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Seed of Darkness

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“So, you wish to not let this path be your destined fate.”

“Of course! I’ll do anything!”

“Then perhaps I can help. I’ll give you the power you need to break from the chains you wear, but in return, you must join me.”

“Join you? Why would I do that?”

“Because in my perfect world, you can do whatever you want. You’re not restricted by chains. You can be anything you want to be.”


“So what do you say? Do we have a deal?”


“Excellent. Now stay quiet for now. When the time comes, we will strike, and your destiny will finally be your own.”

Two Years Later…

“Clear Wing, attack Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon! Spinstorm Sky Strike!”

It was the night of the Arc League Championship in the town of Paradise City. The first set of matches were over, and as of now, a lot of crazy stuff has been occurring, beginning with an intense duel heating up between Shay Obsidian from Heartland City and Sora Perse of Duel Academy, who was forcibly teleported back there right as he was in the middle of dueling two look-alikes: another XYZ resident and member of the Resistance named Yuto and the Pendulum pioneer known as Yuya Sakaki. After Sora’s sudden teleportation and the duel ending with no result, Yuto explained to Yuya about his hometown was also a place full of smiles until the Invasion struck, resulting in the carding of so many innocent people at the hands of Duel Academy. He also went on to mention that there are four dimensions in this universe: Standard, XYZ, Fusion, and Synchro. Despite his skepticism, Yuya knew that dueling should never be used as a weapon for fighting but to bring happiness among others, something he learned from his dear father Yusho.

Before the two counterparts could continue talking, a Duel Runner suddenly appeared, with the driver revealing itself to be Yugo, who looked like the formers and was anticipating his duel against Yuto since their last encounter. Before Yuya knew it, the two began their duel and it was quickly shown that Yugo is the Synchro counterpart to Yuya and Yuto when he Synchro Summoned Hi-Speedroid Kendama. Pretty soon, they brought out their respective ace monsters—Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon—and fell into a berserk state, with their eyes shotting open and glowing aqua green and periwinkle. A concerned Yuya helped Yuto get back into his senses when he feared that the hatred he has for Yugo was getting to him and dueling shouldn’t be used to express hatred. As a result, he ended his turn.

Yugo initiated his turn, and thanks to the effects of Speedroid Razorang and Clear Wing, he was about to claim victory as he declared his attack with his 4500 ATK dragon to destroy Yuto’s 3000 ATK Dark Rebellion. To make matters worse, Yuya was caught in the crossfire and it looked like he was the one receiving the attack until…


Yuto used his cape to shield his eyes from a sudden flash of red light. “What the…?” he muttered to himself. He had tried to push his Standard counterpart out of the way to avoid getting hit from the attack, but something had just happened that prevented him from doing so, but what? What exactly caused this red light to flash out of nowhere?

At that very same moment, Yuya had just felt a sharp, stabbing pain pierce him through his heart. The penetration wasn’t lethal thankfully, but it was far from lethal; it felt too painful to even describe with words alone yet it would seem meaningless to even try to because a simple agonizing scream that was heard through the red light was all that was needed to even describe what happened.

Suddenly, Yugo’s eyes stopped glowing as he regained his senses. At the same time, Clear Wing stopped the attack. “What is it, girl?” the banana-banged Duelist asked his dragon.

Clear Wing let out a soft growl, causing Yugo’s eyes to widen. “Holy crud, you’re right!” he exclaimed. “The Friendship Cup! I completely forgot about that!” He removed the remaining cards in his Duel Disk, ending the duel as both dragons vanished.

Yuto ran over to Yugo. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“Look, I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding,” Yugo said. “Somethin’ was clouding my judgement and I completely thought you were someone else.”

“Who?” Yuto asked, surprised by the change in Yugo’s personality.

“I don’t have time to explain,” Yugo said. “Right now, I have to get back to my home dimension.” He held up Clear Wing’s card. “Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, let’s head back to New Domino City!”

With a purring sound of agreement, a bright light flashed from Clear Wing’s card covered Yugo in its rays until he was gone, leaving Yuto more confused than he was a few seconds ago. First off, it looked liked his Synchro counterpart was talking to his dragon almost like if it was his pet. Does that meant he can also talk to Duel Monsters spirits too? But was he even aware about the high possibility of people saying cards can’t talk? Then again, Yuto was kind of a hypocrite since he can also hear their voices and communicate with them too, most particularly Dark Rebellion. Secondly, New Domino City was Yugo’s hometown in the Synchro Dimension? If so, then he needs to find him to try and gain more information about his misunderstand because whoever this person is, he must have the same facial traits as the two and Yuya…after this Friendship Cup event he mentioned. Speaking of Yuya, third of all, was he going to be alright after this abrupt ordeal? His head and body shifted to where he was only to find him still standing even after the red light faded away, which was rather peculiar. Did he really endure this combination of the light and the force of Clear Wing’s attack?

“Yuya?” Yuto asked. “Are you alright?”

But Yuya didn’t respond. Instead, he fell to his knees, a blank gaze in his eyes.


Off in the distance, a pink-haired girl in pigtails ran to where the two Yu boys were. Yuto immediately recognized her as Zuzu Boyle, whom he had encountered on multiple occasions prior to the Arc League Championship. Right as she arrived, something even stranger was in the air: Yuto wasn’t sent back to Heartland this time. But why? With him and her so focused on Yuya, they didn’t even noticed that the bracelet that she had ever since she was a baby had vanished from her right wrist. Did that meant it had some kind of connection with them? As if there was a reason to keep them away from each other at all costs?

However, Zuzu was more concerned about Yuya, who had just lost consciousness. “Yuya, what’s wrong?” the Melodious user asked, shaking the tomato-haired teen’s body. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened,” Yuto said. “A Duelist with blonde and dark blue hair named Yugo challenge me to a duel, but things got so crazy. Not only was Yuya caught in the crossfire, but there was a sudden flash of red light coming from his body. Then Yugo said something about a ‘friendship cup’ and disappeared.”

Zuzu was alarmed. “Are you saying Yuya got hurt?” she asked.

“Judging by his loud, pained scream, I think he did,” Yuto said.

Zuzu looked deeply concerned. “Yuya…”

Meanwhile, in a different location, there was a remote island located nearby from a city that was surrounded by a large body of water. On the island was a large structure that looked like it was integrated onto the island itself. This was without a doubt Duel Academy, a duel school from the Fusion Dimension run under the Professor’s control where he has his students learn how to duel and use Fusion Summoning as a way to fulfill his plans; in fact, he executed the Invasion of Heartland City, which initiated the Interdimensional War as a result. It was also the same place where Sora was forcibly transported back to and was now resting in the infirmary due to the injuries he received from his duel against Shay. But his loss and revelation of his true colors weren’t on his mind right now; all that he could of was the students.

He remembered seeing his eyes locked into deep stares at each and every faces as he was being escorted indoors, including a pale-skinned, spiky black-haired Obelisk Force soldier maintaining his composure, a mathematically intelligent Ra Yellow boy deducing what’s going on, and two Slifer Red girls—one with long blue hair and brown eyes and one with tealish-blue eyes and brown hair that has gotten longer over the years—comforting each other. All he heard as he struggled to regain consciousness was the sounds of terror among those indoors and out. Mass hysteria and panic was around every corner no matter where you turned. Terrified screams echoed through the long halls and tall walls of the Academy. It felt like the paranoia went on forever and seemed like there was no end to it at all. Sora wasn’t sure if what he witnessed was all but just a bad dream…or if it was all too real.

Suddenly, a 14-year-old boy with slicked back purple and pink hair wearing an elite soldier’s uniform slammed the infirmary door open. “Sora, we have to get out of here!” he exclaimed, speaking in a slightly high-pitched voice.

“Yuri?” Sora asked. “How come?”

The boy, Yuri, seemed a bit hesitant to answer. “Well… You see…”

“What’s wrong?” Sora asked, sounding a bit serious.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Yuri admitted, brushing a hand through his hair. “It all started when the Professor was murdered-”

“What?!” Sora interrupted, sitting up in the provided bed. “The Professor is dead?!”

“Yes, but that’s not all,” Yuri continued. “Every person we carded is being restored. Yet while all of the non-Duelists are returning to their home dimensions, the others…well…”

“What happened to the Duelists we carded?” Sora asked.

“They came back different,” Yuri further explained. “At first I thought them attacking the other students was merely just payback, but they kept on winning. And whoever they defeated appeared to have joined their side, even our most elite Obelisk Force soldiers.”

“But who killed the Professor?” Sora asked.

“Who else?” Yuri asked in response.

Sora looked deeply alarmed. “You don’t mean…”

“Precisely,” Yuri answered.

Sora got off the infirmary bed. “We have to do something to stop this!”

“I’m already ahead of you,” Yuri said. He took out his Violet Flash Spell card, his preferred mode of transportation. “We must gather as many allies as possible and warn them about this sudden takeover.”

Knowing what was going to happen, Sora strapped on his Duel Academy Duel Disk, put his deck in the Duel Disk, and grabbed on to Yuri’s arm. “So where to?” the Frightfur user asked.

“Our first stop is the Standard Dimension,” Yuri explained. “If my suspicions are correct, our dear friend Dennis McField is already there. No doubt he will be a prime target. Now then, shall we bring peace back to our home?”

“You bet!” Sora cheerfully replied. “Onward to the Standard Dimension!”

In a bright flash of violet light, Yuri and Sora dematerialized and vanished from the infirmary to the Standard Dimension to search for Dennis, leaving the room empty and leaving behind a horrifying viral outbreak that was only going to get worse if it’s not dealt with.