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Just Remember, Darling

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Joseph had gotten a few bottles of liquor to celebrate their latest victory in battle. Kakyoin wasn’t much into drinking but he indulged in a shot of whisky when Polnareff offered it to him. After all, it was his first time drinking with friends, and who knew if they would all be there the next time such an opportunity arose.

Don’t think like that, Kakyoin scolded himself, No one’s going to die.

But as he sat and watched his friends, he knew they were having the same thoughts.  Joseph was sharing a bottle with Jotaro and laughing loudly at something he himself had said. Polnareff and Avdol were playing cards, and Iggy was on the bed next to Kakyoin, his legs twitching occasionally as he snored away. It was in the back of all of their minds, that any day could be their last together. It made their merriment somewhat tainted, but it also made it all the more genuine.

As the night wore on, Jotaro and Avdol retired into the hotel room next door. Kakyoin considered going with them but decided that he would rather not lay down just yet. Sleep didn’t come easily to him these days, so he’d rather put it off.

“Kakyoin, come dance with me!”

Kakyoin had been brooding into the hands in his lap but looks up to see Joseph beckoning to him. He smiled at the older man and shook his head.

“I can’t. Maybe Polnareff-san….” As he spoke they both looked over and saw Polnareff on one of the beds clutching an empty vodka bottle to his chest and snoring, his styled cylinder of hair askew and his shirt strap down on his bicep.

“Even if he wasn’t out of it, I wouldn’t wanna dance with him.” Joseph said, puffing his chest out. Kakyoin couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked with a bit of rosy color on his stubbled cheeks. “I wanna dance with you, so c’mere”

Kakyoin sighed, but there was a smile on his lips. It was hard enough saying no to Joseph when he was sober, but with him being drunk it was damn near impossible. There was an old radio on the bedside table that had been playing old American songs all night, and the song on it now was nearly over. He supposed that indulging in the older man’s fancies a bit wouldn’t hurt anything.

He stood up from the bed and straightened his jacket. “Don’t blame me if I step on your toes.”

Joseph beamed at that before composing himself somewhat and holding out a gloved hand.  "May I have this dance?"

Blushing wasn’t something he did often, but damned if he wasn’t right now. It seemed Joseph was too drunk to notice, or kind enough not to point it out. As soon as his hand was in the older mans, Joseph surprised him by raising them above their heads and guiding Kakyoin into a loose spin before pulling him against his chest. Kakyoin let out a surprised laugh as he braced a hand against Joseph’s pectoral and Joseph began swaying with him, a firm arm wrapped around Kakyoin’s lower back. God, he was warm, like a human furnace.

A well balance to myself, Kakyoin couldn’t help but think, It seems like I’m always so cold….

The song melted into a new one, the pace of it already slower and sweeter. Joseph hummed happily, the reverberations making Kakyoin’s clammy fingers spread out and relish the feeling of it rumbling through his chest.

“Haven’t heard this song in awhile.”

With their close proximity, it was hard to pay attention to the music but Kakyoin made a good effort. A woman was singing, the tones of her voice rosy and timeless.

"See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunrise on a tropic isle, just remember, darling, all the while, you belong to me."

His posture had been stalk straight but he slowly let himself relax into Joseph’s light embrace. Joseph led them in small movements, both of them falling comfortably into the slow rhythm.

Joseph closed his eyes like a content cat as he began to sing along, his voice gruff and low and making the fine hairs on Kakyoin’s arms rise in goosebumps.

Feeling a bit like a fool, Kakyoin leaned his head against Joseph’s shoulder, feeling the vibrations of his singing through their pressed chests. He could feel Joseph’s heartbeat, too, warm and sweet and perhaps just a little too fast.

Kakyoin knew enough of English to know that this was an old love song. He never much took Joseph to be a romantic, but he supposed that there was a lot he didn’t know about the man.

The song faded out, and a smooth voice began talking, the late-night radio host. Even still, they both continued to sway, dancing to the phantom of the song that still hung in the air.

Kakyoin lifted his head and met Joseph’s eyes only for a brief moment before leaning forward and kissing him. The man’s lips were slightly chapped, yet still unbearably soft and full.

Joseph pulled away after a few stunned seconds, his mouth pulled into a frown but his eyes twinkling. Was it from the liquor or his actions, Kakyoin wondered?

"We, uh….probably shouldn’t do that."

He honestly didn’t know what to expect reaction wise, but a rejection was definitely at the bottom of the list. This was the mischievous Joseph Joestar after all, Kakyoin hadn’t thought that his age, gender, or any other factor would bother him.

They had stopped swaying at some point, but Joseph hadn't let him go. Was it shock that still held them together, or something else?

"I’m..." Kakyoin cleared his throat and stood up straighter. “I’m sorry. You’re absolutely right.” He pushed gently against Joseph’s chest but found the embrace around his waist only tightened. “I went and did something stupid and spoiled the lovely mood.”

Joseph groaned and pulled him into a hug. “Nooooo, no no. You’re supposed to be like,” He made his voice slightly higher,  “‘Oh Joestar-san, but you’re so irresistible’” Joseph hugged him tighter and rested his chin on Kakyoin’s shoulder, his voice returning to normal. “That way I can kiss you back and not feel like an old pervert.” He nuzzled into Kakyoin’s neck, his beard scratchy but not unpleasant. “Who can blame me for smooching on a cute high schooler if he insists on it?”

Kakyoin didn’t know how to react, but his body did it for him. He laughed lightly and pushed away just enough so they were facing each other. “You really are ridiculous, Joestar-san.”

“The line you’re supposed to say is ‘irresistible’, weren’t you listening?”

Kakyoin smiled and brought their chests together as they began swaying again. “Well, you are pretty irresistible.”

Joseph grinned at him and waggled his eyebrows. Kakyoin brought their faces closer together, close enough that his next words made their lips touch slightly.

“And you’re so drunk right now, you’d be completely defenseless if a high schooler tried to take advantage of that fact…”

“Oh, that would be just,” Joseph kissed him softly and briefly, “Terrible.”

Their lips began moving against each other, Joseph’s with rough proficiency and Kakyoin’s with graceful virginity. Even still, there was no desperateness to it, no urgency. It was slow and honeyed, full of a passion for the other that neither had been aware of until that moment.

Kakyoin didn’t know if the kiss would lead to anything more, if it would turn into a regular occurrence or if it was just a one-time thing born out of uncertainty for the future and a little too much whisky. He didn’t put much thought into it, though. At that moment, the future was far off and the only thing on his mind was the present.