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Harry Potter, The Charmed Witch of District 7

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In a homosexual club named Babylon in Pittsburgh is a teenage boy who had long Raven Black Hair that had Auburn Streaks through it and Avada Kederva Green eyes that shined brightly when he smiled but had glinted dangerously whenever he was angry. This teenage boy is dancing in the middle of the club, a few guys try to dance with him but they are pushed away, even one of the club's studs, Brian Kinney is pushed away after Brian had whispered into the teenager's ear, the teenager had pushed Brian away with a little wave. The boy dances to the rhythm of the music, as if he was in his own little world, that is until he feels someone grabs his arm.

The boy turns to see a guy with straight brown hair and green eyes, the guy looks like he's in his early twenties. The boy starts dancing again, the guy joins him by wrapping his arms around the boy's neck as they dance which the boy allows much to the jealousy of the other men.

Five minutes later the boy is dragged away from the dance floor and out of the club. The Brown haired guy tells the boy his name as they both walk to his car, when they get to the guy's car the boy tells the guy his name, they drive to the hotel where the man is staying, once they enter the room the boy's lips are covered by the guy's lips, with the guy's hand over his body and he starts grabbing at the boy's clothes to get them off. The guy starts to prepare the boy to be fucked. Once the boy is stripped and prepared the guy fucks the boy in a passionate but rough way.

The next day after they had woken up they fuck again before the boy leaves the hotel room, the brown haired guy leaves with the boy but goes in a different direction. The boy heads to the Liberty Diner where he is greeted by Debbie who greets him with a hug before she says "I heard that you left Babylon with two guys last night, did you finally get laid last night ? ,if you did, good on you, I also heard that you rejected Brian"

"Yea, I rejected Brian and gotten laid, we did it all night last night, he didn't even need to rest afterwards, he just kept going, he really filled me up with cum last night and this morning" replies the boy, the woman motions the boy to a table to eat a meal. The boy eats his meal after it is given to him.

After the boy had finished eating he heads back to his hotel room where he finds the Evans Book of Shadows. He opens the book, he turns the page and the next page has an incantation on it, he reads it out loud chanting

*"Hear now the words

of the witches,

The secrets we hid

in the night.

The oldest of Gods

are invoked here.

The great work of

Magic is sought.

In this night

and in this hour,

I call upon the

Ancient Power.

Bring your powers

to me!

I want the power!

Give me the power!"*

The hotel room shakes, once the shaking calms down the boy looks through the book more. He reads everything that he can, the information on demons, the spells, everything that he can. After he had gone through a third of the book he realizes that it's late so he packs the book into a bag and he heads out back to the diner with his book and some other things to eat something for dinner where he sees Debbie talking to her son.

The boy walks over and as soon as he is seen by Debbie, he is hugged by her before she introduces him to her son who gives his mother a look that says 'why are you introducing us ?' that is until Debbie says to her son "he's met Brian, by the way"

"Oh, so they slept together and he wants Brian like the boy wonder from a week ago ?" asks Michael, he turns to the boy and says "Good luck kid, he's not that type of guy and you look a little young, a little too young, shit he slept with another teenager again" he exclaims the last bit.

"Eww, no, I didn't sleep with Brian, Brian is not my type, I'm fifteen so, yes I'm a teenager and lastly I know exactly what type of guy Brian is and he looks old, unlike the guy I left with who was in his twenties"

"Brian's twenty-nine" says Michael defending his friend.

"yea, he's almost thirty, the guy that fucked me is in his early twenties" replies the boy. Michael actually seems happy that the boy didn't sleep with Brian but is willing to defend his friend which the boy likes. The two talk for a bit and are introduced to Emmett Honeycutt who just coos over the boy's eyes and Teddy who shakes the boy's hand and orders something to eat, Teddy, Emmett, Michael and the boy talk for a bit.

Later that night Michael, Emmett and Teddy leave the diner to hangout with Brian who had slept with a seventeen year old just a week ago which seems like a typical Brian thing to do. After the diner had closed Debbie invites the boy out with her and her brother whose name is Vic, the boy and Vic start talking and after a while Vic and Debbie enforces the use of condoms after they find out that he had sex without one, Debbie gives him a whole bunch of them to the boy and tells him to use them. The boy puts them in his bag.

They enter the bar named Woody's, the boy is wearing a Black and Green outfit that is very sexy, he is gaining looks from the other guys. Sometime later Vic is returning from the bar with a beer for Debbie, a juice for the boy and a beer for himself before the boy (thanks to his enhanced senses) overhears Michael exclaim "oh, shit"

"What's the matter, honey ?" asks Emmett.

"My mom's here with my Uncle Vic and the boy that rejected Brian, she didn't tell me she was gonna come here"

"That boy doesn't know what he missed out on and not every boy's lucky enough to have a mother who's equally at home in the kitchen as she is in a gay bar, now you behave yourself" says Brian before he heads back to the pool table.

"As usual, Brian gets all the beauties while we get to watch" says Teddy.

"He hasn't gotten him yet" says Emmett.

"He will, he got the walk, he's got the talk, he's got the tattoo"

"Brian's got a -, where's Brian got a tattoo ?" asks Emmett.

"In a place you'll never see" says Teddy before Emmett says "but we already know a guy who rejected Brian, who's to say that the guy won't reject Brian" Michael goes to a different pool table and is about to take a shot when he sees something and says "double shit !"

"What's wrong now ?" asks Teddy.

"It's him, our teen stalker, Christ, why won't he just go away ?" exclaims Michael as a blonde teenage boy walks over towards Debbie, Vic and the boy with a girl wearing pink. The Blonde boy asks Debbie "remember me ?"

"I think I would if we had met before" replies the boy looking the blonde up and down before Debbie says "turn around" the blonde turns as Debbie says "I never forget a butt, especially a cute one"

"That's true, she recognized my sweet ass from when I first walked into the diner" says the boy. Debbie lifts the blonde boy's shirt to reveal his butt covered jeans and the boy says "that's a nice ass"

Debbie says to the blonde boy "I met you in the diner with Michael last week"

"Yeah, I'm Justin, and this is Daphne" Justin says motioning to the girl next to him when he is introducing her.

"Hi" Daphne says.

"Hi, Daphne" says Debbie. The boy overhears Michael ask "what's he doing ?"

"Talking to your mom" replies Teddy.

"What ?" exclaims Michael turning around, he gains to attention of Debbie.

"You know, I'm actually looking for a friend of Michael's, his name is Brian"

"you have got to be fucking kidding me" exclaims the boy in disbelief.

"I could've guessed that" comments Vic.

"honey, everybody's looking for Brian" says Debbie.

"not me" says the boy with disgust in his tone.

"have you seen him ?" asks Justin ignoring the boy. Debbie points to Brian making a popping sound. Daphne turns to look at Brian and says to Justin "that's Brian ? God, he's so old and skinny" she says to Justin, you can do way better than that"

"would you shut up ?" Justin asks Daphne who goes quiet before the boy pulls Daphne towards him and says "I completely agree with you, he's old"

"five bucks he nails him before midnight" says Debbie to Vic.

"you're on" replies Vic. Justin looks annoyed and the boy says to him "it's what he's like, he flirted with me last night"

"he did ?" asks Daphne.

"yea, but I rejected him and still ended up getting a guy, bye bye virginity"

"you were a virgin ?" asks Justin.

"yea, then the guy fucked me and bye bye went my virginity"

"Brian was pretty gentle when he found out that I was a virgin" says Justin.

"yea, but you do know that he's 29 right ?" asks the boy.

"so ? how old was the guy ?"

"23" replies the boy before he says "Chris had brown hair and green eyes with an amazing body, plus he had a huge cock, Chris' cock was about 8 inches"

"damn" mutters Justin before the boy says "my name's Harry by the way, Harry Potter"