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The Broken but not Defeated

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Izuku Midoriya, a happy, and easily excited kid. Which he was until, he finally was shot down by All Might.
“ If you want to help become a policeman. They help people,” All Might said after deflating from his original form.
However Izuku still tried and save Bakugo from the sludge villain, after the talk with All Might. He got scolded afterwards by the pro heros at the site, while Bakugo was congratulated. All Might saw how heroic Izuku was ,but he thought he would be to reckless. As Izuku walked home his eyes began to water as he once again realized that he’ll never be able to be a hero. As his tears fell he quickly wiped them. His frown and tears stopped as he started to think that those thoughts won't get him anywhere. Izuku entered his house and his mother asked if Izuku was alright, but Izuku just said he was and went into his room.
Izuku sat down at his computer chair. He folded his hands and rested his chin on them. Midoriya began to rethink what it means to be a hero. ‘It's not just their strength that makes them heroes it's their heroic instincts,’ he thought as he remembered the different heroes that didn't have quirks that we're offensive, such as Eraserhead. He then stood up and looked at himself. He saw how weak he looks and is. Midoriya sits back down and starts looking up workout routines. He found a few and wrote them down in his notebook. Izuku then added that he needs to do some strongman training which would help him move awkward objects. He then began making a workout schedule.He also, began practising some martial arts which he looked up on his computer. Izuku all of a sudden thought of Bakugo’s nitroglycerin, he immediately started to look up how to make nitroglycerin. As he found the ingredients he ordered them without his mother knowing.
He asked his mother after if she could cook the right amount of food and other stuff. That day Midoriya began his workout. He ran, swam, and did some body building. One day on a run he saw his chance to start his strongman training, he saw the junk left on the beach. From that day on he cleaned the beach after school everyday. At school he was still being pushed and bullied by Bakugo, but Midoriya soon began to evade him by going different routes from school to his home. Izuku was still planning on going to U.A. but not for the hero course since he would have no chance. He studied his hardest as well as working out.

When Midoriya’s order came, his mom asked ,”Izuku what is that?” She was making some food for the both
of them.

“It's just some supplies for a project,” Izuku answered as he grabbed a bag of ice and carried the supplies outside. He then started to head toward the beach. Izuku only had a few hours left. Then Midoriya opened the package and began to combine the chemicals. After several duds and some explosions in his face, Midoriya finally made his own nitroglycerin. He laughed,” I can't wait to try these out.” He then made a few batches of nitroglycerin in tubes. After that he walked carefully home and put the 16 tubes of 4 ounces under his bed. As he stood up from cautiously putting his batches under, he looked around his room and he noticed all the All Might posters. He then started to tear of the posters and threw them in the trash. After finishing cleaning up he got his notebook and wrote down the next project, NAPALM.


As he finished up he looked at the time and it was already 7:00 P.M. he then headed to the dining area. He sat down and thanked for the food his mother asked,” So what is that project of yours.”

Izuku looked up at his mother and said,” it’s just something I'm working on for U.A.,” then he began to eat again.

Inko looked at Midoriya worried that he would do something reckless.
Every single month since then, Midoriya made different projects, such as heat and rip,cut proof armour, and other things.

Two months into his projects and working out Izuku had found a person by the name of Hector. Hector sold different materials for cheap,however; the catch is that he only sold to quirkless people for an unknown reason. After another two months of talking and asking questions over email and text, Izuku had finally called Hector.
“ Hello sir?” Izuku said over the phone nervously.

*Cough,cough* “yes who is this?” A deep older voice said on the other side of the phone.

“i-its Midoriya Izuku the person you have been messaging for the past two months or so,” Izuku said still nervous.

“ Oh it's you Izuku, by the way what do you want me to call you Izuku or Midoriya, I'm not really familiar with Japanese customs,” the man said as a box fell on his side of the phone.

“Izuku is fine, I was just calling to ask why do you sell only to quirkless people?” Midoriya said as he unconsciously tapped his finger on his knee.

“Oh that, I was fired because I am quirkless and I was a *cough* vigilante so I don't tend to do well with people with quirks, I'm quite hot tempered you could say,” Hector said his voice sounded more grizzled.

Izuku's eyes began to glitter when he heard that Hector was quirkless, “ H-how were you a vigilante if you're quirkless and aren't you supposed to keep that a secret?” Izuku asked genuinely curious.

“ I trained everyday and thanks to me being good in robotics and other things. I helped myself be able to become a vigilante. And I'm not a vigilante an more. I retired, too old for this game. Now I just sell some of my inventions I still make. I could have been a hero like you want to be ,” Hector said as once again something fell on his side of the phone.

“Wait how do you know I’m trying to become a hero?” Izuku asked quickly.

Hector coughed once again and replied, “ why else would you be looking for nitroglycerin, napalm, and strong materials?”

Izuku inhaled and exhaled and said, “ I want to be the next Symbol of Peace for everyone!” Something else fell on Hector's side of the phone.

Hector was speechless, then he spoke, “ that is one heck of a dream, you are something else. You remind me of me when I first started, I didn't have anyone to guide me. . . I know what I should do. . . Midoriya Izuku from now on don't buy from anyone else. I'll support you so you can be the light that shines in every single corner!”

Sniffing could be heard on Izuku's side of the phone. “Did I say something wrong?” Hector asked quickly.
“ No no. . . You just said everything right,” Izuku said as he wiped his tears.


After ten months of waiting since the start of his training, he began to walk into U.A., as Izuku stood there Bakugo walked by and said, “ stupid Deku, get out of my way before I set you on fire,” Midoriya just stood there and looked at Bakugo in an irritated manner. Bakugo just scoffed and walked by. Then Izuku took a deep breath and took his first step, he slipped. As he almost hit the ground he stuck out his hands expecting to hit the ground, but he never hit the ground.

“Heh, are you okay? I stopped you with my quirk sorry that I didn't ask first, but I figured you wouldn't mind me catching you,” Izuku got himself back in a standing position and stood there waiting for her to stop talking, “ isn't this all nerve wrecking, well I guess I'll see you inside.”
As she finished talking she turned around and as she was Midoriya said,” thanks for saving me there.” His hand was on the back of his head, he was thinking of how to become friends with her.
“ Your welcome,” she said, “ I'm Ochaco Uraraka, your name is Deku right?” she stuck out her hand to shake his Izuku grabbed her hand and shook it.

“No my name is Midoriya Izuku,” he answered as he released her hand.

Uraraka looked at Izuku puzzled, “ Sorry for assuming, but why did that boy from before call you deku?”

“ It's insult that Bakugo calls me, anyways on a different note you should be going,” Izuku said as he smirked and casually pointed at the entrance to Yuuei.

Uraraka looks at the door and back at Izuku ,” Oh right, sorry again.” She said as she waved bye to him. Midoriya waved back and then he continued to walk into the building. He took the written test easily. Afterwards he headed out of the test room to only bump into a blue, messy haired stranger.

“ Sorry didn't see you there,” Izuku quickly apologized. The stranger turned around and looked at Izuku in a deadpan way.

Then the stranger spoke ,” you shouldn't talk to me people will get the wrong idea of you.” He said as he began to walk away. Izuku smirked at him and began to jog up to him.

“What do you mean?” Izuku walked alongside him. The light blue haired boy looked at him and sighed.

He then looked away from Izuku and said, “ my quirk people say it's more suited for a villain.” He said as he checked back towards Izuku.

“ Come on stop being a tease tell already,” Midoriya said as he stopped in front of the stranger. He then stuck out his hand and said,” the name's Midoriya Izuku.”

The stranger shook Midoriya's hand and said ,” Hitoshi Shinsou. . . And my quirk is brainwashing. . . It lets me control someone who talks to me.” Shinsou then looked down not wanting to see Midoriya's face.

“ Are you kidding me, that's so cool, you can defuse and stop any further violence to happen, you can even negotiate with any criminals easily,” Midoriya rambled on and on, as Shinsou looked at him surprised.

‘ He's different than the rest I can see that,’ Shinsou thought as he smirked a little. He was finally accepted by someone. Then Izuku caught himself.

“ Sorry about that it's a habit that I have, hehe, well good luck” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head. He then began to walk away.

“ Yea bye,” Shinsou said as he smiled and waved at Izuku. Midoriya turned around and waved back as well. After that Izuku headed home. When he got home Inko was already making dinner.

Midoriya ate quickly since he was planning to go for a run. “ Izuku how did the tests go,” his mother asked as Midoriya's eating came to a halt. He looked up at his mother.

“ I don't know if I got question 15 correct or not, but I think I did pretty well on them,” Izuku said with a smile as he continued eating. His mother looked at him worried if he passed or not. She was hoping he did so that his dreams didn't get crushed again.

Midoriya finished and said thank you for the food. He then washed the dishes. He then changed his clothes, he put on some sweatpants and sweatshirt. He was ready. “ Bye Mom see you in an hour,” Izuku said as he opened the door to the house.

“ Be safe Izuku,” Inko said as he left the house. She was still worried for her little boy. If only she knew how much her little Izukun had changed.

Midoriya had run to the beach which he had cleaned. Now all the trash was gone. Izuku sat down and stared at the horizon. He inhaled. . . then exhaled. He was finally calm, you even might say satisfied. Izuku sighed, he stood up and headed toward a warehouse near the area. He ran to the abandoned warehouse. He opened the door to it. Inside there were makeshift punching bag, an obstacle course, pull up bars, and other things. The place wasn't perfect for example there was a spray painting of a black fox on the wall. All the equipment was made from the trash found on the beach or he found them on the side of the road. Midoriya then took off both his sweatpants and sweatshirt. Underneath them were shorts and a tank top. Izuku grabbed some sports tape from a table near by and wrapped his knuckles . He turned to the punching bag and began to whack at it. Underneath the punching bag was a plastic sheet.

“ Ugh, Bakugo you scumbag. . .,you stand there like you earned something. . .argh,” Izuku was not happy, he was furious. “ You lucky bastard. . . All might too. . . that liar. . . he just tries and look . . .nice in front of the cameras.” Izuku kept punching for twenty minutes straight.
“KACCHAN YOU PRICK!!!,” the bag fell to the ground, sand spilled out. Midoriya looked at the broken bag as he unwrapped the sports tape. His knuckles were red and sore. Izuku picked up the plastic sheet. He then carried the bag, sand, and sheet outside. Midoriya walked around the warehouse to a cemented area that had over fifteen spilled punching bags. He was going to use them for his future projects. After working out some more Midoriya put on his sweatpants and put his sweatshirt over his shoulder. Izuku walked back home in his green/blue sweatpants and white tank top. As he neared his home he looked at his top, only to notice that some blood got on it. ‘ My knuckles must have opened up,’ Midoriya thought as he put his sweatshirt over himself.

As he walked into his house his mother had already fallen asleep. Midoriya went to his room and wrote down another project, gloves just gloves. He smiled at the idea. Izuku after that, went to his bed and fell asleep immediately.


A few days later a note came in through the mail. Inko practically crawled to Midoriya, she was so worried for him. “ I-I-Izuku, your letter to Yuuei came,” she said as she handed it to him, fear and worry on her face.

“Thank you Mom,” Midoriya said as he opened the note and read it. A smirk appeared on his face. The smirk turned to a full on smile. “ Mom I was accepted.”