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Red Sheets and my lover

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''Iz, I don't - I don't know.''

Alec mumbles his words out quietly, eyes avoiding the extremely intriguing looking thong Isabelle holds in her hands. He can't seem to stop glancing at the black and red thongs but refuses to consider buying them. 

''What?'' Isabelle laughs, ''Alec, Magnus would love these,'' her voice is too loud for Alec's liking as he shushes her in the middle of the shop.  

Alec's more than fully aware that Magnus would love the set on Alec's body but he's not sure if he'd like it. Of course, whatever Magnus would do to him at the sight, would always be in the liking list of Alec, but he's not sure if he'd be comfortable wearing such an exposing piece of clothing on his body that he's still learning to love. 

Isabelle wiggles her eyebrows, and Alec closes his eyes. He releases a sigh and nods, ''Okay,'' he whispers. ''But what - Do I just... Go there? What if they look at me weirdly?''

''Relax, I'll buy them. Don't worry your pretty little head.''

So he doesn't. Or at least he tries not to, but he can't seem to do anything else as he carries the black bag where the clothing is hidden. He wanders back to the imagines of Magnus hopefully going crazy over Alec wearing something new. A small excitement courses through Alec's body at the thought. 

''Everything okay?'' Isabelle asks as they sit on one of the tables in a coffee shop. ''You look... Nervous.''

''Well, I am,'' he sighs. ''What if he doesn't like them? What if it's a turn-off or if he finds it weird?'' Alec mumbles out his questions while glancing down at the shopping bag. He's surprised how comfortable he's become and able to discuss his needs and wants in the bedroom side with his sister. Then again, she's the only one who understands. Jace doesn't. He always says, 'just stick it in' and it doesn't help. 

''Of course, he won't,'' Isabelle states seriously. ''It's Magnus we're talking about, again. He loves you, and when someone that sexy loves you -''

''You're talking about my boyfriend -'' Alec interrupts with a pout and Isabelle rolls her dark eyes.

''All I'm saying is that you could be wearing a normal shirt and Magnus could ignite the fire,'' she finishes and Alec takes a deep breath, nerves creeping him. He doesn't stop thinking about what he'd do when Isabelle orders, or when they take a long walk back to the Institute. Of course, Alec isn't going to the Institute. He leaves Isabelle there, hugs her to say thank you before starting to walk to Magnus' apartment. 




Alec isn't good at setting the moods or telling anyone how he feels. But somehow, he's proud of what he's done at the apartment, even if it's not much. 

Alec's turned off all the lights. He lit a few candles in the living room - Magnus will turn on the lights. The only thing he paid attention to was the bedroom when he started planning it. Now, looking at the space, Alec feels good about it. 

The small candles everywhere bring enough shadows and light into the room, curtains closed and the floor cleaned. He's dressed in his thong with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on it since Magnus won't be home until few minutes.

Alec also took a shower and tries to suffocate the nervousness and excitement haunting him. It takes numerous positions for him until he figures out how he wants to lay on the bed - on his side, one leg over the other with the deep red silky sheet hanging low on his body, showing half of the thong on him.

And in all honesty, Alec feels confident. And sexy. Especially, when he hears the front doors open to their apartment. It teases him and sends various images in his head.

''Darling, you don't believe -'' The doors to the bedroom open and Magnus' eyes bore straight to Alec, lips parting as he closes the door silently behind him.

Magnus drops the few bags on the floor, eyes remaining on Alec's body. The candles contrast Alec's skin, the wine red sating sheets hanging low on his spread out body. His head is pressed into the pillow, strands of raven hair on his face. Magnus seems lost for words, standing in front of the door with his lips apart. Alec doesn't say anything, either. He feels comfortable laying there in the warmth, under Magnus' adoring eyes. He feels loved and he's sure, that when Magnus finds the right things to do, he'll feel worshipped. He always does. 

''Alexander...'' Magnus whispers in the quietness, taking a step further. 

Alec hums, slowly sliding the sheet further down his hip. ''You like it?'' His voice sounds innocent and small, yet seductive to Magnus' ears. He strips off his shoes and stands at the edge of the bed, eyes trailing down from Alec's smooth chest to his tan thighs. 

''Yes,'' Magnus whispers. Alec plays with the edge of the thong, twirling it between his fingers and teasingly pulling it downwards. Magnus gazes at his fingers intensely, briefly glancing at Alec's bottom lip that's trapped between his teeth. Alec takes a deep breath at the sight of Magnus starting to roll up his sleeves. The familiar look of desire spreads in his eyes - dilated pupils and the small glint, and the way they stare down at Alec. 

''It's for you,'' Alec hums, leaning more on his ribcage. 

Magnus settles his knee on the bed and Alec's heart starts to thud harder. His arousal is already evident and all from Magnus rolling up his sleeves. He starts feeling the desperation to touch Magnus when he starts to unbutton his shirt, exposing his tan toned chest and keeping his eyes on Alec. 

''All of it?'' Magnus asks, a smirk spreading on his lips.

Alec nods, ''All of me,'' he says quietly as Magnus slips the shirt off his shoulders. His hands come to his belt, untangling it and throwing it on the floor. The way his fingers bop the button of his tight jeans open and unzip the zipper make Alec nearly whimper,  although he keeps all sounds in and only observes all of Magnus' movements.

The shadows hover over his body, the flames of the candles flickering on his skin. He looks absolutely exquisite and on times like this, Alec begins to wonder how he's gotten so lucky to have someone like Magnus. To have Magnus. 

''You look so innocent,'' Magnus whispers, tongue sliding over his lips as the strips down his tight fit jeans, exposing his body. ''I love it.'' Magnus crawls over to Alec who doesn't dare to move when Magnus' hand comes to his hip, sliding against the fabric of the red thong. It hugs Alec's lower body perfectly, exposing enough skin for Magnus to go near insanity. 

Magnus leans close to Alec with his thumb sliding over his boyfriend's bottom lip, humming contently. He lets his hand travel down on Alec's thigh, squeezing the flesh. ''Did you buy it today?'' 

Alec nods slowly. ''I bought three.'' He adds and sees Magnus suck air sharply, a sly smile tugging at Alec's lips as a result. Magnus' hand finally lands tightly on Alec's hip, pushing it down so that he turns on his back. His palms slide on the smooth skin, sighing in bliss. Alec crosses his legs around Magnus' waist, pulling him close. ''You'll see them all. I promise,'' he whispers before Magnus connect their lips, hungrily driving into the kiss. Alec doesn't seem to keep up with the phase so he lets his boyfriend nibble is lip and slide his tongue over his bottom lip. 

  ''I could watch you like this all day,'' Magnus confesses, removing the sheet that separated their skins, getting a full view of the clothing placed upon his lovers' body. ''What do you want?''

Alec breathes unsteadily. ''You,'' he says. ''I want you to do whatever you want with me. Fuck my mouth. Fuck me, Magnus.'' His voice is confident and soft, mostly certain. It makes Magnus smirk widely. He's still uncertain it this is reality - if his innocent petite boyfriend is requesting all these things or if it's just his mind playing tricks. 

Magnus abandons the warmth of Alec's body to move to stand next to the headboard, eyes still on Alec. ''Get on your knees, Alexander. Ass in the air,'' he commands softly and Alec chants small chords of yes in his mind. He does as commanded, fluttering his lashes and looking up. He feels dirty. But in a good way; in the best way, really. 

Magnus caresses Alec's face shortly before gripping his chin, lifting it up to look at his face. It's like he's daring for him to look at the chocolate brown eyes as Magnus' hand travels to his black boxer briefs, tugging the material down. And Alec feels like a winner - he stares into Magnus' eyes until he feels the tip of his cock press against his parted lips. He dares to take down his eyes, opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around the length. 

Magnus lets him take a small time of twirling his tongue at the tip, hollowing his cheeks and humming against his cock until he starts to move his hips with a slow rhythm. His eyes travel all around Alec's bare skin, focusing on the warmth of his mouth and his eyes that stare at Magnus. 

Alec only keeps his lips apart and lets Magnus fuck his mouth, length sliding in and out of his mouth as Alec hollows his cheeks and tightens his throat, 

''Jesus,'' Magnus whispers, ''Suck my cock, darling,'' Magnus commands and Alec nods, leaning closer and starting to move his head with slight movement, hand caressing the base. Alec cags slightly around Magnus, sending a vibration coursing all over his body. Magnus releases a low moan and it makes Alec's hard on twist.

''You're such a good boy,'' Magnus praises him, until grabbing his cheeks and pulling his mouth away. ''Lay down for me. Face in the pillows.''

Alec eagerly lies down, stomach facing the mattress as he attempts to spread his legs without Magnus noticing. But of course, he does, grabbing Alec by his thighs and pulling him on his lap. He twists the material of the thong and for a second Alec prays he'd rip the expensive piece off him. 

Magnus only guides his fingers against Alec's lips, parting them and letting him suck them, until pulling them out. He pulls aside the thong, fingers softly pressing against Alec as he flinches up at the sudden contact. 

Magnus doesn't wait for permission because the small whimper is one until cautiously entering tow fingers, making Alec release a long-repressed sigh. Alec loves the burn in his thighs as Magnus' fingers move slowly in and out, curling the tip in the right place.  

   ''Don't - Want you - inside,'' Alec grumbles, suddenly unable to speak as he only thrusts his ass closer to Magnus like a needy male. 

Alec's settled on top of Magnus' parted thighs even closer and Magnus' cock brushes against Alec's ass cheek as he moans. ''You want to get fucked?'' Magnus hums, tugging at his hair.

''Yes,'' Alec moans, swollen lips pouting. ''Please.'' 

Magnus only hums in response, watching Alec's back muscles flex as he leans against the pillow. ''How much do you want it?'' He asks, moving his fingers slowly and torturously. Magnus loves to see and hear Alec telling him what he wants. 

''Badly,'' Alec whispers against the pillows, hands clutching the sheet, ass already making movement to cause friction. He receives a hard slap on his left ass cheek, making him flinch and part his lips. ''Magnus, fuck me. Please,'' he moans. Magnus removes his fingers and he doesn't answer, only stretches Alec's cheeks before slowly pushing into him, furrowing his brows. He suppresses a moan, only to hear the one Alec releases. 

Magnus starts to slowly move his hips, making the thrusts slow and loving. Alec can't seem to stay still, perching his ass and moving his hips, lips gaping apart. Magnus continues caressing his hip where the numerous red marks have taken place. 

It feels like it's just two of them. Their own little world, the candles burning around them and the small space filled with sounds of eternal love. This is everything Magnus has always wanted but thought could never have. 

''Magnus,'' Alec whimpers quietly.

   ''What, love?'' Magnus smiles. 

''Harder,'' he whispers and for a moment, Magnus gets lost in the beauty of his boyfriends pleasured face. He'd never tease or withhold pleasure for he gets to see this view. He leans over Alec's back, lips heatedly pressing onto his neck as he starts to thrusts his hips faster and harder, snapping them against Alec's. 

It's the first time Alec feels Magnus this deep. Usually, he's been so delicate and soft with Alec - sending him to the edge with slow, deep thrusts and kisses.

But now, it's different. With Magnus handling and grabbing him, tugging his skin and hair, Alec feels completely dominated.

''Oh I - Magnus,'' Alec gapes, the familiar warm feeling forming in his stomach. ''Oh god I - Mhm,'' Alec's moans are muffled into the pillow where he presses his head. 

''You're so beautiful,'' Magnus admits and rolls his hips, smoothing his hand out on Alec's bare skin. His palm massages over Alec's ass cheek before contacting it, a sound of a slap echoing in the air.

Alec can feel the burn, but it's turned into pleasure. It leaves him gasping and moaning, withering under Magnus' touch. 

He feels beautiful. He always does with Magnus, because... Well, Magnus himself radiates positivity and he makes Alec believe that the Shadowhunter is beautiful and worthy of love. 

''Alexander,'' Magnus calls out his name, ''Look at me,'' he continues and Alec musters all energy to turn his head and open his eyes. ''Fuck,'' Magnus moans at the sight of Alec's tired eyes, swollen and bruised lips and red cheeks.

''I - Fuck, pleasepleaseplease,'' Alec chants, moving his own hips. ''I wanna - wanna see your face,'' Alec speaks and nearly sobs from the loss of contact, Magnus slipping out of him to turn the male around. He brushes off some hair from Alec's face before separating his heated thighs against. ''I'm going to cum if you keep looking at me like - oh.''

''You're going to what, darling?'' Magnus smiles when he's fully inside Alec again, leaning closer. ''You're going to - ah, fuck - cum?''

''Yes,'' Alec drags out, arching his back. ''Fuck, please, I can't - '' There doesn't seem to be enough of anything. Magnus is everywhere and it's not enough, it's the only thing Alec will ever be greedy for. 

Magnus' hand closes around Alec's leaking cock, giving it a soft pump that makes Alec only near the edge. He feels like he's melting into the mattress, and like his skin is being burnt. But all in good ways. 

''Ah, yes, Alexander,'' Magnus moans as Alec clenches around him - so tight that Magnus is barely able to form any thoughts. He only concentrates on moving his hand and snapping his hips hard and fast against Alec's. He presses kisses all over Alec's neck and shoulders, squeezing the intimate skin on his inner thighs. 

''Don't stop - don't - oh god,'' Alec continues whimpering and moaning, unable to control anything coming out of his mouth as Magnus pounds into him without mercy. ''Magnus, nghh, I can't - ''

''Come on, Alexander,'' Magnus whispers in his ear. ''Cum for me,'' the last straw is when Magnus swirls his thumb over Alec's cock, when the withering power sends him quivering against the mattress, grabbing Magnus' thighs. 

''Oh, Mag - Fuck,'' he whimpers and presses his thighs together, clinging to Magnus body. ''Fuck me through it and cum inside me, Magnus. Please, I'm begging you, fill me - '' The shameless words leave Alec's sinful lips as Magnus groans against his burning hot skin, orgasm hitting him like a thunder. The groan grumbles at the back of his throat, thrusting into Alec with force.

Alec winces when Magnus slips out, cradling him in his arms as they breathe harshly together. Magnus leans his head against Alec's shoulder, trying to catch his breath. Alec can feel the thong sticking to his sweaty skin.

''I'm happy there's still those two pairs. They're for me too, right?'' Magnus mumbles.

''Yes, yes and yes,'' Alec nods, ''Everything's for you.''


Red sheets and my lover.