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Book 1: You are my Wings of Freedom (Reader x Aot Various)

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Chapter 1: To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

Year 845

Birds soared above the afternoon sun, traces of the sunset sun light emitting from it. A large skinless red hand rested on the wall that protected the rest of humanity. The Shiganshina district was completely silent, besides the dog barking faintly in the background.

On that day, mankind remembered...

A gigantic red face appeared over the horizon of the wall, steam blowing from its face as it peered down on them. A pair of (E/C) orbs widden in realization.

The fear of oppression under them, and the humiliation of being caged like birds.
Earlier that day...

A young 9 year old girl, alongside her fraternal twin sister ran on the sidewalks of the southern district of Wall Maria, Shiganshina. The first girl had flowing (H/C) hair and an amazing pair of (E/C) eyes. She wore a light peach flowy dress that reached her knees with (F/C) laces crossing across her chest and a white short sleeved vest, with black slippers. The second girl wore a similar outfit, but a few changes. She has different hair color, but the same shining eyes.

These two, named (Y/N) and (S/N) had an inseparable bond, NOTHING could tear them apart. They had both agreed, without their parents permission, that when they would be older, they'd join the Survey Corps. They've heard a bunch of stories from some kids while walking around the district about the outside world, one of the main things that they would love to see, is the ocean. Even if (S/N) was only older by a few seconds, she stilled acted as if she was the mother of both of them, which technically, she was. (Y/N) is the more bubbly, cheerful girl, extrovert, while (S/N) is the slightly more mature one, also cheerful and extrovert. They were technically the same, just (S/N) is a bit more mature.

Now they might seem like your typical innocent little girls, but they have a huge backstory behind the smile they show everyday...

Both of them were actually born within Wall Sina, but lived in the Underground, at the age of 5 years old. They were abandoned by their parents on the day of their 4th birthday. Even if they lived in Wall Sina, their economy was lower than most people within the Wall. So low, that they couldn't afford feeding more mouths. Well, at least, that's what their parents told them. They were left, cold and hungry in the streets of the Underground. They later heard that their parents had been murdered after trying to break in the main capital, which left the two sisters devastated. Now alone underground, they had to steal to survive, even if they had to risk their lives for it. Mostly (Y/N), since she couldn't afford losing her only sister. One day, however, when they were stealing a few loafs of bread, they were caught, but thankfully, it was a kind young man, who was in his twenties. He was ginger haired and blue eyes, and he kindly let them stay at his house. His name was Micheal Amsel. For the next couple of years, he trained them in many martial arts so when he wasn't there, they could defend themselves. They improved in an incredible rate, and they managed to almost surpass him, albeit him being a very skilled fighter. Sadly, after the twins' 7th birthday, they were ambushed by a few dozen of criminals, and they were outnumbered. They managed to take a few down, but still outnumbered. The two girls were held back by a few criminals, (S/N) was turned the other way, sobbing because she was now helpless.
(Y/N), on the other hand, had front view seats to see the man that has treated them kindly and fatherly, being brutally killed. (Y/N) and
(S/N) had blacked out shortly after that. When they awoke, they find themselves back on the surface, in the care of their present parents. In other words, they have been adopted twice. Now they live a simple and relaxing life, in the Shiganshina district.
Both young girls were racing, seeing who would reach the bakery of the (H/C) girl's mother. They were tasked to bring a loaf of bread to (Y/N)'s father. (F/N) was one of the few Garrison soldiers who actually did their job, instead of sitting around the wall, drinking alcohol.


(M/N) smiled warmly as soon as her two daughters passed through the door, giggling among themselves. In her hand rested a loaf of bread wrapped in a cloth. "Thank you girls, you save so much time, and know I can finally finish the offer the King asked of us." The bakery was one of the most known and popular bakery in Shiganshina. "Don't worry mom, we'll bring it to dad, while it's still warm!" (S/N) chirped, (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically.

Since they lived closer to the inner wall of Wall Maria, they had to run all the way to the outer wall, but this wasn't much of a problem, since they had a bunch of fighting and training in the past.

Arriving to the wall, they made it just in time to see their father descending from the top of the wall thanks to the 3D Maneuvering Gear, or 3DMG. He gave them a kind warm smile, one similar to Micheal, but (Y/N) decided to not think about that right now. (S/N) passed the wrapped up bread into her father's hands, which received her sister and herself a small kiss on the forehead. "Thank you both for going through all that trouble for me." (F/N) cooed, before standing up. "Dad, can you show us your swords?!" (Y/N) asked excitedly, giving him the best puppy eyes that she could muster. There's just something in her eyes, that can make no one say no to her. (F/N), obviously not wanting to make his girls sad, took out both swords and handed both of them carefully a sword, the tip pointing upwards so they wouldn't cut themselves. (S/N) turned the sword at a certain angle so the sunlight could reflect off of it, to give it a better shine. They admired them for a few moments before their father reclaimed them.

"Now I've got to return back to work. It's almost sunset, go back home so you can go help your mother clean up, alright?" (F/N) said before saluting, the twins mimicking, before their father shot his wires to the wall and left. Both girls left and made their way back home.


~Your Point of View (POV)~

"(Y/N)". (S/N) said, you let out a hum, signalling her that you were listening. She put a hand in front of you to stop you in your tracks. You turn towards her, she having your full attention. She sighed before continuing. "How do you think we're going to tell mom and dad about wanting to join the Survey Corps? I'm not saying that I don't want to, but the second we mention it to them, they'll immediately say no!" You thought about it. Knowing them, they'd let you join the military, and let you choose between the Military Police, or the Military Garrison, or even run the bakery when your mom is gone, but it's a big no to join the Survey Corps. "Well--"

A loud bell echoed through the entire district, both you and your twin jumping in delight when you noticed what sound it was. "The Survey Corps are back! Let's go see!" You exclaimed, sprinting away, (S/N) right behind you. You made it before most people did, which gave you the opportunity to be in the front. The sound of hooves filled your ears, as the carriages were passing through. You, on the other hand, were looking for someone in particular. Then you found him. The commander, Erwin Smith. He always inspired you for being a great leader. You cupped your hands around your mouth as a megaphone, and and yelled, "Don't give up, commander Erwin!" Ignoring the stares you were receiving, you and (S/N) jumped up and down, waving your arms wildly. Erwin looked up and gave a small smile, before looking back down, his poker face coming back as he thought deeply. Satisfied, you grabbed (S/N) again before pulling yourselves out of the crowd, not before hearing a man swearing to what seemed to be a kid.

Walking back to your house, you and (S/N) talked about what you would like to see if you ever had a chance to see the outside world, when you two heard a body colliding with a house, right around the corner. Giving your sister a glance, you both ran and peeked out the corner. Your (E/C) eyes widden when you see 3 boys, about a few years older than you, maybe 13 years old, beating up a blond boy of your age. The boy who seemed the eldest was about to punch the younger boy in the face when your instincts kicked in, and you ran up to them. "Hey! Leave him alone!" You roared, making them flinched and look a bit scared, but smirking when they see just two little girls. "Oh? And what are you going to do about it?" The eldest said before punching the blond boy, leaving a few bruises. You look at your sister, you both having a quick and silent conversation between your eyes before sprinting towards the boys. (S/N) ran towards the blond boy, while you took care of the other boys.

The eldest threw a punch at you, but you were one step ahead of him. You jumped on his arm that was facing you, and jumped again while delivering a sharp and swift roundhouse kick to his jaw, knocking him down. As soon as he fell, you moved on to the next boy. He also threw a punch at you, and saw the trick you pulled on his friend, so he was ready, but you had another trick up your sleeve. You caught his fist with one hand and put your other hand under his arm, and with a quick sweep with your foot under his legs, you flipped him over your shoulder, he landed with a pained grunt. You were about to go get the last boy, when you see (S/N) finishing him off. The boys got up with difficult, but managed to limp away.

You sighed before turning back to the blond boy, who looked at you with wide and fearful blue eyes. You smiled warmly, calming him down slightly. You crouch down beside him, and take out you (F/N) handkerchief and gently apply weight on the slightly bleeding cut. The blond boy hissed slightly, while you give him an apologetic smile. "I know it hurts, but it'll stop the bleeding." (S/N) reassured, but the blond boy wasn't really paying attention to her. He was more focused on your soft, gently touch on his cheek, and the glow in your (E/C) eyes. You catch his eyes and smile, which caused him to blush a light pink. After a few seconds, you removed your hand from his face, much to his displeasure. "Are you ok?" You asked in a soft voice. "Y-yes, thank you for helping me..." He stammered slightly, making both you and (S/N) smile slightly. "That's good to hear. I'm (Y/N) (L/N), and this is my twin sister, (S/N)." (S/N) gave a small wave. The boy also introduced himself as Armin Arlert. You nodded before bringing your hand to slightly touch his cheek, beside one of the bruises. "You'll be ok, as long as you put ice on your cheek, you'll be fine." He nodded, before your heard a voice. "Stay away from him!" Just as soon as you turned your head, you see a fist coming straight for you, merely a few centimetres from you face. Your reaction time being slightly too slow, the fist collided with your cheek. Since being in a crouched position, you flew of your feet before landing back on your back. "(Y/N)!" Slightly seeing double from the impact, you make out (S/N) helping you in a sitting position.

You hear Armin yelling at the person who punch you. "Eren! Don't hurt her! She and her sister helped me from the guys picking on me!" You stood up, with (S/N) beside you. Facing Armin and the two other people, one of them being a girl with black hair and blank gray eyes, and the other being a boy, with ruffled up brown hair and slightly angered turquoise eyes. You flashed Armin a small yet pained smile, which led him to have a small blush, that went unnoticed by you. "Hope you stay ok, Armin." You sent a soft glare to the brunette, which he sent back to you. The black haired girl looked at you, with no expression, but with a slight shine of curiosity.

Near the evening, you and (S/N) were walking down the sidewalk, you were still slightly irritated about the boy who punch you earlier. You weren't mad about the punch itself, you were just mad that you weren't able to dodge it. (S/N) tried to calm you down, but failed. You two passed a set of stairs, where sat Armin, the black haired girl, and presumably, the 'Eren' person. You tried to walk faster to try to avoid them, (S/N) catching your message, and started walking quickly. Unfortunately, Armin saw you from the corner of his eye, and invited you over. With nothing else to do, you two sat with the trio.
(S/N) sat beside Armin while you ended up beside 'Eren'.

You guys sat in silence for a while, when 'Eren' shifted uncomfortably besides, seemly wanting to tell you something. "Um... well..." He cleared his throat, trying to find the right words, but you cut him off before he could say anything else. "You want to apologize for hitting me earlier, don't you? There's no need, you thought that I was hurting him, and acted on instinct. I'm pretty sure everyone would do that if one of their family members or friends get hurt. So don't worry about it." You finished, seeing him look at you in slight surprise. "Well yeah... um, thanks for understanding, I'm Eren Yeager." He rubbed his neck slightly, blushing from embarrassment. You smile lightly before bringing out your hand, and shaking his hand.

You sat in silence (you learned that the black haired girl's name was Mikasa), once again before Armin brought up what they were talking earlier about, before you and (S/N) came. "Just because the wall has done its job for the past 100 years, it doesn't guarantee that it won't be destroyed today... Not in the slightest." Just as soon the as he said that, the breeze stopped blowing. The atmosphere felt tense, like something big was going to happen. It was at this moment you knew, something was terribly wrong...

A loud crash and lightning shook the group, causing everyone to lose their balance. When you got up, everyone looked around, looking for the source of the noise. "W-what? An explosion?" Armin stumbled on his words, before running towards the place everyone was heading, ignoring the protests from you, (S/N) and Eren, before all 4 of you followed him.

You all made it to where Armin stopped, and all looked at the Wall, where a giant skinless hand layed.

~Present Time~

The gate to the outside world burst open and huge blocks of debris flies around, crashing into many buildings and onto people. Then it all clicked when you see big figures coming through the hole.


You snap out of your daydream when (S/N) started shaking you violently. "(Y/N)! (Y/N)!!!!!! Snap out of it!! We've gotta go find mom and dad and get out of here!!" She dragged you, towards the crowd of people heading to the inner wall, but you manage to see two figures running the opposite way of everyone. 'Eren and Mikasa...'

You took all the shortcuts you could remember to get the bakery to make sure that your mother is safe and sound. But when you turned around the corner, your heart stopped beating. There layed in a pile of debris and a pool of blood...

Was your mom...

Tears filled up your eyes, and threatened to fall out, but you blink them away. You run to her, faster than you ever had to her body and put your ear to her chest...

Salty tears poured out of your eyes when you didn't hear a heartbeat. (S/N) tried to pry you off of the house, trying to escape with everyone else. "(Y/N), you have to let go! Mom's gone... We can't do anything about it..." (S/N)'s voice cracked, her choking on her sobs. She was right. You couldn't save her cause you weren't fast enough... She finally managed to drag you away from the house and was about to run away with you, when one of those horrid titans stood in your path. You both hugged each other, if you were going to die, might as well die together...

"(Y/N)!!!!! (S/N)!!!!"

Both of you two's ears perked up when you heard your father's voice. He was still alive! He picked both of you up, and tried running away with both of you, when you noticed the limp in his step.

"Dammit... I twisted my ankle.." He swore under his breath, before breaking into a sprint, ignoring the pain. You saw the group of people in the distance.. just a few more feet, and you'd survive with your sister and dad! Suddenly... Your dad tripped, and drops the both of you in the process. "You two! Leave without me and survive! Please!" You dad screams, his last tears escaping his eyes. Neither you or (S/N) could move a muscle as you see the titan picking your dad up. He smiles sadly, mouthing 4 last words before getting eaten. 'I love you both...'

Anger flares up in (S/N)'s eyes as she charges towards the titan, you making no move to stop her since you were still paralyzed with shock. "Give him back!," (S/N) startes punching and kicking the leg of the 10 meter titan. It left no effect whatsoever, the titan merely picked her up with two hands. (S/N) looks back down at you and throws something to you, it landing in your palm. "(Y/N)! Join the Survey Corps! And wipe the titans from this world!!" That was your sister's last words before getting eating as well. You finally look down, to see what was the object that (S/N) left you.

It was a ribbon made into a flower from your real parents.

You fall to your knees, clutching the last object of your last family. No matter what, you will protect it with your life. The titan approached you, and made a move to grab you, before its hand getting cut clean off.

You didn't care anymore.

A female Garrison member picked you up, and with the 3DMG, she flew away from the titan. Your eyes didn't leave the flower, as you kept it in your hand, grasping it so hard, that your (S/T) knuckles turned white.

On that day, mankind remembered... The fear of oppression under them, and the humiliation of being caged like birds.


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