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Lord of the Limericks

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Simon was a little bit manic

His words would send them into a panic

Their dancing and chanting

Turned to screaming and panting

The bloodstains on the beach were gigantic



Piggy was a little bit dumb

Pretty sure that he came from a slum

We don't know his real name

But he should be blamed

Does he not have a name where he's from?


The Beast

The boys were slowly devolving

The beast was a puzzle worth solving

Too bad they were scared

Wouldn't even be dared

Even if the world had finished revolving



There once was a boy named Jack

On an island, he went pretty whack

Thought he ought to be chief

But his reign would be brief

'cuz a pig ate him up like a snack



Good Christian Values

There's a boy named David who doesn't

Think it's wrong to fuck his own cousin

That's what you do in Waknuk

I still think it's pretty fucked up

But according to David it wasn't