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Acid Hue

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Morticia was on top of the world.

At least, she was in her dream that night. She dreamt she had climbed a skyscraper for some reason (something about protecting the world from an alien invasion), and the only way to save the day was for her to climb up that giant ass building and stand up there to..wait for someone? She forgot the details.

Not that she remembered the majority of her dreams. They were dreams after all, and didn't make any sense. Sometimes she'd dream she was underwater, as a mermaid, or flying around in space before remembering she wasn't supposed to be breathing and then choke until she woke up in a cold sweat.

But, the skyscraper dream was weird, because she didn't remember having a sense of dread about it. Just standing tall at the top, preparing for the alien invasion, or whatever it was, then she slowly opened her eyes to see the darkened ceiling of her bedroom, a little confused, but realizing she'd been dreaming at the same time.

That was odd. What had woken her up? She made to roll over onto her side and go back to sleep, but found her body was too heavy for some strange reason. Now it was getting uncomfortable, because she felt like all of the weight had gathered in her back, and she needed to get it off.


Huh? Did she just hear a voice? It was familiar, but at the same time, she couldn't place it, she was too groggy, and had a strange sense like cotton was inside of her head. It didn't make any sense. Maybe she was still dreaming and wasn't fully awake.

She tried to lean up and take a look around her bedroom, gain her senses back, but it just wasn't happening. The heavy feeling was too prevalent, and she found the sensation of fog inside of her taking over the more she tried to come out of her sleep. Maybe she was more tired than she thought. How odd.

Morticia wasn't sure when she fell back asleep, or what had occurred in the small span of when she'd woken up. If she had even woken up to begin with, she still wasn't sure. It was too foggy in her mind to remember. But, the dream changed. She was no longer on top of the skyscraper. That was too bad, though, because she wanted to know if she had saved the world from the alien invasion, but now she was in a room she didn't recognize.

It wasn't like she'd never had a wet dream before either, but now in this room she had no recollection of, it's like she was seeing herself from a third person perspective, and she saw herself with her legs spread. The more the sensation between her legs climbed, she started slowly realizing someone was eating her out. The pressure, although gentle, was unmistakable, and she moved with the feeling, not questioning it, not fighting back. Just feeling.

The fog was still there, and she couldn't see who was down there. It was too fuzzy. But, she tried to imagine it was Jessica. Maybe in this dream, Jessica had asked her out, or maybe Morticia had been the one to finally bite the bullet and give her flowers or some corny shit like that, before Jessica accepted her feelings.

Maybe Morticia's fantasies had gone away with her, until she was dreaming about her now. Not like that had never happened before, but she was held down by a heavy force, something strange, fogging up her mind. What a strange feeling, but it wasn't like she questioned it. If Jessica wanted to eat her out, then who was Morticia to say no to her? That was one of her fantasies. It wouldn't be the first, nor the last time she masturbated to her at night, hoping to one day work up the courage to finally, finally ask her out.

Maybe one day.

But, she gave way to the feeling underneath her, moaning, and could feel the fog in her mind creating a strange sensation that was as though she were coming in and out of sleep. She kept seeing glances of her bedroom ceiling, and then the dream would overtake her vision and she was back in the dark room again. Was this lucid dreaming? No, that would mean she'd have control over the dream, but it was definitely something different.

It felt like it was actually happening. The times she'd have a wet dream, Morticia was always ripped from sleep, right on the brink of orgasm. She'd always be doing something odd in her dream, like rubbing her clit on a pillow or spooning a giant teddy bear. On the rare occasions, she'd be fucking someone, but it always brought her to the brink, right on the edge, before she woke up.

She couldn't wake up.

The feeling was intense, but also confusing. With the odd sensation of cotton all around her, the feeling was somewhat dulled, when she would feel the orgasm start to build, but she couldn't peak. It felt like something heavy was on top of her, and she couldn't breathe, but it was all a dream. Someone was eating her out in the dream, and it was causing her to react weirdly in the real world.

If only she could wake up. Why couldn't she wake up?

A small moan bubbled from her throat. She could hear herself moaning, the sound seeping out from her throat like syrup. Why did it feel this way? She couldn't for the life of her wake up from this, and it was almost scary.

There was a voice again, the voice from earlier. But, maybe that was part of the dream. She thought she could hear someone saying something indistinct, but it sounded too far away. She couldn't make out anything of what they said. It was like garbled nonsense.

Everything began to die down. The feeling of orgasm, the sounds of the voice, and the strange feeling all around her, like the world had slowed down, began to fade away. Morticia didn't remember the rest of the dream. It was black.


That's the only thing Morticia could think when she woke up the next morning. Ugh .

Waking up was an absolute chore the likes of which she never thought were possible. The moment she opened her eyes, she immediately wanted to close them again, but with her alarm blaring in her ear (it's 7AM, time to get up, bitch), it was hard to ignore. She usually used the alarm on her phone, and liked setting it to funny stuff like, people screaming in her ear, but that soon became a horror to wake up to, so she opted instead to do what every regular person did when they used their phone alarm, and set it to music. That was better than people screaming, anyway.

The moment she sat up, she felt like there was a huge weight all over her. Like someone had tied a gigantic stone slab to her back without telling her, and she was pulling the extra weight along with her own. Why in the world did she feel so sluggish? Sure, sometimes she stayed up late and felt like shit the next morning, but never like this.

What if she was getting sick? It was that time of year anyway, so it was possible. Reaching up for a brief moment, she felt of her own forehead after brushing her bangs out of the way to feel...nothing. No signs of fever. Not that she felt hot to begin with, but what was up with the terrible feeling of weight bringing her down?

When she stood from bed, she almost toppled down to the floor, and had to reach out to grab hold of the bed post for support. Okay, what in hell was this? Did she eat something weird last night and it was screwing with her? Morticia went over a list of things she'd eaten before bed. Nothing unusual. Did baby carrots and mashed potatoes make people feel like shit the next day?

She couldn't figure it out.

Maybe she was just super groggy from sleep, and it would go away with time. Maybe that was it.

Looking over at her clock, she realized ten minutes had already passed, and stiffened in shock. Had she really been standing, dazed and trying to support herself on her own two feet for ten actual minutes? No way. The fuck? If she didn't hurry and get to the bathroom, Summer would get in there first and take an entire hour doing her hair and showering.

Shit .

Still a little wobbly on her feet, Morticia chanced it and headed to her bedroom door. That feeling like she had cotton balls was still in her mouth, and she kept trying to swallow to get rid of it, only to find her mouth was too dry to do any good. Never before had she been this groggy after waking up, and it was freaking her out a little she couldn't shake it off.

Maybe sleeping early tonight would do her some good tomorrow?

By the time she stumbled down the hall to the bathroom, she found Summer hadn't barred herself up inside and she silently sighed relief before barring herself up inside. Morticia only needed about five minutes to brush her teeth and wash her face before she was ready for school. Least she got some cold water to slosh around in her mouth before she heard Summer banging on the door, demanding entry.

"Give me a minute, jeez." She hadn't even brushed her teeth yet, but didn't want to be gross and leave without doing that. Despite Summer giving her hell on the other side of the door, she unlocked it with the toothbrush still in her mouth, foam dripping down her chin as she hurried back to the sink as her sister pried the door open.

"You've had fifteen minutes to do this, what's taking you so long?"

Morticia spit out the toothpaste before answering. "S-sorry. I lost track of the time."

"Well, it's my turn to have the bathroom. I've gotta wash my hair and bathe before school."

"If you'd do that at night, you wouldn't scramble in the morning, you know."

Summer rolled her eyes, pushing Morticia out the door as she took over the bathroom. Obviously, Morticia's time was up. "Whatever. I'll meet you downstairs."

Once the door closed in her face, Morticia could hear the shower running, and sighed to herself. That weird groggy feeling hadn't completely left, but she definitely felt a little less shitty than before. She supposed that was a good thing.

Upon coming downstairs, she heard the indistinct voices of her mom and dad chatting (or maybe arguing, hell she didn't know), at the table as Mom was apparently trying to scrambling something akin to breakfast before heading off to work. Her face lit up when she saw Morticia. "Oh, good morning, honey. Would you like an omelette?"

Morticia shook her head. "No thanks." That cotton feeling was still in her mouth. She felt if she ate anything, it wouldn't go down too easily. Plus, once she caught a glance at her mom's 'omelette' she'd just slapped on her dad's plate, Morticia could feel herself retch a little at the sight. Did her mom pour the entire container of oil into the pan or what...

Opting instead for a bottle of water in the fridge, she downed that instead. Least it helped with the groggy feeling somewhat. Maybe this was nothing at all, because the longer she stood hanging around the kitchen, the more the feeling started to go away. Weird. At least now, she could focus on something else. Like, not this.

After what felt like an hour (and it probably was), Summer finally came downstairs, her hair still damp from the shower, pulled up into a sloppy ponytail as usual. She had her backpack slung around her shoulder, still straightening out her pants as she walked into the kitchen.

"So, is Dad taking us to school or what?"

Before she could get the entire sentence out, Jerry was already shaking his head. "No can do, sweetie. I've got a job interview this morning."

They both stared, Morticia especially.

Summer let out a sarcastic snort, as if she didn't believe him. "Are you for real?" Morticia could only stare back, wanting to agree with her sister, but also not fully awake to form a coherent sentence either.

Not sensing her sarcasm, Jerry puffed out his chest. "Yep! I'm gonna charm the tail off this man this morning and get the job for sure."

Before either of them could come back with a response, a familiar loud, and slightly slurring voice suddenly filled the room. "Blow it out your ass, Jerry."

Nobody was surprised when Rick swung around the corner, flask in hand. He didn't appear hammered off his ass just yet, but he was getting there. Making his way toward Morticia, he went to grab at her arm. "M-M-Morti, let's go. Quick adventure. W-We'll be in an out before you k-know it."

Despite Jerry's complaints about Rick's earlier statement, he suddenly stood out of his seat when Rick tried to pull Morticia along, despite her clear protesting and trying to pull away. Now was not the time for this. "Beth, are you seeing this? The kids have school and you're just letting your father drag our daughter away to god knows where?"

Beth only let out a small, if not awkward, laugh. "Oh, stop being dramatic. I'm sure wherever Dad is taking her, it's safe and harmless." There was a slight pause. Yet again awkward. "Right, Dad?"

Rick shrugged. "Right, whatever." Adamantly avoiding eye contact with Beth, he took a quick swig of his flask. Did he suddenly start drinking faster?

Beth turned back to Jerry, giving him a 'told-you-so' kind of look. "See?"

"Um..." Morticia's small voice spoke up amongst the arguing. Rick still had a firm grip on her arm and didn't appear to be letting go anytime soon, and she still pulled away. She really did not want to go on one of his adventures this morning, especially not with a hangover, if that was even what this was called. It still felt as though she were moving in slow motion, and the world around her, her parents and Rick included, were moving way too fast for her to keep up with right now. Still, she tried her best to make sure everyone knew she was all for going to school right now. The clock was ticking. "W-we should probably g-get going. We're going to be late..." But it held no weight into the conversation.

"Right, M-Morti, we'll have our adventure, s-s-swing back around to--"

"No, I want to go to school." This time, her voice was a little more firm, if not irritable. God, sometimes talking to Rick was like talking to a god damn brick wall.

But, it did no good. He only pulled at her arm, finally breaking the resistance she had before and dragged her along through the kitchen, through the living room, and to the garage. Morticia could hear Summer's voice behind her calling out, "No fair! I want to go on an adventure instead of going to school!" before Rick slammed the garage door behind them.

There was a putrid smell in the air once she was enclosed in this space. Pulling up her arm, she covered her mouth and nose, managing to spit out, "Wh-what the hell i-i-is that?" that came out as a muffled choke.

Rick shrugged, not at all affected by whatever the smell was as he pulled the cover sheet off his ship. "Don't ask." Even though she just did.

"J-jeez, Rick, did you kill an a-animal or something a-a-and dissect it?"

"Pff. Animal. H-hilarious. Okay, g-g-get the fuck in." Without waiting for a response, Rick pulled open the door on the ship before not so gracefully shoving Morticia inside. She made a noise of discomfort as she worked to straighten herself, glaring at Rick who made his way to the opposite side of the ship and into the driver's seat. Tipping his flask back, he gulped down more of the liquid inside before raring the ship to life.

Sighing in defeat, Morticia didn't want to, but accepted the fact this was going to be her morning by reaching up, nabbing the seatbelt, and clicking it into place. Of all the times he had to go dragging her off on this bullshit, it had to be right now. She'd been looking forward to saying hello to Jessica this morning at the lockers. After all, the dream she had last night where Jessica ate her out--

Morticia suddenly choked on nothing, as the memory of what happened came flooding back to her in that instant. It had been fogged up by the hangover feeling she was experiencing, but now that she was slowly coming out of it, her memory had graced her with the dream she had last night, the one where she'd been eaten out.


Her face grew hot as she realized something. It hadn't been Jessica doing it. She wasn't sure why she assumed it was, but.

Turning to glance at Rick from the corner of her eye as he pulled them out of the garage and into the sky, she knew. It had been him. She'd dreamt Rick ate her out.

Holy shit?

What the hell was wrong with her? With this sudden realization, she could only squeeze her pants legs and stare down at her knees, face red from the thought of it. Why would her mind conjure something like that? She felt so bad because of it, for some reason. Not like she had any control over a dream, but jeez. It was still embarrassing as fuck.

She turned away from him, refusing to even glance at him from the side, and looked down, feeling the heat envelop her as she tried to push the dream from her memory.

Apparently, Rick noticed. "Th-th-the fuck's wrong with you?"

Morticia shook her head, still squeezing her pants. She couldn't even open her mouth to reply. There was no way she could tell him she dreamt he ate her out, and why would she? That wasn't exactly need to know information. And it wasn't like she'd never had weird dreams where she was fucking her family members, as terrible as they were, but to be hit in the face with realization such as this, she couldn't get over it.

Couldn't get over how real it felt.

All she could do was swallow, avoid eye contact with Rick, and wait for this stupid adventure to be over with. Maybe the adventure would take her mind off the dream.

Nah, she doubted it.