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Please, don't spoil everything this time.

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They were just four, Henry and his moms, and Rumplestiltskin, ready to send him to death.


The fact is that it was a good idea, it's true. But Henry felt bad about it, he didn't know why, but… he was feeling that he could do something else. Something better.


After some seconds of reflexion, Henry finally said :


“No, I can't.


Everyone looked at him with surprise.


- I mean, I don't want to. We easily can do something else.


- But what ?


- I don't know, I'm still searching. This story is not as good as it should be, but… we just can't do that.


- Henry, Emma said, you know that the other you is unhappy. And the realm is in danger.


- That's exactly my point ! We must do something. Not only destroy it as it becomes a danger for us.


- But Henry, what could we do ? Regina demanded.


- What do you propose ? Rumplestiltskin added, interested.


Henry's hand were trembling.


- I am the Author, he finally said. So, I can't rewrite the story, at least, not our. But… I need to do it, to fix things. To change them, in a way I never did.


- How ?


- As I can destroy it, I can save it. Bring you back there, not only in term of space, but also in a different time.


Rumplestiltskin's eyes began to shine.


- You could send me before I abandoned Bae.


Henry grimaced.


- I didn't think so far. It was more about during the day Belle kissed you and that you rejected her.


The Dark One had a sad smile.


- It was the last day I saw her alive.


- Just let her break your curse, and then, you'll be happy together.”


Rumplestiltskin nodded, accepting the idea. It was better than dying. Regina seemed to approve, but Emma frowned.


“Wait, she said. If we do it, we do it well. In a good way. We must think about the consequences.


- What ?


- You did many things. Good and bad. There are people in the Enchanted Forest, who deserve happiness. You must help them get a happy ending.


- Why would I ? I'm not a hero.


- You can be, Henry said.


- Kid, the wizard said with a bitter smile, the only time where I was a hero was when I ended the Ogre War. And I had my powers, which won't be the case if I kiss Belle.


- In this world, you were. You died against your father.


- Gold, Emma added. You can do it, even without your dark magic.


- How will he face the Evil Queen without it ?


- Regina is right, Rumple said. I won't stop her from casting the curse if I can't fight her.


- I could change some details. Gave you powers that would make you the hero of the story. The Savior. You would be able to help people. You can be the hero, you just have to believe it.


- So… when I will kiss Belle…


- You will lose your dark powers, but earn white magic.


- What about my son ? How will I find him ?


- With time. Don't worry, he will find you.


- What ?


- Remember, he will come back to your world by himself.”


Then, they deal with other details, as the fact that he and Belle would be frozen in time, until Bae came back to the Enchanted Forest.


“It will be the signal.”




Regina gave him an object.


“It's Henry's storybook. In fact, it's a different version, with what happened in your world. It will help you to know some things. Even if I know that you know everything.


Rumple had a grin.


- You know me too well.


- Take it too, Emma said. It's a list of the people we want you to help, and how to help them. For some of them, at least.”


Rumplestiltskin looked at it. There was some names he never heard, but he recognized one of them.


“Wait… you want me to help Killian Jones get a happy ending ?


- In a way, yes, Henry said. Look, grandpa, he said, by taking Gold far from the other, my moms are happy together. But, I think that if things had been different, in another world, they wouldn't have been together. Maybe. Regina would be with Robin, who died in our world. If you could help her find him…


- You want me to help the woman that let Belle die ?


- Technically, she hadn't.


- And your other mom would be with your dad, I guess. What does it have to do with Jones ?


- Him and my mom… were together. If you could bring him in the Enchanted Forest, so… she would be able to choose, if she wants to.


- Alright, he said unhappy, I will find something.


He would do anything to have his son back.


- If you reconcile with him, it will help you to have a better relationship with your son.


Henry wasn't sure of that, but he had the impression that it would. Rumple raised an eyebrow, not understanding. Henry explained him how complex the situation was, and the Dark One listened carefully.


After they told him the last instruction, Henry took what he needed to have to write.


“Oh, and grandpa, he said before he sent him back, please don't spoil everything this time.”


Rumple nodded and smiled.


Before he get back to his world, he took a deep breath. Now, he had things to do.