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It seemed only natural.

After all, his childhood town was nothing but a kaleidoscope to Izuku’s least greatest moments. So why should his return back after eight years be any different. Izuku pried the hood open and looked down determinedly at the engine smeared in oil and dust. He rubbed his chin, reached for one part just to second guess himself and snap his arm back.

He didn’t know jack about cars.

When was the last time he had a tune up? The spark plugs checked? The oil changed? The brakes tested?

Izuku dropped his arms and slumped to the passenger door and wiggled his torso through the window for his phone. He bumped his head on the way out and hissed. Headlights blazed through the dark road. Izuku waved his arms and shouted for the driver.


The car, a black ice Challenger with a shivering bass system, roared by him, kicking up fallen leaves.

“Wait, please!” He yelled, arms lowering when the Challenger almost met the bend on the road. The brake lights lit up first, then the Challenger smoothly reserved back. It parked in front of his Nissan.

Izuku sighed, grateful, and went to the driver window to thank his savior when the tinted windows rolled down to reveal—Katsuki.

Wait, Katsuki?

Katsuki Bakugou—cocksure asshole, an explosively perfect face and body Calvin Klein wished he could have modeling his product, a naturalist when it came to all trades, you named it and Katsuki could do it and do it better than a pro; the Goliath of alphas, current champion of the pro alpha ring—oh, and Izuku’s bully through elementary and high school?

That Katsuki Bakugou?

This night took a nose dive off the cliff into terrible. The chronic, painful story of Izuku Midoriya’s life, one shitty incident after another.

Izuku jumped back as the alpha stepped out.

He blinked several times, ran his pretty eyes up and down like he had trouble placing seventeen-year-old Deku to twenty-four-year-old Deku, who slipped out of his scrawny and tiny omega form and into something closer to alpha’s— muscled, tall, with a cut of danger. A very far cry from an alpha like Katsuki, who not only thought highly of himself as an alpha but was so by bloodline. 

“Deku?” Izuku frowned at the revival of the childhood nickname the alpha pinned on his back since grade one. “Fucking knew that was you. Not a big surprise you would’ve car troubles your first day back.”

The worst Katsuki did was shove him into a few lockers— a lot of the bullying was through practical pranks and the name calling— but Izuku still backed up as the alpha stood to his full height. The alpha’s scent surfed on a gust, assaulted Izuku with the overwhelming aroma of gasoline, cigar smoke, and wet earth—a walking CAUTION sign of smells.

A caution his omega refused to acknowledge as the scent summoned it to the surface of his skin. It pressed, remembering the smell and finding it muskier than eight years ago. His status as a rogue kept his omega from buckling totally.

Easy, Izuku. You’re a grown man and Katsuki was just a guy from high school.

Who gave you wedgies.

Planted a stink bomb in your book bag.

Dunk your head in the toilet.

Okay, be a little worried.

Not important but, when did he get so attractive, like insanely hot—?

 “I…You don’t have to help me,” Izuku said. “Uh I called a tow.”

Katsuki closed the door. “Nah. It’s chilled, dude.”

Izuku showed his palms with a pained smile, trying to war back the alpha without making physical contact. “No. Really, it’s fine.”

The alpha’s face turned hostile. “Then why the fuck did you wave me down?”

“I didn’t know it was you!”

“Is it a fucking problem?”

Uh, yea. Kind of.

Izuku looked at the ground, burrowing in his hoody when a frosty wind swept up the street. “It’s fine, please.”

“Ugh, shut the fuck up. I’m helping you. Got an issue with that, then go bitch somewhere else.” Katsuki sidestepped him and checked the car.

Izuku trudged along; it wasn’t ideal but either he called a tow truck in the area or he waited for another car to pass by at this late hour, and since it had been years from the last time he was here, Izuku had no number for a tow truck. There was his mom though but he hated to call her and have her fret over him, especially with the party she was setting up for his return.

Taking Katsuki’s offer wasn’t great but it might get him home faster.

“Keys?” Katsuki asked from behind the wheel. “Did  it stall on you?”

“Uh, it started making some noise so I pulled over and shut it off. When I tried the key, it wasn’t catching,” Izuku explained, passing over his keys.

Their fingers brushed slightly when Katsuki swiped them. Izuku snapped it back, working his fingers past the jolt of sensation at the touch. Probably a jolt of fear.

Damn Izuku, this was the big return to show everyone you weren’t that timid little punk who couldn’t string two words without stuttering.

“It might just need a jump or your battery’s fucked up,” Katsuki said. He twisted the key, the Nissan rumbled but flagged back. Katsuki did it again before he got out. “Lemme line my car up, I’ll give you a jump.”


Katsuki hopped in the Challenger and pulled off the shoulder and wheeled into a U-turn and lined the hood of his ride to Izuku’s Nissan. He got out, popped the truck, and came back with a set of cable, clamping the pins to both batteries.

“Get in the car,” Katsuki said. “I’ll tell you when to start.”

Izuku slid in, hand on the key.

The Challenger roared, loud and violent—wow, who else did that sound like?

“Hey! Try it!” The alpha shouted over the deep purr.

His engine sputtered again.

Izuku tried it once more.

Come on.

The engine caught finally and the lights on his dashboard illuminated.

Aw fuck, Katsuki just gave him a jump.

He heard Katsuki’s footstep on the gravel as he appeared in his window. Izuku braced for the assault of insults or jokes about his unflagging ability to find himself in shitty situations.

 A model smirk crooked his mouth; his hair fell slightly at the angle. The moon shaded him in silver. Izuku thought sourly, how perfectly his face would fit in the camera lens of an indie photographer, all black and white and avant-garde. “It’s all good?”

“Uh. Yes?”

Yes, please get your very unfair face away from me and my Nissan.

“The fuck you mean, ‘yes’?” The alpha grumbled. “Does everything look good? Never had one of these cheap cars.”

Izuku set his mouth into a sour line. Wow, rub in your super, duper, cool James Bond car. “Yeah. It’s fine. Thanks.”

Stupid Calvin Klein looking jerk, go model underwear.

“Cool,” he nodded, short on words.

Who was this person? Where was the ‘hey shithead’ or ‘nice jeans, you get them from the girl’s section’?

“Cool?” Izuku repeated like a parrot, wondering if he actually crashed his car and entered into the Oz version of his hometown where Katsuki’s dick-o-meter came in at 50% instead of a thousand.

Katsuki snorted. “Same old Deku, fucking all weird. Alright, deuces.”

“Bye?” He waved.

Katsuki disconnected the cables and wrapped them around his arm and set them back into his trunk.

Izuku  eased the car on the road, desperate to get out of the impact zone of post high school Katsuki. He started to breathe easier once he entered the town and saw homes and building instead of tall pines and the water. That relief was short lived as he noticed the flash of headlights in his rearview mirror. He looked back when he caught a red and the car merged into the lane next to him.

A black Challenger.

The window rolled down, heavy rap thumped inside the car. “Bet I can fucking beat your ass,” Katsuki challenged.

“I’m sorry?” Izuku cupped his ear, trying to hear past the lyrics of to the windows, to the walls, to the sweat drops down my balls.

“Race, asshole!”




“Race, you fuck!”

Katsuki sent his trademark death glare and Izuku felt like he was in high school again because he was very confused and on the end of Katsuki’s fiery stare. He lifted his middle finger and gunned the car the second the light changed.

Izuku stared at the Katsuki’s shrinking red taillights and drove at the normal speed limit.

Hopefully that would be the last he would see of Katsuki Bakugou.






It wasn’t the last he saw of Katsuki Bakugou because that model looking, alpha king parked his flashy Challenger on his block and currently strode up to his home in loose dark jeans, a tight tank top to showcase his pro-fighter body, and a black hood.

Izuku did a double take. People from all over chatted as they walked up the steps of his childhood home. Cars were lined hood to trunk on both streets.

How many people did his mom invite?

Why were there this many people at his welcome home party—not that he didn’t get along with most of the people at his high school but he a close group he could confidently call his friends.

Why was Katsuki Bakugou going to his welcome home party?

His mother opened the door to Katsuki and her face exploded into a warm smile. Katsuki threw an arm around her and let his small mother coddle him. She pinched his cheek, another action Katsuki didn’t revolt against and ushered him inside. There seemed to be a discussion about him because Katsuki started to gesture in the direction he came from right before the door shut.

The Katsuki he remembered from high school told adults to eat his shit while he egged their house and denied any involvement when the cops came by his place. Their homeroom teacher in high school, Mr. Aizawa, was the victim of said egging. Katsuki spent two weeks in detention with Eijirou and Denki, his accomplices. And he had quite the colorful relationship with his own mother who he passively referred to as old hag.

So Izuku was a bit lost seeing Katsuki being civil and decent to his mother

Izuku looked at his steering wheel.

Did he die?

Did aliens take over his home?

How much had changed from high school?

A car honked impatiently behind him. Izuku circled the block three times before he had to park two blocks down from his own home.

His feet felt numb on the steps, the house was in the middle of pain job. The old rocking chair was still tucked into the corner. The lush beds of flowers in front of the porch were starting to know the touch of summer as their color vibrated in the night and their pelts bloomed, healthy. Izuku could tell you how many times he had tripped running up these stairs in middle school, how many times he sulked up in high school, how many times he stormed up.

Not here more than a day, it felt like the town grew the same but different. Like how flowers bloomed differently after a harsh winter. He knocked.

His mother opened up, beaming, round in her face and now her body but she still the most beautiful woman in his eyes.


“Mom.” He hugged her.

“Everyone’s so excited to see you. C’mon, they’re in the back..” She tugged him through the living room the kitchen, the laundry room to the wide backyard where a sea of familiar but matured faces looked back at him









“Oh my god.” Ochako swayed him from side to side, determined to spend the whole party killing Izuku with affection and overly aggressive hugs. Izuku lifted his beer, moving and missing the rim. “I missed you so much.”

Tenya pried the omega off. “Honey, calm down.”

She threw herself back on him. “No! I’m never ever letting you go.”

“Well I did what I could,” Tenya said, shrugging because he wasn’t the one currently being attacked by a friend starved octopus. The light glared off his black-rimmed glasses. Tenya hadn’t changed much, appearance wise, he had the same clean cut and the wide shoulders, but he seemed to be less uptight about things.

“Don’t you want to go with your mate?” Izuku asked the mop of brown hair nuzzling his collar bones.


“This will make sex difficult,” Tenya said. “But if you close your eyes and try to be very quiet, we might pull this off.”

“Hey, so I um, ran into Katsuki?”

“Oh boy.”

Ochako popped her head up. “Was he a douche? I’ll throw a beer in his face.”

“No. He was…nice? Or Katuksi’s version of nice. He helped me when my car stalled. And he’s here.”

“Yea, he kinda mellowed out I think.”

“After he went pro and he came back to do training here in the offseason, he toned down,” Tenya argeed.  “I think the fighting is taking a lot of the edge off. I hear really strong alphas who don’t have mates, need to work off the energy or they’ll get like Bakugou and be very aggressive.”

“He’s still kinda aggressive,” Izuku said.

“Well, we know that just mostly his personality.”

“Shouldn’t he be in Vegas?”

“I don’t know the whole story, Shouto does—“

“Shouto?” He asked.

“Yup.” Tenya shared his disbelief. “They got close after graduation. But he said the media was really on him a lot and he got violent with one reporter and smashed their mic through a windshield. Yagi thought it would be better for him to be here in the offseason to train since we all know Katsuki and we don’t think he’s that great unlike the rest of the world.”

“No lie, he’s super cut now,” Ochako whispered.

Katsuki’s obnoxious whoop gathered their stares. He had his shirt lifted as he bragged loudly to the guys and a few pretty omegas. Shouto rolled his eyes. Eijirou fell to his knees and started worshipping him like the model sex god he probably thought he was. Denki looked at his toned abs and the pecan pie his mother made and figured pie was an easier option than being a fitness nut like Katsuki.

Izuku’s body temperature rose the levels of hellfire and the surface of the sun.

Ochako released him. “You’re all sweaty…” She tracked his gaze and smiled knowingly. “Oh. Yeah. Everyone has that reaction.”

Tenya groaned. “Do you see what we have to deal with now? He runs around with no shirt. I feel like a potato around him.”

“But you’re my sexy potato.” His mate comforted, smoothing her hand on his chest, and occasionally sneaking glances at Katsuki’s shredded abs.

“Baby.” Tenya called her out.

The omega blushed guiltily. “Oh you know guys like that aren’t the one you take home. You fuck guys like Katsuki. You fuck him and then you tell your friends about his monster cock.”

Izuku didn’t want to imagine what laid below that hard set of abs and that delicious stubble of pubic hair. His omega did though and Izuku stuffed the traitor into a box somewhere far from the alpha’s alluring scent and a dynamite body.

A big fat no to that, thanks.

“Excuse me?” Tenya asked, wondering if he should feel insulted or not.

“But in my case, I got the guy with the bod, the brain, and the heart.” Ochako recovered quickly and kissed Tenya’s cheek.

He pouted, glaring angrily at the small pudge at his gut. “I haven’t had a slender body since high school when I was in track.”

“I used to be skinnier too but well, food.” She laughed.

“You are my beautiful goddess and every ounce of fat is a blessing.”

She forced a sweet smile. “I’ll pretend you didn’t call me fat.”

“It goes straight to your, uh, assets, my dear. Which is only one minor factor in what makes you my goddess.”

“Alright. Tone it down. I’m still sleeping with you tonight.” She let him off the hook. “You got buff though. Remember how tiny Izuku was, he couldn’t lift a case of soda.”

Izuku shrugged. “Well, everyone is really fit in L.A. so I kinda fell into it. It’s really great way to clear your mind.”

“Yea,” Ochako hummed. “But I like food and sitting on my butt so pass.”

He laughed. “It’s not for everyone.”

“Oh my god, Izuku you got so cute,” Mei cooed suddenly, breath foul with whiskey and beer. “Look at that butt.” She slapped it.

Izuku chirped loudly.

Katsuki might have noticed, not Izuku was looking to see if the guy was looking at him. Cause he didn’t care. Katsuki was so not attractive.

Izuku turned, slow like a victim in a horror film who just realized the killer/monster was behind them the whole time, butt still in Mei’s secure grip. “Mei?”

The spunky beta grinned. “Hey, wanna fuck? You got really hot after high school.”

He could practically hear Katsuki’s playboy smile growing at the scene, his amber eyes crinkling, his voice loud and voluminous.


Katsuki, Denki, Eijirou, and Hanta doubled over in laughter.

She offered, either too drink to hear the alphas or willfully deaf to them. “Or I can suck your cock if you prefer.”

Hanta’s knees hit the floor.

Denki snorted beer out his nose.

Katsuki leaned on the wall for support, his big arms flexing.

Shouto kicked his shin to shut him up.

“W-what?” Izuku stuttered, red to the roots.

The small beta, Minoru appeared suddenly like a conjured ghost and folded his hands sagely around Mei’s arm. “Mei. How about we talk about the moon?”

“Ugh.” She shoved her palm into Minoru’s face and pushed away his lecherous face. “I’m not fucking you again.” She complained and shuffled away.

The alphas shouted. “DAMN.”


“Next time, Minoru.”

“Hey, Minoru, you can have me, baby.”

Minoru flipped them over. “Fuck you guys! And shut your stupid face, Katsuki!”

The alpha smirked into his beer and gave Minoru the bird.

Mei crowded someone else. “Hey Tsuyu! What’s going on girlfriend? Lemme see that frog tongue.”

Tenya and Ochako tsked as the pink haired wild child roped an arm around Tsuyu.

 “Every party,” Ochako admonished.

“She’s getting better. Izuku is the first person she asked, at this hour she normally has worked up to ten.”

“Not a whole day,” Izuku groaned. “Did Mei Hastume just ask to suck my dick?”


Tenya explained delicately. “She’s as the French call it, a free spirit.”

Ochako snorted. “Free spirit. If that means hooking up with nearly every person in our graduating class and then some, then yes, she’s very free. I don’t mean to slut shame but she should be careful with who she does it with.”






Izuku found his mother in the kitchen as she pulled out a container full of potato salad. He helped her carry it to the table and popped off the lid.

“Thank you, sweeties.” She kissed his cheek.

“Mom, why is Katsuki here?”

She said, working around the kitchen for paper plates. “Oh, he helped me set everything up for your party.”

Izuku grabbed another dish his mother prepared and it nearly slipped at his shock. “He—what?”

“Yup. Katsuki was really helpful this week.”

Katsuki and help did not mix. Ever.

Izuku set the bowl down and approached. “Mom, I want you to think about what you just said. Are you sure it wasn’t Tenya or literally anyone but Katsuki?”

She lowered her head, sincerely thinking about it. She popped her head up and smiled. “No, no. It was Katsuki. He was such a delight, though he does have a mouth of a sailor. But his mother had one too so I’m not too surprised. You should’ve seen him lift the sofa. He’s a strong alpha. Single too.”

Oh no, he knew that tone.

She used the same one, convincing him it was a swell idea for him to try out for the football team which Katsuki creamed him in by tackling his ass flat.

“No,” he said severely.

Not even if you paid him.

Not in a billion years.

“I was just saying, sweetie, he’s very good looking and his career pays very well and I know you haven’t really dated much. I’m sorry I don’t want to think you have to be with someone. Katsuki just seems like a good alpha.”

Maybe Izuku needed to get across how against the idea he was. “I would rather be stranded on an island with a volleyball as my partner than date Katsuki Bakugou.”

“That’s very creative, sweetie. But you can’t fuck a volleyball.”

“Mom!” He looked, scandalized. “He like put my head in a toilet. He gave me swirlies!”

“What are those, baby?” She hummed, not paying attention as she worked around the kitchen like a busy bee.

“And he put stink bombs in my locker and my bag!” Izuku continued, her question going unanswered. “I had to throw it out cause of the smell.”

“That was Katsuki?”




Katsuki had his mother under the same spell he weaved on every poor soul who made the grave mistake of looking at his model-eques face, his caramel red manly eyes, the hard alethic build.

“You know they say boys only pick on the girls they like,” she said suggestively.

“Katsuki does not like me. I think he only came here to see me make an ass of myself.”

The alpha appeared, rapping his knuckles on the wood. Izuku arched his back like a Halloween cat. “Yo, Ms. Midoriya. Need help?”

“Sweetie, you can call me Inko. And could you help Izuku with the food? He’s not too strong.”

Izuku ran to the table and grabbed the heaviest bowls to disprove that. “That’s okay. I got it.”

“Looks heavy,” Katsuki noted.

Izuku’s arms quivered under the weight. “Nope. Nope. Light like a feather.”

Inko stepped out with a tray.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. “Look, Deku, fucking let me help.”

“No way.” He leaned away when the alpha made to take one.

“Stop being a asshole.” He tried again

Izuku dodged him and put the table between them. “What are you even doing here? At my welcome home party.”

“What, I can’t come?” He chased.

Izuku moved around the table. “No?”

“Fucking, Deku. Pick one, yea or nah.”

“Be quiet, this is heavy.”

“Then give it to me, dickhead!”

“I have it!”

“Stupid asshole!”

“Jerky alpha!”

Inko peeked her head in. “Hello boys, everything going alright?”

They both plastered on a friendly smile.

 “Great, mom,” said Izuku around a fake smile.

Katsuki said. “Yea. We got it. You should chill.”

She fawned. “Aw, you’re so sweet, Kacchan.”

She left, the door swinging behind her

Izuku glared, blood hot and explosive. Katsuki was worming into every facet of his life again. Wasn’t it enough that he made his life hell from elementary to high school; did he need to do the same for his adult life.  “And you’re talking to my mom.”

The alpha turned his face hostile. “I can talk to whoever the fuck I want, shithead. It’s a free country.”

“Why my mom?” He asked.

Why now?

Why him?

Katsuki never dared to care about anyone but himself, yet he was being helpful to Izuku and his mother.

“Maybe that shit ain’t your business, Deku.” He barked, frustrated.

His omega sniffed out the waves of annoyance and desperation on the alpha. Weirdly, Izuku felt something inside being yanked off like a kite in a storm. Go, go, it seemed to say. He shook it off.

“Stop calling me that.”

Being the adult he was, Katsuki chanted. “Deku, Deku, Deku.”

“You’re a child,” Izuku huffed, moving around Katsuki’s broad frame and kicked the door with his foot. The door opened and shut on Katsuki’s appalled face.

On the other side, he wheezed and  ran up to Tenya and passed him the bowl. “Here, take this. It’s super heavy.” He panted, catching his breath.

“Oh sure.” Tenya shifted the bowl on his hip. “Did something happen, you kinda look mad.”

Breath caught, Izuku started. “Do you know Katsuki—“

“I don’t want to be rude but I noticed this is the second time you brought him up. Are you sure he’s not bullying you again? Cause we’ll kick him out. He might be a guest but we won’t tolerate it.”

Okay, if you wanted to be technical, then no. Katsuki had been a gentleman to a degree. He still called him Deku but he wasn’t calling him a piece of shit or hitching his underwear up his ass. He yelled but Katsuki was never a quiet person to start—he was the one person in their whole town to be banned from the library.

“No,” he confessed, a nervous hand touching his neck.

 If he considered it, he was being unfair to Katsuki and allowing their past relationship affect the current one.  Normally, Izuku was a much more open guy. Willing to see the good in everyone and that was true with Katsuki in the past. For a long time, he did want nothing more than Katsuki’s friendship and not his scorn. Leaving put a lot of things into perspective. How he had endured it. Being nothing but a walking doormat and Izuku was so desperate to fight Katsuki and show he wasn’t that scrawny nerd any longer.

“He’s…ugh. It’s nothing. I’m letting the past get under my skin. I’m sorry.”

“No trouble at all.” He patted his back. Izuku could always count on Tenya to see the logic where his failed. It got him through elementary and high school and now he was getting him through this stage as well. “It’s been a while. I can understand your shock. And to be fair, Katsuki annoys everyone.”

Katsuki walked down the hall with two dishes, stopped to stare at Izuku who was minus one heavy bowl and Tenya who was plus one, and pulled that jerk-faced alpha I’m so hot, don’t you want me, Izuku smirk and walked on.

“Are you okay?” Tenya asked Izuku, who faced developed an alarming red shade.

“Yup! Fine. Dandy.” Izuku insisted a bit too enthusiastically like if he shoved his level of not at all affected by Katsuki Bakugou’s handsome alpha face loudly enough and forcefully enough, it might become true. “Let’s get these outside. Don’t wanna let this good food go to waste.”