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Let's play murder

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Firstly, how am I even qualified to make a post on this?

Well, I happen to have trained as a surgeon. As part of my training, not only did I have surgical stints where I went into theatre to operate on patients but I also worked in a number of Emergency Departments. Trauma and life threatening emergencies fueled my existence! It is important to appreciate and incorporate basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as well as recognise a vast array of pathologies to be able to come to an accurate diagnosis. Only then can one start to formulate a management plan for the patient.

I also just so happened to have taught anatomy in college. I did this for two years and would have taught a wide range of students. Not just medical students, but physiotherapy and pharmacy students are also required to have a certain basic knowledge of anatomy. As anyone who was examined by me would vouch, I was tough but fair. My approach to teaching anatomy was more clinically based, to make it more realistic. No one cares what the root value of the phrenic nerve is or that the inferior vena cava is on the right side to the vertebral column, unless they are made to appreciate the consequences to the patient of not knowing. These are pass/ fail questions. It is drilled into us from day one. "C3, 4 and 5 keep the diaphragm alive." We have bloody mnemonics for just about everything! Some are impossible to forget.

Currently, I am training in radiology. Again anatomy comes into play. It's all about anatomy at this point! I am looking into the human body on a daily basis. It is my job to look at films, be they x-rays or CT scans and come to a diagnosis based on the findings, as well as suggest management options and follow up imagining. What I love about radiology is that it touches on all specialties in medicine. There is not a medical field out there that will not require imaging for their patients at some point or another. From paeditrics, to traumas, to geriatrics, everyone ends up getting some sort of radiological investigation.

Based on my knowledge of human anatomy and experience as both a surgeon and a radiologist, I am approaching this meta post from a very cold and analytical place where anatomy is key, especially when it comes to Sherlock getting shot.



"Let's play a game"


"Let's play murder"