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You fascinated me, clothed in shadows and secrecy
The beauty of a broken angel.

Rose was never sure what exactly it was that drew her to Juleka. Maybe it was her shy smile, or her style, or the mysterious air lent by her purple hair. Whatever it was, Rose was glad in retrospect to have found her.

I ventured carefully, afraid of what you thought I’d be,
But pretty soon I was entangled.

Juleka knew how people viewed her. Knew how cruel people could be about her style and attitude, knew sunny pink girls never chose indrawn goths.

You take me by the hand,
I question who I am…

Rose hadn’t known she was lesbian. There’d always been a few hints, but she’d never thought about them much. Until one day, Juleka confessed.

Teach me how to fight, I’ll show you how to win.

Their first kiss was tentative, but they quickly became more daring, both inexperienced but daring combatants enjoying their battle.

You’re my mortal flaw,
And I’m your fatal sin.

People say they’re criminals, miscreants, evil-doers. That their love’s a sin.

Let me feel the sting, the pain, the burn under my skin

They hold their heads high through all the persecution and pressure, for they know the torment and tribulations are a small price to pay for their love.

Put me to the test,
I’ll prove that I am strong

Their defiant love is stronger than all of the challenges life can throw at them.

Won’t let myself believe that what we feel is wrong

Juleka’s used to prejudice, but she burns knowing she cannot protect Rose from this. Soft hearted, joyous Rose does not deserve this, none of it.

I finally see what you knew was inside me all along

Gentle Rose and shy Juleka grow together, discovering the beauty in each other’s hearts.

That behind this soft exterior lies a warrior

Together they stand, battling anything seeking to take them down. Weak though they may look, they have endured akumas and the resulting trauma.

My memory refused to separate the lies from truth.

All they remembered after the possession was the insidious voice calling itself hawkmoth offer them what they desired, and the horrible moment when they gave in to the manipulations and everything went black and they were falling as they silently screamed.

And search the past my mind created

All they were left with afterwards was guilt and a few scattered fragments of terrible memories they were incapable of forgetting.

I kept on pushing through, standing resolute which you in equal measure loved and hated.

Sometimes they fixated, becoming hell-bent on immersing themselves in the wisps of memory they held onto, like the echos of Hawkmoth’s voice. Each thought the other brave and imprudent, for even though they needed the distance from the painful recollections, time was something they couldn’t rush.

You take me by the hand

When they are spiraling out of control they reach out to each other.

I’m seeing who I am

They remind each other other of their love.

Teach me how to fight, I’ll show you how to win

They learn the ins and outs of each other’s fears.

You’re my mortal flaw, and I’m your fatal sin.

No matter how many wounds they inflict with misused words…

Let me feel the sting, the pain, the burn under my skin

… they know they will always return to each other.

Put me to the test , I’ll prove that I am strong, won’t let myself believe that what we feel is wrong

Through the trials and through the tests they will never part.

I finally see what you knew was inside me all along

They are survivors.

That behind this soft exterior lies a warrior

They don't look like much, but they persevere. They swear to each other that they will not let themselves fall to pieces.

The pictures come to life, wake in the dead of night

Nightmares plague them. But they know they cannot fall, for if one does the other will follow.

Open my eyes, I must be dreaming

The dreams are so real they cannot tell them from reality. But what is reality, asks Hawkmoth’s voice in their ears, if not a world each creates for themselves?

Clutch my pillow tight, brace myself for the fight

When they without fail come awake with tears in their eyes and screams on their lips they must cling to the only thing that’s real anymore - their love.

I’ve heard that seeing is believing…

They know they will never again be those innocent children who fell in love, but they will continue to endure til they heal. Perhaps not fully, but someday, they hope, those scars will be marks of pride. Proof that their minds and bodies, their souls, their love, lives on. Through the pain and through the fear, they will fight for their love.

Light and dark. Sun and shadow. This is how they always been, and how they will always be.