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1001 Ways

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Harry was strumming his fingers on his desk. He was looking down at the list of recently deceased. He was also bored. "Master?"

"Death." Harry missed people. He didn't count being around dead people. They didn't count in his book.

"You know you could play with him." Death sat down. He selected today, at least, to look like an old man with a black business suit. He looked like he was a funeral director.

"I could. It's not like we can fix anything after." Harry had learned a lot of interesting information after Dumbledore's death and he became a legal adult. He smirked. "You have an idea of which timeline?"

"There are a few that you never survived. I say have fun. Let's have a game. Just try to keep the death toll down during our peak times."


"Bonus points if no one thinks he died from anything but an accident. You lose points if you actually kill him out of annoyance."

"Interesting. What stakes?"

"I win, I get a holiday in whatever timeline. You win, you get a holiday with me distracting the sisters."

Harry thought about it. Fate, Destiny, and Lady Magic would have a fit once they found out but that wasn't anything new. The three sisters never agreed on anything unless they were lecturing him and Death. "Deal."

"Let the games begin."


Harry frowned. "Really, Death? I'm what, 14?"

"No, you are 10. It gives you eight years to kill him as many times as you can. Also, work on killing anyone else who needs it."

"It's before the zoo?" Harry looked around the sitting room. He wondered where his relatives were.

"Yes, it happened in June. This is October." Death saw a small grin appear on his Master's face. His Master was going to torment his relatives. "No Horcruxes, no Dark Lord wraith. In this world, you died shortly after Dumbledore placed you here. Mrs. Figg has been dealt with already. As far as anyone is concerned you have been living here for the last 9 years." Death was going to enjoy watching his Master have some fun. It had been too long.

"If I kill Dumbledore he will just respawn with a quick reset. Everyone will be unaware of what happened?"

"Yes. It will be like the total event hadn't occurred."


"What is that infernal racket?" Severus Snape demanded. The Heads of Houses were meeting in the Headmaster's office to discuss the upcoming Halloween Feast. When things started whistling and screeching.

"Harry!" Dumbledore jumped out of his seat, giving orders as walked. "He's in danger. Severus, Minerva with me. Filius warn Poppy we might need her assistance." Without waiting to see if his instructions were being followed Dumbledore was already out of his office.


Harry watched from the park as the Dursley's house was burning to the ground. The fire department was delayed in receiving the call and he had made sure he was seen at the local market. He cast an enhanced eye spell that he earned long ago in Egypt to watch for when Dumbledore would arrive.

Harry heard the sounds of three apparitions. He smirked as he saw Dumbledore's colorful robes. He waited for Dumbledore, with Severus and Minerva, to reach his relatives' house. Minerva and Severus were dressed like muggles. The police stopped them from getting close but Harry had been saving this idea. He waved his hand and sent his relatives house up into the air, swirling around and as everyone ran, the house crashed down on top of Dumbledore.

"You have watched too much Wizard of Oz, Master."

"Maybe, but it counts as one."