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Her Knight in a dented Armor

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Sansa was excited. The King would arrive within the next few days at Winterfell.

Her father had told her and her siblings the news about two months ago, after he had gotten the raven from the capital bringing the news of the death of the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn.

Since her father had told her the news of the King and the whole court visiting their ancient family home, Sansa had a hard time to find sleep every night. The thought of seeing the Queen was too exciting.

And the prince. Ohh the beautiful prince.

Jeyne Poole and her couldn’t stop swooning over how handsome he will be looking.

Sansa tried to remember how prince Joffrey had looked, but she couldn’t remember. One evening while her mother was brushing her hair, she mentioned to Sansa that she had met the prince once before, when she had traveled down to Kings Landing for the celebration of the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion.

Sansa unfortunately had barely any memory of the event. She only remembered that she got lost and some knight had helped her return to her parents.

Sansa had once heard her parents talk that the King was probably only making the trip in person, because he wanted to ask their father to become his new Hand.

After all they were friends since they had been children growing up together in the Eyrie, with Jon Arryn.

Sansa secretly hoped that the Prince might remember her and then fall in love with her, begging his father to ask Sansas for her hand.

She would be Queen someday and the thought excited her. Jeyne had suggested that Sansa should tell her mother that she should talk to her father about it.

After all Septa Mordane always praised what a fine lady she had become. Sansa would make the perfect queen someday and her handsome prince would become the bravest king of all times.

Only a few days and King Robert would finally arrive.


“Where is Arya? Sansa, where´s your sister?” her mother asked, while they all stood in the courtyard, dressed in their best clothes, awaiting King Robert.

Sansa answered with a shrug just moments before her sister sprinted towards them, a helmet on her head.

What a waste of time, Sansa thought frustrated. Her mother had spent a good amount of time braiding and preparing Arya’s hair, so she looked like the highborn girl she was and Arya had destroyed all her mother’s effort with her childish behavior.

Sansa hoped Arya wouldn’t do something embarrassing.

“Move,” Arya said while pushing Bran aside to take her spot next to Sansa.

Sansa wanted to roll her eyes, but it wouldn’t be the behavior of a lady.

First, several guards rode through the gates into the courtyard followed by the knights of the Kingsguard in their beautiful armors.

A young man rode into the courtyard on a brown horse.

That must be the prince, Sansa assumed. He wore a red cloak and his hair was as golden as the sun.

Sansa couldn’t take the eyes off him and barely noticed the other young man riding next to him with his raven black hair, followed by a large man in black armor, riding a giant black beast of a horse. His helmet was in the shape of a hound, but she didn’t give him a longer glance, since the prince's eyes had found her and she felt her face blush under the princess eyes.

I hope he thinks me pretty.

The wheelhouse opened and the Queen got out with her remaining children, just as the King rode into the courtyard and they all fell to their knees to show him the respect a king deserved.

King Robert got off his horse and walked straight over to her father, gesturing him to get up.

Sansa’s father got up, followed by all the others in the courtyard.

Sansa looked at the King and felt disappointed. He didn’t look at all like the man her father had always described to him.

He was fat with a scrubby beard covering his face. Sansa could smell the stench of wine even from the distance she stood at.

“You got fat,” King Robert declared to her father. Her father only nodded towards Robert in return, who started to laugh and gave her father a bear hug.

“Cat!” Robert declared and hugged their mother.

“Your Grace.”

“Nine years. Why haven’t I seen you? Where the hell have you been?” the King asked their father.

“Guarding the North for you, Your Grace. Winterfell is yours.”

“Where’s the Imp?” Arya asked from the side and Sansa felt her annoyance rise in her. Could her sister not simply be silent like it was expected of her?

“Will you shut up?” she sharply asked, but quiet enough to not get the attention by everyone.

“Who have we here? You must be Robb,” Robert said and shook Robb´s hand before coming to Sansa.

“My, you’re a pretty one,” he said and Sansa smiled looking to the ground blushing.

“Your name is?” he asked Arya.

“Arya,” her sister answered quickly before continuing her attempt to spot the Imp.

“Ooh. Show us your muscles,” he said to Bran who started to show off his muscles, like Robb, Theon and Jon used to do after a day on the sparring field.

“You’ll be a soldier,” Kind Robert added.

One member of the Kingsguard removed his helmet and revealed his long golden hair.

“That’s Jaime Lannister. The queen’s twin brother,” her sister explained for everyone who wasn’t interested, in hearing what she had to say.

“Would you please shut up.”

The Queen walked towards her parents and Sansa’s parents kissed her hand in respect.

“My queen,” her father said followed by her mother.

“Take me to your crypt. I want to pay my respects”, Robert declared, but the Queen wasn’t excited about it.

“We’ve been riding for a month, my love. Surely the dead can wait,” Queen Cersei said, but Robert didn’t care.

“Ned,” he simply said and her father followed Robert showing him the way to the crypts.

“Where’s the Imp?” Arya asked again and the Queen must have heard her, much to Sansa’s annoyance, since she gave Arya a glance before turning to her twin brother.

Sansa couldn’t hear what she was telling him, but at this very moment she didn’t care. Joffrey was looking at her and she felt that she was already in love with him.