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Been in Love and Lost My Senses

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The music was playing loudly and the colourful lights moved around the dim room. Stan Uris stood to the side, leaning against a wall, and watched the people in the overcrowded living room. He could see most of his friends there. Richie and Eddie were in the crowd of people dancing, stealing kisses every now and then, Ben stood to the side with Beverly, talking about something or other, and Mike was walking towards him with a red solo cup in each hand.

"Hey," Mike said and handed him one of the cups. "How's your night going?"

"Hey," Stan replied, taking the cup with a brisk nod. "Alright. Yours?"

"Pretty good," Mike said. He sipped at his drink. "I figured I'd keep you company, you're looking lonely." He smiled at him.

"How kind of you," Stan replied with a short laugh. "What is this?" He asked, motioning with his cup.

"Bourbon and Coke," Mike said. "Richie brought it. Said I could help myself."

Stan nodded and took a sip of his drink. "It tastes good."

"Yeah. Have you seen Eddie?" Mike asked. He briefly scanned the room. "Richie was looking for him."

"Well," Stan said, pointing at the couple near the centre of the crowd of dancing people, "he found him."

Mike looked over and saw them, in the middle of making out. He turned back to Stan. "Where's your boyfriend?"

"He's coming late, had to pick up Georgie and his friends from the movies."

"Ah." Mike nodded. "Why are you hanging out here alone?"

"I'm not alone," Stan said. "I've got you here." His face broke into a smile.

Mike laughed. "True. But-" he pointed across the room to a girl who was looking in their direction- "not for long."

Stan glanced over at the girl. She was pretty.

"She's cute," he said.

"She is," Mike agreed. "Do you mind if I..."

"Hm? Oh, right." Stan shook his head. "Not at all, I'll catch you later."

"See you," Mike said, crossing the room.


Stan finished his drink then left to get another one. He returned back to the same spot on the wall and leaned against it, sipping his drink.

"Heeeey, Staaaaanley!"

He turned his head to find Eddie had come up beside him without his notice.

"Oh, hi, Eddie. What's up?"

"Nothing much," Eddie said, grinning up at him. He was obviously already rather tipsy, a slight slurring to his words. "Richie's in the bathroom. I'm waiting for him."

Stan nodded. "Bill's taking Georgie and his friends home from the movies. I'm waiting for him."

Eddie giggled, it was a cute sound. "Can you believe it, Stan?"

"Believe what?"

"You know," he said, bumping his shoulder against Stan's arm and almost spilling his drink. "You're dating Bill, I'm dating Richie. Our little group of four grew up and fell in love." Eddie gasped, slapping a hand over his mouth. "I said the word! The 'L' word, Stan! I haven't even said that to Richie yet!"

Stan tried not to laugh at Eddie's theatrics, which proved difficult when he had such a scandalised expression on his face. "Maybe you should say it then," he suggested through snickers.

"I should?" Eddie grabbed his arm, looking up at him with wide eyes. "I should tell Richie I love him?"

"Definitely," Stan said with confidence. "But maybe not tonight."

"Huh?" Eddie looked confused, his brow furrowed and those big brown eyes blinking up at him. "Why not?"

"Because you," Stan said, pointing at him, "are drunk." He poked Eddie's nose and the two broke into laughter.

"I am!" Eddie said, gleefully. "Aren't I?"

"Oh, here comes your lover," Stan said as he spotted Richie coming closer.

"What's so funny?" Richie asked, casually wrapping an arm around Eddie's shoulders.

"Richie!" Eddie smiled up at him, the joy evident in his voice.

"Eddie's kinda drunk," Stan said, which made them laugh again.

Richie looked between the two of them, a strange look on his face. "Uh, okay then," he said. "He's cute when he's drunk."

Eddie blushed. Richie kissed his forehead.

"So, where's Bill?" asked Richie.

"He's running late," Stan explained. "He should be here soon, though."

"I'm so happy for you two," Eddie said. "You're like the cutest couple ever!"

Richie scoffed and looked down at his boyfriend with an offended expression. "Babe?"

Eddie turned to him. "Oh, no!" He was almost panicked. "Richie! No, no, we're cuter! Much cuter!"

"You're cutest, though," Richie replied, and leaned down closer to him.

Eddie kissed him. "You're cute, too," he said, kissing him again. "So cute." Another kiss. "Super cute."

Stan downed the rest of his drink and held up the empty cup. "I'm gonna go top this up," he said, walking away from the couple who barely noticed him leaving.


"Stanley Uris."

Stan turned around at the sound of his name to find Beverly standing behind him. She had a knowing smile on her lips, which were a dark wine-colour that matched her dress, and wore white eyeshadow that shimmered in the light.

"Beverly Marsh." He smiled back at her. "How are you?"

"I'm good," she replied. "Enjoying the party?"

Stan shrugged. "It's been kind of boring so far."

"Maybe you just need to learn how to have fun." She walked closer to him, glancing into his cup. "What are you drinking?"

"Um, bourbon and coke," he replied, glancing at the dark liquids and swirling them around. "It's good but this is my third and the taste grows tired."

"Tired?" Bev repeated, amusement in her tone. "The taste is tired?"

Stan blinked in confusion at himself. "I'm tired," he corrected, "of the taste."

Bev laughed. "That makes more sense," she said.

Stan laughed too. "Yeah, I suppose it does." He watched as she brought her cup to her lips. "What are you drinking?"

"Vodka with orange and mango juice. Want some?" She asked, holding the drink in front of his face.

He considered for a moment before shrugging and taking the cup. He sipped it and handed it back. "Tastes alright," he said. "Can barely taste anything but the juice."

"I know, it's great." Bev sipped it with a smile. "It's just like drinking juice and then next thing you know you're drunk."

They laughed again.

"Want some of this?" Stan asked, offering his drink to her.

"Sure." Bev nodded, taking the cup from him and swallowing a mouthful. "Wow," she said, surprised.


"It's stronger than I expected," she said, drinking some more of her own drink to wash away the taste. "Didn't think you'd mix it that strong."

"It's not that strong," he said.

"It's very strong," Bev said. "But, moving on, where's Bill?"

"Running late," Stan said with a sort of sad look in his eyes. "I swear I'll be blackout drunk by the time he shows up."

She huffed out a laugh. "With how much bourbon you put in that, I'd say so."

Stan grinned. "It tastes better!"

"It tastes foul," Bev said. "Alcohol is better when you mask the taste."

"True. But, bourbon goes alright."

"Whatever you say, Stanley. Anyway, I better get going back to Ben."

"Oh. Well, I'll see you later, then."

"Yeah, catch you later," Bev said. "And if you want something better than that," she added, pointing to his cup, "my drinks are hidden in my cooler bag over by the table."

Stan nodded and said "Thanks," but she'd already began walking away and probably didn't hear anyway.


Stan had finished his third bourbon and coke and was halfway through the vodka and juice, standing in the hallway where nobody was really hanging around. A few people passed by but other than that he was pretty much alone. What was possibly taking Bill so long?

Stan was about to walk off when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and he felt lips on his neck. He jumped at first, then quickly realised who it was.

He turned around with a massive grin on his face. "Bill!"

"Stan!" Bill smiled back at him as Stan's arms wrapped around his neck. "S-s-sorry, I'm late."

"It's, hmm, it's okay," Stan said, his words beginning to slur. "You're here now!"

"Y-y-yeah," replied Bill. "I'm here now." He smiled to himself as Stan started swaying in their hug. The embrace dragged on longer - not that either of them had an issue with that. "Have you had fun?"

"Yeah," Stan said, finally moving back to look at him. Bill's arms remained around his waist. "But I missed you." He kissed his cheek, smiled, then kissed it again twice more.

Bill smiled at him. "I m-missed you t-too," he replied and Stan grinned widely. "Wuh-w-what are you drinking?" He asked, glancing at the cup.

"It's juice," Stan said. "Juice and vodka. I got it from Bev." He placed a hand on Bill's chest, tracing small circles with his finger, watching the movements closely. "It tastes good. Do you want some?"

Bill shook his head, laughing fondly. "N-no," he said. "I-I'm driving, reme-member?"

"Oh, yeah!" Stan laughed again. "Can I come home with you?"

"I-I already am t-t-taking you home."

"No, I know," he said, rolling his eyes with a smile. He kissed him. "Can I come to your house?"

Bill pretended to think about it for a moment, humming in thought. He noticed the impatient look on Stan's face and the slight pout forming. "O-okay, I g-g-guess you can."

Stan grinned, beaming, and pulled him into a tight hug, planting little kisses all over Bill's face.  "You're so beautiful."

"A-a-and you're so dr-drunk," Bill replied, shaking his head.

"Am not," Stan said. "I'm just a little bit tipsy. But you-" he cupped Bill's face with one hand- "are beautiful."

"You're m-m-m-more beautiful," Bill said.

Stan kissed him and Bill melted into it, parting his lips. He could taste the juice and vodka on Stan's tongue and smell the cologne that had become such a familiar scent to him.

When they eventually parted again, Stan kept peppering little kisses on his lips.

Bill was giggling as he tried to speak, only to be stopped by Stan's lips on his own. He eventually managed to stop him. "Do you w-want to go f-find our f-f-friends? I should p-pr-probably say 'hello' to them."

"If we must," Stan replied, sighing. "I was talking to them earlier though," he added, reaching down to take Bill's hand. "Besides, I want you all to myself."

"W-w-well, you will l-later," Bill said as they walked back out to the party, a faint blush on his cheeks. "I p-p-promise."

"I'll hold you to that," Stan said, kissing his cheek once more.


They walked into the dining room to find a game of Beer Pong set up with Richie versing Mike. Richie was losing.

"You got this, babe!" Eddie was telling him.

Richie probably would have had a better chance at winning if he didn't currently have his boyfriend hanging off one of his arms, but he'd rather lose than change that.

"Big Bill!" Richie shouted as he spotted Bill and Stan walking toward them, which made Mike miss his shot.

"Richie, you did that one purpose!" Mike said, pointing an accusatory finger at him. He turned to Bill with a smile. "Hey, Bill."

"Hey," Bill greeted him. He didn't even notice Eddie bounding toward him until he was pulled into a tight hug.

"Bill!" Eddie grinned up at him as he stepped back. "Hi!"

"Hey, Eddie," Bill said.

"When did you get here?" Eddie asked, excited like a kid on Christmas. "Stan's been awfully sad without you! He's been waiting all night. We've all been waiting, really. But, Stan has especially. How's Georgie? You were picking him up from the movies, right? With his friends? Are they having a party? Hopefully not like this one. He's too young for that. That's why you're late though, right? You were picking Georgie up. Sure took your time doing that. Well, at least you're here! Stan can stop moping now!" He laughed at his own quip.

Bill laughed at his rambling. He nodded along as Eddie talked and talked. "G-g-Georgie's doing o-okay," he said. "W-was Stan r-r-really moping?" He nudged his boyfriend as he asked this.

"No!" Stan said, shooting a glare at Eddie. "Go back to cheering on your boyfriend," he said. "He needs all the help he can get."

Eddie's eyes widened as he turned back to Richie who currently had only 2 drinks left to Mike's 6.

"Oh, shit." He turned back to Bill. "Talk to you later!" With that Eddie was back at Richie's side and holding his arm, whispering encouragement in his ear.

"I wasn't moping," Stan muttered.

"I'm shuh-sh-sure you weren't," Bill said. He had an amused smile on his face, though, that betrayed his words.

"Bill's here!"

They turned their hands at the sound of Beverly's voice and found her and Ben walking towards them.

"I'm h-h-here!" Bill replied, smiling at her and wrapping them each in a one armed hug - his other hand occupied by Stan's.

"Finally! This kid," she said, pointing to Stan, "can stop his melancholy now."

Ben laughed. "He's been rather mopey."

"I didn't mope!" Stan retorted.

"You did!" said Bev.

"A little," Stan said, lifting his cup to his lips and mumbling into it. "Not that much." He downed the rest of his drink and handed to cup to Bill. "Forgive me for wanting my boyfriend."

"D-duh-don't worry," Bill said, stroking his thumb across the back of Stan's hand. "I th-think your moping is c-c-cute."

Stan kissed his cheek again. "Thanks."

Ben and Bev had already turned away to watch the game, Mike was now done to 4 cups and Richie still had his 2. Maybe Eddie's encouraging words were working.

They heard the music change in the living room and Stan grinned at Bill before pulling him out of the dining room. Bill dropped Stan's cup into a garbage bag as they passed it and followed him into the room loudly blasting Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody .

"I love this song!" Stan shouted over the music, pulling him closer once they reached the living room, and started swaying to the music, dancing just a little to the slower start of the song.

Bill moved with him, but he wasn't into dancing that much. Neither was Stan when he was sober.

Stan was singing along quietly at first, but it was like a blast of energy came at the chorus.

" Oh, I wanna dance with somebody / I wanna feel the heat with somebody ," he shouted more than sang, pulling Bill around in a dance.

" Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody / With somebody who loves me ." He winked at Bill at the second line.

" Oh, I wanna dance with somebody / I wanna feel the heat with somebody ." Stan pulled him closer as he sang this line.

" Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody / With somebody who loves me ." He kissed Bill after the last line, wrapping his arms around his waist as Bill's wrapped around his neck.

They stayed like that through most of the second verse.

Stan immediately started singing again when they pulled away. " I need a man who'll take a chance / On a love that burns hot enough to last ." He leaned in to whisper in Bill's ear, "That's you, love."

Bill smiled, pressing a kiss to Stan's neck. Then the chorus started again and Stan was back to dancing and singing loudly.

He pulled Bill's arms around him when he sang the line, " to hold me in his arms ."

Bill laughed and danced along with him, still holding Stan close. "Y-y-you're so c-cute, you know?"

Stan grinned at him as he continued singing.


The song finished and Stan slumped slightly.

"That was tiring," he said. "Come sit down?"

"I'll g-g-go get you a-a drink of water," Bill told him, as Stan sat on a couch that was pushed to the edge of the room.

"Hurry back!" Stan called after him.

Bill found bottles of water in the refrigerator and took two of them. When he returned to Stan he found him talking to a girl from their school.

"And he's the got cutest smile," he heard him saying as he got closer. "And the prettiest eyes. He's perfect. He's so perfect."

Bill smiled to himself. "H-hey," he said, standing in front of them.

"This is him!" Stan said, happily, to the girl. "I was just talking about you, baby," he added, smiling up at Bill.

"He is cute," the girl said to Stan, standing up. "I'll see you in class." She smiled at both of them before walking away.

Bill took her spot on the couch beside Stan and handed him a bottle.

Stan took the bottle from him and sipped at the water. "Thanks."

"N-no problem," Bill said. He shuffled close and Stan laid his head down on his shoulder. "T-t-tired?"

"A little," Stan said, nodding. He sipped the water again.

"D-do you want t-t-to leave?" Bill asked.

"I don't want to make you leave, you just got here."

"I-I-I-I don't m-mind," he said. "I-I'd rather be at ho-home with you a-a-anyway."

Stan looked up at him, chin rested on his shoulder. "Okay, then." He smiled. "Let's go."


They said their goodbyes to their friends, conveniently still playing/watching Beer Pong. This time it was Mike against Eddie. Mike was down to 4 while Eddie had 8.


Bill spent the car ride making sure that Stan didn't feel sick at all, and holding his hand at stoplights.

Stan turned on the radio and Creep by Radiohead was playing. He sang along quietly.

The song finished just as they pulled up to Bill's house.

Stan was quick to grab Bill's hand when they got out of the car.

"Now, we have to be very quiet," Bill explained as he unlocked the door. "My parents are asleep."

Stan nodded, holding a finger to his lips as Bill opened the door and they walked in.

They quietly made their way through the house and upstairs to Bill's room. His parent's room was downstairs and on the other end of the house so they could be a little louder.

"I'm tired," Stan said, collapsing onto the bed on his back.

"I-I know," said Bill, walking over to him. He started taking Stan's shoes off for him. "That's w-w-why we came home." He pulled the shoes off and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before going to get pyjamas for both of them.

"...boyfriend, such a good boyfriend, perfect boyfriend," Stan was mumbling when he came back again.

Bill smiled. "Get ch-ch-changed," he said, dropping to clothes next to him.

He stripped off his own shirt and kicked his shoes and jeans off before getting dressed in his pyjamas. He turned to Stan to find him shirtless and fumbling with his belt.

"C-come here," Bill said with an amused smile. "Let m-me get that."

Stan flopped back down on the bed and let Bill undo his belt and pull his pants off. "Ooh, Bill undressing me," he said, attempting a wink. It was more like blinking in his tired and drunk state.

Bill rolled his eyes, fondly. "Ooh, S-Stan too dr-drunk to dress himself." He helped him into the pyjamas, they crawled into bed, and Bill turned off his lamp.

Stan curled around him, his head on Bill's chest with his an arm across his waist and a leg between both of Bill's. Bill kept an arm around Stan, fingers running through his hair.

"Hey, Bill?"


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

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It was just past 6am and the sun was starting to creep through the blinds in Bill's bedroom. He heard a short moan which disturbed him from his sleep. He ignored it. It came again. He opened his eyes and realised it was coming from Stan.

"No," Stan mumbled. His face was still pressed against Bill's chest, a crease on his forehead. He groaned again.


"Mm?" He opened his eyes, blinking up at Bill.

"W-w-what's wrong?"

"I just, I-" Stan stopped. He clamoured out of bed and hurried out of the room, walking as fast as he could in such a state.

Bill's brow furrowed in confusion and concern, getting out of bed in a flash and following him. He heard the unmistakable sound of vomiting as he neared the bathroom.

"Stan?" He said as he walked in. "Y-y-you okay?"

Stan was standing over the toilet, slumped over and shaking slightly. He nodded weakly.

"Yeah, just, uh, just-" he threw up again and Bill frowned. He didn't like seeing Stan like this, not that there was much he could do to help. "Sorry. I'll be okay. Go back to bed."

"I'll b-b-be back in a m-moment," Bill said, turning and leaving Stan as he heard the vomiting again.


Bill was looking in their medicine cabinet for something to help soothe Stan's stomach when he heard footsteps and turned around, startled. It was Georgie. "Georgie! You s-scared the shit out of me! What are you d-d-doing up?"

"I heard noises," Georgie replied. "Who's throwing their guts up in the bathroom?"

"Stan." Bill sighed. "He's still going?"

Georgie nodded. "Yep. Is he okay?"

"Uh, y-yeah. Just a bit sick," Bill lied. "I'm getting medicine. Go on back to bed, Georgie."

He nodded, sleepily. "Okay. Tell Stan I hope he gets better."

"Okay," Bill said as Georgie started walking away. "Goodnight."



Bill made his way back upstairs, glass of water in one hand, a box of crackers in the other, and Pepto-Bismol tucked in the crook of his elbow. He could see the bathroom light was turned off, and walked into his room.

"H-hey," he said, finding Stan sitting on his bed. "How are you f-f-feeling?"

Stan shrugged. "Better after that." Bill walked over and handed him the glass of water and box of crackers. "Thanks."

"N-no problem. Drink it slowly."

Stan nodded and took a small sip from the glass, placing the crackers on the bedside table. "What's that?"

"Hm?" Bill looked at the Pepto-Bismol still tucked in his arm. "Oh," he said, holding it up. "I th-th-think this should help."

Stan smiled at him. "What did I do to deserve you?"

"S-sacrifice to the gods?"

He laughed softly. "Definitely."

"Do you w-w-want to take s-some now?" Bill asked, gesturing with the Pepto-Bismol bottle.

Stan nodded. Bill poured a cap full of it and gave it to him. He downed it in a quick shot.

"Gross." He frowned at the taste and drank some water. "That shit tastes awful."

"Yeah, b-b-but you at least y-you won't throw up," Bill said.

"Unless that stuff makes me," Stan replied. He took another small sip of water and set the glass on the table with everything else Bill had brought up for him, then shuffled back to other side of the bed. "Come back to bed?"

Bill nodded. He crawled into bed and they laid down. "A-are you feeling okay?" He asked, turning the lamp off. He rolled onto his side so they could face each other and moved closer.

Stan nodded, smiling at him. "Yeah, thanks to you."

They stayed like that for a moment, the sunlight shining through the cracks in the blinds enough for them to see each other.

Bill ran a hand through Stan's hair as Stan traced small circles on Bill's chest with his finger.

"You d-d-do that often," Bill said with a soft smile.

"Huh?" Stan glanced up at him.

"Your h-hand," Bill said. "Y-you draw small circles with your finger. Usually o-on my chest."

"Oh." Stan stopped.

"No, I like it." Bill smiled and he continued. "I-i-it's kind of cute, I think." Stan tilted his head up and kissed Bill's chin. "Y-y-you're kind of cute, I think."

Stan faintly blushed. "You're kind of beautiful," he said, kissing Bill's chin again, then his cheek. Bill leaned in to kiss him but Stan pulled away. "I just threw up in your toilet, love."

Bill shrugged. "S-so?"

"That's gross," Stan said.

"Love is g-gross," said Bill. He pressed a quick kiss to Stan's lips. "There."

Stan kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you," Bill whispered back.

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Stan woke up, slowly opening his eyes, to find himself alone in Bill's bed. He sat up and looked around before climbing out of bed and walking out to go find his boyfriend.

He ran into Georgie in the hallway and nodded at him, stretching his arms above his head.

"Morning, Georgie," he said, yawning after.

"Good morning," Georgie said with a smile. "Are you still sick?"


"I heard you this morning in the bathroom," he explained. "Bill said you were sick. Are you feeling better."

"Oh." Stan paused. "Yeah, yeah, much better. Bill got me some medicine."

"That's good," said Georgie. "Bill's in the kitchen making breakfast." He left and went to his room.

Stan nodded. "Thanks."


Bill was busy flipping pancakes and dancing along to Two Princes by Spin Doctors. He didn't notice his boyfriend coming up behind him until he felt Stan's arms around him and his head against his shoulder.

"Morning, s-s-sleepyhead," Bill said with a smile.

"Morning," Stan mumbled. "You're making pancakes?"

"Y-yeah," Bill replied. "Reckon you'll b-b-be able to stomach it?"

Stan nodded. "I'm hungry."

"Probably because you e-e-emptied your stomach earlier th-this morning," Bill said with a laugh.

"What time is it?"

"J-j-just past 10."

Stan moved away to lean against the counter. "Have you been up for long?"

"S-s-s-since about 9?" Bill replied. He gasped and smiled. "O-oh my god."

"What?" Stan looked at him confused.

Bill reached behind him and turned the radio up. "The s-s-song."

Stan grinned at the sound of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing.

They'd gone to the cinema together to go see The Bodyguard and Stan loved the film. When he made Bill a mixtape a few weeks later I Have Nothing was on both sides.

Bill's arms wrapped around his neck as he stepped toward him and felt Stan's arms around his waist, pulling him closer.

They kissed, Stan's eyes fluttering closed as he tilted his head. He felt Bill's hand at the back of his head, tangling in those curls. He pulled away and trailed kisses along his jawline and down his neck before sucking softly.

Bill tugged gently on his hair and gasped as Stan bit softly on his neck.

Stan's eyes opened for a moment and stared directly into Georgie's.

"Shit." He quickly broke away, pushing Bill back who was a little disoriented at first, and stared down at the ground. He coughed to clear his throat. "Hey, Georgie."

Bill's head whipped around to find his little brother standing at the kitchen doorway, staring between the two of them.

"G-G-Georgie. Fuck. H-hi."

"Were you two kissing?" Georgie asked.


"We, uh, yeah we were," Stan said, slowly.

They waited, unsure what to say next.

"Okay. Bill, can I have juice?"

Bill blinked, still just looking at him.

"I'll get it for you," Stan said. He poured Georgie's juice and watched him leave before going back to Bill. "So, uh, that was..."

"I h-h-hadn't told him a-about us."

"Yeah, I figured."

"He s-s-s-seemed to not m-mind," Bill said.

Stan shrugged. "Why would he?" He asked. "Georgie thinks the world of you."


"Yeah." He nodded. "As do I," he said, kissing Bill's neck again. "Just relax."

"Yeah." Bill closed his eyes and sighed. "I-I-I can smell our breakfast b-burning."

"Let it," Stan mumbled against his skin.

"I can't." Bill reluctantly pulled away. "I-I thought you s-s-said you were hungry."

Stan hugged him from behind again as Bill flipped the pancakes which were a very dark brown on one side.

"I am," he admitted. "We can continue this after breakfast, I guess."

Bill tilted his head back and Stan kissed him.

"I love you."

"I love you too."