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happy fucking birthday, nerd

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Bakugou wanted something so he asked the only person he knew wanted it too.

“Oi, Half-and-Half.” He’d never spoken to Todoroki of his own volition. He should have taken that as strange enough.

“You’re fucking Deku too, right?”

Todoroki paused, taken further back than he had expected. He had always expected a “too,” but had been too nervous to bring it up with Midoriya. To have it confirmed now was odd. What could Bakugou possibly want?

“I think we’re on the same page here. It’s Deku’s birthday next week, yeah?”

Todoroki squinted. Since when was this asshole attentive to something as sappy as a birthday?

“I’ve got an idea that’s gonna make him lose his shit.”




When Midoriya opened his door, he hadn’t expected two people to be standing there. Especially not the two people he had been fucking, alternatively, for months. His heart pounded in his ears. Was this an intervention? Had they figured it out? Were they mad? Were they going to make him choose? That was a dumb thought, but either way he wasn’t ready to answer that quite yet, some small, selfish part of himself wishing he would never have to, no matter how irrational the wish was.

Bakugou has an absolutely devilish look on his face and Midoriya quickly predicted that he wouldn’t be talking much. He was pushed back onto his bed. Todoroki sighed and closed the door, wondering if Bakugou was really so uncivil as to have sex with the door agape.

“It’s your birthday, right, shitty nerd?” Since when did Bakugou remember his birthday? Had he always remembered and just never mentioned it? “I thought of a fuckin’ surprise for you, so you better say yes or no now before we waste all of our time, okay?”

“Bakugou, uh, I don’t really know what your surprise is yet so I can’t, um…” Midoriya looked back and forth between Bakugou, gesturing for Todoroki, and Todoroki, who walked up without looking at either of them.

“Dipshit, we’re both going to fuck you!” Bakugou was grinning, even more ecstatic as blush spread across Midoriya’s entire face. He was a motherfucking genius.

“Wh-what?” Midoriya turned to face Todoroki, who was certainly the only sane person in the room. “Are you serious?”

Todoroki looked at him, scratching his cheek. “It was his idea.”

“So, what do you say?” Bakugou leaned forward, putting a knee up on the bed and licking Midoriya’s ear.

Maybe… maybe this was exactly what he wanted, Midoriya admitted to himself. “Yeah, let’s uh, try it and I can let you know if it’s… too much?”

Bakugou impatiently gestured again for Todoroki with a mocking face. What was the fucking point if he was just going to watch? So Todoroki sat on the bed at Midoriya’s other side, starting a trail of wet kisses up his shoulder.

And so there they were, both kissing and groping Midoriya. It was over stimulating, overwhelming, to have four hands on his body and lips on all his favorite places. To have what he loves about both of them— Bakugou’s sloppy roughness and Todoroki’s gentle caution. To have Bakugou bite and kiss his neck while Todoroki let out a hot breath on the sensitive spot between his shoulder blades. He felt spoiled as Todoroki smoothed his hand up his shirt, fingers gently pinching and rubbing circles on his nipples, as Bakugou rubbed the hard bulge in his pants.

“What do you think Deku wants, Half-and-Half? Do you think he wants his cock sucked or do you think he wants both of ours at the same time?” Bakugou looked beside himself.

“Both, probably.” It was always both with Todoroki. “What do you think, Izuku?”

“Yeah, both.” He said, then yelped as Bakugou bit him again.

And so Bakugou was kneeling in front of him, hurrying to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. He freed Midoriya’s dripping cock and took Todoroki’s hand and guided it to the back of his head. “To push me down, dumbass.”

Bakugou swallowed Midoriya’s dick in one smooth motion, making a wet gagging sound as Midoriya hit the back of his throat. Todoroki pulled his hand back, alarmed, and so Bakugou pulled back and did it again, to show him that was the entire fuckin’ point. Todoroki gripped a handful of Bakugou’s haired and pushed him down as far as he could go — that was more like it — and didn’t let go even as Bakugou’s throat jolted and he couldn’t breathe. His throat was always perfect, always a treat. Midoriya panted, his breath short.

Todoroki let go, and Bakugou pulled back, drooling, with thick saliva dripping off his chin as he coughed. “Damn, Half-and-Half.”

“Oh, uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

“Shut up and do it again.”

Bakugou swallowed the whole of Midoriya’s cock, rubbing his tongue back and forth along the bottom and locking teary eyes with Midoriya. He gagged again and Midoriya couldn’t handle it. “Kacchan, I really don’t want to cum yet so…”

So Midoriya ended up kneeling, staring up at Bakugou’s and Todoroki’s cocks. He fretted over where to start, worried that it might seem like he was picking a favorite. In the end he chose Todoroki, who was always gentler to him, but kept an eye on Bakugou, who was pumping his cock in vicious anticipation. Todoroki made a small sound, and Midoriya swooned and felt so lucky, so spoiled, to have both of them. He’d never stop that thought from playing in his mind.

He switched to Bakugou, hand still wrapped around Todoroki’s dick. Bakugou grabbed his hair, pushed him down until his cock hit the back of his throat. Midoriya was a natural at this. He didn’t even gag. “Bet you didn’t know he could do that, Half-and-Half,” he said, and Todoroki was transfixed, watching Midoriya work. He didn’t know that.

Bakugou’s face darkened, a grin spreading on his face. “I can share you know. I’m not actually that fucking heartless.” He bent over to whisper too Midoriya. “Get on your hands and knees for us, huh Deku?”

He obliged and Todoroki figured it out. “Izuku, is this okay?” He hoped it was. He was flushed, dripping, thirsty, and Midoriya’s ass was so tempting. Midoriya looked up at him, dick still in his mouth, and nodded. He looked coy almost.

Todoroki positioned himself behind Midoriya, pumped ample lube onto his cock. He made the mistake of looking up and making eye contact with Bakugou, was surprised to feel a bubble of attraction in his throat. He’d never taken the time to really look at him outside of when it was mandatory for class. He took in Bakugou’s toned torso, the dangerous expression on his face, and it made sense why Midoriya liked him so much. He considered it as he rubbed the tip of his penis against Midoriya’s ass, then forgot as he pushed in. Midoriya was always tight and warm, responsive even to subtle movements. He hummed on Bakugou’s cock, and Bakugou stroked his hair, surprisingly tender. Todoroki gripped Midoriya’s hips, trying to match the rhythm of the blowjob. Midoriya was dizzy with pleasure, his cock impossibly hard, his toes curling and his eyes rolling back.

Todoroki couldn’t quite keep pace. He clenched his teeth, sucked in a sharp break. “Izuku, I’m getting close.”

“Wait for me, jackass.” Bakugou pulled out of Midoriya’s sloppy mouth. “Give me a turn first. Deku, let’s give him a fucking show.”

He sat back, Todoroki letting go and watching Midoriya climb onto Bakugou’s lap, the two of them facing him. Bakugou gripped Midoriya’s hips tightly, lifting him, then slamming him down onto his cock. Midoriya let out a dulcet moan, eyes locked onto Todoroki even as Bakugou grabbed his hair, turned his head, and started to kiss him, aggressive with lots of tongue. He started sucking new hickey into Midoriya’s neck when Midoriya couldn’t help but cry out. It was… It was filthy, but Todoroki felt as though all of his skin was tingling, like he was on fire, goosebumps rising on his back. it was filthy, but he found himself crawling forward, kissing Midoriya, and when that became too difficult, leaning around him to kiss Bakugou. He gripped Midoriya’s cock, held it still and let Bakugou do most of the work.

“Kacchan, Shouto, I’m gonna--” He didn’t finish before he came, all over his own chest and Todoroki’s hand.

Bakugou lifted him up unceremoniously. “Kneel for us, slut.” Midoriya, still in the haze of orgasm, climbed off the bed, knelt, and opened his mouth. Bakugou stood and pulled Todoroki up with him. He stroked his penis, already leaking. “You want us to cum all over your fucking face, right Deku?” Deku nodded, eyes hooded.

Bakugou came first, practically coated Midoriya’s face, messing even his hair made him shut one eye, probably on purpose. Todoroki followed, focusing more on Midoriya’s open mouth.

He swallowed, grinning savagely. “Thank you.”