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Star-Crossed Lovers

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AN Hello, I am so bad...I have yet began another story. Please give this story a chance, let me know know if I should continue. It's about star-crossed lovers finding each other and falling in love but it's not as easy a long the way! I have pretty much written most of My Guardian Angel...I have always liked Alternate universe stories :) I feel better writing them. :) I will continue Standing in the middle later on but I feel confident in this story! :)


So please please read, feedback is adored! Rates and reviews <3



Star-crossed Lovers




Chester walked into the bar. The end of the world had wiped out most of the human world and so monsters walked amongst the humans. Most modern conveniences had been destroyed between the accidental nuclear war and the mass retaliations that followed. The immortals and the few surviving humans were doing their best to rebuild the world but there was much debate on how that should be accomplished.


The world had turned back to its original form and most of the old empires were returning to their former glory. Werewolves and Vampires had conflicting views on how that should happen. All the other beings, fell somewhere in between the Wolf and the Vampire empires.


Myths might be the only thing holding this secluded city together. Myths and legends that foretold of a union between the first Vampire and a Wolf born just for him. The wolf would bring peace to the people. The Vampire would keep the Wolf's power in check.


Chester smelled Vampire and Werewolf in the bar, not getting along but able to live in the same place together. Separate but equal living with demons and humans as well as a few oddities here and there. The slender Vampire approached the mahogany bar.


"O negative please" He purred in a low lust voice. His dark eyes twinkling.


The young blonde girl flushed upon seeing the handsome man.


"Would you like it cold? I can warm it for you if you would like."


Chester smirked, like every female she was all too willing to please. "Warmed would be preferred."


The bar tender watched the sexy Vampire with unyielding interest. Chester was built like a lilthe dancer, beautifully toned without being bulky. He was perfect, his body was chiseled from perfect white marble. His nose was something most in the old world would have paid to be blessed with. Those lips, they looked so soft. They were thin and yet she knew they would taste like passion. She would have scarified her dying breath to feel those lips all over her body.


Chester knew he was being watched as ran a hand through his short dark brunette mane. Hearing the petite busty female whimper a little before she was jerked from her drooling by the high pitched ping of a microwave.


Chester's overly sensitive ears perked at the leap of her heart. It was too tempting to not tease the young female. He stood up revealing his well-cut stomach as it peaked out from behind his black, tight shirt. His tight black denim pants clung to his firm ass not leaving nothing to the imagination.


"Do you need anything else? I promise I would do anything to keep you happy"


The girl flushed at her own forwardness but didn't back down.


Chester shook his head no.


"Sorry pretty, not interested. However a bed for a few hours would be nice."


Chester wouldn't have died in the sun. It was just considerably painful. He had heard once that the Ancient Vampires could withstand the sun and it had only shocked their children when the world had gone through its first period of light hours.


The light hours came when man was created and the Ancients hadn't bothered to pass the ability to withstand light onto their creations. Seeing as Chester wasn't one of the mythical Ancients he needed a place to hid out and slip into what he had come to know as sleep.


The bar maid nodded and watched Chester down his blood in one swig. "What name should I put the room in?"


"Chester Bennington, I am paying up front in cash."


He handed her the current world currency and she tucked it away.


"Also if it is not too much trouble I would like a wakeup call when the sun sets. I have yet to cover a lot of distance."


Chester didn't know where he was heading; only that he was searching for something. His search had drawn him here, forcing him to spend the day time here. Chester didn't remember anything before the world had ended. Apparently he had lived through it. Ever since then he had just been wandering aimlessly.


He had thought his journey was for his missing uncle, but that notion had died some years ago. He hadn't really thought about the man lately and assumed he was dead, or simply not wanting to be found. Chester knew he was searching for something else and something about this bar lead him to believe he was very close.


The young girl nodded and led him to his room. Chester looked at each guest before leaving. One could never be to overly careful. Despite the uneasy peace between Vampires and Wolves in this town, this was a no animal bar. He only caught a slight hint of animal as he passed up the stairs. It was as if someone was trying to hide the fact that they had been near a dog. He smiled, Chester nose was powerful even for a Vampire and he prided himself in his ability to notice things others could not.


Room 15 was no different than any other room the Vampire had stayed in recently. It might have been a bit cleaner which was nice considering Chester was a bit of a clean freak. He began to remove his clothing. The Vampire rested his pistol on the nightstand. He leaned over and removed the dagger from his assassin boot and tucked it under his pillow. The night was at its darkest point and soon it would be morning. Chester started to settle in when a noise caught his attention.



Michael snuck into the bar, drenched in Vampire stench and a large black over coat. He would have much preferred to be around all the wolf killers in his four legged form but that was clearly out of the question. Mike, as he preferred to be called had been on the run for a few years now. He had escaped his old master and was drifting from town to town.


The Werewolf had finally settled down somewhere in the newly formed mountains, though his den was well hidden. He was the protector of a human village, the only remaining world that still believed monsters were only alive in nightmares. Mike planned to keep it that way.


The tall, olive skinned male took a seat in the shadows fading into the wall so that he could watch and listen better. Mike hoped he would see what he had come for, what he had risked his life for. For some time now Mike had felt lost, he had contemplated ending his unnaturally long life. Sure the wolf had grown up like any other, but he seemed to be perpetually frozen at 25. Mike assumed all wolves had this issue though he did not know since his entire life he had been kept as a prisoner.


Mike had been sold as an infant by his father for reasons unknown to the boy. He didn't even know what he was back then. Mike had first shifted when he was 16 wolf years and he had startled an audience by shifting into his wolf. Mike had been used by his owner as a pit bull, a gladiator and a personal soldier and bed warmer.


The boy had eventually reached sexual maturity in the eyes of his master, 18 human years and 13 wolf years. He would sell him to anyone looking for a night with a warm young looking body. He was of legal human age and so this particular cruel twist of genetics made him a favorite toy. Mike's body told his painful story all too clearly. His olive skin was a mess of scars. His once beautiful strong face forever marred by a scar tearing through one of his dark, brown eyes and trailing over his nose down to his full lips.


Mike had felt draw to the bar earlier but now he couldn't see any reason why. The brown colored eyes flicked around the room taking in all the sinful beings. Mike had never met a kind being that he could recall. Not that he could remember his few short years before his master. Those had been beaten out of him.


Mike's hood hid his jet black spiky hair which was the same color as his wolf fur. Inside the lone wolf beat the heart of a warrior. It was reflected in his tall build. He was tall and toned a built killing machine. The new world needed to organize or end. For the moment the wolf would have been more pleased with the latter.


He was the power hungry type and in his mind there was no empire worth salvaging, and no war worth fighting. If he didn't find a reason, and soon the wolf would simply fade into nothing. Mike had been looking to find someone to share his life with, to share his new world order with. No one even held his interest for more than an inhale, let alone long enough for them to get out a few words.


A scent caught the interested of the Mike's nose. He inhaled and exhaled, something familiar and yet something new and exciting. The scent belonged to the slender Vampire flirting with the bar maid. Normally Mike did not look twice at any one being and yet something about this Vampire demanded his attention and insisted upon his respect.


Against his better judgment the wolf rose from the shadow and silently followed the Vampire up the stairs. He had made it to the hall way when a familiar click shook him to his core.




Chester had a gun aimed at the cloaked figure's head. The gun made the familiar clicking sound and the being he was aiming at turn it's head. His jaw dropped a little at the creatures stunning beauty. His eyes traced the being's facial scar. The Vampire inhaled the distinct rustic scent of wolf. He had never encountered a Werewolf before, and now here he was face to face with the biggest thing he had ever heard of.


Anyone looking at the impossibly smaller figure would know he was a killer; from his cocky posture and fearless attitude even when in a place that was forbidden to him. The Vampire couldn't help but feel a stir in his groin as the Were smiled. The wolf wasn't intimidating or gross like so many Vampires had proclaimed. If anything the wolf seemed safe and familiar.




Mike knew the Vampire wouldn't shoot. Even if he did it wasn't like it would matter. The wolf wasn't afraid of death and silver seemed to be a rarity for guns these days.


"If you are planning to kill me I suggest the silver blade strapped to your foot."


Mike's eyes traveled suggestively over the Vampires body, his eyes resting on his thin boxers. He watched him shiver at the growl. Whoever this Vampire was he was sexy as hell. His toned body and dark brunette tresses caused Mike's voice to drop, something meant to signify to others that he was a prime breeding candidate.


"Unless of course you happen to have silver bullets?"


The Vampire put the gun away seeing as the Wolf wasn't attacking.


"I do, one can never be too careful." He smiled sheepishly, the scent of the taller male was starting to spread now that his hood was down and his cloak hung open. The Vampire grabbed Mike's slender hand and drug him into the room.


"You know your kind is forbidden to be here?"



AN Hey everyone...hides...Sorry for it being short. Just wanted to introduce the characters as Chester!Vampire and Mike!Werewolf...should I continue? Please let me know :)! Xox

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AN Hello ^____^, first things first. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback. I was overwhelmed and very happy to see that you all want me to continue this. I hope to see more feedback, reviews and likes as it fuels me to keep writing <3

I love reading Fantasy fictions. I love writing them, always wanted to write one like this<3 It takes me to a place where I can see Chester as this hungry, strikingly beautiful Vampire and Mike as this mysterious and handsome Werewolf who is equally as hungry;). Also word of warning; They will be very passionate as I love Vampire movies and when I think of Vampires and Werewolves I think of them being very passionate and sexual creatures of the night;)

This chapter I've had to split it into 2 maybe 3 chapters...When I write, I cannot stop argh >.> I need to learn to end a chapter-but is so impossible for me sometimes! A few things about this chapter, we learn more about Mike and his past. Also we learn Mike is not like most Werewolves:) anyway...on with the story. Also another updates may slow down a little- but I will post as much as I can. With my new job I have been promoted so more work for me and less time at home with my partner- but I will balance it all out...okay enough of the word vomit...sorry! :)





"Tell me something that I don't know"


Rolling his eyes up at Chester. The Vampire's ears pricked up as he could sense something, someone moving towards their direction now from the far end of the hallway. Quickly Chester grabbed the Were, pulling him inside now.


Once they were both inside the small hotel room. Chester closed the door behind them, sealing them both inside. The wolf pushed passed Chester as he then drew the curtain back without another word to the Vampire, he was now looking out the window to the full moon.


Mike was able to shift from wolf to human whenever he pleased, but his wolf was stronger under the full moon. Mike's human form was strongest in the new moon and varying stages portrayed by the two halves of the same whole corresponded to his shifting. He wondered if he shouldn't have been on all fours for this meeting.


"I'm Michael,- but you can call me Mike."


He offered his hand and Chester took it, once he had approached the Were.


"Pretty rare to have silver bullets, Vampire" Mike said, a slight growl to his already deep voice. Dropping his hand from Chester's grasp. Chester as he preferred to be called thrust his chin in the air.


"I'm not like most Vampires"


Mike nodded. Slowly.


"I figured that, I wouldn't have followed you otherwise if you were not intriguing."


Chester gulped "Followed me?" He asked wondering if there was more.


"Calm down Vampire, from the looks of it you I think you can handle yourself anyway."


Chester's dark brown eyes took in all the places where his nose told him a weapon was hidden.


"So Vampire, you got a name? Or should I just call you 'Vampire'"


The blood Chester had drank earlier crept into his pale high cheeks. Slightly annoyed at Mike now by the way that he kept calling him out like that whenever he would refer to him as 'Vampire'.


"Chester." He said shortly after that.


He relaxed then under the taller Wolf's gaze as if it was what he did on any given night. Knowing he owed the wolf an apology for pointing the gun at Mike just before. He cleared his throat, to make his formal apology.


"Sorry about before for pointing the gun at you, Mike. Like I said you can never be overly careful. Not just with Wolves but with anyone these days. I have Vampire weapons too."


Now that Mike was seated on the bed, Chester now could see the effects of war carved into the Wolf's body. There was almost no fat on him. Mike was littered with scars on his broad chest. His well-defined hips sloped suggestively into his denim jeans and Chester couldn't help but stare. His dark, brown with a hint of gold eyes glowed a little in his desire to be between those long, lean legs.


It had been a very long time since someone had looked his way with desire. Mike's mind drifted back to the young bar tender and he wondered if the Vampire was honestly interested in someone like him. Despite Chester's sexual preference Mike was not in the habit for apologizing for taking something he wanted. Since his escape he had done as he pleased and lived life without any regrets.


"Care for a drink?"


Chester offered. A sly look along his soft features now. The wolf was now watching Chester's every move, licking his lips suggestively. A victory smile placed along his lips now to see Chester shudder from under his intense gaze.


"I trust you, Mike...not to try anything when I am drunk though for the life of me I cannot fathom why. Just know that I do know how to kill and will not hesitate if this proves to be a severe lack of judgment from me."


Mike watched the sexy Vampire rolling his hips as he walked to the in-room bar. Cocking his thick eyebrows, licking his lips once more again at the delectable sight in front of his wondering eye now. Wondering just how true Chester's words actually were.


"No thank-you, I don't take drinks from strangers. I would never hurt you Chester, I just felt compelled to come talk to you. I felt the need to confess who I am to you and maybe you would understand whatever it is I feel destined to do."


Chester just nodded and reseated himself on the desk chair opposite the Werewolf. Mike realized he was staring now as he then averted his gaze. Normally if Mike wanted to admire the view he would, if he wanted sex he would have sex willing participant or not. Mike had never felt love, he had always lived in a cold world, to kill or to be killed and yet here he was being lured in by a Vampire that looked as though he would put up a fight if need be.


"I am a built and trained hunter, and yet I am probably the most hunted monster in this god forsaken land-"


Mike paused. Trying to push the unnerving thoughts from his mind as he then continued, his voice was low now as he spoke.


"-There is an unimaginable bounty on my head and for the last few years I have been wandering aimlessly now. I feel the need to start wars and kill but currently I lack direction. I found out some time ago that there are beings willing to keep the species separate. Beings that want me dead for some reason or another. My life has never been mine, yet I feel like I am meant to do something with it. The government is in control of the beings"


Mike motioned to the metal hoop around his neck. Chester cringed realising just how uncomfortable it may have been for the Were to wear such a atrocity around his slender neck.


"They tried to control me- but I was able to break free from it all, as much as I hate life in any form for it has been nothing but cold to me. I don't like the fact that we are all mindless sheep that follow the herd. That's why all the fighting. They are either test subjects, or population control, or simply just life realising their needs to be competition. As far as I know I am the only one to fight out of the mind control but the fact that you have silver bullets makes me wonder if maybe you have too. Everyone here on this planet, in the bar is playing one big game of checkers whereas the government and I are playing chess. The government are trying to keep things the way they are. They want Wolves and Vampires and humans and hell whatever else is out there to kill each other."


Mike decided to keep secret the fact that the escape had damaged his memory. The wolf had been left with nothing positive to remember. It was the last ditch effort at the preservation of separation and the ongoing feud. If Mike was to escape with only pain and suffering memories then it was likely he would never become the leader he was destined to become. Instead of leading the world out of post-apocalyptic darkness Mike would drown himself in it.


Chester took a sip of his scotch as he listened, carefully to every detail. It was all a strange theory to him but one that made sense. Most of the beings Chester has ever encountered in his life seemed to never think for themselves. They were so full of hate for something they didn't quite understand themselves.


"I am sorry; I don't know enough of the world to help you, Mike. I was in the mountains away from when this all happened. My late uncle was killed and I decided to come down. The moment I had set foot off of the mountain I was attacked. I may have lived here before the end, but I can't recall. I only have about two years of memory at best. I have only been off the mountain for seven nights now"


The Vampire looked up at the Werewolf as he continued.


"Luckily for me I remember or at least my body seems to remember being trained to fight in almost every possible situation and style."


Chester's eyes lingered on the wolf's only patch of hair on Mike's chest. It peaked up over his pants as if leading the way to where Chester's mind with the help of the alcohol was slowly heading. He felt the cruel heat of passion now sweeping over his thighs and into his lions. Something about the forbidden being across from him was driving him insane. It had to be that he had not been allowed an outlet for his lust in sometime. Chester suppressed his desires now and leaned his palms in on his knees.


"Perhaps...I might be able to help you. I am also a good fighter and it might help keep you alive if you had a partner."


The pale beauty's heightened smell had sensed the heat radiating from the Were's groin now. Clearly Mike was just as needy as he was. He knew the wolf could probably smell his sexual frustrations just as easily. Before Chester had thought to sensor himself he confessed his desire.


"Maybe I could help you with other things too."


His eyes, once dark brown were now as bright as simmering ambers, traveled from Mike's groin to his eyes. That needy look made the wolf shiver. He had felt the pull and smelled the desire but doubted either one of them would mention it. Chester held the aggressive gaze of the wolf for a moment, transfixed.


"I have skills you cannot possibly imagine."


He was curious to see how the seemingly cocky wolf would respond. Chester knew he was flirting and teasing, but that was just how he was. Despite being a trained assassin Chester often played with his food.


"So how do we do this? Do we need to build an army or something or is this like going in quietly and just killing the bad guy?"


Chester realised he had already lumped himself in with Mike. He was lonely and lacked focus and the wolf seemed to be willing to offer him a purpose. Even if that purpose was not meant for him. Mike was silent as he thought for a moment.


"You know, I never really thought about what I would do if I ever tried to fix things."


He bit his lip. The Were had wasted his few years of freedom looking for answers and just going on a mindless killing rampage. He would kill anything and anyone that was stupid enough to try and attack him first.


"You must have missed a lot up in the mountains. Some of the empires have resorted back to their old ways now. Some are favorable to Wolves others to Vampires. Some empires are all human or some are all demon. There is such a big mess in the world and so much wrong I don't even have a clue where to begin."


The Vampire waited for Mike to continue and when he didn't he rested his hand on the wolf's knee, whom was sitting across from him on the lone bed. He wanted to know everything about the Were. He wanted to see what Mike seemed to not be able to remember.


Mike sighed figuring he might as well confess his secret now.


"Truth is, Chester, I only have about seven total years of memory. I have no idea how old I am anymore- but I know I have forgotten most of my life now. I don't even know myself Chester, perhaps I am not good company to keep around. I am hunted, I am most wanted because I was a slave to a very powerful master from what I could remember. I was told he picked me up from an orphanage. He, the high master did unmentionable things to me, and then one day he realized I was a fighter and a guard dog. The guards were so cruel to me, the master's kinships were even crueler. I don't remember anything other than the horrible pain I endured and even that is shaky at it's best. There is just so much hate in this new world now. Monsters are harvested for their entertainment and fuel. The human race are all farmed for our food. They are trying to pit everyone against each other so that they will be the only ones left standing when the smoke clears. I can't even remember who they are."


Mike quivered a little. He didn't like to admit of his short comings.


"When I was theirs to toy with I was kept underground and had to kill many important people while fighting pain signals from this damn ring just to make it out"


Mike stood, slowly advancing towards Chester now. Closing the small gap that was between them to which left the Vampire feeling surprised of the wolf's actions. "The only reason I trust you Chester is because you seem like you would be a threat to them too, not like the rest-"


Mike was now only inches from Chester's face placing a knee between Chester's legs and applying mild pressure to his crotch now. His hands rested on the arm rests of the chair, closing in on the Vampire giving him a no exit policy now. Chester feeling tipsy now, his mind becoming foggy from just how close the wolf was to him now. He opted to slip his glass of poison from his own clasp onto the desk beside him now. Mike then whispered, a purr to his lips.


"-And because you seem like you have more brains than I. All I know is war and military strategy."


Chester stared down at Mike's slender thigh, damn he was beautiful despite of the man that stood before him was an actual beast, he was still a beautiful being in Chester's eyes. His hot groin was already coming to life making its vote be known when he felt Mike lean forward, his foot was now teasing the clothed flesh beneath his touch now.


"I feel sorry for you Mike, to know such pain and never experience joy. I don't remember much of my time before my late uncle, but I do know I was loved. I learned everything I know from this world through books."


Chester closed his legs a little, if he had the ability to have blood rush to his face his pale cheeks would have turned pink. The Vampire wanted the wolf, and he knew the wolf could feel his desire as it begged for the friction of Mike's leg. The Were pushed a little harder this time on Chester making sure the Vampire felt his body head on his member.


"I'll admit, I am very attracted to you, Vampire. It's been a long time for me and it had been a while, if you know what I mean, Chester"



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AN Just want to thank everyone that has reviewed this story and that has read it. It means a lot to me<3 thank you all so much. I would love to thank you all individually- but time has escaped me :( hope to see more likes and reviews as it inspires me to write:) you are all awesome! And all inspire me each and every way :) xox.

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Warning; this chapter contains slash and some blood, whoops;) <3




Mike straightened up removing the pressure and backing off a few feet and smiled. The Werewolf's smile revealed to others that he would have been a golden boy if his life had not been so filled with pain and emptiness. Mike's past had gone tragically wrong and luckily for him he felt little to no emotion because he remembered very little about his early years. He hoped that Chester would be able to fill the void in his life and give him something to fight for to protect and to hold late at night. Right now, he was craving having something wet and soft to be inside. Mike had never been with a Vampire before that he could recall and he was becoming aroused with the question of if the Vampire would be warm inside.


Chester looked at Mike with a needy anticipation. He was feeling cold without the wolf on him. He could understand why the lone warrior was so cautious. There were other being secretly controlling the world and Mike had witnessed all of it in life from what he could remember.


Having just fed on a human before, heat was able to rush up Chester's pants to his groin which swelled for Mike's attention now. The tight pants he was so fond of suddenly became very impractical as they constricted him and outlined him. Not that there was any question that the wolf couldn't smell the increased testosterone in the air.


Mike wondered if the Vampire was really willing to act on his suggestions.


"Do you mind if we share your bed for the day? I usually sleep with nothing on- but if you're too uncomfortable with the idea of that. I can sleep in my wolf form and protect you now that you have chosen such a deadly friend."


He purred his offer, almost playfully. Usually Vampires were repulsed by wolves in all forms so this would both be a test Chester's loyalty and his arousal for him.


"I don't plan to kill you, Mike, if that had been my plan I would have done so in the hall way. Clearly I don't mind sharing my bed."


Chester coaxed to his spread legs and watched hungrily as blood flushed Mike's face. The Vampire then rose from his seat kissing Mike's forehead before slipping off his heavy garment from off the Were's shoulders.


Tiny shock waves of pleasure danced over Mike's skin when the Vampire had kissed him. Most of the time Mike felt one of two things, the need to ram his throbbing sex into something warm and soft or the need to kill something and possibly eat it in a fit of rage. Right now he was having strong urges of his first emotion. Mike tried to bite his tongue not to push his luck.


"Well I don't think it is very fair for me to lay in your bed bare and have you lay beside me fully clothed."


Mike smirked he had lost the battle to keep his jaw shut and was now thinking of how to reply if the Vampire was to freak out.


The Vampire didn't need to be toyed with. He had been intending to sleep beside the gorgeous warrior in nothing but in his skin. Since the wolf was showing interest Chester pushed back not being one to ever back off of a challenge. Chester's eyes then traveled over Mike's body as he began to remove his clothing. Chester's pants felt like they might burst with his excitement.


"As much as I want to be your equal the idea of being under you for a night is more appealing to me."


Mike froze fully naked in front of his Vampire now. He was built for this Vampire something deep down inside of his core was telling him he was finally home. They for a moment he felt safe. Untouchable from everyone as long as he had Chester beside him.


"I want you beneath me every night"


He confessed. Mike felt his ears grow hot as his hearing was distorted by the rush of blood. The Vampire was now stripping, slowly now, Mike drinking in the sight before him. Mike loved that Chester was so confident that he could make a stranger drool. He didn't bother to hide the fact that it was working on him.


"It's my job to protect you. My purpose is to keep you safe-"


He smiled taking in the Vampire's arsenal and toned body once more again. Never witnessing such beauty in his life until now. His eyes drinking in the site of his Vampires's pale skin and his beautiful inky wrists, each covered with deep hues of red and blue fiery flames. He was truly a Work of art for the wolf to feast on.


"-but, I doubt you need my protection. We can start walking tomorrow night, it's easier to stay hidden in the dark."


Mike then guided Chester to the clean hotel bed and made him sit. Chester squirmed under Mike's intense gaze. He was delighted to be on display for the wolf and invited the stares so willingly.


"I think you underestimate yourself, Mike. You may not have known your direction now, but it is clear you have survived a lot."


Chester couldn't help but smile. Mike's emotions were powerful, and painfully obvious. If Mike had been in wolf form his tail would surely have been wagging at the compliment.


"So you said we need to play fair?"


Chester questioned arching an eyebrow and one of his slender fingers grazed the muscular contours of the Were's body. The wolf shivered in anticipation, he was easy to read.


"So does that mean if I touch you here..."


He said grabbing Mike's fiery sex in his hand, throwing Mike off balance now. Causing the the taller man to growl from Chester's sudden movements.


"Then you get to touch me... here?"


Chester did his best to look innocent despite of him being an assassin of the night who wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone if they made the first move on him, as he looked up at Mike, having just placed the wolf's slender hand around his own hardened sex. His eyes fluttering from first contact.


Mike was addicted to power and aggression. What fun was it to lie over a female who would willingly part her legs and whimper along as her male did all the work?- but the Were needed a man, someone who could push him. Could challenge him in every way possible. He knew he needed Chester, everything about the Vampire perfectly matched his desires. Something he could have never dreamed possible.


"Yes, that is exactly what being fair means."


His eyes glazed black now as Mike pushed Chester onto his back before pushing him up to the head board. His lips were parted, bringing the inner wolf from within his body as he began to growl, lowly. His eyes were smouldering over his Vampire.


Chester shivered, the Vampire had never been with anyone that his grandfather had not pre-approved. His grandfather had brought him humans to feed on and every once in a while Chester was intimate with one of his meals. Those had never had this effect on him. He had never been with someone like Mike before someone who would without a doubt tell him no. Someone who could put him in his place and hold him there. It had been too long and Chester was shivering and panting like a bitch in heat now.


Mike's stronger body over his was too tempting not to touch. The Vampire's fingers were still warm with the fresh blood he had just fed on before and Mike still was hot to the touch. Stroking Mike's stomach was like stroking fine silk draped over granite. Chester would give anything to this man if he demanded it. He had a feeling Mike would have no problem demanding things from him. The Vampire wanted to taste the beast like his kind often did. Most of his meals panicked the moment he went to taste and so Chester refrained and instead leaned forward, leaning on his forearms as he licked at Mike's collar bone, just below his collar.


His nose pushed the metal ring out of his way, the Were responding in tiny whimpers of pain as Chester sucked and licked keeping his sharp teeth away from the beast's flesh. Immediately forgetting the pain now as all he could think about was how delicious his Vampire smelt as his senses were flooded with Chester's fresh feed.


To Chester, Mike tasted like the forest, he was minty and salty from his own perspiration. Chester purred in delight. The Vampire looked up at Mike who was admiring his naked body openly.


"Like what you see?" The pale beauty coaxed.


Mike growled in his best response, grinding his hardened sex alongside Chester's now, once he pressed his hips down to meet with his Vampire's.


"So you said you would help me with more than your mind and advice? I have a little problem that needs to be taken care of, and it feels like you do too..."


Chester then thrusted his hips up urging Mike to enter him, lick him, rub him. His body was now on fire, never feeling like this before as he could feel his life form springing back into his body, which almost felt ironic for the Vampire.


"Yeah, though it doesn't feel very little"


He panted concerned that his first time with a male would be painful since Mike felt so thick against him. It was intimidating. It scared him a little as he did his best to not show it for that he feared his beastly lover would smell the fear from him- but some how as he felt Mike's eyes lull into his own, all his worries and his fears seemed to have melted away until all he felt was the arousal he has for the man above him.


It was then Mike grasped at Chester, startling the Vampire as he pulled his face towards him. Not a moment too soon their lips met. Mike pulled Chester's lower lip into his mouth sucking on it, his hands getting lost now in the dark tresses above his Vampire's face.


"Tell me if I do something you don't like, Chester"


He coaxed his unexpected lover between his rough kisses. Mike's body hummed with lust using his tongue to wrestle with Chester's over dominance now. He felt the Vampire relent and give up his power to him.


"I'm going to make you beg"


He growled his eyes darkening to a dark storm of passion.


The Were lightly licked and sucked on the Vampire's milky white skin. Planting little kisses along Chester's jaw line to his throat and then to his peck. His breath would warm as he licked and then would cool when Mike exhaled through his nostrils. His strong hands held Chester playfully in place. Mike lingered momentarily on the Vampire's areole and then resumed the kissing and sucking under his peck to his belly button down to his left hip and then back to the center.


Chester's cock bobbed begging for Mike's attention. He ghosted over the area where the Vampire's tight pants had been knowing this area rarely received attention. Mike used the pad of his tongue to lick from this spot to the top base of Chester's cock, teasingly, still ignoring the flesh Chester was now whimpering for him to suck.


Mike rubbed his warm cheek against Chester's tip flattening it into his lovers stomach. Mike wrapped his lips around the Vampire's cock licking just the underside pinning it between his mouth and Chester's stomach. He left Chester's cock wet, throbbing and angry red before kissing Chester once more, his lips meeting Chester's.


"You ready to beg yet, Vampire?" Mike growled. His feral stare lingering into Chester's equally aroused stare. The wolf finally meeting his match now.


Leaning in now, pushing his thick tongue between his lips, trailing his wet muscle from Mike's jaw up to the earlobe. He whispered low in his ear. Teasing the hot flesh with his own warm breath.


"I don't beg Wolf, at least not on the first date."


Using his uncharacteristic speed to flip the two lover's until he was now seen straddling the beast. Surprising the taller lover as he let out a startled whimper.


"I can entice you to do what I want."


Chester lowered his head now and followed the ripple of muscles along his stomach and down to Mike's cock denying the cut member contact. He let his still warm breath dance across Mike's cock. He heard the wolf growl in demand deep from his stomach and through out his throat. His hands went in between Mike's thigh and massaged very close to his sack. Chester's tongue made a track along Mike's stomach almost surprised that they were not covered in thick fur.


Chester had always heard that wolves were impossibly and grotesquely hairy. The Vampire nipped playfully at Mike's slender, tanned thigh careful not to break skin with his sharp teeth as he grazed them along the flesh, his senses coming to life to hear Mike's bloodstream pumping thickly beneath his touch. Resisting the urge to sink his teeth into the firm flesh beneath his rough touches.


Chester moved his way back up the the leaking cock of his wolf feeling pre-cum ooze onto his own groin when they were once again parallel.


"Want to play yet big, bad wolf?"


Chester teased. His breath warm against the wolf's face.


No one had ever teased Mike, they had either taken what they wanted from him or allowed him to walk all over them, willing to give up anything just for their life. He was now having a difficult time deciding if he wanted to touch first or to be touched. As no one has ever put him in such a predicament before, this was a first for the Were. He then smirked realising what the Vampire was playing at, if his Vampire could play and tease him like he was, he could deliver just the same in return.


"Have you ever been with an animal before?"


His voice was dripping with gravel. To his delight he watched Chester shake his head in response as he was now using his own animalistic force now to tumble them both along the soft bed until the wolf was seen pawing Chester into the mattress, regaining dominance once more again. He then moistened his hands with his own saliva once they found his mouth and applied both in a twisting motion to Chester's needy cock, the Vampire's eyes widening at Mike's sudden motion as he groaned loudly in appreciation.


He twisted up and down Chester's length enjoying the sight of the Vampire's swollen head appearing from the pulled back skin. Mike couldn't recall ever seeing a Vampire before and playing with him was mesmerising as this as he could watch Chester writhe beneath his own weight, enjoying the Vampire fall victim to Mike's rough touches and teasing ministrations.


Mike then leant forward, as he then playfully nipped at Chester's collar bone before continuing south once more, his body sliding further to the edge of the bed until his head was seen hovering just above his lover's cock.


"Lets see how sweet you taste"


Mike purred, allowing Chester some time to regain his composure as he slowly propped his upper body up on his elbows. Moaning at the sight of the handsome Werewolf between his thighs, rolling his chin around the tip of his cock, the pre-cum wetting the wolf's skin.


"You fucking tease"


Chester grouted, pushing his hips up- but immediately regretted it as Mike then furrowed his eyes. Ripping a hungry howl from his lips he then pushed each of his hands to Chester's hips. Holding the Vampire in place.


It was then Mike licked across the tip of Chester's cock, teasing the swollen flesh with hard licks as he could feel the Vampire quake beneath him.


"Don't cum in my mouth just yet, that's not how I want to end the night..."


He ordered. Without waiting for a response Mike lowered his mouth to Chester's tightening sack and encircled each of Chester's balls in an infinity sign with the tip of his tongue. He lightly sucked one and then the other into his mouth massaging them with his tongue, pulling back lightly every now and then. He felt Chester jolt with the combination of pain and pleasure.


Mike moved his mouth to the tip of Chester's cock now as he took in the entire length while still allowing his hands to twist and squeeze the rest of the base now. He licked the circumference of Chester's now exposed head, and flicked his tongue over the slit lapping at the precum leaking from Chester. The taste of the Vampire pushed Mike over the edge. He then removed his hands and placed them on Chester's hips once more again holding him firmly down on his back. Mike opened his throat wide, swallowing deeply, so that he could take all of his lover in his mouth.


Wet lips rolling over Mike's sharp canine teeth. The Were didn't gag, from years of throat conditioning he was able to allow Chester to enter his throat which he constricted swallowing and sucking everything Chester gave him. Mike moved back up pressing his tongue along the sensitive underside before he plunged back down picking up a comfortable, familiar, rhythm. The wolf stopped at the base of the Chester's cock and pulled back his skin giving special attention flicking Chester's hardened sex trying to produce that uncontrollable knee jerk reaction.


"Oh fuck, Mike! Faster"


Chester was seen crying out, his hands clutching the blanket beneath his shivering body as he could feel his body spasm into overdrive of the arousal coursing through out his body. Mike smirked against his Vampire's cock.


Mike now very satisfied with the amount of control he had over the jerks and spasms he hungrily continued to take Chester into his mouth again moving up and down letting Chester hit the back of his throat, humming around the flesh in his warm cavity as he was sending more ripples of pleasure through-out the Vampire's body.


He continued to suck until he felt Chester was near an explosion, his dick becoming even harder. Chester was in pure heaven, nothing he had ever felt could compare with the skill of the Were currently between his pale thighs. He was moaning and shredding the bed sheets in an effort to keep his orgasm at bay.


Mike's mouth was tight and wet around his cock and Chester could feel himself reaching the peak of his arousal the more Mike worked on him. The roughness, sucking, licking and teasing pulled Chester to the height of his erotic state and the sucking harder almost brought forth the orgasm, back arching, shoulder blades pushed out, head back, elbows digging down, moaning.


"Fuck Mike" Chester cried out, his chest caving upwards almost as if he was sacrificing himself for the gods and the heavens that laid above the moving lover's in their passion.


He then pulled away slowly to Chester's much disappointment. Mike then made his way back to Chester's mouth letting his hands find a comfortable rhythm on Chester's swollen cock once more again. Somehow the wolf seemed to know just when enough was enough and he felt Mike suck the breath from his mouth in an aggressive kiss.


He could barely keep himself from continuing until he tasted his first Vampire but Mike was dying to see Chester between his own thighs.


"I don't mind you being rough with me, Chester just watch the fangs ."


The Were wasn't sure how much Chester knew but he gave him a final kiss before placing his hands on Chester's shoulders and with a small push Mike suggested Chester to show him what his 'special talents' that he had mentioned earlier.


Chester had never been taken so roughly and it made him shiver with excitement. The pressure on the Vampire's shoulders was not necessary. For being completely inexperience with males Chester was ecstatic to try his mouth on the wolf. He clumsily tried to mimic what Mike had done to him, but he notice the wolf cock looked different. It wasn't one long fluid member, like his own, but instead had already been exposed. Chester thought that made him look almost more intimidating. The wolf had no skin to hide behind and his erection was demanding attention.


Chester rolled his swollen, abused lips over his fangs carefully not to hurt his partner. Thinking that since he didn't need to breath he wouldn't have a gag reflex Chester launched himself down over Mike's hot, thick cock, only to jolt off of it coughing and choking. He looked startled and stared at Mike's glistening rod for a moment. He heard Mike chuckle.


"Relax Chester, I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I was just curious to see what talents you had."


The Vampire lowered his eyes, something he was not accustomed to doing. He was so used to being in charge or alone with everything in his life. This Werewolf had just showed him up. He had finally met his match.


"Let me try it again."


He growled starting off with licks this time.


Mike felt the warm tongue worshiping his cock. It was an odd sensation, warm not hot like humans or other wolves. Mike had wondered without blood if the Vampire would have been cold to the touch and was pleasantly surprised to find Chester only slightly cooler than a human. He knew Chester was annoyed that he had gagged but Mike liked to hear the sound of gagging, it was an odd fetish of his. It also let him know either he was the biggest Chester had ever had or the only.


Mike ran his curled fingers through the brunette hair of the Vampire. This seemed to please him because he started to purr deep in his throat. Mike's eyes flew open and he moaned loud enough for the people a few rooms over to know what they were doing.


"Fuck that feels good."


Chester lifted his head smiling triumphantly.



He smirked before moving back down over Mike's length. Mike bucked up hearing Chester gag again. "Come here" He growled despite the disappointed look in Chester's face.


"I'm sorry...I thought I would be able to get it all in."


Chester pouted thinking Mike was annoyed with his lack of experience. The Were had made it look and feel easy and Chester wanted to try again. In his dismay he hadn't noticed the hungry look in his wolf's eyes.


"I like that you can't, Chester, it gives me the thrill. If I let you try again I am going to give you your first taste of cum and that isn't how I wanted the night to go."


Chester was surprised how much strength Mike actually had as he felt his body being manipulated onto his side with the furnace of a wolf behind him. Chester's cock was so hard it almost hurt but it wilted the moment he felt Mike's hand on his ass. He had never thought about being taken there and now this wolf was about to have all of him to himself. A few hours, that was all it took to get Chester to put out. He was about to fight and protest until he felt a gentle kiss on his neck.


"Stop me if I go to fast for you"


Mike whispered massaging Chester's shoulders with his powerful touch. The Were positioned himself with one arm under Chester reaching his nipples and the other once again on Chester's cock. He wanted to taste him, to feel the Vampire lose control in his arms, he then pumped his cock a few times to make sure Chester was rock hard and slid his own dick between Chester's firm thighs and beneath his balls and hardened sex.


Mike's hand left Chester's cock and began to lightly rub that great firm ass that had first caught his attention in the first place. The Vampire tried to pull from Mike's grasp, eyes widening realising what his wolf's motives were- but the Werewolf was proven he was just as strong as Chester, with his own strength as he then pulled Chester back into his body, holding his own possessive touch over the smaller Vampire almost as if he was challenging Chester to escape him because the moment the Vampire would try to leave he would be up for the chase.


"Relax love" Mike purred now sucking on Chester's ear and neck, realising his Vampire wasn't going anywhere which excited the wolf even more. He could taste the fear mixed with pleasure between his lips.


When Mike now certain Chester was once again enjoying himself he then removed his hand from Chester's cock feeling his silky smooth hands take over where Mike had left off.


Chester curiously stroked the parallel cock marveling in all of their differences. He felt a wet finger begin to tease his ass and he tensed. Mike's teeth on his earlobe made the Vampire lose all focus as he relaxed enough to allow Mike to prepare him. He heard Mike's concern laced voice in his ear, asking if he was alright to continue.


Chester rolled over looking into Mike's eyes.


"Fuck me Mike, fuck me hard and deep. I want to feel you inside me."


He reached around and grabbed Mike's dark hair and pulled him to his mouth, realising just how much he really wanted to make love to Mike as his body craved to feel closer to his new lover. Their sharp teeth grinded together and Chester pushed his tongue in and lapped at the taste from Mike's wet mouth, exploring him, tasting his warm tongue and his sharp teeth. He could taste himself now on Mike's tongue and his cock twisted at his new found taste buried between his wolf's lips.


He was battling with Mike's tongue now over dominance and after a little while Chester gave in and let the Were take over, feeling Mike's aggressive tongue take over his mouth. He could have kept up fighting or insisted he be the top but something about Mike made him want to submit. His sharp teeth then made a small cut on Mike's bottom lip now as Chester sucked in the abused skin, letting his tongue drag along the tattered lip relishing every drop Mike had to offer as the wolf cried out the sudden pain spiralling from his busted lip.


His hand went over Mike's back once he turned to face Mike. He then grabbed his ass and pulled Mike into him harder. He pressed his own body tight against Mike's and then thrusted. He moaned into his mouth. Mike's blood mixed with the faint taste of each of their cocks between their lips as he then growled into Mike's mouth, exposing his fangs at his canine lover. Mike growling in response, bearing his own sharp canine teeth.


"I want you to fuck me now. I can't wait any longer, Mike."


With a plea like that the Were couldn't refuse his inner animal. He then rolled Chester back over. That reassurance was all he needed and Chester was so willing to wiggle into place. He felt the Vampire push against his own groin, rubbing and teasing his beast with long denied friction of flesh on flesh.


"Relax Chester, it will go in easier if you relax"


Mike flexed his arm that was encircling Chester exposing a vein for him to nurse on in case the pain was too bad. He wasn't sure how much this was going to hurt and wanted to give the Vampire something to keep his mind away from the pain and on the pleasure. His left hand once again found Chester's cock and slowly pumped. Mike then lubricated his shaft with his own saliva and pushed against Chester's entrance.


He felt the Vampire's tight body yield to him and Mike had to stop or risk ending their first time prematurely. The pale beauty's ass felt as though it were choking his hard cock and it felt so fucking good. Chester was every bit as tight and warm as he could have hoped.


"Oh god, so tight..." Mike moaned aloud between his pants.


Once he was all the way in Mike nuzzled Chester silently apologizing for the pain he was sure he must be causing. He worked on his Vampire's hard sex allowing him to adjust to the feeling of Mike inside him now. The Were was quivering and every muscle was clenched he was so insanely turned on now.


"Are you alright?"


He asked realising he was sincerely concerned for the Vampire who laid beneath him.


Chester's body clenched causing the wolf to moan loudly in his ear.


"Satisfied that I am alright?"


The Vampire took Mike's wrist into his own mouth now, making a small cut on him with his sharp teeth. Mike's blood exploded into his mouth causing his body to warm up even further. Mike seemed to appreciate the new warmth because he began to rock his hips. Light flashed in Chester's eyes as he felt Mike's tip graze his prostate. Causing the Vampire to moan aloud. Tasting Mike's tangy blood between his lips, staining each of their lips as they continued to kiss roughly. Their tongues rolling against each other between the tight precinct of their warm mouths.


"Harder, Mike"


The Vampire demanded between Mike's hard, bloody kisses to which Mike obliged. The Vampire felt his wolf thrust deeply into him. They both moaned in unison and the bed creaked under their strong combined power. Hoping they wouldn't break the bed beneath them.


"Oh god, your...cock...feels so me"


Chester cried out, feeling his body slam into the mattress as Mike continued to push his way into his Vampire.


Mike began to thrust harder and deeper unable to control himself. All he could feel was warmth and pleasure running like burning fire through out his entire body. His hand continued on Chester's large cock. The wolf started to get more passionate, more rough and more louder now. He fucked Chester and pulled on his hair and nipped him on the neck, wondering for the first time in his life what Vampires got out of drinking blood. The Were was panting and shaking uncontrollably, sweat rolling off his body.


"I love you inside me, Mike."


Chester whimpered. He followed the movement Mike made in the other direction so their bodies slammed together and even deeper now. He loved to hear the love sounds Mike was making and he moaned his response.


"Mike...Deeper, deeper. God you feel so fucking good."


Tiny electric shocks of pleasure ran through Chester when the wolf pulled his hair. The combination of pleasure inside of him and pain on him was intoxicating to him. Chester realised that he liked it rough, he liked being with someone who could actually push him around.


Chester loved everything Mike did to him, something he never would have imagined only a few short hours ago. His body simmered with searing pain and blissful pleasure. Mike's world was new to Chester, the few bedroom partners had taken had all been with soft women. Those times didn't even compare to what Mike did. The entire bar had to hear that, Chester didn't care. All he cared about the big cock that took him higher up then he ever been.


Mike pounded into Chester until he could feel himself ready to explode into his hand and with that the wolf's entire body was also quivering as he could feel his orgasm coming to a new high in his shaking lover.


"I'm coming...fuck...Mike"


Chester cried out, gagging himself in the pillow that he brought to his sweaty face, his teeth sinking into the soft mound of his pillow when his body arching back as his cum would shoot over Mike's hand, his toes curling inward as he could feel his body was on fire feeling his climax hit him a new high. The Vampire had never been overcome by such a powerful orgasm. Chester didn't think the ropes would ever stop. The air was heavy with the scent of their forbidden love and perspiration.


"Oh Shit" Mike roared, the animal now coming out from within his sated body. Thrusting into his shivering lover one last time, making the heavy bed scrape along the floorboards with such force.


Mike could feel himself now coming inside of Chester's tight oriface as he shoots his last out when he could feel his cock pulsating against his lover's walls.


"Fuck..." Chester moaned. He panted heavily as his body jumped for every heartbeat from Mike. It was mouth-watering to hear the sign of life and pleasure deep inside Mike.


Still out of breath The Were lightly massaged Chester's balls, thighs, ass, and his tight stomach. He wasn't the after sex cuddle type but he felt so close to Chester that he didn't want to pull out or let go of the Vampire as he held him closer.


"Oh my god... that wa-was wow"


Mike pulled Chester further into his chest. If he could have the Were would have made their bodies melt together as one.


Chester heard Mike comment, smiled and replied, panting.


"That was amazing"


Chester curled in to Mike's chest licking his hand to taste himself now. Chester had always wondered what a male would taste like. He tasted bitter sweet, and Chester wrinkled his nose before allowing Mike to lick his own hand clean, the sensation of his own blood between his lips drove the animal wild. He didn't want the Were to pull out. He wanted him inside of him forever. It felt like they were connected.


"Is it always like this? With other men? Or are you special?"


Chester's voice was low and sleepy, he kissed Mike's knuckles with the wolf answering, his voice was soft when he spoke.


"I'm only special for you, Chester"


It summed up the entire evening. Mike was perfect for him and they had been two moths drawn to an intense flame of passion. It was only fitting they would fall asleep together in their afterglow.



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Warning; this chapter contains a small character death and more blood. No one was harmed in the making of this chapter.





The wolf had always trained himself to be a light sleeper. It had saved his life on various occasions, and now he used it to protect his new bedmate. Mike had woken every few hours to make sure his Vampire was alright. It was sometimes difficult to tell since Chester was becoming more chilled now lack from his last feed and he didn't breath. When Mike was satisfied Chester was in fact still sleeping he would kiss him gently and push their bodies closer together, his warm body cocooning the smaller Vampire.


The Were dreamt of his late mother that night telling him of two star crossed-lovers who would alter the world in the hopes to restore peace and to end all chaos. Only the new world was to be better than the old in that Human, Beast, Vampire and Shadow would live in peace once more again. The continents would shift and two sides of the same whole were destined to keep in the balance of life and death, good and evil.


She then kissed Mike on his forehead in his dream as the simple touch startled the young wolf awake once more from his light slumberous state. He could tell it was night fall but he didn't want to wake Chester just yet. The Were was enjoying the view, the smells of his Vampire and the feel of the perfectly cool, pale flesh against his own hot skin. Mike kissed him and ran his fingers through Chester's hair, relishing the soft, brunette spikes beneath his touch. Mike pulled Chester closer nuzzling his face into the Vampire's neck as he would close dark eyes. The strong scent of the cold being soothed all worry Mike could have been feeling.


Suddenly the hair on the back of Mike's neck stood up and he growled a low thunder rumbling from deep inside Mike's throat that reverberated off of his chest. The Were then felt his arm break and stretch with a snap beside Chester as he then removed himself from the bed without as little as disturbing the sleeping Vampire.


Mike's body erupted; his flesh was flying everywhere and turning to dust before it then hit the ground. Left in place of the scared human skin was jet black fur with white streaks indicating where he had been wounded and healed over with human scar tissue. It made it nearly impossible to hide, even as a wolf.


Mike's wolf form was described as slender even for a Were. He could still pass for a large wolf or be mistaken for a massive German shepherd due to his black colouring and markings. He then pulled his wolf snout back into a low snarl as a loud growl snapped through his trembling body escaping through the confines of his sharp teeth. He waited for the intruder planning to kill them the second the door would open.




Samantha looked a little confused, she had thought her sister had said the sexy Vampire had been alone and needed a wake up call in the morning. He was clearly having sex last night from all the noise complaints received from other guest. The young woman wasn't sure if he was loud when he used his hands but she thought she had heard another male voice along with his last night. Now all she heard was a dog. Disgusted the young woman rolled her eyes as she then knocked on the door, the hotel had a strict no pet policy. Like so many others she never would have thought a Vampire would be seen with a Were.


"Uhh Chester? Umm this is Samantha from down stairs... you said to wake you up at six tonight... and I would uh open the door but your dog doesn't sound very happy and we have a strict 'no pet policy' so I am afraid it will have to leave."


She paused; Samantha hated anything on four legs and site unseen the Vampire was so not worth the extra cleaning. Pushing her long hair behind her ear now, annoyed she then wrapped her knuckles as she then knocked on the door once more again, becoming more agitated now.


"Chester?" She repeated. Once again no answer.


Samantha realised that had she of opened the door she would have been face to face with w was described as a rather large black wolf. Mike's wolf form had a thick mane running down his back his hair was now standing up and his ears were pinned back. He was a scary spitting mass of fur ready to pounce and kill.


The young woman's heart was now thundering in her chest as she debated on weather or not to confront the snarling dog and wake the guest. Maybe he wasn't as frightening as he sounded. Her older sister had always told her in the past to give animals a chance. Not that any animal would get in the way of her sex life. If in fact the Vampire was as good looking as her sister had described him as. She was going to try to initiate an invitation to bed with him.


The Vampire could sense the female was near and the sounds of his lover's snarling had finally cleared the last remnants of sleep from his head, he stirred and stretched along the bed. He then ran his fingers through Mike's bristled fur surprised by how soft he felt beneath his cool finger tips once he rolled to his side to pet the beast whom was seen protecting the Vampire by his side.


"Shhh, it's alright"


He cooed softly noticing his lover's pointed ears flick outward recognising the sound.


"I just ordered a wake up call that's all"


He patted Mike's large head, tickling behind his ears and all. Wrapped in only the white cum stained sheet, he removed himself from the bed as he then headed towards the door where he could smell the young female whom was still knocking on the door. He then had his hand on the door handle. Casting a look from over his shoulder now towards his lover he then pointed for Mike to hide behind the bed.


Mike obeyed unable to silence his snarling. He was spitting with fury but knew he needed to relax or risk exposure. He crouched down out of sight and waited.


Chester then opened the door letting the hall light flood into their dark room. His hair, tousled from his lovemaking last night. His lips were still somewhat swollen and he smelled heavily of Mike's semen and dried blood. Despite of his disheveled bed-look it was then the Vampire managed to pull his thin lips into a charming smile.


"Sorry, I swear I could sleep through anything."


Samantha just smirked at his comment, her eyes roaming over his body. She was becoming aroused just imagining him in here with another male. The young woman hoping he was at least bisexual, what a waste for him to only swing in one direction.


"That is quite alright"


She then pulled her hand upward, slowly as she began to trail a finger down Chester's chest.


"We just don't allow animals here and your do-pet doesn't seem safe for our other guests who are also staying here."


Samantha then pulled her hand away as she then began to twirl a strand of dark hair around one of her long bony fingers. She tried to innocently peer from his shoulder and into the room and get a good look at the animal that was causing all the commotion before.


Animal or no animal it was clear to see this Vampire was mouth watering as he was very easy on the eyes.


"You know..." She began, trailing off, leaning closer. She stunk of heavy arousal, making Chester's stomach churn, distastefully.


"You could always chain him up and have a little fun...before you have to leave?"


She coaxed, lowering her eyes to his feet. The young dark haired girl briefly thought about stammering how she was never this forward but thought better of it. That was before the Vampire let out a snigger. Shaking his head which he could see her face drop into a frown now.


"Sorry- but you are lacking a vital organ required to pique my interest."


Chester heard Mike snort and assumed he was now laughing. Had it not been for the fact that every female in the bar had drooled over him the night before Chester might have found the young girl whose name was Samantha humorous as well- but opted to be polite for the poor, pathetic, young girl who was trying to flirt with him.


"My... pet and I will be leaving shortly I didn't know about the rule."


Chester nodded as he was about to shut the door when Samantha pushed on it. The move elicited a snarl from behind the bed. The human's eyes darted there but she smiled back up at Chester. Not giving up with out some kind of fight now.


"Let me help you pack then."


The young, flirty girl placed her warm hands against Chester's chest and pushed him back into the room, closing the door behind them.


"I know your pet is in here, I won't say anything to anyone if we have a little fun..." She pressed on, unaware of the dangerous waters she was now treading into.


The young woman tilted her head to the side exposing her slender neck.


"I'll let you bite me, Vampire, anything you want as long as I get what I want...and that is you..."


Chester sneered, pushing the female off. He didn't know that much about Mike, but he did know that the Were wouldn't enjoy a female all over his now new lover. Chester almost rolled his eyes at himself. Now he was considering himself Mike's Vampire, he never belonged to anyone before as he always had described himself as a lone assassin- but he knew he was so screwed.


He could sense that his wolf was now beyond livid as the snarling and the growls were now becoming louder, echoing the small room and yet it didn't seem to phase the young girl who was seen standing closely to the Vampire.


"You better go before something bad happens"


Chester snarled, his eyes growing dark.


"I'm starving which you can feel and I don't eat and let live."


The young girl hesitated for a moment. She knew the Vampire felt a bit cold but it wasn't anywhere near the starved danger level yet.


"I don't think you would do that to me, Chester"


She pushed on again knowing Chester was too much of a gentleman to hurt her. Looking up from where the Vampire had rolled her now, confused and hurt now as to why Chester would have pushed her to the ground in the first place- but all of her thoughts sizzled out now the moment she looked beyond the bed. She let out a large gasp now looking deep into black pools of rage. Realising what had been hiding from behind the Vampire's bed.


"Wo..wo-wo wolf!"


She yelped between her stammering words.



The young girl shrieked, pushing her body from the ground until she was sitting upright before scooting her small, petite body back towards the door, the large black animal then leapt from behind the bed where he had been hiding. She needed to be silenced.


Chester had frozen, he could have easily taken down the female but like Samantha's intuition had told her, he wouldn't hurt her. The Vampire had been raised to be a gentleman. He had known Mike wanted to stay unseen and was cursing himself for not pushing the flirty female out of the room with his own strength as this scenario could have been played out much better, instead of pulling the young girl into her own inpending death.


He knew he should have felt terrible- but he had no time for people wallowing at his feet and she was no exception to escape at all. As after all he still considered himself a creature of the night, a trained assassin. So watching the young girl as she was about to die before his very eyes, he felt nothing for her at all.


Mike made no distinction between both genders. When he had been captured and enslaved he killed whatever he had to in order to survive. This female was no exception, she was threatening his cover, she was willing to expose him. He knew there were wanted posters for him in the village and the young girl had probably seen them. He then prowled towards her.


Samantha then landed on her back, the huge wolf's paws on her chest. His dark eyes glowering, baring his teeth towards the girl. She then stuttered, her breath was shaking as she spoke.


"My sister said you might be lingering around here. I just never thought a sexy Vampire would be caught dead shacking up with scum like you. Get off me you fucking beast, before I scream and alert everyone of your presence, you wouldn't dare to fucking kill me! It will only make things worse for you and your Vampire..."


Mike growled. The ripple of his fierce voice resurfacing from his snout once more again. Tears now leaking from her eyes as she tried to push her body upwards which only angered the beast above her even more. The Vampire was seen snickering beside them, his own dark eyes dancing with amusement now.


Samantha opened her mouth and screamed. Mike did what he had been trained to do. He silenced her. Mike's powerful jaw clamped down on the girls throat cutting her shrill shriek off in gurgle noise. Blood gushed up from her throat and rolled down her tanned cheek.


The wolf snorted and looking over at Chester, who then took a tentative step forward. Knowing someone was a killer and seeing them kill were drastically different.


The Vampire eyes darted towards the door knowing her final scream had been quite loud. Scurrying now, he then grabbed their things off of the floor and chair.


"Fuck...We need to go."


Mike's tail wagged. He leapt through the glass window taking the light blocking curtains with him. The beings on the street stared, now pointing at the Were whose picture was on the wanted posters. Chester gracefully leapt out after his wolf once he quickly pulled his clothes on. With his leather pack was fully stuffed with Mike's things as well.


"I can keep up." Once he caught up to his Were, who were both now on the run. Nodding with gratitude, Mike took off as people stared, some of them followed but only for a town or two. The Werewolf now leading the Vampire off of the main roads and now into the wilderness.



They both ran for what seemed hours before the slender wolf slowed to walk out the rest of his adrenalin.


Chester stopped on a dime despite the muddy forest floor. Being a Vampire meant that he was a much more graceful a runner than the four legged Were. He tilted his head wondering why Mike stopped here.


"You don't have to stop for my sake. I can keep going, you know"


Chester stated. Now smirking.


"Hell...the only time I've ever been exhausted was last night after sharing a bed with you."


Still smirking now, he then winked from his words and towards Mike. Mike's tongue lolled out of his mouth and even in wolf form it was easy to see he was sporting a wolfish grin.


The Vampire rolled his eyes before noticing a run down building with a vacancy sign. Mike turned his head noticing it as well.


"We should rest and regroup, and figure out a plan of some sort. Neither of us really seems to have any other direction other then run for survival."


Mike then paced back and forth. In his human form he could disguise himself. As a wolf, everyone knew what he was. His wolf picture was on the wanted posters and the white lines where he was scarred always had given him away. Switching from human to wolf was painful- but it was a very quick process if done correctly. The pain and energy needed to completely transform your body was stashed away and if you were a very powerful Were; shifting back to human wouldn't be as difficult.


Mike wasn't powerful when it came to shifting between each forms as he was an escaped slave, which had only meant he was stronger in other attributes- but shapeshifting was not one of them. He then sat down, wishing he could communicate to Chester that he couldn't be seen, even if the Hotel was described sleazy and pet friendly. Chester then turned to looked at the Were. Their eyes locking in a heated match as the Vampire gave Mike a quizzical look.


"I am assuming there is a reason you haven't shifted back into a human."


Mike nodded.


"I know people recognize your wolf form, so hold still, I think I have something that might help."


The Vampire then reached into his pack and produced some white powder.


"You never know when this will come in handy."


Chester then poured powder all over Mike causing the Were to sneeze aloud.


"Don't shake too much, it makes you look grey and more... dog like."


Chester whispered, leaning in to kiss the wolf's nose.


"I swear, being good in bed or not, I never would have thought I would be kissing the wet nose of a wolf."


Mike growled playfully in his response.


"Oh I'm terrified." Chester laughed walking towards the hotel from where they would be staying for the night. Mike nipped his ass which let out a surprised gasp from Chester. Mike's thoughts were now becoming more heady by the second as all he could think about was the fact that he couldn't wait to have the Vampire all to himself once more again.




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Once they both entered the rundown dwellings named the hotel, they were both mildly surprised of just how beautiful and rustic the hotel was inside. Despite of the inch of dust that covered almost every surface of the reception area the hotel was generally easy on the eyes as Chester gracefully approached the older gentleman that was seen standing by the desk, with Mike steadily pawing his way over as well. The older man looked up from his perch, watching Chester give him a charming smile it was then his eyes crossed from the Vampire's dark eyes as the hotel manager eyed the shabby, grey dog.


"Can I help yer?" He asked. Rubbing the back of his neck, Chester could sense the older man was giving off that he was now feeling uncomfortable with this situation he was in now as he obviously had not dealt with many Vampire's in past time.


Chester patted Mike's head, tenderly he spoke trying to ease the older gentlemen's nerves till calm. "I require a room for me and my friend."


The man eyed the Vampire, curiously- but shaking his head he then pulled a rather large, leather bound book as he then flipped it open.


"Well it's going to cost extra for... your friend did you say? Look sir, we really don't mind illegal sex if he is a werewolf." The older man said, eyeing Chester almost with admiration now. Mike began to grumble low beneath his throat- but calmed when Chester began to stroke his fingers through Mike's mane, grounding the beast once more again.


Chester looked calm, the high pitched voice was now hurting his ears and he could not imagine it was pleasant for the sensitive ears of his Werewolf.


"All I require is a room to rest." Chester glowered. His dark eyes suddenly turning bright as burning amber almost as if he was slipping into the older man's mind with his demeaning stare. Controlling him now to not delve into Chester and into any of his business he had associating with Mike. It was then the the older man trembled slightly, his shakes very visible to the naked eye as his breathing was becoming more and more shallow now once he was seen getting lost in the Vampire's intensive stare. Chester pulled back slightly. The Were nudged Chester almost as if he was hinting the Vampire to stop messing with the being as his eyes were now returning to his usual deep, brown stare. Breaking his trance with the older male who seemed confused and disorientated from his black out state of mind. Once again regaining consciousness.


"M-may I help you?" The older hotel owner once again asked. Mike rolling his eyes up at Chester as the Vampire then smirked, quite happy at his handy work as he then palmed the desk, leaning forward before he spoke coolly and collectively.


"I require a room for me and my dog, sir"


Nodding absently, the man thumbed through a book. "Alright then...well your dog is filthy so we will have to charge you ten extra for the clean up."


Chester rummaged through his pack before he would hand over the respected amount, the hotel owner claiming his money. Counting the wads of cash now. His eyes avoiding Chester's now. Still visibly trembling.


"Fine, I just want privacy." Chester spoke, demanding if you will with his words as he then slung his backpack over his shoulder.


The man then handed him a key that he retrieved hanging behind him on the chipboard along with other various keys as he then pointed down the long narrow stretch of the hallway to their right.


"Last door on the left." he stated.




Chester closed the door behind them, sealing them off into their own private quarters for their required stay for the rest of the night.


"Extra cleaning my ass this place is fucking disgusting. I'll go get some fresh sheets."


Chester brisked over the room to make sure the window was well sealed. He made sure no one could see into their room and that the light wouldn't become painful to him overcome the wake of the morning.


"I'll be right back. I hate not having clean sheets."


The wolf paced nervously. He didn't like being separated from Chester. Just incase something was to happen he wanted to stay in wolf form. Chester then returned quickly this time holding a bundle of clean linen he had retrieved from reception as Mike flopped down on the floor in relief.


"Miss me?" Chester teased.


Mike snorted, he wouldn't let on how much Chester meant to him. That would mean he was open to getting hurt. Chester then sat the sheets down as he then began stretch out his tired body, groaning to feel his muscles click from under his tired weight very much aware that the whole time Mike had been casting his eyes up and down Chester's lilthe form, appreciating the Vampire's toned body that was well hidden beneath his form fitting clothing.


"I'm taking a shower. I'll leave you to your phasing...You're more then welcomed to join me?"


Chester purred, winking towards Mike's direction. Even in wolf form Mike started getting aroused. He whined looking antsy now.


"Alright, you horn dog." Chester said in a teasing manner as agonisingly he began to drop his clothes to the floor, one by one his clothes began to fall the ground until he was now left completely bare for the beast to feast his eyes on as Mike elicited a hungry growl from his long snout. With his back still turned towards Mike, he rolled his chin to his shoulder to stare at the beast behind him to which he could see Mike growling, his eyes flashing dangerously dark with the lust dancing behind them.


The Vampire couldn't help- but smirk, he had never felt like this with anyone before and yet here he was completely naked in front of a Were whom he had only just met in less then 24 hours ago and wanted nothing more then to feel Mike on top of him in any way possible. The Vampire never really played around or stuck around long enough with the beings he had sexual contact with as they usually were just another meal to him after he would have sex with them- but with Mike, he simply could never get enough of him as he was completely and utterly addicted to the beast and admittedly he needed more.


Chester sauntered towards the powder room, the door shutting behind him now. The Were was now laying down on the floor, not wanting to dirty the fresh sheets that had seemed so important to his Vampire. It was then felt his bones compact and twist. His flesh began to sear as it pealed away taking the dark fur with it. Mike's tall form lay sprawled out on the filthy floor now.


He was covered in sweat and the lack of food had not made this particular phase any easier for him. He would need to hunt very soon in order for him to regain his full strength that he needed to recover into his full human state once more again. To take another life form's energy to make the switch faster. It wasn't good to be on the run and left feeling vulnerable and weak.


Werewolves could eat human food, but as for Mike he had been brought up as a slave, his body was used to feeding off of warm freshly killed flesh. His legs shook beneath him as made a stand before he would stagger to the door. The steam from Chester's shower was now engulfing him, soothing some of the pain in his recently molded muscles.


"Mind if I share with you?" He asked quietly. His voice was very weak from the affects of his transformation. Speaking over the running water would have expended too much energy and he was thankful Chester had sharp hearing, one of the many benefits of being a creature of the night.


"I already said you could join me." The seductive smile in the Vampire's voice was all too irresistible for Mike to not give in as Mike smirked, nipping at his own bottom lip playfully. The benefits for the wolf was he did not have to strip down till naked as he was already naked from when he shifted from human to wolf and then back to his human self once more again.


Mike then slowly stepped into the raining heat, Chester shifting back to make room for his beast. He was groaning at the warm liquid heat cascading down his worn out body as he knew what he had to say. He felt terrible for the way he had acted before back at their previous hotel, with the young girl named Samantha and how she was pushing everyone's buttons by urging Chester to sleep with her. He cleared his throat slowly. Feeling defeated as several times he bit his tongue- but with heavy heart he knew he owed the Vampire an apology.


"I'm sorry for killing the girl so violently before. I would say it's not like me to kill in that manner but in truth it is. I tend to loose my temper a lot and I enjoy the kill I will admit. Blame it on my horrible upbringing, but I was taught to make a good bloody show of things."


Her blood and dirt washing off his shaking frame now until he was just left with wet, tanned skin from the trickling water. Chester eyed his partner over; he didn't like thinking of the powerful man having any weakness.


"It's okay. I think my brain was on holiday or something. I don't usually kill the unarmed but it needed to be done. I'm not as squeamish as you seem to think I am though. I kill for my food very much the same as you, you know? I'm a little less messy about it but I am no stranger to death, Mike." He then traced a finger down the Were's form, his slender middle finger was now running from Mike's metal, thick collar down to the small trail of hair of his lower stomach. With hungry eyes he was seen admiring the toned body he found beneath his touch now. He simply couldn't get enough of his Werewolf.


"I wouldn't change a thing about you. I wish shifting wasn't so difficult because I really do care about you, I know we have only met each other- but seeing you go through that pain, it really did hurt me to see you go through that shit."


Chester then leaned forward, it was then his lips were seen brushing against Mike's, feeling the wolf's soft, pouty lips respond in a way that made Chester tenderly kiss him in return with much need in his own satisfaction. The sensation of feeling Mike close to his body made his cold skin burn appreciatively. He didn't question what he and Mike were, he just did what felt natural and kissing the wolf was what he felt like he wanted to do.


"Lean against the wall love, let's take care of you and wash this gorgeous body of yours." Chester purred against Mike's lip, every so often he would nip his sharp teeth against Mike's lips. Careful to not break the skin, his dark eyes lingering into Mike's soft brown orbs to see just how worn out his wolf really was. He wanted to show Mike just how much he really appreciate the Were's gorgeous body as he could not get enough of Mike. He was too perfect for how own good.


"If I wasn't so tired, I would be hard as a rock with you touching me like you are"


Mike smiled gently before closing his eyes. He moaned and growled in pleasure now feeling his Vampire run his tender touches across his body, his warming hands working along his taut body. Pressing his palms into every tender muscle as Chester kisses him lightly along his neck. The coolness of his lover's lips was enough to make the Were reach out and grasp Chester's narrow hips in fear that he would collapse.


It was then absently his hands left Mike's body as he then reached for the liquid soap before he then squirted some of the bath wash he had brought with him onto a soft washcloth. His hands reciprocated back to Mike's body as he began rub the tensed muscles along Mike's back once he had turned his back to Chester. The vanilla jasmine froth was lathered into small circles on Mike's aching back, his soft fingers tracing along the white lines that were tattooed into his skin so deep from his horrible upbringings. Chester hated seeing all the damage that had been done to Mike. It showed everything that he had lived through. Everything he had to go through all by himself. Leaning forward he pressed his silky, swollen from the warm rain, lips to each of his scars as he tenderly pressed a kiss to each of them.


It was then he moved down to Mike's firm ass admiring how toned he was. There was not a single inch of fat on him. Chester had never really given too much consideration to what his type was. Mike's little bit of thinking had lead him to believe he would like to be the more dominant male in the relationship. If in fact he was even interested in men.


Chester was by no means an ordinary Vampire. He was cunning and very beautiful yet he was very toned from years of training to be a killer in combat. He was definitely a strong killer- but more importantly he was an a intense lover, which Mike admired that about the Vampire.


Chester loved that Mike was so strong willed and seeing the fire burn in his eyes before when he had salvaged the young girl to her unfortunate death Chester knew he had fallen head over heels for Mike the moment he had met his cunning wolf. He knew Mike needed a real man, a man he didn't have to be afraid to take roughly as admittedly Chester loved the thrill and the pain.


"Fuck... you have a nice ass"


Chester moaned appreciatively. His fingers sliding along Mike's cleft, admiring the toned skin he would find there. Watching the soap suds run along the curve of his rump.


Mike's head rolled as he growled, he didn't know how to feel about being touched there. He had gone through so much in his lifetime growing up- but he manage to relax in Chester's smooth and gentle caresses.


Chester then wrapped his arms around Mike's soft yet firm waist. His hands slid all over Mike's tight stomach and pecks, the soap being rubbed against his hot flesh as his Vampire continued to run his free hand along Mike's tanned skin while the wash cloth rubbed against Mike's hot flesh. Chester then smirked. His fingers gently grazing over the hard bar that was pierced through Mike's hardened nub.


"Why didn't I notice you had this pierced last night?"


Mike sniggered and stood up straight turning around to face Chester. "You were too eager to have my big cock buried in that unbelievably tight ass of yours."


Chester showed Mike his sharp fangs in a growl as Mike growled back. It sent a shiver down Chester's spine seeing the predator he was washing. Finally meeting his match now. He knew he should feel scared as he had heard stories of Werewolves killing Vampires and vice versa- but the thrill of it all made it all the worth while for Chester to live up for.


"I think you are the eager one."


Chester then slowly kneeled and cleaned Mike's foot, running his hand up his thigh, the wash cloth soon forgotten now as he stopped before he got to his thick hard organ.


"Down boy."


Chester purred, purposely rolling his thick, pink muscle from between his parted lips, watching Mike squirm above him as he then swiped the pad of his wet tongue along the tip of Mike's slit, before continuing down the Were's other thigh.


"Fuck you taste so good." Chester whispered, his unusually cool breath fanning across Mike's burning, throbbing flesh which only earned a low growl escaping from the hallow of his wolf's throat.


"Oh god Chester."


He watched Chester lean forward now, playing as innocent as he could with his large, doe eyed stare looking up at Mike as he rubbed the side of his cheek against Mike's hard sex, watching closely as his pre-cum was seen smearing along the side of the Vampire's already wet cheek from his leaking, hardened sex. The beast having naughty thoughts of what Chester would look like if covered in his seed from head to toe.


Chester's fingers were seen dancing along Mike's firm thighs. The Vampire's pale fingers contrasting his tanned skin. This was pure torture now, with Chester's slow touches and his breath running across his bare skin as Mike wanted nothing more then to see Chester open up his perfect pink lips and swallow Mike's throbbing, hot sex whole until he would cum.


"Chester..." Mike murmured softly as he placed a hand behind Chester's head, feeling his hair slick against his hard touch as he was now pushing him closer to his groin.


"Guess your feeling better now?" Chester teased licking the underside of Mike's shaft.


"Better enough." Mike's chest rose and fell slowly. His eyes burning with lust hotter than the heat coming off of his cock now.


"Beg for me then, tell me what you want?"


Chester smirked looking up at Mike watching his knee's wobble.


"I don't beg and you know exactly what I want"


The Were grouted hard in a punishing tone as he pushed insistently forward.


Chester then slowly backed off, wrenching himself out of Mike's strong grasp as the Werewolf was stunned at Chester's own strength- but then again it was no surprised to test the Vampire of his inability of his own strength when it came to matching his own power with the Werewolf as he watched in awe, his body in pain from the fiery sex between his thighs.


Chester shrugged. Smirking up at Mike. The hot heat cascading down their bodies. The steam swelling in their lungs. Making it near impossible to think straight as all Mike could think of was the heady thoughts of Chester naked against his own wet body.


"I like bottoming for you, but we are after all equal. If you can't beg for me then you must not want it... I would beg for you if you wanted me too." Leaning down now, He dragged his sharp teeth into Mike's pierced left nipple, almost breaking the skin between his rough ministrations as he could feel Mike's blood pumping fast beneath his thick skin. He could feel Mike mindlessly buck into him, feeling Mike's throbbing cock brush against his lower abdomen.


"I know we are equal..." The tanned wolf inhaled sharply. He had done so much begging in his past life and those were only the few years he could remember. He vowed not to make himself the type to beg for anything. -But with Chester he could definitely make the exception for if it meant seeing Chester between his thighs once more again.


"Please Chester...suck my cock." He whined. Pressing his hips into Chester's, feeling excited to know his Vampire was just as equally as aroused as he was. Chester looped his fingers through Mike's dark locks, pulling the damp locks roughly forward until Mike's face was close enough against Chester's lingering lips, it was then they began kissing softly, the Vampire smirking across the wolf's lips between their heavy pecks.


"Not too bad big, bad wolf, keep going."


"Please, please, please Chester let me feel your mouth on my cock. Make me cum all down your fucking throat."


Mike jerked as Chester sunk to his knees, a wicked smile matching his equally wicked eyes as he casted his dark eyes up into Mike's tentive stare.


"We'll work on it."


Chester murmured, wrapping his fingers around the base of Mike's large cock before he would devour Mike's cock hungrily with hard sucks as he slowly wrapped his lips around the tip of Mike's hard sex. The heat of his hard flesh radiated in his mouth. His hands manipulated Mike's firm cheeks as he swallowed more and more of Mike's cock, disappearing from the wolf's view as more of his cock slowly eased into Chester's awaiting mouth.


Chester was thankful he didn't need to breathe. This little Vampire privilege helped him to get all of Mike's thick member down his throat. He knew he was starting to get cold and the heat from the shower water helped to keep things warm for him.


Mike felt himself disappear inside the Vampire. His skilled tongue took the water collecting on Mike's flesh and swirled it down his throat as he sucked. He felt the cool tip of Chester's nose buried in the fur above his cock. The startling mixture of heat and chill pushed Mike over the edge quickly. He growled and thrust his hips into Chester's face. Feeling his body hit the high point of his climatic sex escapades as he grasped Chester's wet hair, holding his Vampire in place as he moaned aloud. Slamming his cock into Chester's tight, wet canal feeling the Vampire gag against the hard intrusion of his mouth which had only had the wolf almost howl in excitement to feel the Vampire struggle against his hard skin.


"Fuck! I'm cumming" Mike growled, his deep voice shaking the small space around their moving bodies as he could feel stars simmer past his dark eye lids. He knew he wouldn't last long. All because of Chester's teasing and copping an eyeful of the Vampire's wet body against his own was what had him reeling to the edge of his ecstasy.


Thick globs of hot cum cascaded down Chester's throat as Mike then exploded into Chester's awaiting, wet oriface. It was the first time he had ever tasted a male in his mouth. Chester moaned appreciatively. The taste was salty and somewhat sweet. Mike's flavor engulfed his entire mouth with rustic overtones. Chester licked his lips gently bathing his man's cock free of any lingering cum.


"You really weren't kidding about those extra talents..."


Mike lifted Chester off of his feet pushing him into the shower wall, encouraging the Vampire to wrap his legs around Mike's firm hips as he pushed the smaller Vampire into the cold tiles, feeling Chester shudder from the cool tiles against his skin. His mind fogged as he could feel Mike wrap his fingers around the base of his cock, Mike, watching the pale beauty thrust his body up and towards Mike's rough touches.


"I never knew... uhhh" He started to moan and pant heavily. "Stop stop I'm too sensitive."

Mike leaned towards, his lips capturing Chester's cum stained tissues. Savouring his own taste between his lover's lips. Licking the soft flesh with his thick tongue.


"I want to please you baby."


Mike growled feeling Chester soften in his hand.


"I- I already came. I never tasted a guy before and it was overwhelming to me." Chester hung his head. Blocking out his vision of Mike's widening eyes.


"Fuck that's hot" Mike growled. "Let me relax you then."


Chester assumed everything about the brick wall of a man would be rough, yet wrapped in the Were's arms Chester was blissfully fondled.
Every stroke was very gentle and caring. His muscles relaxed and he started to drift into his own darkness. Sleep falling against his heavy-lidded eyes.


Mike caught Chester as he slipped "Tired love? And I thought I had gone through a lot with my phasing."


Chester grumbled resting his face against Mike's chest. He felt the warmth of the water leave him and he yawned.


"Don't fall asleep on me love. We should try and hunt before we move on." Mike whispered. His actions were quick as he wanted to make Chester feel as comfortable as he could when he turned to shut the shower off. Quickly he dried himself along with Chester as he then pulled his Vampire from the bathroom and into the bedroom where he was seen Laying Chester down to rest along the bed.


"I was thinking, we should try and hunt down your old masters. We could find a way to get this thing off of your neck." Chester reached up and touched the metal hoop tenderly. Mike shifting onto the bed now, slipping his naked body against Chester. Feeling the Vampire slip against Mike's body.


Mike groaned a little "I was hoping we wouldn't have to go there. I could just take you to my home. We could grow old together watch the time pass us by. Raise little pups together."


Chester smiled, pressing his lips against Mike's his fingers dancing along the Were's metal hoop that was around his neck. It was strange how appealing that sounded.


"We aren't really settling down type. Beside if we go and find them at the very least we can try and clear your name. Wouldn't that be something you truly want Mike? To finally be able to walk the earth as a free wolf"




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The Were snorted at Chester's comment. He knew it would be wonderful to finally walk the earth a free wolf as he never knew what freedom tasted like as he had always been a slave since birth- but he knew it would almost be near impossible for him to achieve something like that. His old masters fed off the young and powerful so it was only a matter of time before they would become more indestructible when Mike would finally face his old master once more again. So the thought of trying to take them down on his own was enough to make the young wolf shiver with fear to his core.


"Possibly...maybe. I don't think you realise what you have gotten yourself into Chester. I am a very wanted ma-wolf for my unspeakable crimes because of what my old master and his peers had done to me...and as a result of it all, they made me do horrible and unmentionable things"


For a moment they were both silent. His memories were hazy- but he could remember the torture he had to live through everyday while growing up, from what he could remember was that through the pain and the torture he had lived through he still managed to stay alive through it all with out giving in to death himself. He didn't even know how he broke free from it all- but he was glad he did because he had finally met Chester. It was then he crossed his dark, brown eyes from his sweaty palms towards his pale beauty as he sighed.


He still felt like he and Chester were important he just didn't understand how or why but it just felt right within his mind and his heart. Maybe something would fall from the sky above them and tell them what they needed to know. He doubted it, since when were things ever that easy for Mike. "You know, I had a dream last night."


Chester smiled slyly now, pushing his body closer into Mike's. Loving the warmth he would find there as he was seen laying against Mike's smooth chest, his eyes dancing with his own amusement towards Mike.


"Yeah, I know. You couldn't keep that monstrosity all to yourself. After you came all over my leg. I had to wash my pants since they were put on in a panic because some really hot guy I just met decided to rip a lowly girl to pieces and caused a scene."


Chester tapped Mike's nose in a bad dog fashion earning a playful growl from the Were as he flushed not before the Vampire leaned down slowly to steel a quick kiss, calming the wolf once more again. His kisses were affective like that.


"Sorry, not that dream type of dream I'm afraid."


Mike murmured softly, his face now nuzzling into the crook of Chester's neck. "I remembered something from my past last night in my dream. About how there are two beings made to bring in the new world...A better world. A pair of lover's thought to balance things out. Just a fairy tale my mom always used to tell me"


Mike chuckled to himself. Realising at just how ridiculous he was sounding right about now. When he had first met Chester, he came off as this strong, fearful beast of the night and yet now, he felt his body caving into Chester's soft caresses as he was enjoying to simplicity of feeling vulnerable with his Vampire. He cleared his throat as he continued, happy to see that Chester peaked an interest in what the wolf had to say.


"Which until last night in my dream I didn't even realise I had a mom growing up"


Chester felt his heart sink. Smoothing his hands along his wolf's hair, admiring the softness he found there. It'd hurt Chester deeply to hear stories of Mike's past.


"Everyone has a mom" Chester whispered softly. Pushing his weight back onto Mike now until he was seen straddling against his beastly lover's thighs, both aware of just how very naked they both were- but the Vampire resisted any urge to continue what they had started back in the bathroom as he was well aware that the wolf was in no mood for playtime and that he earnestly wanted someone to listen to what he had to say.


"Glad to hear you are remembering, even if it is just little bits at a time. However I don't think we have to worry that we are the mated pair. Usually prophesies like that involve future off spring and prophetic children, and that would be a true miracle. We will fix the world one way or another. Not to mention after after we find your old master I will personally kill the fucking sick bastard that ever thought it was alright to hurt you."


Chester growled. His voice rumbling inside his chest. He wasn't going to lie, it broke him. Made his chest almost crumble at the thought of Mike feeling vulnerable and hurt in anyway as he heard Mike speak of his past. Why would anyone be so cruel to hurt a a young wolf like that? He cleared his throat slowly, trying to pry off the subject seeing as though Mike had fallen into the shadow of the night, his lips unmoved as he was staring blankly towards the ceiling.


"Although...having kids would be one for the history books. Too bad there aren't any books being written. The current ones are all considered rarities"


Chester trailed a finger down Mike's lower stomach, eliciting a small sigh from Mike's lips which earned Chester a smile to his lips. Watching as the wolf curled into his touch, breathing slowly now as if he had been put under a spell to relax his mind. "I think we should rest for a little while, I have a feeling we have a long walk from here. Although I don't think I am really going to be much help when it comes to not being noticed."


It was then Mike snapped his eyes open, startling the Vampire now.


"Yeah, I've noticed. Every female within ten feet radius of you always throwing herself at you, but who said we are walking? We are heading for my humble abode first. I have a few toys that will make the journey a little more pleasant for us." Mike cocked his eyebrows suggestively. Finding the ability to move as he placed his hands on each of Chester's hips, disabling the pale beauty to move off from his lap with grace as he was loving the cool sensation of Chester's cold skin contrasting magnificently against his hot body.


Chester slapped his chest, playfully. Startling the wolf as Mike let out a tiny gasp between parted lips. "Hey, I'm two days into this relationship and already you are suggesting toys?"


Mike's face lit up, smirking now as he began to tentively roll his palms across Chester's cool skin. Feeling his each of sharp hips beneath his touch.


"Heh, I didn't think you would be that interested but now that I know you are, we are getting some. Some rope, some leather, some whips..."


"Yeah, no!" Chester laughed, a giggle to his lips- but that soon simmered away once he felt Mike roll his hips up into Chester. His hardening sex brushing against Chester as he let out a whimper in his own defence feeling powerless from the way his wolf moved against his own body. They were completely insatiable as they both knew for themselves they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Chester slapped each of his palms against Mike's broad chest now once he managed to break-free from his feeble state-of-mind as he wanted to take back some of his own control. They were both equals and the Vampire had no issue challenging Mike to that.


He then began to scrape his nails along the taut skin he found there as he admired the rivets of faint pink lines he had just created along Mike's tanned skin, the gashes were so deep he had almost sliced the skin as guiltily he wish had done just that. He could feel Mike's body pulsate in every way possible as if it was beating within his own skin now, feeling Mike's pulse within his own skin. He could feel the beating of Mike's own heart in his own chest, the thick crimson liquid that filled each of the Were's veins streaming through out his lively body, he could feel Mike's hardening sex throb with much needed desire to be tainted with Chester's own manipulative touches.


"I am either really hungry or horny...-but I need you."


Chester whispered, his voice wavering from lack thereof food or sex as he then leant down, his wolf now meeting him half way once Mike had realised what his Vampire was implying to do as he leant up on his elbows slightly sinking into the soft mattress of the bed they would share tonight as his lips were now brushing against Chester's in a tender loving kiss. Or so he thought that was what Chester's intentions were as he realised he had misjudged this situation entirely.


The Vampire smashed his lips against the wolf's not before he let out a growl slip between his drying lips. In quick instincts, Mike fired up his own eagerness to please his Vampire as his hands snaked along the Vampire's back, admiring the smooth skin beneath his burning touch as he placed his hands against Chester's neck, reeling the Vampire further into the demanding kiss that Chester had first initiated.


Once they parted each of their own lips against each other's flushed skin, their tongues were soon introduced in a fiery, tangling heated passion. Their throbbing muscles were slick with their own wetness as Mike groaned aloud, digging his nails into the flesh of his pale lover as he could make out the taste of his own hot seed pooling between Chester's tongue and the roof of his Vampire's mouth. He wasn't going to lie, he loved the fact that he could taste himself inside his Vampire's lips as it drove him crazy.


Their tongues heatedly danced between the small, hot precinct of their lips, collecting each of their tastes that they both harboured in each of their playful kisses as moans would soon follow from the hallow of each of their throats. The Were had kissed many men once he was a free warrior in his lifetime from what he could remember as none of them could ever compare to Chester at all. The Vampire tasted sweet, with the saltiness of his own seed lingering between his lover's lips as it only made the Were press his hot body towards Chester's cool body as he couldn't get enough of his Vampire and the smells and the tastes he would bring with him. Everything about Chester was so tantalisingly delicious. He was completely and utterly addicted to the tastes, smells and feel of pale beauty as he simply couldn't get enough of him.


The Vampire slipped his own tongue back into his wet carven, feeling Mike protest against his swollen lips before the Were could say anything about Chester suddenly withdrawing from the heated kiss the Were felt his eyes rip open, feeling the Vampire's lips slowly peel back between their languish kisses as he was now exposing his sharp fangs to the beast. He had seen his Vampire do this a number of times before- but suddenly this time it felt different from any other time as Mike could feel chills running from down his spine. Seeing Chester's eyes flash with amber, his skin turning more pale then usual.


Mike could feel his heart plummeting against his rib cage, dazed from the lust that was spiralling through his shaking body- but moreorless he felt slightly imitated to be under Chester's firing line as he could sense the Vampire was hungry and he knew right at this point he had no where to go- but simply to surrender his mind, body and soul to his lover as Chester would take him for his own.


He knew he the only other option was to fight Chester, seeing as though he was still very weak from his phasing he could barely lift an eye lid with out sleep falling back over him like a thundering clap against his skull. He knew Chester would be a lot more quicker in his movements and a lot more powerful when it came to testing the Vampire's own strength. It was then in a blur, he let out a rather large growl. His eyes slammed shut from the piercing pain that was now spawning along the curve of his neck. He had done it. Chester had bit him as he could feel the smaller body sink his weight into his own, feeling his large fangs break into Mike's soft neck. Marking him as his own.


He could feel his blood stream opening up as it was being exposed to his hungry lover as he tore into Mike's neck. Feeling Chester vibrate against his flushing body as he could feel Chester let out a loud moan, feeling his own blood explode into his lover's awaiting, thirsty mouth.


The Were tasted like he had expected. He was warm, sweet and had a tinge of bitterness to his blood which drove the Vampire absolutely crazy, despite of being a beast of the night, a Werewolf that has grown up only thinking eating the flesh of a human being was the only exception as food, to Chester, Mike still tasted pure as he suspected that no other Vampire has ever taken Mike for themselves until this very night when Chester decided to mark him as his own, he tore into the throbbing skin between his lips, his teeth sinking into the broken skin he found beneath his bloody kisses.


"Oh fuck...Chester" Mike cried out, his body fervishly shaking as he could feel his mind sinking in and out of his own conscious state of mind. He could barely breathe now as he could almost feel his all of his life forces shutting down in his crumbling body. The pain was almost too unbearable- but despite of Chester's attack he was completely aroused. No one in the history of his time has ever challenged Mike quite like this and in many ways it excited him even if he could taste death upon his lips. He was so close as he realised just how dangerous he was tethering with his own life. It excited him, enthralled him.


Feeling his neck throb from the fresh pain that was transpiralling through out his body he grasped at Chester's hair, feeling his long digits thread through the damp locks he found there as he gripped with his own strength. With fleeting victory he smirked to feel Chester gasped from almost having his hair being ripped from his own scalp from Mike's strong threshold as he dislodged his teeth from Mike's neck. He could sense Mike was challenging him as he looked up to see Mike's leering stare.


He would have almost felt guilty if Mike didn't taste so damn good and feeling Mike ground his hips into his, made the Vampire cry out as the blood that he had fed on warmed his body completely now, feeling life spring back into his vital organs as he could feel his body burn with much needed desire for his wolf now. He was aroused before- but after feeding from Mike he felt his body fly high as if he had just taken his own personal drug. His eyes became hazy as his mind began to fog. He could feel Mike's blood began to pump through his body, it exhilarated the Vampire.


Mike's eyes were shining black, which had only made the Vampire squirm. He tried to move from Mike's grip- but realised he had woken the true nature of Mike's beast which evidently the Vampire began to shake a little more now realising what he had done even from his high he still felt bad. He could still taste the crimson pool of desire between his wet lips as he realised that his swollen, red lips were simply not wet because of his own saliva- but in fact they were wet from Mike's blood.


"You know I could end your fucking life...with what you had just done to me-"


"God Mike I am so sor-" The Vampire gasped loudly, feeling the Were pull his face closer to his until their lips were now hovering so close to one another that the wolf could almost taste himself that was bouncing of his naughty Vampire that decided it was okay for him to attack Mike. He was still pretty tired and what had made it worse was that when Chester had decided to attack him unexpectedly it had only made the wolf feel even more lethargic- but he tried his best to hide his pain and the sleep that threatened to take over his body.


"-You're just lucky you have a fuckable ass and that I actually like you"


With Mike's final words his lips melted against Chester's as they both sighed. Their kisses were lazy and tender as they grasped at one another in romantic embrace, their fingers running along their warm skins and each creature both moaned in unison. The blood smeared against their plump lips, making their tender kisses feel even more exhilarating as their bodies continued the move against one another.


Their erections would brush against each other almost reminding each of the creatures of the night just how hot they were for one another. Chester noticed he had changed the sheets as he wondered when Mike had the time to do such a task as the moment they had been in the hotel room they had almost been inseparable- but despite of him wondering it warmed him to know his partner cared. He pulled away slowly as he noticed Mike had fallen lazy between their kisses.


"I can't wait to see what this crazy world has to offer for us, as long as you're by my side" Chester murmured against Mike's blood stained lips. Although Mike's blood tasted sweet with a hint of bitterness, he personally thought the stolen kisses of his wolf lover tasted a lot better then anything he has ever tasted in this world.


"We can hunt by night and make love by day, and then I can show you my home or should I say our home?" Mike asked wondering how the Vampire would feel about that. He knew he was moving in too fast- but living in a war-torn world such as the new world that every man and every creature has to live in, anything was possible as danger lurked around at every corner.


So why not share his home with his new found lover and change history once and for all. Maybe live in a world where a Vampires and Werewolfs would finally bring peace for one another and learn to live together just like Mike and Chester was now.


Chester nodded. Smiling. "Our home."


Even his late uncles home had belonged to another. Chester didn't need to see where Mike slept and spent his free time. He already knew it was where he belonged.


Mike returned the smile.


"-And when women, and men throw themselves at you then I'll make it perfectly clear you are off the market."


"How would you do that?" Chester asked.


With his own bloody tongue he began to lick the outer shell of Mike's ear now, smirking to feel Mike move closer into his smaller body as he was now meeting Mike's thrusts with his own eager movements.


"I'd bend you over in front of them all if I have to, but that might not help us out to much with trying to fly under the radar"


Mike rolled Chester onto his back pressing his lips against his once more again as their legs were tangled together feeling the cotton fibres of the starchy sheet rub against their perspiring bodies. He was reunited with Chester's bloody kisses which only made the Were excited to taste his own blood pooling between his hungry lover's lips.


"I'm still hungry..." Chester whined in between Mike's rough kisses as the Were pulled away now.


"Alright, we hunt your way tonight. Tomorrow it's my turn." Mike was nervous, with all the cleanliness that Chester seemed to enjoy, he would find a wolf's method of feeding quite repulsive.


"I don't mind you getting me dirty during a hunt. Just promise to lick me clean afterwards."


Chester's hands cupped Mike's cheeks and he leaned back on the bed, pulling the beast down with him. Mike felt himself settle between Chester's legs, their bare erections pressing intimately together. Chester moaned and began to rock his body, growling at the sensations only Mike could cause to rise within him.


"Please Mike..." He begged, kissing his lover. "Make love to me first then we hunt"



Mike's dark eyes quickly adjusted to the equally dark outside as he looked around loving the fact that people seemed to have never seen an odd pairing like him and Chester. Apparently a beautiful Vampire such as Chester was permitted to slum it with a werewolf only if the wolf was female. The hotel owner back at the hotel had assumed the dog to be female and hadn't given it much thought.


The Were was careful to keep himself hidden from under his thick cloak. The hood cast darkness over his face and he kept to the shadows. When the beings saw Chester they stopped to stare. Inevitably when they realised the taller figure had his arm draped around his smaller lover their eyes no longer lingered at them both as they carried on with their own day. No one enjoyed seeing a man being with a man; however no one was going to say so as the townsmen and women that populated the small town didn't have the guts to tell it how it is, knowing that it could possibly be their last breath if they were even brave enough to utter a word to the pair.


Mike pulled Chester's body more tightly into his own, both enjoying the warmth spread between the their hot skin. "It seems to be working to keep the towns beings at bay."


Mike growled softly. They walked to the edge of the tiny town that most had not even bothered to include on maps. Here is where the trash of the town lived, those who simply had been banished from the society of the good folk of the town. They were the prostitutes and drug dependants often became food sources for newcomers and people not wanting to upset an existing family.


Mike hated this system, deeming which beings were worthy of being dinner didn't sit well with him in his stomach. He had been brought up from his lowly standings and assumed others should be able to do the same. However this tiny town wasn't the one they needed to raise issues with. It was all of the towns. They all farmed poor beings, acting as if their lowly status made them unworthy of human qualities. All they were to everyone were scum, the nobodies of the town. The ones that had problems that most people didn't want to deal with, so instead they pushed them to the outskirts until their pending death awaits them.


Mike turned to Chester, "Anything you please, beings in this world are used to their being hunted so it won't attract much attention at all. It's just the natural order of the food chain for us all, go on an Ches...time to feed."


With a quick kiss to Chester's temple it was then Mike retreated into the shadow content to see how Chester killed and just watch him move. His back against a stone wall he waited for Chester to strike up his next move.




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