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The Brothers 3

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A day later, they were on the flight to Italy to steal the cross. They had some help from Victor, of course. Nathan was asleep, curled up into a ball in the window seat. They were seated next to this lady that looked like she was a flight attendant. Harry stayed awake in the middle of the two and sighed. He pulled out his phone and answered a text he got a few minutes ago.

Harry: You are staying up with Victor tomorrow, right?

SD: Yeah, I am. Whats nate up 2?

Harry: Sleeping. He had the dream again.

SD: Again? 3 times this week?

Harry: He said that you told him 'you'll see the real me soon' and he's been sluggish ever since.

SD: really? well... did you treat him well?

Harry: Yeah. We skipped our flight yesterday so i could make him feel better.

SD: Good. I'll see you tomorrow if everything goes as planned?

Harry: Even if something goes awry, we'll still see you.

SD: I like that. see you soon

Harry: See ya soon.

Harry shut his phone off and sighed again, and closed his eyes. He let the silence of the plane help him sleep.


I paced around in the hotel, my hands tangled in my hair. I was terrified. What if Nathan hated me? What if he thought I was a dream? What if-

"Kid, calm down, will you?" Victor said from the other room. I sighed and walked in the room he was in.

"I'm scared, Victor. He might hate me! He might-"

"Stop, Sam. He's gonna love seeing you again. He probably won't let you go." Victor said, then took a drag of his cigar.

"I hope so... How many hours till we need to be in position?" I asked, trying to get my head off of Nathan. Victor checked his watch.

"Ah... around 8 hours. You should take a nap or something. Get some rest, you look tired." He said.

"Okay.. thank you, Sully." I smiled. He returned the gesture with a small smile and a nod. I spun on my heel and walked into the room where the beds were. I flopped down on the one with my stuff on it and tried falling asleep.

We all know sleep was something I needed.