, Rayne went back into position. He bled his hands and smeared his face and forehead with it.

Buffy adjusted her corset as she walked down the street with her troop. It was a bit tight but not uncomfortable. She hoped Angel would like her costume. Buffy did not find the costume she wanted. The only classy looking outfit was corset shirt and jeans. She wasn’t pleased when she was told it was a vampire. But the owner explained that this one was different. A character from a book written by a Wiccan author. The costume was of a vampire named Anna Windsworth. She was a vampire created with the use of magic. An experimental creature. As a result Anna kept her soul. Anna only turned two persons in all her years of living(according to the book). Oddly, those Childer also kept their soul. Since Anna was made when she was in her late 20s, Buffy put extra makeup to look older.

Thinking of Angel, Buffy forgave the costume choice. Feeling the wind pick up, Buffy picked up her pace. It was cold.

In the shop, Ethan smiled wickedly, “It’s showtime,”

Willow watched as her group turned into monsters. The nice old lady looked terrified as she slammed the door.

“What’s going on?” Willow choked out.

Her mind blanked and another mind took hers. She was no longer Willow. She was Miriam Windsworth. Childe of Anna. In Willow’s defense, it had been a totally unintentional coincidence that both she and Xander picked from the same theme. Willow was dressed in jeans a black T-shirt and black coat. Xander had pick similar clothing. As the chaos unfolded the former Willow gasped.

“I have to find Robert,”

The redhead roamed the streets, avoiding the cursed children. When she spotted Robert, she all but ran to him.

“Robert, something weird is happening,” rambled Miriam,”we have to find mother and Abram,”

“Abram? Really?” Scowled Robert. He held a dislike for his step father big enough to rival Xander’s own Vampire hate. Okay, maybe a bit less. Robert Windsworth was a mommy boy.

“Look, mother said she loved him, you have to get over it Bobby!” snapped Miriam, “he’s proven himself enough. Besides, why do you think he became a hunter? Can you blame him? So-so-”

“Okay, okay!” Robert snarled, “I get it. Let’s just find mother and Abram,”

The two siblings marched around and searched for their Sire. They found her defending lady?

“I demand to know what’s going on Buffy!” shrieked the cat girl.

“For the last time, I am not Buffy my name is Anna-”

“Mother!” Robert and Miriam cried cutting Anna/Buffy off.

“Bobby, Miriam,” sighed the woman in relief.

“Okay, you guys need to tell me what is going on!” cried the cat girl.

“We should find shelter first,” Miriam suggested.

The group hid in house and barricaded the windows. It was Buffy’s house. Even if the group didn't know it, instinct led them there.

The cat girl took deep breaths and glared at the vampires, “Xander, Willow, Buffy we need to talk about this,”

The trio corrected the girl. But she only rolled her eyes snobbishly. The girl introduced herself as Cordelia and began to explain the night’s events. Buffy remained impassive throughout. Though the Childer did not.

“Does that mean we’re not...really…” Miriam muttered.

“No. It probably just means we are possessing the bodies of these people,” Robert rationalized. Though he felt unsure, “Right mom?”

“Yes, we have to find the sorcerer who did this,” whispered Anna, “we should also look for Abram,”

Cordy suddenly shrieked as the door opened. But she calmed when she saw Angel walk through the door. Anna immediately stood guard. In the book many real people made an entrance. Angelus, being one of them. Anna recognized him in a second. She snarled. Both Robert and Miriam stepped behind her.

“Buffy?” Said Angel confused, then he looked at Cordelia, “what’s going on?”

“They think they’re a vampire family or whatever,” Cordelia replied, “given that everyone turned into monsters, I think they did too,”

Angel groaned, then looked back the trio, at Buffy, “I’m Angel, remember? We’re dating? Come on Buffy,”

“Mother would never stoop so low Angelus,” Robert sneered from behind Anna.

“I think I can speak for myself Bobby dear,” Anna chided, “but you are right. I would never date soulless scum like him,”

Aghast, Angel looked like a fish for a minute. He cleared his throat, “I have a soul now, you know that,"

“Do you,” said Anna with a raised brow, “that’s hard to believe-”

“Alright, enough,” Cordelia growled, “we should all just split up and find help. I’ll go with Angel to find Mr. Bookworm while you freaks search for the sorcerer,”

“Bossy much?” muttered Miriam.

Abram Adams was not pleased. All he could think about was Anna and her Childer. His family. He panted as a group of demons kept coming at him. He cursed his luck as a vampire approached him. It was a woman, in a white gown.

“William has the seasons, he is not my William anymore,” muttered the Woman.

Something about this lady hypnotized Abram. When the woman disposed of the demon children, a name popped into his head. Drusilla. Angelus’s Childe. A tiny part of him lusted for her, but, the mind of Abram was like iron. It beat and defeated Spike’s feeble attempts at regaining himself. When Drusilla touched him, he staked her. Or at least he tried to. Drusilla was elusive and got away, dancing like a ballerina into the darkness.

Abram scowled and continued his search for his beloved. Memories of their first meeting to their first time dancing behind his eyelids. Abram recalled their first battle, and how he scoffed at the idea of a souled vampire. He recalled meeting her family, how they helped him dust a coven of vampires. He remembered everything up till last night, when they were walking along the beach at night. His anxiety told him that she could be dead. He had to hurry. He did not have to look for long, he spotted his forbidden wife and their children walking down the alleyway.

“Anna/Abram!” the two ran to each other and embraced passionately. Wild heated kisses were exchanged. Hands traveled up and down in a desperate attempt to get closer.

“Your kids are watching us,” Abram whispered.

“They are yours too Abram,” replied Anna as she kissed his neck, making him gasp and shudder.

Miriam smiled, Robert tried not to smile and scowled. After seeing Angelus, he had to concede that Abram was at least worthy of his mother. Even if a little.

One broken Janus statue later, the spell was over. The dream had ended. However, for the four persons standing in an alley, the spell had done permanent damage. Xander, Willow, and Buddy were now souled Vampires with two sets of lives. Spike was still himself physically, except he recalled a whole lifetime as Abram Adams.

“Spike!” Buffy whispered, she pushed him off of her.

“Bloody hell!” Spike cursed, glaring at the Slayer.

“Yes, I’m inclined to agree,” Xander muttered.

Willow bit her lip, she approached a shaking Buffy.

“Buffy...I…” Willow tried.

“I’m going to kill whoever did this,” hissed the Slayer.

“No, you won't,” Spike spat, “You’re too soft to kill humans,” an unsaid and I won't let you. Was added, much to Spike's distress.

“Since when do you care about humans?” Xander asked rudely.

“Shut up whelp,” snarled Spike, “not my fault the spell scrambled my brain,”

“Whatever,” Buffy sighed, “let’s just go see Giles. I doubt we could go home like we are now,”

The three Scoobies plus Spike stomped to the library.