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The life of Sebastian Pines

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"A-X-O-L-O-T-L My time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return in this universe!"

The All Seeing Demon didn't feel pain easily, it was almost impossible for him to feel it! But today, Bill was in complete agony. Fire was spreading across his body, which was shifting and changing as it melted. He spent his last moments of life screaming in pain.

He was scared...He didn't remember feeling scared ...ever, not since he became who he was. The Dream Demon knew he couldn't die, energy couldn't be killed but he didn't want to cease to exist! He was scared of the uncertain. Afraid of what he couldn't see, 


He screamed again when the old human hit him and everything went completely dark. The pain he was feeling simply stopped as his body was destroyed and Bill found himself floating in nothingless.

He didn't know how much time has passed. It could have been a second, or millenia, but then again, time was relative and none could have passed at all.

He hated not knowing something...

"Heyyyyy! Hello?! Anyone?!" Bill frowned, or it was his intention, if he had had a body. Just when he was starting to think he went blind (he couldn't even see his own hands!) a brilliant figure appeared in front of him. And then, the color was stored. The place was brightly illuminated, glittering pink and white.

The figure was pink and it looked like a lizard. Bill didn't really like him, even if he had invoked his name. His on existent hands curled into fists.

"William Cipher"

"Oh for the love of-don't call me that again!!...You...weird pink creature"

The latter smiled, or what seemed to be his smile, and looked at him softly. "You don't know who I am?"

"I know everything"

"But not my name, and you called me" The pink creature gave what seemed to be a really smug smile.

"You are the Axolotl..." Bill voiced aloud "God of death, twins, monsters and other weird stuff"

The creature nodded. "Those who invoke my name are those willing to pay for my mistakes. Those who regret-"

"Yeah, yeah. Listen, pal. Can we skip the moral crap and return me now? I was kinda busy where I left it" Bill said, surprising the pink creature.


"BILL!" The triangle screamed.

"William" he said again, making the angry triangle even angrier. "We need to discuss how you are going to pay for your crimes...You called my name, and that is not to be taken so lightly. You must return, yes, in a different form, different time"

"Yeah, listen, buddy. The thing was that you were going to return me if I invoked you, that was the deal, giant lizard"

The entity was indifferent.

"You have committed crimes too big for your own good in the multiverse, Bill Cipher...You tortured human children, destroyed an entire town, almost all the planet, turned them into stone and almost killed them...And what to say about what you did before...when you were mortal, in your early years...And I don't see you are regretful for that"

Bill rolled his eye so much it disappeared, reappearing again from the opposite side.

"Okok I am so sorry~! Happy? Well now, speaking of my new form, I'd like something...bigger than myself! As much as I love my perfect body, it doesn't always give a good impression, ya know? I want one that causes terror to anyone who sees it! That is not limited to the stupid bidimensional plane due to the stupid Baby, and- ohoh! And I want to cause pain to people all around me!" He shouted with glee. Bill continued asking for things, ignoring the look on the bigger and more powerful entity.

"I want to remember my life, those moments of Glory!"

"...Those really important for you, the ones which made you happy, AM I correct?" The criature asked, and Bill nodded quickly, or more like he moved his whole non delimited frame.

The criature looked at the demon with an unreadable expression, his pink face glowing even whiter than the rest of the void surrounding them. "Are you really sorry for your acts against your own kind? Against humanity? Against every creature you have tormented or caused pain?"

"Yes, yes, I already told I was!" Bill laughed loudly, but seeing the deep rown of the entity, he tried to lie better. "Come on! If you return me, I promise not to bother the humans. If I'm back, I can make a redemption or shit like that! And I can make up for my horrible, horrible crimes~~" Bill would have battered his long eyelashes if he could. "Deal?"

Axolotl wasn't an idiot. The God knew very well that the flatlander was crossing his metaphorical fingers. He felt his anger boiling up. Bill Cipher had called his name in vain, as an easy way to get out of his problem. The criature in front of him, the Eye of Providence, with so MUCH knowledge and power was blind to the truth, and hasn't learnt anything in his millenia of existence. He wanted so much to lash out, to punish him...Until a better idea came to him, and smiled. He knew what to do. He shouldn't appear angry...

Very well...If he wanted a new form, new form will he get...

Two could play this game, Cipher...

"Is that what you really wish, Bill Cipher?" The triangle nodded again.

'Says he is happy, he is a liar...'

"Very well, Bill Cipher. Let's make a deal..." Bill seemed to bright up at the proposal.

"I'll give you this new form you wish with all you asked for, I'll even include some small details... Insignificant really...In a different time as your beginning"


"As long as you promise you will enjoy it as much as you can...and await two years to start using it at its full potential"

"Ppfftt!" Bill stretched his hand and shook it with the giant pink hand-paw. Didn't this fool know that in a deal you have to get something in return?! Here the only one winning was him! Well, better for him! "Deal!" Blue fire surrounded them and Bill started laughing madly.

"You are so gullible, idiot!"

"AM I?... Sebastian?"


The world arround them plungered into darkness and Bill felt himself falling. He shouted startled as a sensation of pain , similar to the one of his death, grew inside him until it was unbearable.

"No! No! No! What did you do!?" He hissed.

Relatization hit him hard. He didn't know what form he was giving him! He was an idiot!! He had been to stubborn to just LISTEN and he accepted his deal blindly!

"Axolotl! Come back! NO!" He screamed to the dark that was suddenly crushing him. A brightness suddenly came into view. Too bright. He was getting closer! Pain exploded in his chest. It was like fire in his lungs! He didn't know what to do! Wait, lungs?!? Air! He couldn't breathe! Breathe!? but since when did he need to breathe!?

The pain became so unbearable that Bill screamed and Sebastian Pines came into the world, crying his eyes off.


"How come you didn't see that there were three babies instead of two?!" A man with brown hair, Filbrick Pines, asked at the nurse who had come to the room where his wife was resting.  Almost an hour after Stanley and Stanford had been born, the patient continued having pain, and in further examination, they saw the last baby. Identical Triplets...

"One of the babies must have hidden him in the ecographies, sir..." She tried to explain, but the man was utterly shocked. Two babies was enough. But three at the same time?!

His wife, on the other hand, tired but happy, just wanted to see her newborns and was waiting for the doctors to bring them to her.

"The three of them are perfectly healthy, Mrs. Pines!" The nurse tried to get the man to calm himself. "They're beautiful." Filbrick sat down heavily on a couch in the room and ran a hand through his hair, worried and annoyed.

Minutes later, the door opened and three nurses with a doctor entered, carrying three little babies. They put the babies in the plastic cribs offered by the hospital and whispered something to the first nurse. The nurses left, and the doctor shook hands with the new father. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Pines...You may be aware of Stanford's condition, right?" The asked softly and the couple nodded. 

"All his fingers are functional and there is no real motive to undergo surgery" He said and the couple nodded again, Filbrick wasn't really listening, he'd see what to do with that kid later. The doctor glanced at the sleeping infants and sighed. "Your last baby though..."

"What¡ Is he ok? What happened with him?" Kari asked, frowning worriedly.

At that exact moment, the baby in question decided to wail, waking up his triplets at the instant. Kari cooed and she and her husband  picked up Stanley and Stanford, while the doctor grabbed the smallest baby. He calmed down for a little bit, opening his watery eyes, just for his parents to see.

"Oh god!" Kari gasped, horrified, hugging Stanley close to her. 

"What the heck happened to his eye?!" Filbrick demanded, detaching the tiny six fingered hand from his finger and putting the baby down in his crib.

The doctor glanced at the baby in his arms and flinched. "We don't know for certain, Mr. Pines...We thought it was jaundice, but we discarded the idea because only ONE eye has it...And this condition doesn't make the eye...glow...Like his does...He doesn't have a pupil either and the iris is stretched much like a cat...We are certain he is blind in this eye...We already ran some tests on him but he doesn't seem to have any disease...He ALSO has a six fingers in his right hand and...this weird mark on his back..." 

The Pines grimaced at the ugly red marks the infant had in all his little back. There wasn't any recognizable form the scratch-like birthmarks made, but if you looked at it for a while, you could even think the lines were forming a triangle.

"Are those scars?" Kari asked worriedly.

"No, ma'am. Just a very...unsual birthmark"

Filbrick looked at the baby who started crying again, the tears only flowing by his normal eye, and looked at his wife with a grimace, eyes wide behind his dark glasses. He shook his head. "Kari..."

The woman glanced at her other babies sleeping in their cribs. "Can...Can you please give us a moment?" She asked the doctor and he nodded, handing her the baby and left.

"I don't want him" 


"Two babies are enough, Kari! That was inicially the plan! And-and look at him! I think Stanford is...special enough..." He didn't flinch at the glare of his wife.

"He's our son" She hissed. He glared but didn't say anything. She glanced down at the fragile baby in her arms. He had one eye closed but the yellow one was staring straight at her, giving her goosebumps. She lied daily, but she couldn't lie today. The baby scared her...

But she was his mother...

She stroked his chubby cheek and he opened his brown eye tiredly, closing the other. He grabbed her finger and started sucking on it.

"Sebastian..." She whispered. "Your name will be Sebastian William Pines..."


Bill screamed at everything. Screamed at the nurses holding him, at the doctors touching him. He was insulting them with a pretty colorful vocabulary, except it only came out as wails because apparently, this useless meatsack couldn't even sit up...

" And await two years to start using it at its full potential..." The voice of the god sounded in his mind and he cried even more.  

He screamed at the Axolotl for tricking him like this!!

"He has good lungs, don't ya think?" The nurses joked and the baby glared and screamed even more. He didn't need to breath before! He didn't need lungs before!! Pathetic humans!!

He was dried and clothed, left in a crib while the doctors talked among them. 

He studied his surroundings. OK. He was a pathetic human baby now...Did he have powers? He lifted an uncoordinated hand and nothing happened. Nope. Ok, he didn't...But at least he had...he had...



He couldn't remember! He couldn't remember A-Anything! His knowledge! His infinite power! GONE! All gone...

He was in shock for a moment before his body started crying again.

A nurse went to pick him up and rocked him in her arms. His cries stopped when suddenly something was shoved into in his mouth. He tried to throw it out but found himself sucking on it.

"The pacifier worked, guys!" 

"Great, he was giving me a headache already"

The nurse kept him in her arms for great measure and he scanned the place. There were two babies more in there, both with curly tufts of hair and brunets.

"Hey, he has a hand with six fingers too!" The nurse cooed.

Wait...WHAT?! Bill looked down at his hand and decided he really wanted to cry now. He was like SIXER!!! NO!!!

He was so going to kill the Axolotl when he found a way to turn back...

"His brother Stanford has six fingers in both hands..." A nurse said from the other side of the room. "Isn't it amazing? Fully functional polydactyl!"

"The only Pines baby who doesn't have anything is Stanley. Weird, isn't it? Oh, it's time to take you to your mommy, baby!"

Bill looked up at the nurse who put him in a crib next to the other two babies.


Oh, for the love of-

WHY?! What did he do to get this horrible punishment?! He was a baby AND related to the FREAKING PINES???!!!

He closed his eyes and thought of a way out. Ok. Could baby meat sacks walk? He didn't think so, he could barely move his legs...And where would he go anyway? What time was this?! Where was he?!

He growled, which came out as a gurgle and opened his eyes again,finding himself in an unknown place with new unfamiliar faces. 


They talked about him. His eye? What was wrong with it? He had one yellow eye? Blind? Well, now that he thought about it, half of everything was black...Why was everything black now? Was he totally blind now too?!

"Can you give us a moment?" He was suddenly handed over to another human and he sighed deeply. These arms and hands were much softer and warmer than the doctor's...He leaned a bit against the warmth and he heard a heartbeart...It-It felt really nice...It made him...not so angry anymore.

He forced himself to see (ok, great. He wasn't blind, he had just closed his functional eye), and saw the face of the woman, brown greenish eyes and disheveled black hair. She smiled down at him sadly and stroked his face. It-It really was nice...He found himself sucking once again on something, it was her finger. 

Hey? Why was his body making noises?

"Sebastian...I'll call you Sebastian William Pines..."

Well, at least he kind of kept his name...

Suddenly, she put him closer to her chest and before he could complain for being so damn close to her disgusting human skin, something warm met his lips. He tried to spit it, but then he was gulping down...something, some kind of liquid substance that made the strange growling his body was making, stop. The liquid was warm and everything was just too nice, he had never felt like this in his billions of years of existence...

"I got you, baby...I won't let anyone harm you..." She whispered, stroking his head as he breastfed, and Bill sighed contently.

He allowed himself to fall asleep in the arms of his new mother.

He could just destroy them later...