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“You… really want to do this?” Tamaki says, focused very intensely on his hands. They’re on his lap and he keeps grabbing them and letting go and clenching his fists and the legs of his jeans, like he’s using his fingers to hold himself together. “Because-because I know it’s weird and gross—”

“Tamaki,” Mirio sits down next to him on the bed. He’s smiling, but not too much; he doesn’t want him to think he’s laughing at his worries, “nothing you ever do could be gross.”

“That is a lie,” Tamaki mutters, a hint of amusement in his voice as he lifts his head. “I manifested a functional cow’s tongue on my hand that one time.”

“Sure, alright!” Mirio throws back his head and laughs long and hard. “That was real disgusting, but…” he takes a deep breath and calms himself, “this isn’t. I was the one who asked, anyway.”

There’s a long pause.

“I wanted you to ask, though,” Tamaki says like it’s the most humiliating thing he’s ever admitted to.

“So where’s the embarrassment then?” Mirio throws out his arms, delighted. “We both wanna do it. So let’s just do it! Or, I mean, we can do it the normal way, I’m not gonna complain. Or not at all, if that’s what you want. I just want to spend time with you, Tamaki.”

“I have to…” Tamaki swallows, “um… oh god… no, no, I can’t do it.” He burrows under the covers headfirst, the lower half of him sprawling on Mirio’s pillow and twitching.

Mirio runs his hands over the comforter where Tamaki’s shoulders and back are, gently petting. “Why don’t we just put on a movie and see what happens? I want to watch The Force Awakens again. Maybe we won’t watch all of it, who knows?”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” Tamaki’s muffled voice filters through the blankets. He’s leaning into Mirio’s touches, and it’s really, really cute. 

“Well, I mean, if it was somebody else, I’d probably be embarrassed but it’s real hard to be embarrassed with you.”

Tamaki groans.

“What?” Mirio chuckles, a low rumbly sound that vibrates down his spine. “Too much?”

“No. I just don’t understand how you can say things like that so easily. I can’t keep up.”

Mirio crawls his way under the blanket so he and Tamaki are face-to-face in the late afternoon light filtering through the fabric. “I think you’re doing just fine,” he says before he kisses him.

Tamaki is a lot less worried about things under the blankets. He kisses back, wrapping his arms around Mirio’s neck and trying to pull their bodies flush together. It’s awkward because of the pillows and sheets and because Mirio’s bed is designed for one person and Mirio alone is at least one and a half people. His ass and legs are hanging off the edge of the bed, and he keeps kicking the random things scattered across his floor. His water bottle clangs against the door, and the noise reminds Tamaki that there are things to be bashful about.

“I ate so much takoyaki today,” he softly babbles into Mirio’s collarbone. “Fat wouldn’t shut up about it, we were just watching nature documentaries and he couldn’t figure out why I wanted so much. So mortifying. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, I wanna do it,” he kisses Tamaki’s temple. “It’s kinda one of the hottest things I can think of.”

Tamaki grabs at his shirt and burrows into him even further.

“Okay,” he says so quietly that if they were anywhere but under the blankets his voice would have been lost.

Mirio pulls him even closer in a hug, but between the blankets and his already precarious position, they end up falling on the floor, wrapped in most of the bedding.

“The balance and control of true heroes,” Mirio announces, mouth full of blanket. From somewhere in a sheet, Tamaki snickers. Then the sound stops, and Tamaki creeps up his chest, his hands grasping at his shirt again.

“I um… I’ve thought about this a lot,” he mutters.

Mirio is pretty sure that not coming right then is one of his greatest achievements so far in life.


Tamaki had been his first kiss, an awkward messy thing that had ended in Tamaki running home, leaving Mirio pretty worried that he’d ruined everything forever. But then the next day, Tamaki showed up at his house with one of Mirio’s favorite movies. While they watched it, he slowly moved closer and closer until they were holding hands. Then they were kissing again, quick and breathy and nervous because his dad was watching a baseball game in the living room.

They’re a hell of a lot better at kissing now.

Mirio’s lying on his back on the floor, Tamaki over him on his hands and knees. His hair is everywhere, tickling and poking, but Mirio is used to it. His hands are wrapped around the small of Tamaki’s back, the roughness of his fingertips gently running against the softness of Tamaki’s skin. Tamaki is actually pretty noisy when he’s having a good time, sighing and murmuring and stuff. It’s perfect. He’s perfect, everything about him.

Bracing one hand on Tamaki’s lower back, Mirio flips them, twisting the blankets around their legs. Tamaki’s hands land over his head, and Mirio pins them down because he really likes to do that. Their hips are pressed together, and he wants to move, but he kisses Tamaki instead, as soft and gentle as he can.

“You’re my favorite person in the whole world,” he tells him, because he wants him to know.

Tamaki blushes and wiggles, but he can’t move far because Mirio is holding down his hands. “Stop,” he mutters instead.

Mirio throws back his head and laughs, “If you think I’m going to stop thinking or saying that, you definitely haven’t known me since we were eight!” After thinking a minute, he tips his head, “I guess I could stop if you really wanted, but it’d take a lot of work.”

The weird sort of embarrassed-laughing-pouty face that Tamaki is making isn’t a completely new Tamaki face, but it’s definitely a rare one. Mirio kisses it happily.

Tamaki wiggles more intensely. “I want to take off my shirt,” he finally admits. Mirio slides back and gets up on his knees. He’s reaching out to help, but Tamaki’s already stripped off his cardigan and t-shirt, shivering a little in the cool air.

“Do you want me to turn up the heat?” Mirio makes to stand up.

“No, I uh… I’m always warm when I’m… I’m manifesting things,” he blushes all the way down to his nipples.

Mirio makes a quick decision and leans in to kiss him before he has a chance to be embarrassed again. Tamaki’s hands twine themselves in Mirio’s hair, and he starts to pull. Mirio loves it so much. His hands wander too, stroking Tamaki’s sides, touching his face, combing through the thick mop of his hair. They end up at his belt, and Mirio rolls onto his knees so he can undo the buckle and pull down his zipper. 

“Take off your shirt at least,” Tamaki says into his mouth. 

“Okay, wait, so, I got a sweet new move that I want you to see!” Mirio stands up without warning. Tamaki looks kind of wrecked, his hair more of a mess than usual, his shirt off and pants undone. He’s hard, and if his underwear weren’t so tight he’d be tenting them.

“Alright,” Mirio kicks away the few random things on his floor to clear a spot, “check this out.”

Taking a deep breath, he leans forward, standing on his hands. Once he’s stable, he lifts his right hand, so he’s only standing on his left.

“Mirio, are you going to—”

He phases everything but his left hand, and then with a bounce that’s about ten times harder than it looks, he hops over to his right, which he unphases. Flipping back to his feet, he puts his hands on his hips, naked as the day he was born.

“You don’t understand the concept of moderation,” Tamaki’s hands are covering his face, but he’s blushing so red you can still see it. “And now you’re way too naked.”

Realizing not that stripping down completely might have been a little too much, Mirio sits down next to him, but not touching. “Want me to put on more clothes? I can. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m just pretty used to it.”

Tamaki doesn’t move his hands, but he doesn’t turn away either, “I’m pretty used to it too,” he chuckles. “Just… even things out, okay?”

“Oh! Well, I can do that for sure,” he nuzzles Tamaki’s neck, pulling him close. “Do you wanna turn down the lights or something?”

Tamaki’s hands are both on Mirio’s shoulders, but the overhead lights turn off anyway.

“Didja just…?”

A tentacle appears just over Tamaki’s shoulder, visible in the soft orange light filtering in through the curtains.

“Yeah,” his eyes flicker in every direction but Mirio’s. He takes a deep shuddering breath.

Mirio doesn’t particularly know how to navigate this situation, but it’s Tamaki, so really, he can just ask for what he wants. “Can you maybe, uh, touch me… you know… with it?”

“Already?” Tamaki is choking on his own spit.

“No!” Mirio leans back against the bed and laughs. “I just meant my face and chest and stuff.” He realizes that he still didn’t do what he said he would. “After we get you out of your pants.”

Tamaki gets himself out of his pants before Mirio can do much of anything about it. He leaves his underwear on, which is pretty normal; he doesn’t take those off till the main event, usually, even though everything he has going on is really, really nice. But instead of leaning forward to kiss Mirio again, he rolls up on his knees. In this position, Mirio can see that the tentacle is coming out of his back, from somewhere along his spine.

After taking a few nervous breaths, Tamaki bites his lip and the tentacle starts to move. The tip of it grazes across Mirio’s jawline, then slides down the line of his neck, until it’s skimming across his collarbone. He feels about three hundred percent harder, just thinking about what’s happening. Before he realizes it, another tentacle is wrapping itself around his bicep, gently squeezing. It’s not like this is the first time Tamaki’s touched him with them, but it’s never been in this context before. They’re cool, not cold, but definitely not warm, and the little suction cups pull gently at his skin as Tamaki moves them.

He looks back at Tamaki and what he sees is so unexpected he almost falls over. Tamaki’s chest is heaving and his pupils are enormous. Mirio can’t see his blush anymore in the low light, but what he can see is how hard his nipples are.

“Is this good for you too?” he asks, even though it’s kind of obvious.

Tamaki sighs and shivers a little, “They’re sensory organs. I can… I can… I mean, it’s not really, but I can taste your pheromones and it’s just… a lot.”

“Wow.” This was a lot more than he thinks either of them were expecting. “Can I kiss you again?”

“Y-yeah,” Tamaki gives a shuddery exhale.

It takes a single fluid motion to get on his knees, and then they’re throwing themselves into each other’s arms. Tamaki uses his teeth this time, nipping at Mirio’s lips. The tentacles run up and down the back of Mirio’s neck, sliding through the hair at his nape. It feels so good he’s a little unsteady. Tamaki is trembling as well, his fingernails digging into Mirio’s waist.

“Is it too much?” Mirio asks him, breathless.

“Please don’t stop,” Tamaki begs. “I’ll be too embarrassed to ever do it again.”

Mirio’s knees don’t want to hold him up anymore, and he falls back against the bed. Tamaki climbs into his lap, and takes his face in his hands. He kisses him again, rolling his body agains his, and the twin tentacles wrap themselves around Mirio’s legs, stopping about mid thigh. They’re tight, holding his legs spread apart just a little and if he wanted to move without phasing he’d have to work really, really hard to do it.

His dick twitches, and Tamaki seems to notice, because he’s up on his knees and then standing, pulling down his underwear. Mirio doesn’t think it was on purpose, but his cock is bouncing right in his face, which is kind of hot, but also kind of ridiculous. Mirio tries hard not to, but he snorts, drawing Tamaki’s attention to the situation. Tamaki looks mortified for a second, but then he laughs, a full clear sound that rings like a bell through the room.

He is the only person Mirio wants to love for the rest of his life.

Mirio pulls him back into his lap, kissing at his neck and rolling their hips together. There’s a good chance they’ll just come like this if he doesn’t slow down, but he doesn’t want to slow down, not ever.

When both of his arms are pinned back against the bed, his hand is kind of forced.   

“Mirio…” Tamaki is panting but he looks overwhelmingly nervous, too. He looks the way he did the first time they touched each other, or the first time they used their mouths, or the first time Mirio was inside him, or the first time he was inside Mirio. This is just another first. Just because pretty much no one else gets to do this doesn’t mean it can’t be normal for them.

“…let me…”

Mirio feels bad for everyone else on the planet.

“I’ll beg if you want me to,” he laughs.

At least ten more tentacles sprout out of Tamaki’s spine. They’re enormous, and they wrap themselves around Mirio’s entire body, lifting him off of the ground so he’s more or less seated on a writhing, living chair. His hands are still pinned, tentacles twined around his arms. Every time he moves even the tiniest bit, he can feel the suction cups pop and pull against his skin. His entire body is buzzing with sensation.

Tamaki is shaking apart on his lap. They’re not even doing it yet, and he looks like he might explode. Mirio wants to lean forward and calm him down, but he can’t, because Tamaki is definitely stronger than a really, really strong person.

Well, actually he can.

He phases his arm through the tentacle holding it, and reaches out to gently caress Tamaki’s face. At the contact, Tamaki falls into him, chest heaving.

“We can stop,” Mirio kisses his hair, running his fingers over his shoulder, “we can stop right now, Tamaki. If you’re not okay, I think we should—”

Tamaki lifts his head and makes brief eye contact. His eyes are burning before he lowers them, fixated on Mirio’s sternum. “I don’t,” he takes a deep breath, “want to stop.”

“Then how about slowing down, eh?” he lifts Tamaki’s head by the chin. “Maybe kiss me some more?”

Something clicks in Tamaki’s head, and then he’s extremely self-conscious. The tentacles Mirio’s suspended on are starting to twitch and the arm that was still tied-back is suddenly free. On his lap, Tamaki slumps forward, breathing heavily for an entirely different reason.

Mirio’s not going to apologize, because he didn’t do anything wrong. Tamaki just gets anxious and he learned a long time ago that apologizing for things he didn’t do just makes things worse.

“I really liked what you were doing,” he says instead. “Nearly lost it there, to be honest.”

“Me too,” Tamaki says after a really long pause. “Sorry I just…”

“Have a thousand super sensitive little suction things attached to your brain all of a sudden?”

Tamaki starts to laugh weakly, wrapping his arms around Mirio’s torso. The tentacles wrapped around him snuggle closer too.

“I’m impressed with your restraint, really! Did you know I’m one of the top three students at UA? The UA?”

“I think I heard something about that, yeah.”

“But I’m nothing compared to that one guy, Suneater. Not only is he amazingly talented, but he’s completely gorgeous!”

“I think you’re confused.”

“Nah, not at all! I’m trying to figure out how to get him to notice me. Any ideas?”

“I think if you just exist in his general direction for a few seconds, he’ll be all yours.”

Tamaki looks up. His eyes are soft in the dim light, and Mirio just wants to kiss him forever. He wraps his arms around Tamaki’s waist and pulls him up until their lips meet. The kiss is much more tentative this time — Tamaki’s still embarrassed — but it’s also full of poorly restrained desire. They keep pulling apart for air, sharing shuddering breaths. Tamaki sucks Mirio’s bottom lip into his mouth as he ghosts two of his tentacles down Mirio’s sides. It tickles and Mirio chuckles lowly into Tamaki’s mouth.

But he can’t get too caught up yet. 

“Maybe we should, um, talk about how we wanna do this. Y’know, since we haven’t done it before.”

The well-kissed haziness in Tamaki’s eyes kind of goes away.

“I know it’s hard to talk about but,” Mirio waves his fists around, trying to get them to express what he’s attempting to get across, “I don’t want you to feel like this is all on you! If I know what you want us to do, then we can do it together. We’re a team, Tamaki! The coolest team there is.”

Instead of responding, Tamaki just wraps his arms around him tighter. Mirio is still pretty hard, and the friction is tough to ignore. But it gets a little easier when Tamaki starts to laugh.

“Is that how you’re going to talk to those first years on Monday?”

“I’ll have you know I have a stirring speech all ready, with audience participation and everything!”

“Can you just do my part then? I don’t have anything worthwhile to say anyway.”

Mirio catches his chin and lifts it up until they’re staring into each other’s eyes.

“Everything you say is worthwhile.”

Tamaki drops his gaze to a point somewhere on the floor, but his spine straightens.

“I want to ride you, and I want to… be…” he exhales heavily, “inside you.”

“Oh wow,” Mirio feels himself twitch and blush all in the same moment. “That is really, really hot.”

Somehow Tamaki’s hair has all gotten in his face so Mirio can’t see it anymore. “So we have to… to………”

“Get the lube?” Mirio offers pragmatically. “It doesn’t seem like they do that themselves.”

“Yeah,” Tamaki is either laughing or crying with relief. “We have to do that.”


The lube is sitting thoughtfully on the floor, right next to a thick tentacle that has been holding Mirio up for nearly fifteen minutes. Tamaki doesn’t show any signs of tiring, in fact, he seems a lot less overwhelmed. Maybe that’s the trick to all this, getting the tentacles to air out for awhile before they actually start.

Mirio is starting to get pretty antsy, though. They’ve been kissing for what seems like an eternity, but in reality has only been about five minutes. And although he would never, ever rush Tamaki into doing stuff, not ever, he’s been hard for a pretty long time. The way he’s being kissed isn’t really doing much to change that.

The way Tamaki is sitting in his lap isn’t helping either.

But then it isn’t an issue anymore because Tamaki is standing up. His knees have to hurt, being on the floor for that long, but Tamaki is an incredibly tough person. He takes a deep breath and then says, “I’m going to put you on the bed, is that… okay?”

The last person who lifted Mirio off the ground was not nearly so generous about it.

“Yeah, of course, Tamaki,” Mirio says from the pile of tentacles, “I know you’ve got me!” His stomach still drops a little when he feels himself being lifted into the air and laid down smoothly on the edge of the bed. Most of the larger tentacles retract into Tamaki’s back, but a few of them are still on his arms and legs, gently squeezing.

“Oh no,” Tamaki groans in horror. The tentacles squeeze just a little harder.

“Wait, what?” Mirio sits up.

“You’ve got suction cup hickeys,” Tamaki mutters into his hands. “You’re always naked, and you have suction cup hickeys.”

“Oh! Well, I’ll just ask Recovery Girl to fix them. She did the last time. She’s cool about stuff like that.”

“The last time?”

“Tamaki,” he reaches out for his hand and brings it to his lips to kiss it, “you bite a little.”   

It was maybe not the right thing to say. The words hover between them, lightly suspended on Mirio’s hope and good intentions. Tamaki swallows, his mouth working around a response.

And then he pounces.

Straddling his waist, Tamaki pins his arms back with his tentacles. The ones wrapped around Mirio’s legs tighten and spread him even further apart. And Tamaki is at his neck, sucking and biting with delicate precision, catching all the spots that make Mirio toes curl. The fact that he can’t move without phasing exacerbates the situation, because he’s restrained both by Tamaki and by his own decision to stay that way.

“I’m sorry I took so long,” Tamaki murmurs into his ear. His hands are yanking at Mirio’s hair and pulling hard. “I felt really anxious. It was hard to get over.”

“You’re such a badass, Tamaki,” he says, a lot breathier than he intended.

Tamaki responds by taking one of the tendons in Mirio’s neck between his teeth and biting.

Mirio’s back curls off the bed.

Still kissing and biting, Tamaki begins making his way down Mirio’s chest, working his nipples, dragging his fingernails across the skin on his sides. It tickles but Mirio can’t stop him unless he phases which if he tried he’d probably fall through the floor to end up embarrassingly naked in some second-year’s room.

Tamaki’s made his way to the floor and his face is even with his bellybutton now, running his teeth along the ridges in-between his abs. Mirio is craning his neck to see, and he nearly dies when he sees Tamaki’s face begin to slide lower.

“Is this okay?” he murmurs into the skin covering Mirio’s hip. His questioning face is right next to Mirio’s dick and it’s so hot that Mirio needs a minute that he’s probably not gonna get.

“Yeah! It’s great! Really great! Wow Tamaki this is—”

And then his brain shuts down.

Tamaki was not always very good at this. Neither was Mirio, to be fair, but Mirio had issues with choking, not with teeth. Now though, Tamaki is very, very good at it, and it’s almost a problem how good he is at it because Mirio rarely lasts long. He’s been rock hard for at least twenty minutes, and really he’s going to come in about five seconds.

“Hey, uh,” he pants, not even sure what words are anymore, “Tamaki I’m gonna…”

And then he does.

The sweet strain of his arms against the tentacles as he arches his back has to be causing more suction cup hickeys but he can’t be bothered to worry about that. Tamaki doesn’t stop moving, working him through it like that’s what he planned from the beginning.

He pulls away, swallowing and wiping his face, hair more of a mess than usual. Little pieces of it cling to his temples and forehead. He gives Mirio a little nervous smile, and Mirio’s heart turns inside out and he can’t keep his mouth shut any more.

“I love you so much, and not just because of that.”

Tamaki laughs into his hand, then a tentacle holding the lube looms into view.

“I love you too, Mirio” he blushes as takes the bottle and opens the lid.

“Oh man,” Mirio’s head falls back down on the bed, “I’m gonna die.”

Four more tentacles wrap around his arms and legs, pulling him to the very edge of the bed.

“Is this okay…?” Tamaki asks. Even though Mirio isn’t lifting his head to see him, he can still tell that he’s nervous.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life,” Mirio sighs happily.

“I… eh… I need to use my fingers first,” Tamaki says, struggling hopelessly. “I don’t know… I’ve never… agh. I’ve never done this with these before. I don’t want to um… hurt you.”

“You could never hurt me, Tamaki,” Mirio reassures the ceiling, sort of delirious. “Oh….”

Tamaki’s fingers are slender, but they’re long, and they’re there and Mirio’s toes are curling against the tentacles wrapped around his feet. Mirio lifts his head, and catches Tamaki watching him, his mouth hanging open a little, longing in his eyes.

His face turns bright red, and the fingers inside of Mirio stop moving.

“You don’t need to stop!” he laughs breathlessly. He’s hard again, already, or maybe he never calmed down to begin with, it’s tough to be sure.

With a soft laugh, Tamaki focuses on what he’s doing. His fingers steadily work Mirio open, while his own face gets lax and his breaths get quicker.

“Wait. Are you…?”

“Don’t say it!” Tamaki turns maroon, which means he definitely is.

“Okay okay I won’t,” Mirio laughs. It’s strange, everything is so awkward, but it’s also really hot, and he wants to just kiss Tamaki and now Tamaki’s taken his fingers out and this is it.

“I’m… putting it in now,” the tips of Tamaki’s ears are purple, though that might just be the low light.

“Sure,” Mirio’s chest heaves. “Go for it!”

It’s not the same as fingers. Or Tamaki’s cock. It’s tapered and knobby and much longer and wow, a lot thicker and oh. Just oh. Mirio’s nipples could cut glass. His thighs are quivering and it’s just so much he could die like this and it would be the absolute best way to go.

Tamaki stands up at the foot of the bed, the light through the curtain illuminating the edges of his body and the dozen tentacles that have sprouted out of his back. Mirio thinks Tamaki is beautiful always, and cute all of the time, but he’s never looked like this, like a stunning creature from another world… so… so…

“I hope this isn’t too weird,” Tamaki says, looking at the floor.

Mirio phases his arms and sits up. He reaches for Tamaki and pulls him down until they’re tangled together on the bed, arms, tentacles, all of it. He holds Tamaki’s face in his hands and makes unwavering eye contact.

“Nothing you do is weird.”

Their lips crash together, and a thousand things happen at once. The tentacles that were around his arms wrap around his chest, one slides under his ass and lifts him up. There’s lube on his dick somehow, and then Tamaki is sliding down onto him and the tentacles are touching him everywhere and it’s all so much all he can do is wrap his arms around Tamaki’s neck and hang on for dear life.

Tamaki is around him and inside of him and it doesn’t feel like there’s a single point of his skin where Tamaki isn’t. He can’t even handle kissing, he doesn’t have the focus for it, so Tamaki is panting into his neck and even though he came not five minutes ago, he’s on the verge already. There are tentacles in his hair skimming against his scalp and all it would take is a single thought and he could escape all of this overwhelming sensation but he doesn’t want to.

He feels Tamaki squeeze down around him and then he’s doing the same and they’re both so close and he feels like he has to tell Tamaki that he would rip the world apart for him, or stay quiet forever if he asked but all he can do is hiccup as Tamaki slides into him so deep over, and over.

There are tentacles grasping at his arm, but they aren’t holding him down, so he moves his hand until he’s wrapped around Tamaki, unsteadily jerking him. Tamaki lifts his head, then tips their foreheads together as he bounces up and down on Mirio’s dick.

“Mirio… ha… I…”

He’s synced the motions of his body with his tentacles, pleasure rolling up and down Mirio like a wave. He surges inside him, so thick and full as he fucks him and Mirio has never taken so much before, he never imagined he could. His hand on Tamaki’s cock is an anchor, the need to please him the only thing keeping his mind from fluttering away.

There’s a word on his lips and he can’t even hear himself say it, but he knows it’s Tamaki’s name, over and over. Tamaki was so anxious, but he wanted this, and he’s doing it even though he was scared, even though his mind fights him every step of the way, and he’s the bravest person Mirio knows. If Mirio had just an ounce of all that bravery he could do almost anything. Tamaki makes him so strong and he’s everywhere and it feels… it feels…

The steadily growing coil in his stomach is pulled tight, he’s vibrating, hovering on the edge, anything could push him over, but he’s not ready, he wants to wait, he wants to wait for—

“Oh. Mirio.” Tamaki shudders, the entire mass of tentacles surrounding them stiffening as he comes.

Mirio’s orgasm snaps through him like a rubber band pulled from the crown of his head to the tip of his toes. Tamaki is holding him down by the shoulders so he just wraps his arms around his neck, and pulls him as close as he can. It lasts forever, feeling like its hitting him from different directions, and it’s never, ever been so intense.

When the waves of pleasure stop and Tamaki collapses on his chest, Mirio’s still shaking. He buries his fingers in Tamaki’s hair, pulling him as close as he can, even though he’s lying on a pile of limp tentacles and his legs are awkwardly hanging off the edge of the bed. 

“I didn’t expect it to go quite like that,” Tamaki finally says, breathless and sated. Mirio can’t see his face, but he can tell that he’s smiling. Mirio isn’t sure if he can talk quite yet, so he just squeezes him even tighter.

In a motion that Mirio does not expect, they’re both lifted in the air and turned on the bed so that they’re not hanging off of it awkwardly. Then, almost quicker than Mirio can see, the tentacles withdraw into Tamaki’s back, until they’re all gone.

Tamaki lifts his head and brushes Mirio’s messed-up hair off of his forehead. His expression is so soft and gentle, and he doesn’t look nervous about anything in the world.

“I love you, Mirio,” he smiles a little, “and not just because of this.”

Mirio laughs and holds him close.

“I love you too,” he whispers into his ear.

They lay quietly in each others arms like that for a really long time.


“So,” Mirio pops a piece of squid jerky into his mouth while the opening credits for The Force Awakens plays on his laptop. They’re in their underwear, crammed onto the bed somehow. Mirio is leaning against the wall, holding Tamaki in his arms. There’s a pillow in there somewhere. It’s probably going to get uncomfortable soon, but they’ll figure it out when that happens.

“How many tentacles can you make now? Because that seemed like a lot more than I thought you could make.”

Tamaki lifts his head, looking a little sleepy. “Oh, those aren’t tentacles.”

“What? Then what are they?” Mirio laughs.

“Arms,” Tamaki snuggles into Mirio’s. “Octopuses have arms, not tentacles.”

“Oh,” Mirio huffs. “Learn something new everyday.”