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The Brothers 3

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Nathan stood in front of his brother for the first time in 7 years. He wanted to cry so bad, but he wouldn't. He wouldn't let himself. He ran over and hugged him tightly.

"Sam.. oh god Sam." He cried into his brother's shoulder. Sam hugged back, clutching his brother with bloody hands. They stayed there for almost 2 minutes.

"Nathan... Nathan, I can't believe you're back in my arms again.." Sam mumbled in his ear. That's when Nathan knew it was a dream. He's had this dream many times before. Preformed this song and dance far too many times before. Sam had said that phrase so many times, he's had this dream so many times it felt like a memory. Nathan pulled away from Sam saldy.

"You.. You're not real, Sam." He sighed. Sam's smile faltered. he nodded.

"I know, Nathan... you'll find the real me soon." He replied. That was new, Sam never said that when he was confronted that he was just a dream. Maybe he was giving himself false hope to make him happy. He had a rough day after all.

Sam grabbed his hand and rubbed it tenderly. He planted a small kiss to his hand and disappeared. Then, he woke up. Nathan looked around the bedroom, rubbing his eyes. He noticed Harry Flynn in the bed across from him. He then remembered; he was in a hotel room. Sam was still dead, and he was treasure hunting with Harry Flynn, with the help of Chloe Frazer. He got out of bed sluggishly, and started getting dressed. Soon after he did, Harry got up.

"Mornin' Flynn." Nathan said, managing a small smile. Harry waved, clearly tired.

"Hey Nate. You sleep well?" He asked, his accent coming out more than normal. Nate thought it was hot, if he were to be honest with himself.

"Yeah, I guess so. My back hurts like a bitch, though... you?" He asked, walking to the fridge and grabbing two beers. A distasteful grunt followed his question.

"Bah. That bed makes me feel like an old woman." He muttered. Nathan chuckled at his annoyed response and threw him the beer once he was dressed. Harry almost dropped it.

"So, we heading out to the airport today?" He asked. Harry nodded; it was barely visible in the dimly lit hotel room.

"You seem more sluggish than usual. What's up, lad?" Harry asked. Nathan took a drink of his beer and sighed.

"Just dreading the flight is all." He replied. Harry knew that wasn't the case.

"You have that dream again?" Harry asked, his voice low. He was being cautious with his words, Nathan could tell.

"Yeah... but it was different. Remember when I told you that after I tell him he isn't real he tries to say he is?" He asked, plopping down on the couch and rubbing his eyes.

"Yeah... what'd he do?" Harry asked, walking over to the coffee table in front of the couch and sitting on it.

"He.. He said 'I know Nathan, you'll find the real me soon'." Nathan said, wiping his eyes. He sighed. Harry stayed silent.

"Harry, he's never said that. Not even the first time. Is it real?" He asked, his vision was blurry from tears, his head was clouded with sadness so much he couldn't think straight.

"Maybe he's okay. We... we don't know, lad. I... I don't know what to say. He might actually be okay.. but we don't know." Harry said. Nathan grabbed Harry and pulled him over, and hugged him. Harry knew that Nathan wasn't going anywhere today. He would probably stay in bed all day.

"Harry... stay with me?" Nathan asked through glassy eyes and tear stained cheeks. Harry had to agree.

"Of course, Nathan."

They stayed in the whole day having sex and watching TV.